Innocent Friends Ch. 02

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My mind had now lost all control and my body had taken over. I didn’t care that she was a girl anymore, let alone one of my best friends. Rolling over on top of her, still teasing her now rock hard nipples with my tongue, I slipped off her skirt and panties. Gently I ran a finger down her stomach and over her pussy lips rubbing her stimulated clit. I could now see that her pussy was shaved just like mine and that she was extremely wet. My fingers were already dripping with her hot cum.

Chrissy moved out from under me and began to take off my pants. Once she had them off the cum stain, that had been growing on my panties, was clearly visible. She giggled and looked up at me, “Well, well, well, someone soaked through their panties. ”

I laughed and pointed to her dripping wet panties on the floor, ” You should talk. ” Blushing she quietly slid my underwear down and off my long legs. I could see my cum glistening on my pussy lips, I smiled at her. She looked up at me running her wet tongue over her lips. Taking two of her fingers she spread casino şirketleri open my pussy. I rested my hand on the back of her head. Sliding two fingers into my dripping wet cunt, she worked her tongue up my slit and to my clit.

My clit was now surrounded by her soft lips as she sucked on it gently. Flicking it back and forth with her tongue while her fingers were deep in my soaking pussy. I gasped and knew I couldn’t withstand her sweet tongue torture any longer. My muscles spasmed and I arched my back while a strong wave of pleasure rocked through my body. I moaned and started to scream in ecstasy I grabbing her hair and thrust her face into my wet cunt. I laid there breathing deeply.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened my best friends lips and tongue had just been sucking on my clit as if we do this all the time. I looked down at her releasing my grip on her hair, she looked up at me. I couldn’t believe my eyes I had squirted cum on her chin. She giggled and started to move up my body. Knowing that she wanted me to lick up the mess casino firmaları I had made. I stuck out my tongue and slurped my sweet hot cum off her chin. We started to kiss each other massaging our tongues together, but this kiss was nothing compared to the first kiss we shared together that one kiss I will never forget.

It was my turn now to play with Chrissy. I had been mentally dreaming of this moment all night. I rolled on top of her and spread her long creamy legs wide, putting my hands beneath her small firm ass. I looked up at her beautiful face, smiling, before diving my tongue into her juicy pussy.

My tongue parted her wet lips as I licked up and down her slit. Taking my time making sure I slurped up every bit of her delicious cum. I paid special attention to her swollen clit. The slightest flick of my tongue would cause Chrissy to moan and scream. Drooling and sucking her clit clean I knew she was close to cumming. I pulled my tongue out of sweet cunt and looked up at her, I moved up her body. Kissing up her stomach I rubbed my wet pussy güvenilir casino against hers making our hard sensitive clits hit and rub each other.

I could tell she was enjoying the feeling of our hot young pussy’s thrusting against each other. We shared another heart stopping kiss, I could smell and taste my cum on her lips while we flicked our wet tongues against each other. I decided it was time to let her cum. Pinching her nipples I slid down in between her legs again. Sucking her clit while wildly rubbing my tongue against it I felt her orgasm starting to rock through her firm body. I thrust two fingers into her tight pussy while she began to squirt out her cum. My fingers where soon drenched in my best friends hot juices. I pulled my fingers out of her spasming cunt, sucking them clean. I licked the rest of her pussy dry before looking up and smiling at Chrissy.

She looked down at me and pulled me up next to her on the bed. Giving me a soft kiss on the lips chrissy smiled and said she loved me. I smiled back saying the same back to her. Cuddling up we both got under the covers our hot bodies still close together not wanting to let go. We fell asleep next to each other on this perfect Saturday. A Saturday that would be just the beginning of our new friendship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32