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Belinda was celebrating her twentieth birthday the day she decided to lose her anal virginity. Sarah Jean her best friend had told her long stories of how wonderful the climax was when you were taken properly in the ass and she wanted to feel it for herself.

The question now became how and when. Given Belinda’s inability to wait for anything it would have to be soon. Sarah Jean was giving her a small birthday party tonight and several men she knew would be there perhaps tonight she would find her debaucher.

She was getting ready for her bath and as she stripped naked she played with herself including as she often did pushing a finger into her ass. Laughing out loud she thought if a finger feels this good what if I use something bigger. She had spent the day reading erotic stories of people being fucked in the ass. All the instructions said an anal virgin had to be stretched

She dumped her toy drawer and scrambled through her toys until she found a small vibrator with a large bottom she knew that she could lube and insert this into her ass and not lose it. Somehow going to the hospital to explain she had a vibrator up her ass was not something she desired to do anytime soon.

She curled up on the bed and played herself to a crashing climax and then now that she was relaxed she inserted one finger as far as it would go into her ass pushing lubrication up as far as she could reach. When it actually felt good she pushed the small vibrator inside and turned it on. The question became could she keep it inside while walking to the tub.

She bent over and held it with one hand as she crab walked to the tub carefully getting inside and sighing at the hot sensations crawling through her body. If a plastic vibrator could feel this good, my God what would a pulsing cock do to her?

She turned on her shower massager and played it across her tits concentrating on her nipples until they were hard as pebbles and then teasingly she slowly worked her way down her body to her mound and spreading her legs washed up and down her throbbing slit moving the water closer then farther away as she climbed the wall to climax.

She carefully stayed away from the clit she could see standing upright and almost begging to be played with as the vibrations from the dildo in her ass coursed through her body. She had never felt so on edge in her whole sexual life. Why hadn’t she thought of ass play long before now? What kind of men was she copulating with anyway? Didn’t any of them have an imagination?

Suddenly she dropped the massager as her body went rigid with climax, her back arching, and her ass coming off the bottom of the tub. She grabbed the edge of the tub to stay upright and screamed out as waves of pleasure coursed through her body the dildo just barely in her ass pushed out in her jerky movements and the shower head sprayed everything in sight as it bounced off the sides of the tub coiling up and then loosening like a snake.

Minutes after it started when she was finally able to make her body do her bidding she turned off the tub water and the shower massager sunk to the bottom of the tub. She reached for the vibrator and turning it off cleaned it and tossed it lightly on the rug near the tub. Washing with trembling hands she rinsed and then letting the water out of the tub reached for her douche bag.

She put warm water inside and then slid her biggest nozzle well lubricated, through the now relaxed anal ring. She filled the bag and took it all before turning it off and relaxing while it did its work. Finally she stood and carefully walking to the proper receptacle and released herself. She did it twice more before she was satisfied she was clean and ready for tonight.

Belinda had never felt so sexually alive. Dressing for her party her whole body seemed to vibrate with desire. She could almost smell her need. She wondered if any one else would.

She pulled on a short black dress with a low V-neck showing off her perfect 34b breasts to perfection. Looking into her mirror she smiled as she could see the start of her ass cleft from the low back. Perfume, light makeup, and pulling her long red hair onto the top of her head, she was ready to party. She choose four inch high fuck me heels to wear after sliding into her silk black thigh hi stockings then grabbing her evening bag went out the door to await her cab.

She was fashionable late to the bar where the party was being held but being the guest of honor got away with it.

Everyone applauded her entrance and like bees to honey she was surrounded by men all night. All except for one stranger who sat at his table, drank his beer, and didn’t even wish her a happy birthday.

Finally exasperated at his lack of attention she walked to his table.

“I don’t think I got my Birthday kiss from you yet”, she smiled and leaned over to kiss him. He held her off with one hand loosely under her chin as he stood towering over her.

“I don’t give Birthday kisses just Birthday bahis firmaları spankings and never in public.”

She felt herself shiver under his hands as his other one carelessly ran down her back and cupped her ass.

“What do you do after you spank your Birthday girl?” she asked. He leaned over her and she felt the hotness of his breath as he whispered into her ear, “I fuck them in their red hot aching ass until they beg me to stop because they can’t stand anymore pleasure.

She looked into his deep dark eyes and felt herself falling into a pool so deep she might never surface. “I’ve never been spanked or fucked in the ass.”

He smiled, ” all for the better, done right it’s something you will want to repeat and I can see,” he smiled, “you’re a girl who will take to it like a duck to water.” He pushed his hand beneath the edge of her dress and caressed her cleft as he drew her closer to him and felt her heart start beating faster beneath his attention.

He tucked his hand under hers and asked if she had driven herself to the party. She shook her head no. He grinned and called the waiter over, handing him fifty dollars he said, “Give Miss Belinda’s regrets to the party and see that her friend Sarah Jean takes her things home she is leaving with me”.

The waiter smiled, pocketed his money, and said, “Yes Sir, Mr. Wolf now you both have a grand evening”. He felt his own cock swell at what Mr. Wolf would probably be doing to the fine looking Belinda in the not to distant future.

Belinda was deftly placed into the front seat of a delightfully looking hot sports car before she could blink or think.

Sliding in next to her, he turned her head and for the first time kissed her. He kept up the pressure until she opened her mouth to him and he took control of her keeping up the kiss until he felt her give into his mastery of her body.

He pulled away, he said, “Now you have had your Birthday kiss and when we get to my house the spanking will follow”.

He watched her lust filmed eyes as she nodded. How he loved pliable, lusty women who hadn’t been ruined. He didn’t k now how long their relationship would last but it would be a good one while it did he could tell that already.

“Belinda, push your dress down and let me see your fine breasts as we drive.”

Without thinking she did as he ordered. He was pleasantly surprised to see the petite woman had full breasts with huge nipples already hard and as he caressed them they responded by getting harder. It was a plus as he already admired her remarkable round firm ass. This was turning out to be a night he had not anticipated when he agreed to go to the party with his cousin Sarah. He hoped she wouldn’t be too angry she had kidnapped the guest of honor, course knowing her that had probably been her intention.

The drive to his house was mercifully short. He drove into his garage and then came round to remove the seat belt he had tightly buckled around her. Picking up his precious captive for the night he carried her into the house and into the more private den.

Standing her up he reached and removed her dress. He had suspected except for thigh hi silk stockings and shoes she was otherwise naked and it proved to be the case. She attempted to cover herself and he lightly slapped her hands.

“You are beautiful, why would you want to deny me the pleasure of seeing your body”. Slowly she lowered her hands and he leaned over and lightly sucked first one then the other nipple into his mouth and laved them with wetness.

The moan of pleasure he invoked made him harden. He stepped back and said, “Undress me Belinda start with my coat”.

She did and was even more turned on by the feel of his hardness under her hands. She then started on his shirt and in minutes he was naked to the feel of her hands his tight abs visible for her teasing touch. He took her hand, walked to a library chair, and sat down and before she knew what happened she was over his lap the feel of his hard cock trapped against her belly and his hand was caressing her cold shivering ass.

He massaged up her spine and bending forward kissed back down it pulling her cheeks apart to lick gently between them and lightly bite her ass.

“Are you clean Belinda? Have you had an enema lately? She managed to croak, “I did when I bathed today.”

He chuckled as he lightly spanked her ass and watched the cheeks shiver beneath his hands. “You prepared your ass for fucking before the party? Why Belinda my darling little slut what were you hoping to find?”

She managed to say as he heard the tears of embarrassment in her voice. “Someone to show me how to get my ass fucked. I wanted; no I needed to find someone who knew how.”

He kept lightly spanking her and he could smell the scent of her arousal as her ass warmed beneath his hands. He reached and scooped up some of her juices and pushed them in and around her tight anal star. It flexed and allowed his small finger to enter kaçak iddaa and he smiled, this hot little darling had been playing with her ass already today.

“Belinda have you been playing with your ass today?” He spanked her once hard. “Now be truthful for I will know.”

She shook her head yes, “Must I tell?” He spanked her hard again enough she said “ouch” for the first time.

“Yes you must and now please.” He quit spanking her and concentrated on using her juices to push in and out of her anal ring gently widening it a little at a time as she gasped and said she had pushed a vibrator inside and used a shower massage and had a climax that almost made her pass out.

He was pleased to hear that and told her so. He stood and then picking her up carried her up the stairs and placed her on his bed as he unzipped his trousers and then kicking off his shoes pushed them down and off his feet. She opened and closed her mouth twice at the sight of his already erect cock.

“It’s enormous, it will never fit,” she cried out finally.

He lay down beside her and pulling her close whispered, “When it’s time it will but we have a lot to do before we get that far, my little beginner”.

He pushed her back and pulling her legs open rolled between them. “Now lay and enjoy your treat you took your spanking like a very good girl.”

Belinda was a veteran of oral sex or so she thought but never in her life had anyone ever eaten her like this man. She was in her first orgasm before she was barely settled and another before the first one was done, and when he pushed three fingers into her wet pussy and curving them found her “G” spot something no one had ever touched, she was screaming and coming so hard she wet through the sheets the pad and even got the mattress wet.

She started to cry thinking she had wet the bed. He pulled her on his side and holding her explained what had happened then with a long kiss he covered her with a blanket and placed her in a chair while he changed the bed.

“I love a woman who appreciated my attention and we are far from done.” He said as he walked to her and pointed to his hard cock. She smiled and opening her mouth he walked into its hot wet depth. She found his sac with her hands and soon he was groaning as he leaned forward to hold himself upright against the wall as she showed off her considerable oral talents.

He warned her with a growl he was coming and she pulled him even closer and swallowed. He found himself tightly gripped by her small throat and the rippling roughness caused him to explode. She swallowed once, twice and then again before pushing him away to catch up on the breaths she had been missing.

He sank to his knees and opening his dark eyes, he lightly caressed her as he told her how good that felt. He stood, she stood, and they walked back to bed together.

He placed her on her back and spread her legs wide and then began to massage her cheeks and open her ass and lick and tease her anal opening relaxing it under the hotness of his breath and the wetness of his mouth periodically he would insert his tongue and briefly fuck her with it just to hear her groan in need. He kept his fingers busy playing with her slit and her pussy and her sweet hard throbbing clit. He never let her come however backing off as soon as she stiffened under his hands. Finally he was ready. He poured some glide into his hands and pushed it into her ass until she was loose enough to allow three fingers to move in and out and pull her open, when she begged him to try his cock. He got up on his knees and turning her over piled a number of pillows below her ass then pushed her legs back against her chest. He watched her eyes as he lubricated his cock until it shone with the slickness then nudged it softly against her outside ring. It slipped in, he withdrew it, pushed again, and it went further before he withdrew it and so it went for almost twenty minutes until she begged him to push harder and wiggling tried to impale herself on his cock.

He smiled and did as asked his head popped in through both rings of muscle and he stopped.

Gasping at her hotness and her tightness he waited as she loosened up and relaxed under his busy hands. She might not be aware of her fear but her body was sending out signals and until they were gone he would not move. Finally she pushed down and an inch of his cock slid inside then he pushed and another made it. It was another half hour before he was all the way inside and his balls were rubbing against her body.

He stayed there as his fingers pulled and tugged her nipples then her clit and when he felt a small orgasm wrack her body he started to move slowly in and out of her ass. He would withdraw to the entrance and push back again each time moving a little faster. He could hear her groans and feel her hands as she held on to him as if her life depended on it and then he heard her muttering, “Oh God! That feels so good. Your big cock is filling me so full and kaçak bahis I am so hot I feel I could explode.” He lowered his head and worked on her nipples biting them and pulling them taut and then letting them retract on their own. She seemed to like a little pain so he used his hand to pull and pinch her clit, she began to wail, and he could feel the strength of her climax through the thin wall separating his cock from her pussy.

He hollered, “Fuck yourself Belinda”.

She immediately took over for him with her clit and her pussy the heat of her small hands buried deep inside her pussy drove him over the wall and he filled her ass with his crème as she continued to come on her own hands, wailing her joy for all to hear.

He stayed buried in her ass softly moving knowing he was helping her continue her pleasure until finally to soft he plopped out. He rolled over and in weariness collapsed on the bed. They slept.

The early morning sun was coming through the windows when he felt a warm washcloth gently swabbing his cock and balls. Knowing he always had a morning hard on he opened his eyes to see who was attending it in such a fine fashion forgetting for a moment the woman of last night.

There was Belinda, red hair loose and flowing around her face and covering her body like a cloak studiously studying his cock as she cleaned it.

“Like what you see?” he growled softly. She jumped before nodding her head. “What are you thinking Belinda? He asked.

She smiled. “I am wondering how that big thing fit inside my small ass last night and remembering how wonderful it felt when you filled me so full with your crème.”

He pulled her over him and onto his cock. “Are you ready to fuck me girl? I have yet to enjoy that pussy of yours with this cock”, and he made it jump.

She laughed, as she spread her legs and pushing her hand down put him at the head of her entrance and then with a sly grin dropped down on his cock allowing her weight to take her to his sac.

“Oh my,” the breath rushed out and it took a moment to breathe again. “I am so full, you are the biggest cock I have ever fucked” bending down to kiss him she started riding his cock as if she had been born to be its mate.

Her hands were everywhere from his mouth to his nipples to his sac and back as she bounced wildly on his staff of pleasure. He could feel her ripples of pleasure and feel her wetness as it dripped all over his cock and as she became wilder he could see the flush of passion that all true redheads show when they are enjoying themselves. No wondering about their pleasure it was there for all to see. Finally she sat upright and put her hands behind her to steady herself as she reached his hand up to play with her clit.

He obliged and was feeling his own sac contract and his staff harden as she screamed, “I’m coming,” just as he grabbed her waist and pushed as far as he could go inside her hot tight confines and filled her with his crème. To small to hold it all he could feel it mix with hers and drip down their legs. They would both need a shower when they were done. He pulled her down on him and they rested as his heart rate returned to normal and his cock softened. When he felt it harden again he grinned, pulling her off his cock turned her over, and up on her hands and knees. He reached into his nightstand, got out the lube, and although he was very wet added more to the mixture and then nudged her anal opening.

She had been expecting him to take her pussy again from this angle but opened up willingly for his cock and groaned “Yes, oh yes, fuck my ass again.” He slid in without a problem and it was just as he remembered. Hot and tight and he waited to control himself before pushing up into her bowels as far as his cock could go. Once secure inside the depth of her body he took her again rapidly and hard as her hands busily played with her clit and pussy and even caressed his cock on each of his strokes making him hotter and harder. Together they reached the sky and chatted with the gods as he once again pumped more crème then he thought possible into her ass then collapsed next to her as he pulled her onto her side still buried deep inside her body.

They slept until his stomach growling woke him up he pushed her mane of red hair out of the way and nibbled her ear.

“Wake up small one or this ear will be breakfast.”

He pulled out of her ass and turning over stood. “Five minutes and join me in the shower then food.”

She nodded and closed her eyes. His piercing whistle woke her up, along with his threat to spank her again if she didn’t get moving.

She joined him in the shower where he washed her clean and that included a warm water enema to flush her insides clean. “Who knows what we may do after breakfast” He teased and lightly bite her right cheek leaving his bite marks reddening on her fair skin.

They raced each other to the kitchen not seeming to care they were naked. He did cover the chairs with towels, as the cold leather was very uncomfortable. Coffee was waiting, as it was an automatic machine. How she wished she had know that earlier. She sat and sipped as he made breakfast and they talked of mostly her life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32