In Days of Olde Ch. 09

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When the three young people were finally able to move, the men put out the campfire after they had all dressed, and they moved toward home. Flower felt happier than she ever had in her entire life, walking between the two young men, and she could not seem to stop smiling. They were grinning as well, and all felt closer than ever. She found she could not wait to share the news with Dove, knowing instinctively that her friend would be pleased at the turn of events. She spied the other girl immediately as they entered the camp, and with a squeeze to both their hands, she was off. They laughed softly, watching her go.

“Dove…Dove!” Flower called out, and her friend looked up from the corn she was grinding, happy to see her. “Something wonderful has happened!”

“What?” Dove’s eyes were shining and she smiled with anticipation, eager to hear what was making her best friend so thrilled.

“I’ve….I’ve been with Raven and Hawk….” She wasn’t exactly sure how to put into words the magic that had occurred. “They were….together, and I was just going to talk to them, and then they…”

Dove could discern some of what Flower was trying to say. “Oh, you must have seen them loving one another.” She smiled. “They are beautiful together, are they not?”

“Oh yes….I couldn’t stop watching them…” She blushed a little here, still feeling odd about spying at first, no matter how inadvertent it had been. “It was so lovely that I had to….um….”

Dove giggled. She still found her friend’s embarrassment at sexual things amusing, having grown up with the openness of the People all her life. “You touched yourself, my Sister.”

“Well, yes….then, when they were done, they saw me and called to me, and when I joined them….well….”

Understanding dawned on Dove’s face, and she clapped her hands, and hugged Flower tightly. “Oh, that’s wonderful! You’re a woman now. Was it pleasurable for you? They are the best lovers here, it is no secret.”

“Oh, my, yes. So wonderful. I love them both….” She stopped suddenly, a frown creasing her brow slightly. “That’s alright with you, isn’t it? I know you love Hawk…and I would never want to…” Dove stopped her.

“Yes, I do love Hawk, but I also love you. I am happy that he would share such a beautiful gift with you. Perhaps someday, we can all share that gift.” She hugged Flower again. Now Flower could be completely happy, knowing her friend was not jealous. She hadn’t expected her to be, but it was nice to have confirmation. She picked up another mortar and pestle and began to help Dove with the grinding, thinking back to the events that had taken place earlier. She found that she could not wait to see the men again. She wondered how this would change the relationship they had.

Meanwhile, a very unhappy Storm had been listening. She had overheard Flower’s words as she was passing by, and she was furious that the girl was no longer pure, but she would figure out a güvenilir bahis way to use it to her advantage. She smiled a little, as she thought of how Stalking Panther would react to the knowledge that the little virgin wasn’t any longer. He would torture the girl to no end after that, making her the whore of his tribe and every other he decided to share her with. He would degrade her beyond belief, and it made Storm’s heart soar to think about. As much as she would love to take the girl and cut her throat at that very moment, she would gain much more enjoyment knowing that Flower was suffering in body and mind at the hands of the man who had taken her village from her in the first place. She could scarcely wait for time for her to be removed. Her eyes brightened as she had another idea, and she hurried to talk to her cousins about it.

Unaware of any of this, Flower went on about her tasks, and joined her friends at the campfire that night, snuggled close to Raven, as they talked after dinner amongst themselves. If anything, her joining the ranks of womanhood had made the four of them closer than ever, and they reveled in each other’s company. Many eyes watched them, smiling, happy to see a new family forming, even if it had not been recognized just yet. There were few who would be surprised if these four joined together to form their own household. Flower glanced about the circle at one point, seeing the warm looks sent her way, and she knew that by now, everyone was aware of what had happened. For once, she did not feel anything but proud and happy. She sighed with contentment, feeling Raven’s arm about her, Hawk’s fingertips resting on her leg and Dove’s hand on her other knee.

From the shadows, three pairs of eyes watched the little group disdainfully, and a bit hungrily. “I want her….” Water purred softly. “She’s still practically a virgin after only two, and she’s still a virgin where women are concerned. I will be her first. I want to lick up the sweetness that rests in her honeypot, and make her beg for more.”

“And so you shall….but it must be later….she must drink the potion first, so that she will think it only a dream….” Storm smiled. “I will give her the draught soon, and before too long, she will join us.” The others smiled in eager anticipation, lustful at the thought of new, barely tried flesh. They were kissing madly when Storm left them. Flower had stepped away for a moment to tend to her needs, and was headed back to the campfire, when Storm stopped her, holding a cup.

“Oh, Flower, would you do me a great favor, and taste this? It’s a new drink that our visitors have offered, and it’s delicious, but I want someone else’s opinion before offering it.”

“Of course I will Storm…thank you for asking me.” Flower smiled, pleased at the friendly overture on the other girl’s part. She was often a bit standoffish with Flower, so she hoped that this was a good sign. She sipped eagerly, and türkçe bahis nodded. “It is delicious.”

“Why don’t you go ahead and finish that, and I’ll go get the rest? I’ll take the cup with me, to wash.”

Flower drained the cup, and then headed back to the fire. Soon after she sat down, she began to feel very strange, as if she needed to lie down. Blinking her eyes, she told the others she felt very tired, and thought she would go on to bed. Thinking nothing of it, they offered to walk her home, but she declined, not feeling badly enough to need an escort. As she moved toward her home in the darkness, she began to feel more and more strange, almost as if she had a high fever. Out of the darkness, a figure emerged, catching her elbow. “Come this way, Little Flower,” a voice said, and she obeyed, floating too much to question. She was led away from the camp, and into the forest, under the light of the full moon. She and her guide entered a clearing, lit only by the silvery light. She was aware of two other figures standing there, and then her escort stepped from her side and moved behind her. She felt hands cup her breasts from behind, thumbing her nipples into rapid hardness, and she moaned and swayed, for it felt exquisite.

A voice hissed in her ear. “Yessssss…..give in to it, Little Flower. Do not deny your body. You need this tonight. You want this tonight.” Her clothing was being removed and she felt the cool wind on her bare skin. Someone knelt in front of her, and a mouth moved between her thighs, kissing her pussy, as a tongue invaded her. “Bring her.”

Storm had led Flower to the place where they intended to rape her, and now she felt her own excitement swelling. Lynx was taking the unprotesting victim over to a bed they had made of branches and skins, and pushing her down. He stripped and lay beside the girl, his hands moving over her skin, then leaned in and suckled her nipples. Water moved between her open thighs, eagerly licking and sucking at the pussy she had just been enjoying a few minutes before, her nude body glinting in the dim light. Flower was moaning softly, clearly enjoying the feel of the caresses. Storm moved to join them, taking the girl’s other breast in her mouth, and teasing it with her tongue. She could hear the sounds of the other busy mouths on the sweet flesh, and she nipped at the breast, wanting to cause some pain to the innocent girl she hated so very much. She knew they dared not leave marks, but there were ways.

As for Flower, she was lost in sensation, floating, her nerve endings attuned to every touch. She knew people were playing with her body, but she didn’t know who, and it didn’t matter. She felt so aroused, it wouldn’t have mattered if the other Tribe had come and taken her at that moment. She would not have been able, nor would she have wanted to fight them. Such was the nature of the herbs she had been given. It lowered all resistance and inhibitions, while güvenilir bahis siteleri rendering the victim into a dream state. The next day, she would vaguely remember dreaming about sexual things, but would have no idea exactly what. She moaned again, and arched her back, to allow the mouths better access to her breasts, and they happily complied.

Raising her head, Water murmured, “I want her mouth on my pussy now. She must learn how to eat pussy properly, if she is to be a true whore.” She looked at her mate, who was still sucking on the nipple and nudged him. “You fuck her while I straddle her face. That will make her eat my pussy even better.” He grinned and nodded, moving to take her place between the spread thighs of their prey. Storm continued to play with Flower’s breasts, but she sat up to watch the other two. Water moved over the girl’s face, and lowered herself onto her lips, just as Lynx slid his cock into her cleft, making her gasp. When she opened her mouth, her tongue slid into Water’s honeypot, and she moved against the tongue and lips. Instinctively, Flower moved her mouth, wanting to taste what was being offered. Soon, she was sliding her tongue all over Water’s dripping pussy, as Lynx pounded into her. He pulled out and sprayed his cum all over her belly, as Water filled her mouth with her own orgasm.

Storm moved now, licking her cousin’s cum from Flower’s bare skin, and moving up to kiss her nectar-coated lips. She ground her body against the girl’s, their breasts bumping softly, and nipples rubbing. She deepened the kiss, invading Flower’s mouth, raping her with her tongue. Wrapping her arms around the girl, she rolled over, putting Flower on top of her. She could hear Water sucking her mate’s cock, getting him hard again. She grabbed Flower’s ass, caressing it, making the other girl grind her pubic bone against her. Now, she felt Lnyx’s legs on either side of hers, and knew he was getting ready to deflower another part of their pretty little innocent. Holding tightly to Flower, Storm felt her cousin’s cock as it slid over her, getting coated with wetness, then she felt him parting the other girl’s ass cheeks. She felt Flower tense a bit, and kissed her even harder, forcing any resistance away. She felt Water’s mouth moving between her pussy, and up to Flower’s as Lynx slid into the tight star of the girl’s ass, slowly burying himself to the hilt in her. Now the three of them moved in tandem, raping the young body, pleasuring it at the same time. Flower was screaming out her pleasure into Storm’s mouth, scarcely able to bear all the sensation at once. Finally, all climaxed in a shuddering mass, and Flower slipped into oblivion. She would sleep the rest of the night.

When the others had recovered, Lynx carried the girl over to a nearby stream and they cleaned up all traces of their lovemaking from her body, then carried her quietly home. No one had even entered the dwelling yet, so they were able to slip her into her bed without anyone being aware of what had taken place. When Dove came to bed later, all she saw was Flower sleeping peacefully, and Storm sleeping in her own bed, a small smile touching her lips.

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