Irish Creme

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Big Tits

It had started with Irish coffee, but between the kisses and stolen touches, by the end of the movie we were drinking it straight. You kissed me again and then used the remote to rewind the film and snap off the television. I could see your hard-on beneath your boxers, and I wanted you. I picked up the bottle and a cup and sauntered to the bedroom, wiggling my ass as I went. You followed like a needy puppy.

In the bedroom, I stripped and poured Irish Creme into the cup until it was almost at the brim. “Get naked,” I ordered and took a long, slow sip as I watched you strip. I licked my lips hungrily when I saw your freed cock. You moved closer to me and I offered you a sip of Bailey’s. I tasted it on your lips as our mouths met again.

My fingers touched your shaft, slipping too gently up the sides and brushing slightly against the tip. I rested my cheek against your chest and watched my fingers moving. I dipped them into the coffee mug and then held them against your erect head, watching the sweet stuff drip over and down your rod. I dipped them again, and as the droplets rolled along, I couldn’t help but lower my head to lap them up.

My tongue moved in long strokes against your hardness, and as my lips closed around your tip, I tasted the salty sweet of a new delicacy. You moaned as I began to suck gently, pressing my lips slightly further down with each one. My hands wrapped around your balls and my thumb found that sensitive spot at your base. I allowed my hands to complete each stroke my lips began, and tasted your precum.

Your hands found their way to my hair and gently coaxed my head down further. I took you greedily now, and felt the dampness growing between my legs. I slipped my hands to your thighs and shoved my face all the way down, sliding the tip of my tongue against you as I raised up again. I sucked and stroked you hard until you were moaning in pleasure, then I let you drop out of my mouth and listened to your cry of disappointment. I found the coffee cup and carefully dipped your tip into the creamy liquor. Then I pressed my lips over only your head and sucked you in quick strokes, faster than I ever had before. You whimpered, and moved against ankara escort me, trying to force deeper inside. I held back as long as I could, then plunged downward, taking in your length and sucking so hard it should have taken the skin right off. You screamed in pleasure and I worked you hard and fast until I felt your cum in my mouth. I swallowed it down and licked you clean.

I took your hand in mine and settled into the bed, leaning back against the headboard and sipping from the mug. I wanted to give you time to enjoy the feeling, so I left you where you were and just ran my hungry eyes along your heavy muscles while I waited.

I felt your kiss against my thigh and then you moved to sit next to me. I offered you the now half-empty mug. You grinned at me and took a long sip. After a sweet kiss, you took the mug and moved down to sit between my legs.

You positioned them apart with your hands and I saw the sparkle in your eye as you smiled at me again. Then, with careful precision, you poured just a bit out and watched it roll through my folds.

It was cold against my skin and when you poured another bit over my clit, I felt it burn, but you pressed your tongue into me and none of that mattered anymore. Your tongue rolled and swirled against my folds, and then lapped upward at my clit until there was no trace of the stuff left. Then your warm lips closed over my clit and suckled me gently.

It was completely blissful. I groaned in pleasure and arched my back, pressing myself against your mouth. I could feel your lips turn into a smile, but you kept sucking against my tight nub. Your hot hands slid against my inner thighs, and I spread my legs farther apart. You paused to work me over with your tongue again, and then went back to sucking. I felt the calluses on your thumbs as they scratched slightly against my wet hole. Your thumbs pressed against me in opposition to your suckling. I began to gasp my breaths. I raised my hips to force you inside, but you kept your thumbs at my entrance, just out of my reach. It was torturous, and I gasped and writhed against you until we’d both had enough. Leaving one hand in my crotch, you picked up the mug and brought escort ankara yourself closer to my face. After setting the Irish creme on the nightstand, you dipped your fingers into the cup and smeared the liquid over my nipple, then licked it clean. Your mouth worked my nipple as your fingers slid through my wetness and continued to tease my crotch. I felt your prick hard against my leg now and then, and knew you were ready, too.

As your hand moved to my breast, your mouth covered mine and we kissed long and deep as you settled your body overtop me. We thrust gently against each other, and your tip moved about, making contact in all the wrong places. I moved a hand down to try to correct the situation, but you caught my hands and held them tight against the pillow next to my face.

You continued to kiss me as you thrust yourself aimlessly against my crotch. I sucked your upper lip into my mouth as I crossed my feet and captured your penis between my thighs. I squeezed them tight, and held it there. You moaned and your grip on my hands relaxed as you began to work yourself in the tight grip of my thighs.

I laid my hands on your back and rubbed them smoothly up and down. Finally, you were at frustration. You put your hands under my ass cheeks and forced yourself upwards. I barely parted my legs, though, and we both gasped when your cock could barely reach me.

“Oh, please!” you begged, thrusting upward again. I put my hands on your ass and uncrossed my feet, letting my legs fall apart even more. You pushed again, and this time we were both surprised by the hot and wet as our members met. Your dick slipped past my vagina and hammered against my clit. I was so wet it slipped away with every thrust you made. Finally, you took hold of it with one hand and positioned it at my hole. I pressed against you, but you pulled away slightly, keeping it just at the entrance. I waited while you raised yourself up on one hand to watch my face. You always like to watch my face when you enter me. You like to see my teeth clench and hear my shuddered breath as you surprise me with your bulk.

You came in slowly, and I threw my head back and shuddered. Once you were fully ankara escort bayan inside, you waited until I could open my eyes and look at you. You didn’t say the words, but I could see the love plainly on your face. I raised my hand to cup your cheek and you lowered yourself over me. We kissed deeply as you began to stroke into me, long and slow.

I moved against you, trying to get you deeper and deeper inside of me. My arms held you so tight I thought I would break you in half. You began to move faster. My arms fell away and I reached over my head, grabbing the wooden posts in the headboard as you hammered, faster and faster.

We grunted and cried with every thrust, but neither of us could reach satisfaction. Suddenly, you dropped completely out of me. I panted as I tried to regain my senses. I felt your hands on my waist, rolling me over. I did as instructed and automatically went to my hands and knees to await your reentry. You took me in your arms and raised me up until I was on my knees. You kissed my neck and I could feel you position yourself beneath me.

You entered slowly, just until your head was inside. Then your arms tightened around me and you thrust upward, causing me to cry out. I moved against you again. I began to lose control of my muscles and if it hadn’t been for your strong arms, I would have fallen forward, onto my hands. You held me upright and fucked me until I lost all sense of reality. Then, leaving one hand high to tug and squeeze at my nipple, you lowered the other one to rub my erect clit. I tightened around you, and if it hadn’t been for your forceful thrusts, would have pushed you out of me. I felt the pressure building and screamed in agony as your fingers worked my clit. I screamed again as my cum sprayed over your fingers and rolled down to cover your balls.

You continued to fuck me, pausing only to kiss my neck. You fingers stayed on my sensitive clit, too, and soon I felt the pressure building again. This time, we came together. You pushed yourself deep inside me three times as your cock pulsed. The sheets were drenched.

We collapsed in a heap and lay for an eternity in complete satisfaction. I felt something cold at my lips and tasted the sweet cream on your fingers. Your dick twitched inside me as I sucked them clean, and I could feel my vagina jerking against you.

You kissed my cheek and nestled your warm chest against my back.


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