If I Knew Then… Ch. 03

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Jill was standing on the corner where I had picked her up the day before when I arrived. She hopped into the car, and immediately said “I need to ask you something about what you said yesterday.”

I wondered what that could be – we had talked about a lot of important things the day before.

“You said you own a cafe. Where is it?” she asked.

I laughed. Of all the things I said this was not one I thought would be top of the list to discuss. “Down on the Lisburn Road. Not far from here. Why?”

“Because I want to talk to you about other things and I want a coffee.”

My partner Paul was behind the counter, and happy to bring two Americanos. I had to introduce Jill, and pass some words about business, but he was sensible enough to bugger off.

Jill said “How did you get into this? I mean, you’re eighteen and at school. How do you know him, and how can you be a partner?”

“He was doing the catering for my cousin’s wedding. I got chatting, he said he wanted to set up a cafe, I suggested Lisburn Road, he said he needed capital, I had the money, so we did a business plan and I got my solicitor to draw up the contract. Easy. I’m silent, he does the work, we do the books once a month.”

“You have a solicitor?” she sounded astonished.

“Yes. And a stockbroker, and an accountant. You have to have professionals to do it right.” I said, and smiled at her disbelief. “I know, I’m weird, but this isn’t rocket science.”

“But where did you get the money?” she asked.

“I had a summer job and some birthday money and bought a clapped out car with my dad from an auction a few weeks after my sixteenth birthday. I did it up, and it didn’t take as long as I expected. So it was ready to drive, but I couldn’t get a license until seventeen, so I sold it, made two hundred quid, and bought another. Then I did it again and again. Each time better cars, more profit. When I turned eighteen, I put five thousand into this place and traded the rest on the Stock Market. Oh yes, and I have an old MG I got for two hundred in the garage. I might keep it, but I could get three grand for it if I do it right.”

Jill had her mouth open. “You are serious. You really are. You were telling the truth yesterday.”

“Yes. I told you, I joke when things are serious, but I never say something serious as a joke. I have money, I know how to make money. I plan to have made enough money by the time I am thirty to retire, although I probably won’t retire, just not have to work if I don’t want to.”

She was silent for a moment and said softly “When I got home last night I was scared. I mean if you had dumped me for lying to you, thought I was trying to trap you, or said that if I was pregnant it was my fault and I had to get rid of it or something, I could have understood that. I would have been really hurt, but I would know it was my fault, and you can’t expect a guy to promise to look after you forever after two days together. No one does that. But you did. And then you started spinning this story about having thousands of pounds in the bank. It all sounded wonderful, and then it sounded too good to be true. I didn’t know what to think. I still don’t.”

“Well I suppose I could take you to see my solicitor, and accountant. Or you could talk to my father. He knows about almost all my deals. As for the other stuff, time will tell. I am not a mad man. I’m sorry I scared you. I’m not trying to tie you down or rush you or trap you. And I don’t think you were trying to do that to me.”

“No, no, I wasn’t, really!” she said quickly. “I just, I just wanted, I wanted… I wanted to do it. With you. I… didn’t want to wait. I did not really think about it, once I decided to do it I just wanted to do everything. With you. And that is what is so hard now. I, I feel, I don’t know, I have never felt like this. Confused, scared. I don’t want you to be making this up. I don’t want to think I did that with you and it turns out that you’re not that special.” Her eyes were pleading.

I made a decision. “Come with me.” I said and took her hand. I took her up the stairs at the back of the cafe, and took my key ring from my pocket. I opened the office door, and lead her in. I went straight to a shelf and lifted the ledgers down and placed them on the desk.

“First page, first entry, my name, £5000.00. Turn over the pages, my handwriting.”

I turned to a cupboard and opened it with my keys. Inside was the safe. I dialed in the numbers, and opened it. Jill gasped. There was about two hundred pounds in it. I pulled a folder from the bottom.

“Partnership agreement. Joint ownership, me and Paul.”

I placed it in front of her. “No one in school knows this. No one except my parents, Paul and my legal and accountancy advisors. I don’t want this to be known about. Not even your parents. People are funny about money. I mean, Owen is my mate, and he gets a fiver a week from his parents. It would make it awkward. And he’d expect free coffee, and this is business.”

Jill brazzers porno looked up from the papers. “Okay I won’t tell anyone.”

“I know. I trust you.”

“So it is all real.” She glanced at me and down again “And the stuff about having kids?”

“I’ve been thinking about yesterday. I really did mean it, but I realise that it is a lot to think about for you. This has all been so fast. And I have surprised myself with this. I mean, I have known for ages that I really do want children, and a wife, and all that. And I know that’s supposed to be unusual for a guy at school, but it is how I feel.” I took her hand and went on “And I didn’t expect it, but I really am incredibly fond of you. Really. I mean I have fancied you for ages, but now, I am just, just, I don’t know. Speechless. Every time I think of you I feel good. Everytime I see you my heart skips. I just want to be with you, and make the world a better place for you. And I know that sounds crazy scary and a bit over the top. And what I said about kids and all that sounds crazy too. But I also know that things will change for us, in the next few weeks and months. You can’t stay this high for long. So, if I scared you yesterday, maybe you could not just run away just yet? Give it a few weeks, see if I start looking a bit less mad?”

“Oh Sean. Oh please.” she said and flowed into my arms, tears and kisses mixed.

Minutes passed.

Eventually she said “Sean, I’m sorry.”

“What for?”

“Lying to you. Doubting you. Worrying. Doubting me.”

I kissed her, and said “All in the past. And you had a hell of a scare, and a load of big new things to deal with, plus hormones. It isn’t easy to keep your head straight. How is it now?”

“I promise you I won’t ever lie to you again, I’ll never doubt you, and as long as you say not to worry, I won’t. I trust you now.”

I shook my head, “All I could ask is that you try to do those things, and I’ll try too. But you forgot the most important bit. Not doubting yourself. What did that mean?”

She had her hands entwined behind my neck, and now bowed her head to my chest. She whispered “I didn’t trust the way I feel. I thought I might have been wrong. That I didn’t really feel it. That I shouldn’t. That I shouldn’t let myself.”

“So what do you feel?” I asked with some hope.

“Like I could die if you don’t want to see me again. Like I’m only alive when I can touch you.” She looked up then “Like I’m yours.”

I kissed her again, and said “I didn’t expect to fall in love with you. Its all your fault you know, you are just too lovely. I want to see you every day. I want to touch you every day. I want you to be mine, and to be yours. I want to make love with you, and live with you.”

We kissed again. A little more passionately this time. She broke for air with a little “Ouch” and then quickly said “Oh Sean, that is so good. And I would love to make love with you, but you know, I am still, you know. And my breasts hurt, and my tummy has cramps, and it really isn’t sexy.”

I said “It’s ok. I know, your period will last a few days, and you aren’t on the pill, and I haven’t any condoms anyway.” I tried to make it a joke, but she was hit by that.

“I’m so sorry Sean.”

“No, no, I was just kidding, it’s fine.” I said and kissed her again “Anyway I can get condoms in the loo here if we needed them.”

“No Sean, we won’t need them, I could ring my doctor, get an appointment for tomorrow, if you can drive there.” she said.

“You sure?” I asked. I knew that for many people contraception is a sin, and her church upbringing and her parents views might be a problem.

“Yes Sean. I have felt you naked inside me, and I don’t think I want anything between us ever.” She said it in such a straightforward way that I was surprised.

“Thank you. That is probably one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me.” I said.

She looked down and said “Yesterday you said something to me that was very nice. And I thought about it a lot. And you said something a bit like it again a moment ago. You said you were in love with me.” She looked up and her stare was so direct I held my breath. “I’ve never been in love before. But I can’t imagine that feeling this way is anything else. I am in love with you. I love you, Sean. I want to make love with you and live with you, and I will never doubt that again.”

I hugged her then and whispered on her ear “Now that is definitely the nicest thing that anyone has ever said to me. The nicest thing anyone will ever say. I love you too, Jill Wyatt.”

She clung to me, and melted against me, and we kissed again, and it was heaven.

Eventually I drew my head back and said to her “Now, my beautiful woman, what will we do?”

Her reply was prompt and again straightforward. “Finish ‘A’ levels, go to University, get a degree, get married, have kids, retire at thirty, travel the world.”

I laughed “Sounds like a good plan to me. But clip4sale porno I think we should keep it quiet for a bit. Our parents would freak if we told them that tonight.”

She laughed as well, “And of course I might meet someone even more wonderful walking down the street.”

“True and very likely. Perhaps we should give ourselves a little time. But maybe not too much. A very wise person once said to me that if you are going out with someone give it six months. If after six months you don’t want to marry them, it isn’t going anywhere, it’s time to break up. If you do want to marry them, give it another six months. If you still want to marry them, get married. So how about we make a deal. Next Valentines Day we talk about this again. We decide then. We can talk about it, and everything else before then, but we decide then. One year. If you can stick me for that long.”

“Okay, but part of the deal has to be that you teach me about all this stuff. I want to understand what you do, how you make money. And you have to find somewhere where we can be alone, and warm, because even if we could today, it’s freezing in here and I am not taking any clothes off even for you.”

“It’s a deal. Now let’s go downstairs in the warm and have another coffee before I have to take you home.”

We met at the usual place the next day, bit as she got onto the car she leaned over to kiss me, and said “Hello, handsome man.”

“Well hello, beautiful woman, and thank you for the kiss. No teachers about today?” I said.

“Don’t care. Kissing you is more important.”

“I don’t want to get you in trouble.”

She pouted “That is why you are taking me to the doctors now.”

On the way she said “I talked to Mum about you last night.”


“I told her I had met a very nice boy at the party on Saturday, and that you had invited me to the concert in the Ulster Hall on Friday night.”

“I don’t remember doing that.” I said, “but anyway, what did she say?”

“Well she wanted to know all about you and the concert. So I told her some things about you, bit didn’t mention how wonderful you are in bed, and she said it is ok if you come and pick me up at 6.45 on Friday.”

“Okay. Just so I know, what is the gig, and do we have tickets?”

“Bach, and Rachmaninov. And we can get you a ticket after I see the doc.” she said. “I got mine weeks ago. I’m doing the Rachmaninov for my grade eight, and there are several other girls going, and Miss Glendinning will probably be there.”

“A date with your music teacher. Sounds nice and safe and just the sort of thing parents would approve.” I said.

“Exactly. And it is at 7.30, so you have ten minutes to talk to my parents before we go, and it is over at 9.30 so we are due back at 10.15. If you do ok in the interview you get invited for coffee then.”

“Okay. Jacket and tie then. And best behaviour.” I said. “No problem.”

I had to wait three quarters of an hour outside the doctor’s. Jill explained that the doc had given her a checkup and a lecture on STD’s and the way the pill worked. Then we had to go to a pharmacy away from that Health Centre, so no one would know her. Then to the ticket office, and then it was time for home. At least there was time for a gentle kiss before she had to run. And I heard her say “I love you, handsome man.”

Thursday was Chess Club day. I got to pick her up after it was over, and drive her home. Half an hour to catch up and adore her. Not enough, but you take what you can get.

Friday evening. 6.41. Ring doorbell. Mrs Wyatt opens door. I am in jacket and tie, shiny shoes and clean shaven. Brought into the living room to wait since Jill is (as planned) not ready yet, and introduced to Mr W.

By 6.54, when Jill appears, conservatively dressed but simply delightful, we are talking about MG cars and Triumph Spitfires. “When you get back you must come in for coffee and I’ll show you photos of my old cars” said Mark (father on first name terms – a hit!)

The concert was bearable because we could hold hands. Her teacher was four seats away, with three of Jill’s jealous classmates between us. I prefer my Bach on organ rather than harpsichord, and the Rachmaninov was too slow and then too snatched for my taste. We had to be quick getting out – the pianist overran and we did not want to be late back. In the car Jill said “Tomorrow my parents are going to a Christening in Derry. They will be away from 9 until about 6. And I am beyond horny. I expect you in my arms by ten past nine, and my bed by eleven minutes past.”

“You don’t mince words do you?” I said.

“I have missed you all week. Missed making love with you, and missed having you beside me to touch and talk to all day and all night. Sitting beside you this evening was lovely, and torture. I just wanted to smother you in kisses and, well, do all sorts of things, but we can do all that tomorrow, and I don’t want to waste a minute.”

“Ok, but you had better talk colette porno to me about Rachmaninov now because I can’t go in to see your parents with a hard on”

Saturday morning, ten to nine, I pull up at her house. We had arranged that I am taking her to the Craft Fair at Rowallane. I chat briefly with Mr W, showing off the pristine engine in the Mini and inviting him to come and see the MG. Yes, tomorrow would suit, in the afternoon of course. Secretly curse, as I had hoped to be doing something else the next day, but… I make noises about needing to be going just as Mrs W starts chaffing Mark to be getting on to Derry, but Jill announces that she has just been speaking to Penny on the phone and she wants to come with us — she will be over in half an hour if we can wait… We wave them off, Mrs W chiding Jill to make sure the doors are locked when we leave.

In the hall we kiss. She is wearing a jumper and tee-shirt, and not too tight jeans. I had noticed that they were not the figure hugging ass-enhancing ones of the week before, with a tinge of disappointment when I first saw her, but then realised that this was deliberate — much easier to remove… Is I hugged her I also realised that beneath her jumper and tee-shirt there seemed to be no bra strap across her back.

She began pushing my jacket off, and then pulling on my shirt and jumper, saying “You are far too overdressed for this occasion.”

I slipped a hand inside her tee-shirt, and up her smooth soft back, curving round to the even softer and smoother breast. She shivered as I brushed a finger over her nipple. “Hmmm,” she murmured. “That’s nice.”

“And so is this one,” I said, brushing over to the other side.

She made a little guttural noise, and her eyes flashed dangerously at me. Her voice was deep as she said “Upstairs. Now.”

“What if your parents have forgotten something — they could come back.” I said, as she started to pull away.

“They won’t.” she replied, grabbing my hand to take me to the stairs.

“You sure — perhaps we should wait ten minutes, just to be on the safe side.”

“You want to wait ten minutes?” she stared at me incredulously. “You are two feet away from a girl who is wearing no underwear, and who desperately wants to be wearing nothing at all, and who is ready to bite something if she can’t get to kiss something, and who is trying to drag you to her bed, and you want to wait ten minutes?”

“Oh well, if you put it that way…” I said and grabbed her, making her squeal in surprise until my mouth smothered hers. In three seconds I had her jeans around her ankles, and her jumper and teeshirt up over her head, trapping her arms, exposing her breasts to my view and my teeth, and her naked pussy to my hands. She struggled and shrieked and moaned as I sucked on her nipples and pressed a finger into the wet and warm furry cleft below her mons. Then I picked her up and threw her onto my shoulder, and mounted the stairs. She was still struggling with her jumper to free her head as I reached the top and said “Which one is yours?”

A muffled “On the right” was followed by a further squeal as my hand on her bare ass slipped round to open her up and a finger tip penetrated her pussy.

I used her feet to push open the door, and carried her over to the bed. I dumped her on the pale pink duvet, to the sound of another squeal, and took half a glance around. Some soft toys, a fair amount of pink décor, a poster of Adam Ant and one of Led Zeppelin. A neat desk with school books, and a dressing table with a couple of bottles of perfume. A tape deck, and a stack of tapes.

On the bed she had sat up and managed to get her head free. She was red in the face, and looked stoked on adrenaline. “You git!” she said.

I bent to lift her feet and strip her of her jeans and socks and shoes, saying “God, but you are beautiful.”

She co-operated with my movements, and sat up again to grab me by the belt. I leaned over to kiss her, and helped undo the buckle, “And you are a great kisser,” I added. Then she yanked my trousers down, taking my underpants as well, and in a swift movement grabbed my half erect cock and pulled it to her mouth. Jill sucked on it and I could feel her tongue on the underside. It grew an inch and hardened up in no time flat. I pulled off my shirt and jumper and threw them to one side, and looked down on the naked girl sucking me, as she looked up with shining eyes. Her hands cupped my balls, and she bobbed her head back and forth, and I could see her breasts bouncing slightly, and below them the topmost hair at the base of her stomach. I wanted to have her right then.

I managed to control myself long enough to slip off my shoes, and tried to pull off my trousers by using one foot to trap the other leg. She reached down to help, slipping my cock out of her mouth and leaning in to kiss and lick my balls. My cock was against her cheek and her long light brown hair, and her other hand was holding my ass. I lifted one leg to let her pull my trousers off, and it also allowed her more access to lick in under my balls, and round them into the crease of my thigh on the sensitive tendons at the top of my leg. She did the same on the other side, and I was suddenly naked and more turned on than ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32