Jack , Ali Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: This story has been divided up into chapters. Right now there are only two, but stay tuned as more happens for this young, hot couple!

Jack and Ali Chapter One – They meet – a woman finally meets the man she’s been after for weeks.

* * * * *

She’d never really been comfortable with her body – and in the past few years she’d gotten completely uncomfortable. And out of practice. It had been far too long since the fingers that roamed her curves weren’t her own. She often wondered if she’d even remember what to do, how to react, how to please. She saw a man on her way to work nearly every morning. She saw him along the same route she would take – not always at the same spot, but within a mile or so – she would see him. Upon first glance, he seemed handsome enough. The second time he was pretty damn cute. And by the third day he was down right sexy in her eyes. After two weeks she hardly needed her alarm clock to coerce her out of bed, the mere thought of him motivated her out of bed and out the door so that she wouldn’t miss him in his commute.

She started to recognize his laundry pattern and figured today he’d be wearing his white button down oxford shirt with tailored gray slacks – she loved those pants. The first time he’d worn them was the first time she noticed his nice butt instead of his eyes. She wondered how many times they’d smile at each other in the corner store before they said hello. She knew he lived near by. It would be simple enough to welcome him to the neighborhood as an excuse to start talking to him. Even if she were wrong, at least she’d be talking to him. Days passed and she grew more and more anxious for their first conversation. In reality it wasn’t their conversation that got her through the night, it was the hope of what would follow their conversation that filled her with lusty thoughts.

She woke up extra early Friday morning to take a long shower, shave her legs and bikini area, and took an unusual amount of time styling her hair and applying her make up. She chose a casual outfit appropriate türkçe altyazı porno for her day at work but sexy enough to draw attention to her favorite accentuates. The radio personality announced the time and with a final check in the mirror, she got ready to leave. Her reflection showed a tall woman with long auburn hair that she’d curled at the ends so that they bounced as she stepped closer to the mirror. She practiced her stride like a model on a catwalk and laughed at herself. Stepping closer to the mirror she studied the lines on her face. Make up couldn’t hide the years she’d survived but her eyes still shined and her mascara gave her long lashes a fuller, thicker appearance. She pouted her lips and jostled her hair before stepping back to take in the full view again. Her black blouse was nearly sheer and the top three buttons where open. She fussed with them opening and closing them again deciding whether or not three was too much. She decided three was just enough and if she ever made it to work she’d button one again. Her black lace topped bra peeked just out of the opening in her shirt and she ran a few fingertips from her chin to the lace. Her skin tingled and she giggled with anticipation of his hands. Her blue jeans where well fitted to her hips and she turned to glance at her ass in the full-length mirror. It wasn’t her favorite feature, but there wasn’t much she could do about it today.

She reached for a short black and red jacket and slipped it on as she walked through her kitchen and out the door. In the car she fumbled with the keys before turning the engine over and the radio personality let her know that 15 minutes had passed since his last announcement. Having woken up early and putting so much effort into her appearance she’d curse herself if she ended up being late and missing her mystery man – at the same time she didn’t want to drive to the store only to sit in the parking lot waiting for him either. As she slid the car into gear and checked her rearview mirror she thought she saw him in his white oxford vivid porno shirt and blue jeans coming up behind her car. She noted the jeans and thought well it is Friday and laughed under her breath. She was still chuckling when he knocked on her window.

She gasped and couldn’t believe what was happening. This was all not part of the plan – she had it all worked out, she was ready to make the first move, now what was she supposed to do? Her foot slipped off the clutch and the car lurched forward before stalling out. With the engine off, she couldn’t buzz her windows down so instead she opened her door in order to hear him and talk to him. He was smiling coyly at her obvious flustered state and asked “having one of those mornings?” she just stared at him, “say something, say anything, this is a really long time not to say anything, he’s going to think you are weird, say something, anything is better than nothing at this point,” she thought to herself and finally the phrase “TGIF” fell from her lips. “Truer words were never spoken,” he replied. They remained in silence for a few moments, looking at each other, exchanging smiles and wondering what to say next.

He broke the silence again and said, “I didn’t mean to startle you, I just thought I recognized you when you came out of your building and was a little surprised to see you lived so close to me.”

“You recognized me?” she asked. “Well we’ve seen each other everyday for the past three weeks or so haven’t we?” he asked, “you are the girl I’ve seen everyday for the past three weeks aren’t you?”

“Well I guess that depends,” she smiled. “Well I’m pretty certain it’s you I’ve been meaning to say hello to,” he continued. “I’m sorry that I haven’t before now, mornings and i don’t get along very well.” She continued to sit behind the open door smiling and wondering how the heck this all happened to her. She wasn’t this lucky in life. Then it occurred to her that he was only being polite, it didn’t mean he had any interest in or attraction to her. As she silently cursed the universe woodman casting porno for another round of “you’re such a great friend,” she realized he was speaking again and she hadn’t been listening.

With his hand outstretched in front of him, she accepted it and as they shook hands he said again, “Jack, my name is Jack, and you are?” he repeated “Oh I’m sorry, morning’s and I don’t get along well either, I guess I’m not awake yet.”

“Well it’s nice to finally meet you ‘I’m not awake yet.” They both laughed at his joke as she rose from her car and stepped beside her door. “Alison, my name is Alison.”

“Wow, you look great, got a hot date after work Alison?” he asked. “Well I guess that depends,” she mused. “The non-committal type, I get it,” he returned her muse. “I mean that depends if you’re asking me for a hot date tonight, after work. Before work, during work, skipping work, whatever, but that’s what it depends upon,” she replied. “Oh, much more to the point Ali, I like that,” he said. He looked up at the sky and at their surroundings before deciding that it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day. ‘I got sick time, you wanna hit the coast?” he asked. “I got sick time.” and with that they both grabbed their cell phones and offered up their best fake coughs as they left messages for people at work to say they wouldn’t be in today.

As they made their phone calls, Ali couldn’t help but check out Jack now that she was so up close and personal. And she giggled to herself as she saw him nonchalantly fix himself as he was leaving a message for his boss. “Ah, getting a little excited already, nice” she thought to herself, “very nice. You have no idea what’s in store for you.”

“Excuse me?” Jack said. She didn’t even realize she was speaking out loud and turned into the phone at her ear to make it look like she had been speaking into it.

After they hung up their phones, Jack asked, “so, where would you like to go today? A trip along the coast? Should we head north?”

“I’ve got a place in mind,” Ali said, “Just let me run back inside and grab a few things, I’ll be right back.” And she headed back into the house where she rented the top floor.

“Should I go get my car?” Jack called after her.

“No, I’ll take care of everything today,” Ali replied. Then thought to herself, I am going to enjoy this!

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