James and Emma Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: Hi, just had a cute story premise about romance in a relationship and wrote something about it. Hope you guys enjoy it!

“Bye babe, I’m off to work!” James called as he hauled his computer bag and slung it over his shoulder. His wife Emma leaned against the kitchen doorframe sipped her coffee, watching with interest as he left the house. They were newlyweds but their respective corporate desk jobs allowed them so little time to spend in each other’s company, save for the few weekends that both of them got off work. This was especially so for Emma who was working on a huge project for her company; her team was launching a new product and they were, like many corporate workers, overworked. James, on the other hand, worked at a small consulting firm that didn’t make a lot of money but they pooled together their resources and got by. While both their jobs started at nine in the morning, James’s office was a 30-minute drive away while Emma worked just around the street, affording her more time for herself on her mornings and less time traveling for work.

Being a newlywed couple, their sex life was kind of vanilla but not vanilla in a negative sense; their sex was passionate, loving, romantic but nothing too exotic or kinky. James had been encouraging his conservative, Christian-raised wife to try some dirty talking but it was coming along slowly. But most importantly, they enjoyed each other’s company and the focus was always on the cuddling afterward rather than the hurried thrusting and humping that was merely physical.

Emma finished up her coffee and got ready for the short five minutes’ walk to her office. She gathered her belongings and left the house, making good time.

As she approached her office, Emma lightly tapped her identification tag onto the scanner and the doors automatically unlocked as she pulled herself into the office. She glanced around the meeting room, seeing the familiar faces; Robert, Jones, Aditya and William were her team members working on their latest project, the latter of the list being her direct superior.

“Emma, good to see you,” William announced with a grin plastered on his face after noticing Emma. He moved in for a hug but his actions only saw Emma give him a tight-lipped smile and a curt nod. William had an infatuation on Emma ever since he had laid eyes on her when she had joined a year ago. He had been pining for her attention for almost forever and almost everyone in the office knew of his unwanted attention and advances towards Emma. But looking at Emma, it was easy to see how he had become so head over heels for her. Emma was about 1.7m or 5″7 tall. Her slender figure contrasted with her larger-than-proportionate breasts which were C-cups; not massively huge but big enough to draw the attention of the guys in the office. She always wore modest clothing like jeans and baggy tee shirts but jeans did little to disguise and cover up the voluptuous ass that she possessed. Most of her colleagues were modest enough to avert their eyes as she walked past but the more shameless of the lot, such as William, feasted their eyes whenever the opportunity presented itself. Her brunette-coloured hair was moderately long, curling slightly below her shoulders, bouncing and swaying with her steps. She seldom tied up her hair into a ponytail, mostly to appear more professional when presenting to clients, and today was no exception; she had decided to let it hang loose around her. She hated the attention. She had tried wearing baggier clothing and other means to divert the attention away from herself but in the end, she was still one of the few female employees in an industry rather male-dominated which directed quite a bit of unwanted male attention towards her.

She ignored William’s advance, choosing instead to join the more gentlemanly few of her team. They then began a heated discussion on the technical aspects of their product that they would be presenting to their client later in the week. Most of the meetings and interactions went by without a hitch, save for the attention that William showered her with. From morning to late afternoon, he complimented her on her dressing excessively and her work, even though Emma herself felt that it was nothing special. From the looks of it, the other team members were also getting frustrated, not at her, thank goodness, but at William.

The days went by in a flash. One day before the client presentation, a major milestone in their product development timeline, it was all hands-on deck. Even though all the team members were physically at home, all of them were working on their respective sections. As the night progressed, William needed to pass the specs sheet to Emma to format the data. Emma was rushing the deadline and was pushed into a hard position of sending William her address so that he could individually deliver the documents. She hated letting the creep know where she lived but some major aspects of the project’s success depended on it. She reluctantly DMed her address to William so that he could deliver the document. If anything, at least her husband was home to make things big ass porno clear.

Around 20 minutes later, William arrived at the apartment complex and tried to find the unit. He had heard that Emma was recently married and was curious to see what Emma’s husband looked like. “No matter how good-looking he was, he must still be leagues away from Emma,” he thought to himself. Feeling as though he was back in high-school and confessing to his crush, he mustered up his courage and knocked on the door. He heard rustling of papers before the door opened to reveal a severely sleep-deprived Emma. She took the folder of documents from his hand, said an inaudible word of thanks before slowly closing the door. Just as the door was closing, William glimpsed into the apartment. A tall skinny man dressed in a baggy tee shirt walked to the living room table where two laptops were set up in the middle of stacks upon stacks of papers.

William was confused. The individual he presumed to be Emma’s husband wasn’t particularly good-looking. He looked kind of scrawny and generally not handsome, totally not befitting Emma. He pursed his lips in as his discontent and jealousy grew. Why was it that that man got to be her husband but he, kind and handsome as he was, was not able to get the girl? He pondered this as he got into his car and drove back home.

The next day, the presentation went smoothly and the clients were impressed with the team’s progress on the product. They decided to take an early day off to celebrate their success before the grind came again soon. They chose a local eatery near their office to celebrate. Since the company was paying for the food, they ordered freely from a menu and requested for free-flow drinks which later became apparent that it was not a wise choice. While most of the team members were polite and held their liquor, William wasn’t quite as able as the rest. While his day-to-day speech was normally rather insensitive, getting intoxicated only opened up a floodgate of comments that were abrasive and crude. They avoided talking about work as they went through their meal. Eventually, the talk of the table settled on Emma’s marriage. She had just gotten married just 2 months ago and most of the team members were curious about the couple.

“Emmaaaa, why did you marrryyyy that skinny kid?” William slurred as he continued drinking, much to the annoyance of many of the other team members.

“Errr, I really love James and we decided that we want to be together,” replied Emma through gritted teeth, half annoyed and half embarrassed. This was too much, going way beyond the usual harassment. Nobody talked shit about her husband.

“What can that puny beansproutttt giveee you that I cannnn’t??” he continued, his speech more to reassure himself than an actual question.

Emma had had enough. “I’m sorry guys, I’ll see you tomorrow,” Emma mentioned before giving a thin-lipped smile and gathering her belongings. Most of her team members gave her sympathetic smiles or small nods as they bade her farewell.

Back at home, James looked up from his laptop screen as Emma stormed through the house after slamming the house main door. “How was the presentation babe?” He asked gently as he feared the worst. Emma, rage barely contained, sat herself down on the couch and started ranting. She told him all about the situation and how she feared that eventually it would cause mistrust between them. James listened attentively as she continued complaining about William. She hated William and his actions but more so, she hated the disparaging remarks he had made about her husband. She was fine being insulted but she would burn to the ground anyone who insulted her husband. After she had said her piece, James snuggled up to her and enveloped her in his long arms where they just enjoyed the comfort of their partner being next to them. After a brief pause, he finally spoke. “I have an idea, but it’s kinda dirty,” His voice trailed off but Emma’s curiosity was piqued; she had to know what he had thought of. In whispers, he told her of a plan so audacious that maybe, maybe it would work and solve this issue for once and for all.

They picked a date to execute it and James made the necessary arrangements on his side. The next day went by smoothly, most of the team members ignored what had happened the day before but William was advancing fast on her. In just a single day, he asked more about her personal life, love life and even invited her, a married woman, out for coffee. She shook off all these advances, becoming increasingly convinced that the plan that James had conceived and set in motion would come to fruition.

A few days later, Emma woke up early, all excited. Today was the day to execute the plan! She first roused James who confirmed that the necessary arrangements were made before she sent the bait.

“I’m so sry guys, I’m a little sick tdy, will catch up with you guys on Monday ?” Emma felt a little guilt over lying to her colleagues about her condition and burdening them with more work especially during this busy season. But if the scheme big tits porno worked, it could potentially save her and her colleagues a lot of trouble in the future. She showed her phone to James who, while taking leave specially for this scheme, was still furiously typing away on his computer, finishing up one of his reports. He looked up to give her an encouraging smile before looking back at his screen. Well wishes and get-well-soons soon started flooding her group chat. Suddenly, a lone DM appeared in her contacts.

“Sad I couldn’t see you tdy, might drop by later to see how you’re doing tho ??.” The message was from none other than William. While the message might not be enough proof for HR to investigate, the mere undertone of the message irked Emma. She was sure that William was looking for yet another opportunity to come flirt with her, especially knowing that James should be at work… Emma quickly hammered out a reply: “Nah, you shouldn’t. I’m in the middle of something now…”.

The reply came quickly, almost as if he had been expecting some sort of resistance. “It’s okay, everything for my favourite employee!” His insistence was off-putting. Emma shuddered as she passed her phone to James to take a quick look. “Babe.” She didn’t have to explain. James saved whatever he was working on and put his laptop to one side as he prepared the next part of the plan.

At around 4.30pm, William excused himself from work and, after dropping by a local eatery for a quick takeout, took a short walk to the address where Emma stayed. He forced himself to breathe calmly. It was only 4.30pm, her husband, that scrawny little twat wouldn’t be back until at least 5.30pm, giving him at least an hour with Emma, alone.

He was very proud that he had played off the situation so well. Even though Emma tried to play hard to get, he was still going to get her in the end. She would be lusting for him soon, very soon. Even though the takeaway container of chicken soup for Emma was heavy in his hands, the real weight that he felt was that of the condom snug in his wallet. Sure, Emma might be married but, I mean, you never know. William chuckled to himself as he climbed up the stairs of the apartment building to the second floor where he was certain Emma was waiting for him. He quickly navigated the hallway by memory, arriving at last in front of the apartment. He quickly dusted his suit to rid it of any imaginary dust and smoothed his suit before knocking.


He knocked again, hoping that she would hear it. He heard a slight sound emanating behind the door. It was, almost like a… moan? He leaned in towards the door and cupped his ear against it.

James and Emma were inside the apartment already halfway through getting it on. As soon as William had sent the text reply, the duo had been at it, starting with some flirtatious foreplay, some oral sex and now were in the middle of fucking each other’s brains out. James’s thick member was gliding smoothly in and out of Emma’s pussy even before they heard the knocking, both their sex organs coated in a sheen of slippery fluids. Emma was bent over the kitchen counter, lying prone on it, her legs barely touching the ground as James continuously thrust himself into her. “Fuck! Your dick feels so good!” Emma cried out as his dick kept brushing against her most sensitive and delicate spots. Both heard the knocking but decided to give William a small show, albeit only an auditory one. As James felt himself reaching his climax soon, he thrust deeper and deeper, faster and faster into Emma’s pussy. Both knew they had to finish this quickly for the plan to work.

“Your dick is so fucking huge! No other man can fill me up like you do!” Emma screamed out as she felt James’s member hit spots that nobody had ever touched before, even herself. Hearing that was a major ego booster and James found himself precariously close to shooting his load into his beautiful wife. “Fuck me harder than anyone can!” His wife’s demands caused him to ram deeper into her, the smacking sound of their bodies reverberating around their small apartment. James felt the cum boil in his balls. He also felt Emma’s pussy start to clench; she too was reaching her limit.

He felt himself fall over the cliff of release. With a groan, he gave one final deep thrust into Emma. He felt a warm sensation flood through his body as his member throbbed in Emma, depositing his seed deep within her. Feeling a warm, sudden rush of warmth inside her, Emma also reached her climax. Her back arched, lifting her chest and pelvis from the counter. She let out a loud moan, feeling James fill her up with his seed as his member continued to pulsate in her. They revelled in the afterglow of their respective orgasms before James reluctantly pulled away, causing a muted pop sound as he pulled his cock from her slit. Bearing in mind that they still had a guest at the door, they only took a quick second before they got dressed and presentable.

William was still listening through the door, as though entranced when Emma swiftly unlocked and pulled open the apartment blacked porno door, causing him to stumble backwards into the hallway. Emma was breathing heavily, sweating, a wide grin plastered across her face. She was dressed in a white bathrobe, the knot loosely holding it closed. Her hair was all messed up but she looked no less beautiful. A bit taken aback, William stumbled over his few words, words that were, in his mind, supposed to win over the heart of his darling Emma.

“I brought some chicken soup for you… I mean your sickness… but, but it’s for you.” Emma smiled sweetly as she tilted her head to somewhere behind the door and called out: “Babe! William from my company is here!”

A few seconds later, James stumbled from beyond the doorframe, dressed only in boxers. A prominent bulge was still visible under the black material of his boxers. William had to tear his eyes away from the tent in James’s pants as he recalled the screaming of Emma. Did this scrawny poor boy really have such a huge dick?

“Oh, you shouldn’t have, I’ve set some soup to cook already but thanks anyway.” James did his best to restrain his rage as he dismissed the kind act by William. He took the soup from William and was preparing to set it down somewhere.

“Darling’s always taking care of my needs, so glad I married him.” Emma proudly announced as she tiptoed to kiss James on the cheek as he turned to set it down.

“Babe, could you get me some tissue, there’s some weird stuff on the floor.” Emma wined as James unhurriedly went to get the tissues. William’s eyes wandered down the gorgeous body of Emma to the floor where an unknown cloudy fluid was pooling just under her bathrobe, as though it was dripping… from her. There was no doubt in his mind now that they had been doing what he thought they had been doing just before they opened the door. As James sauntered back with the tissues and his bulge, Emma very sweetly met William’s eyes with a look of triumph on her face. “Let’s see if he dares to fuck with us again” Emma’s inner monologue celebrated.

“Thanks for the soup, if there’s nothing else, we have some stuff we want to try so…” Emma’s voice trailed off. This was William’s cue to leave; he stammered out another quick line before Emma rather unceremoniously shut the door in his face.

The moment the door was shut, Emma turned to James and silently pumped her hands in celebration. The plan had gone through without a hitch! Both of them were jumping around the house like little kids, trying to stay as quiet as possible whilst celebrating. Emma suddenly held her finger up to her lips and moved aggressively towards James. Confused, a puzzled expression crossed James’s face for just a brief moment. When she was close enough, Emma pushed James against the wall. James was still a little disoriented as Emma smashed her lips against his. A brief pause later, he relaxed, the warm comforting feeling of his partner; no, his lover pressed against him was pure bliss. Emma breathed him in passionately as her hands roamed all over his body, eliciting tingles across his chest back and neck. As electricity danced on his skin, he gently and slowly moved his hands to Emma’s body. As gently as he could, he undid the knot holding her robe together. Like curtains unveiling a spectacle, Emma’s robe parted to reveal her alluring body. James broke away from the kiss, much to the displeasure of Emma who vocalised her unhappiness through soft complaints. James first attacked her neck, giving small kisses to Emma as he worked his way down. Emma’s complaints morphed into small whimpers as James made his way down her body.

His lips grazed her collarbone before arriving at the two mounds at her chest. Despite being a C-cup, her breasts did not sag at all; they were perky and her nipples were erect, two small dark brown nubs contrasting with her creamy white flesh. James took the opportunity to lavish “his two girls” with lots of love. Emma’s whimpers further evolved into moans as James gently massaged her breasts, choosing to lightly suckle her breasts. At this point, they were oblivious to the world, Emma’s head lolled back in her ecstasy. James continued his assault on her breasts as Emma let her hands roam lower and lower James’s body. She felt the elastic waist band of his boxers. In one swift motion, she pulled it down, allowing his girthy cock to spring free. While not particularly long, James was blessed to have a more girthy cock than most; Emma’s fingers could barely grip around it fully. As he lifted his legs one at a time to step out of his boxers, Emma shrugged the robe off her shoulders. James pulled Emma in for another embrace as she felt their bodies pressed against each other. In particularly, she felt the heat emanating from his rod that was sandwiched between them. James lunged forward, once again pressing his lips against hers. They basked in the warmth of each other before waltzing to the nearby couch. Tumbling onto the couch which broke their embrace, they landed on their sides, facing each other. Staring into each other’s eyes, they saw a new neediness in their partner; but more than that, they saw the trust and comfort experienced by their lover. It’s often said that the eyes are the window to the soul and it had never been truer. James felt a new type of vulnerability as he glimpsed into the soul of his beloved.

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