Incarnate Resorts Pt. 01

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I came in today as a way to end my membership for resort points. Incarnate Resort’s always had the best deals whenever renewal periods came around every two years. It felt like a great idea at the start, to use as an excuse to get away from work. The only issue I didn’t consider was the loneliness it ended up generating from seeing all of the lovey-dovey couples trancing around the resort’s facilities.

I wasn’t going to lie and say it was all bad though, it allowed for some amazing sightseeing trips with all of the worldwide locations to choose from. The only reason I renewed upon the first, second-year mark was due to their strange payment plan. I was to pay a one-time fee or get a loan to spread out my payment and the odd thing was their willingness to provide me with a resort’s credit card. Each month for the next two years I would be credited money, which could be spent on anything at all, even with the option of withdrawing it at an ATM if desired.

The more I thought about the way it worked, the more it sounded like an undeniable scam. The end total of the credited money to the card was enough to cover the entirety of the renewal cost plus any interest on a loan if you went that route. Even after my suspicious questioning and thorough reading of fine print, there wasn’t a single red flag. The woman’s assurance that it was a good deal sounded better with every explanation of how things wound up benefiting both parties.

Something to do with interest rates on their investments from my initial payment would grant them profits even after paying me back the renewal cost and then some in change. I hardly had any reason for denying free money, plus worst-case scenario it wasn’t like I was forced to visit any of the resorts.

I prepped my mind, fully intent on canceling my membership and the upcoming renewal period. Their stunning display of free beverages and snack bar wouldn’t conquer me, nor the rather cute employee that was assigned to me. That wouldn’t be a problem this time around since she wasn’t in today and someone else would be tending to my visitation.

“Sorry for the wait, sir.” I gazed up from my seat, in awe of the delightful surprise inviting me into her office space. “Please, come in.” I did as she said a bit too willingly, unable to calm my eyes from frantically spazzing out.

Her button-down blouse lined her shapely cleavage and petite figure with the sleeves scrunched up to just below her elbows. The entire outfit she wore clung to her skin, wanting nothing more than to burst apart. Seductively inviting was the best way I could describe her, all the way down to the slit along the left side of her knee-length black skirt. An astounding view of her toned long legs, down to the four-inch heels housing her neatly done red toenails.

The color accurately matched her auburn hair that stylishly fell down to the back of her waist in a wavy curl. She motioned for me to have a seat, letting me enjoy her rear on the way back to her own chair on the other side of the mahogany desk. I averted my gaze before she noticed and found her name typeset onto a placard. Gina held the title of a financial sales advisor and another as a lead customer service rep.

Gina used an arm to swing her hair around, across the left side of her shoulder as if to cozily rest on top of her breasts. It seemed like the activation of a hypnosis ritual as she readied to commence business.

“What can I help you with today, sir?” She asked like she didn’t know since reception had you state the purpose of your visit as to properly find the help needed.

“I’m looking to end my membership.” I tossed it off as mere formality and enjoyed the wasted time of being able to fawn over her voice.

“Hmm, it says here you’ve only ever requested to use our indoor gravity rooms, whenever you visited one of our resorts.” Gina described my aura training sessions that proved very helpful in building up my mana reserves. It was the only activity they had around here that didn’t have lovebirds lounging about in. “Was someone not available to give you a proper tour when you became a member?” Her concerned words as if I was giving up on life sought to find a reasonable explanation for my desire of wanting to cancel my membership.

“No, that’s not it. I was shown the grand tour during the first time I signed up and again for my renewal period.” There was definitely not an issue with the available recreational activities and I did end up making leaps and bounds on my magic ranking as a result, rising up from a C to a B-ranked mage.

“I don’t enjoy having to deal with all of the exhibitionists that seem to be left alone by management.” It was the only reasonable response on my mind since there was no way it could have been a money issue.

I decided there was no particular reason to hold the truth. One time I witnessed a woman moaning from her balcony utterly unfazed by the chance of anyone seeing her being fucked. Another time when going down to the laundry room escort bursa which required passing through the elevator to the basement floor, only to run into a couple doing it in the middle of the operating lift. It wasn’t limited to a specific resort either as if following me everywhere I went just to shove it in my face.

“I’ve been the victim of the same such sexual acts. Unfortunately, our company offers a blind eye to such things to ensure their continued support.” Was I hearing her right? Gina practically criticized her own employer, siding with me on my complaint and even offering a sigh. “I’m glad it was only that though, that’s something I can actually help with.”

“What do you mean?” I tilted my head, wondering how she could help if management wouldn’t even take action.

“I would hate to lose you as a client over such an issue. I promise if you renew with us, that I’ll ensure you’re never bothered by such acts ever again.” I was hesitant from her suggesting early renewal as a means to start taking action. But it sounded like she would raise a direct concern with her higher-ups as to stamp out any possible exhibitionists.

“Uhh…-” It felt a little too late and my mind was already made, though she interrupted me from repeating my piece.

“Give it some time to think about it, will you happen to be free tonight, in an hour?” At this point, Gina was toying with her curly hair resting on top of her mesmerizing cleavage.

“Uh…, yeah, why?” Her follow-up question made me forget about outright denying her advice. The only thing I had scheduled today was my daily training in the gravity room, other than that most of my days were spent indoors browsing random forums on my laptop.

“To help with your situation, silly.” Gina’s giggle caused her mountain of beauty to shake. “Then, I’ll see you at your unit in about an hour.” She stood up which in turn caused me to do the same from the confusion, being ushered out of her office before I knew it.

The entire walk and the rest of my freetime until her appointed visit was spent as an anxious mess, attempting to tidy the little number of belongings brought with me for my stay. Then, moving on to channel flipping on the living room TV from quickly finishing that task. It even got so bad that I decided to freshly brush my teeth again. In the middle of rinsing with water, the doorbell’s chime rang throughout the flat.

“Coming!” I quickly spat out water, taking a last look at myself in the mirror after wiping my mouth clean with a towel. I opened the door to see Gina dressed in a stylish black button-up overcoat, covering everything down to her smooth calves, matching the color of her four-inch heels from earlier.

“Come in.” I had to stop myself from wanting to gawk at her blissful appearance and prompted her to enter. “So, what exactly is this visit for, are we going to brainstorm a way to convince upper management to take our side?” I knew she said something about helping me with the scandalous acts around here but didn’t know what she had in mind.

“Knowing those lazy bastards, nothing will come of it.” Gina followed me in as I led her to the living room couch. “Pardon the language…, I haven’t had time to wind down from work yet.” She took a seat as I sat on the single sofa off to the side so that I could continue facing her. I didn’t mind the cussing or the crossing of her leg on top of the other as she settled in.

She did it in such a way as to prevent me from seeing anything above her slender thighs, making it seem like there was nothing underneath her overcoat, to begin with.

“No worries, I don’t mind…” I gulped, hoping she didn’t catch my eyes wandering by chance. “Is there anything I can do to help with that, maybe some beer?” It was either beer or water and I figured beer was the better choice when it came to alleviating some steam, at least it was for me.

“No. Thanks for the offer…, but there is something you could do to help.” Gina stretched the second half of her sentence.

“If it’s something I can do, just let me know.” I leaned in a bit out of interest, mesmerized by her red lips.

“How about we get some payback?” Gina playfully tousled her hair. “Aren’t you fed up with everyone being reckless in public? We deserve to return the favor.” She stood from her seat and placed a hand on my shoulder to prevent me from getting up. The unbalanced position was enough to fall back into the single seater as she sat on my lap with one knee over the other, revealing a stretch of creamy thighs.

“What are you doing?” My confusion overtook any nerves as she guided my hand along her leg. Feeling the soft sensation of her skin all the way up to her inner thigh made me realize she wasn’t wearing anything under her overcoat and at the very least naked from the waist down.

Her lips touched mine instead of providing an answer, not long until her tongue was finding its way into my mouth. I was fully absorbed with one of her hands wrapped around my head görükle escort and the other leading my hand to explore her midsection. Being lost in arousal caused me to miss the pill she somehow managed to have me swallow, only noticing it on the way down my throat. It passed by quickly from being mixed together with both of our salivae as she tilted my head with finesse from my reaction, to finish the transfer.

“What did you just give me!?” I broke away from her loosening clasp on my hair with my stare bouncing back and forth between her facial features and glossed red lips.

“A little something to loosen you up.” Gina licked her lips clean while undoing the four buttons to her overcoat. “It’s clear to see you’re on edge with me, consider this my way of saying to take it easy.” My thoughts went to the possible side effects, then to the moment I went to grab her a beer as the only time she could have slipped the pill into her mouth without my notice. That all dispersed the very second I saw her without the overcoat on.

Underneath it all, she wore a single piece of lingerie that extended into a transparent one piece wrapping around her vagina and disappearing into a g-string to show off her firm yet plump bubble butt. She chose a deep red as if to scream out attention which brought me to her previous statement about returning a favor.

“You’re not serious, are you?” I felt stupid about asking, for the fact that she was practically naked and took the initiative to drug me. It looked like she thought the same and didn’t bother talking any further, opting to take a more direct approach.

I watched her hands go for my abs underneath my shirt, only to jolt my head back up after feeling the aura of magic condensing in her body. She enacted a simple spell to work at unraveling my clothes, multitasking at the same time by standing up to spread my legs, kneeling before my crotch.

It felt like someone was effortlessly pulling the pants out from under me as they slithered away with my shirt being next to fly up from my neck. My rock-hard erection was struggling against my boxer tights. That was the last to go as my dick was caught in her hands with the tip, close enough to feel her warm breath.

I could feel myself throbbing more than usual in her delicate hands and wondered if it had anything to do with the pill. I instantly lost all focus, reeling back into the headrest as she stroked the entire length of my penis. With just her hands, she had me breathing erratically, and enjoying the blissful handjob though left me wanting more.

I could feel her continued breath and lips so close but denying their wet embrace with her other hand tenderly massaging my balls. She knew exactly the amount of stimulation required to edge me, releasing my genitals, and waiting for me to return eye contact.

“Why don’t we move this to the bed.” Her seductive smile had me nodding and moving before my words could find themselves. It was like my mind remained locked away in the back of my head, stuck in a weird dream state while my body took over. I eagerly followed behind from her leading hand and fell, back first into my plush bed before I knew it. All I remembered was the extravagant sight of her delicious body looming over me before passing out altogether.

My eyes opened to the light piercing through the cracks in the window blinds, still in a muddied and hazed condition. Not only was the light bothersome but a lingering pain was beginning to return to my butt, together with a growing strain on my groin area. It wasn’t long until I regained a sense of my surroundings, prompting a quick and confused motion to sit up.

The first thing I felt was the wet and sticky feeling between my fingers from where my hands were digging into the bed. The sheets were lathered enough to be soaked without fully drying out over the night. Bringing a finger up to my nose to inspect the sheets was interrupted with a wipe along the backside of my hand to my lips and cheek.

I had the urge to rid whatever was on my face. It happened to be the very same substance sticking to my fingers, which was immediately wiped clean after figuring it out to be my own jizz mixed in with other liquid-like fluids.

Cleaning the sperm from my body was enough to clear my dazed state as I went to remove the bed sheet off of my lower body. My hand hit something solid as I went to touch my penis. My confusion shifted into fearful curiosity as the sheets were thrown to the side. In plain view was my straining erection being held back by a pink tiny chastity cage.

I ended up fiddling with it, trying to find any possible way to escape the damned device. It was transparent, able to present my newly shaved balls of any remaining pubic hair. Not only was all of my hair shaved clean, but the cage extended and fitted like a second skin, covering even my balls from any physical touch. The entire setup seemed impossible to be secure without the assistance of magic and the keyhole bursa escort bayan embedded on the top was an odd touch to contradict it actually doing anything.

I gave up on tugging and trying to slip out of it since that only led to increased and uncomfortable pressure against my swollen dick. This was all Gina’s fault and my desire to find her this instant had me shuffling to get out of bed. Things didn’t end there though as my first step out of the bed, reminded me of the painful soreness aching away at my rear.

I stood on two feet with an awkward and widened stance, using a hand to check on my bum and going so far as to massage it. The sensation felt like the following minutes after letting go of the world’s largest dump though instead of gradually disappearing, the feeling stayed constant enough to affect my walking gait.

My way to the bathroom was slowed from the pain as I aimed to wash up at the sink. I used the water to clean away the sticky residue lathered on my hands and face. I took a few seconds to fix my disheveled hair but gave up from the urgency of wanting to find Gina for some serious answers. I grabbed a pair of baggy shorts, ones able to conceal the bulge created by the cage, and made my way out of my unit once fully dressed.

It was embarrassing the entire way to her office as each and every person that I crossed made me acutely aware of my caged member and the horrid thought of them noticing it through my pants. Normally you had to set an appointment and the woman at the front desk that was trying to stop me turned it into a big scene the entire way to Gina’s office.

“What did you do!” Turning the knob and seeing Gina in the same work clothes as yesterday like nothing had happened caused me to raise my voice.

“Sorry, Ma’am. Should I call security?” I ignored the front desk woman as Gina intervened.

“No need, I’ll take it from here.” Gina maintained eye contact then broke it to look at the other woman. “You can leave us.” She was wearing the same unbuttoned blouse that threatened to snap loose from her breasts. The view produced a painful wince that I tried my best to hide. I took a seat on the other side of her desk, mainly out of reflex which ended up leading to an uncomfortable wiggle from sitting on my sore bottom.

“Why am I wearing a chastity cage, what happened last night?!” I hushed the first part quietly to avoid announcing it to the whole world though still distraught with a mix of emotions.

“You don’t remember anything?” Gina tilted her head, acting like she was confused by my questioning. “You willingly asked to become a slave… Mine.” I couldn’t help but notice the smirk forming on her mouth as she mentioned “mine” which only led to a barrage of many more statements.

“I didn’t agree to anything! I don’t even remember anything, that’s impossible!” My heated frenzy interrupted any possible reply on her end as I continued, “Why is my butt hurting? Nevermind that, just take this stupid thing off already!” I finally stopped for her to get a chance to say something.

“That won’t be happening, we had an agreement.” Gina’s fingers led me to a key that was attached to a bracelet. One that she never had on til now. It didn’t take long for it to click. The key hanging from her bracelet was her way of displaying her control over me through means of the chastity cage. “Now I didn’t accept your willingness to become my slave, so you don’t have to worry about that but you looked so sad from my answer. So I left you with a condition and possibility to either prove yourself or back out entirely.” She leaned over to dangle the key above her desk all while wearing that sadistically cute smile.

I jumped at the chance, snatching the key and freeing it from her wrist altogether. Luckily the chain was loosely fitted and slipped right off. Not wasting a single second and lowering my pants for her to see, I aimed it into the keyhole.

The key entered it without any issues and even turned like it would unlock, all to have nothing happen at all. I went back and forth to jimmying the key in hopes it was merely stuck.

“That won’t work, you also need the keyholder’s mana signature that placed you into chastity for it to unlock.” She sat back in her seat unfazed at seeing my caged penis.

“Hurry up and undo it then. I have no desire to ever become a slave!” I practically began to leap over the desk before blacking out, only to be reawakened with my face digging into the top of Gina’s desk.

“Calmed down a bit?” I shook myself back up to see her sitting in the same spot. “A safety measure we put in place, in case your memory loss caused you to enter a fit of rage.” It seemed like I passed out for a minute, long enough for her to retrieve the bracelet back onto her wrist.

“A safety what?”

“Please try to keep up or this will take all day.” At this point, Gina was twirling the ends of her hair. “The condition I offered your more agreeable self was seven days. A full week and by the end of it, if you wished to still be my slave then I’d make it come to pass.”

“Sounds like there’s more to it than just that…” I tried reeling in my emotions and doing my best to approach the situation with an analytical mindset.

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