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Chapter One

Parkas, snow boots, scarves, hats and gloves were strewn everywhere in Miranda’s small Lake Tahoe apartment. Starting at the door, they formed a treasure map to her bedroom. The second she and Orli entered that door; he had pushed her against it, snaking his hands under her coat and sweater to caress her full breasts through her bra.

“Take this fucking thing off now! No, take every fucking thing off, before I rip it all off of you,” he panted into her ear, licking the earlobe. Orli stood back and watched Miranda unzip the sky-blue parka, push it off both arms, and drop it to the floor. Her red hair flamed over the collar of her blue sweater and she lifted her arms to pull it off, but Orli pushed her arms away, took the bottom of it out of her hands and pulled it over her head. It landed near her coat. His soft heady laugh echoed in her ear as he nipped her throat and the side of her neck, moving his lips to her shoulders. Kissing lightly, he caught first one bra strap and then the other in his teeth, drawing each one down until the tops of her creamy breasts were freed from their restraints.

Orli’s hands went around Miranda’s back and undid the lacy confection of a bra. He took it away from her body, and from above his dark head she heard his breath and the “Oh!” he mouthed as he rolled her aching nipples between his long, slender fingers.

“All day on the mountain, I couldn’t wait to get to these,” he said, his voice shaking with that little catch to it, like a bird’s wings coming out of his throat. Orli lifted each breast to his mouth, licking the undersides and stiff nipples. “They’re so beautiful, so full! I have to get my cock between them.”

Miranda loved it when he talked that way. She loved the growl in his voice and the pleading look in his almost chocolate eyes. She grabbed the mohawk in his thick hair as he pulled on first one nipple then the other with his teeth. With her own growl, she pushed him away. She wanted him in her mouth.

“Let me get my hands on you first. Take your pants off, Orli.”

His jeans were chilled from their day of snowboarding and the zipper burned cold in her warm fingers. She yanked on the zipper’s tab, it parted, and Orli gasped as she fit her fingers inside his briefs and wrapped them around his hard cock. Miranda had felt him many times before, felt him hard against her, inside her, in her mouth, but every time was like a revelation to her.

“Leave your shirt on for now,” Miranda said, letting his cock go, kissing him, nipping his bottom lip.

“Miranda, don’t tease me, please,” he groaned.

“Would I ever tease you?” They both laughed. They loved to tease.

“Suck my cock,” Orli pleaded, his voice husky. She slid down his body, her hands under the plaid shirt, over the soft t-shirt, lifting it to caress his hard belly. Miranda tugged at his briefs and jeans. She flicked her tongue through the top of his black, curling pubic hair. She loved to caress the curls and bury her nose in them. She loved the smell of him more than she had ever loved the smell of another man, and here above his cock, already pulsing, his mixed scent of musk, soap and sweat made her dizzy.

Miranda lowered herself to the floor and spread her legs so they were planted on either side of his. Cold seeped into her back, but with his erect cock at mouth level, the rest of her was on fire.

Orli whimpered as she pulled his jeans the rest of the way down around his ankles. His hands dug into Miranda’s bare shoulders as she lifted each foot onto her lap, untying his boots and pulling them off with his socks. She threw them across the room. Even his feet were beautiful, she thought. She had never wanted to look at the feet of another man, but she would kiss his.

Miranda could feel his legs start to shake and hear his moans above her, so she grasped his jeans and briefs with both hands, yanked them down and helped him step out of them. His cock had to be the most exquisite thing in the world. If she shut her eyes, she would know if from memory. Every vein in it, every inch of the skin.

“Mira… please, don’t make me beg you.” Orli moved closer to her, running his hands through her hair, then down the planes of each cheek. As his thumb went by her mouth, she caught it with her lips, sucking and flicking her tongue across the salty tip.

She turned her eyes up to his face, letting his thumb fall out of her mouth. “You know I love to suck you. Come closer.”

Orli growled backroom casting porno deep in his throat, a sound like an animal that has lost its prey. He moved closer to her, and rubbed the tip of his straining cock on both of her pink nipples.

Miranda moved her head under his cock so she could kiss his balls. She knew that drove him out of his mind, and tonight was no different. How could she ever get enough of the sweet musky taste of him? She kissed and licked his balls for a few long minutes, but she knew how badly he wanted his cock between her breasts. She moved her head back up to face his erection, cupping her big breasts with her hands, sliding them around his cock. His soft sigh of relief at being where he most wanted to be seemed to fill the room.

Orli moved, pumping his cock between her breasts. She tried to look everywhere at once, at his cock, with it’s glistening pearl of pre-come just inches from her mouth. At his wiry pubic hair, at his hips, olive-colored and smooth. Down at his calves, straining as he pushed against her. The friction of his cock between her tits was going to make him come any second. She could feel the tension in him ready to explode as she licked the drops of come from the tip each time it came close to her mouth.

“Come for me, Orli, I know you’re close!” Miranda screamed as she grabbed the cheeks of his ass and pushed him farther inside the hot fold between her breasts. They quivered with each of his thrusts. He wound his fingers in her hair, pushing her face closer to his cock. “Orli!” Miranda yelled his name out, and then fit her lips over him as he came with the taste of ocean in her mouth.

Orlando kept a strong hold on her flame-colored hair as he came. “Mira!” he said breathlessly. “Never had it like that before, never.”

Miranda felt the shudder of release run through his slender body as she swallowed his tangy come. When his cock popped out of her mouth, it trailed a line of silk over her flushed breasts. She bent her head to lick it off. He sighed from above her, trailing his fingers lovingly over her cheek and jawline. “You’re the only woman I’ve ever been with who’s done that. Who’s ever been willing to do that.”

“I love it, Orli. I love to please you. But now it’s time for you to please me.”

“Just tell me what you want,” he said, his voice still ragged from his exertions. His Canterbury accent was even more pronounced after sex. He slid down on his knees so his face was close to hers. She touched his velvety brown hair and he caught her hand, bringing it to his lips, sucking each finger in turn.

Miranda’s breathing was heavy. “I want you to take me to the bedroom, Orli.” She leaned back against the door, watching the smile start in the depths of his eyes. He took her fingers out of his mouth and leaned in for a kiss, but she gently held him off. She slipped her left index finger in her mouth, and after it was covered in saliva, she took it out with a pop. She ran slow circles around both of her nipples. “I want to do that with my tongue,” Orli said, his eyes narrowing, his face coming towards her breasts, the tip of his tongue showing between his lips. They both laughed as she held him off again.

“No! Not yet! I want you to take me to the bedroom and I want you to…” She licked her finger and placed it against his lips.

“Anything, what do you want?”

Miranda leaned closer to Orli and wound her hands around his neck.

“I want you to…” she broke off, breathing into his mouth with the taste of him on her lips. “I want you to… eat me.”

End part one


Chapter Two

“I want you to eat me, Orli, with your tongue so deep inside me that you almost can’t breathe.” Miranda held him tightly and whispered into his ear. She nipped at his earlobe when she finished her soft plea.

Orli took her hands from around his neck and slid his palms against hers. He lifted her to her feet and led the way to the bedroom, but he stopped in the hallway and leaned down for a kiss that ended with him sucking her bottom lip as he had done before. “Mira, you drive me so fuckin’ mad, I’m so hard for you.” It wasn’t as if men hadn’t said things like this to her before, but no man in her life before had a voice like his, that caramel syrup pouring down over the sweetest ice cream voice.

Miranda couldn’t wait another second to get to the bedroom. No more kissing, and no more stopping.

A few feet bangbros porno from the bedroom door, Orli tripped over one of the cat’s toys and fell back against her. She slipped her hands around his waist under his shirt, caressing his flat muscled stomach and belly. His skin was like hot velvet.

“Shit, now my foot hurts,” Orli said, wincing a little. “Where is the cat anyway? I’ll trip over her next.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of your foot. And you. Can’t you get in there any faster?” Miranda smiled into his back and pushed him along through the bedroom door.


Emerald the cat watched Miranda and Orli crash through the door and fall onto the bed. She seemed resolute about not moving, but when Orli accidentally grabbed a handful of her fur, she leapt off and ran under the bed.

“Not very romantic, is it?” Miranda whispered, laughing, her head on Orli’s shoulder.

“It’s fine. Shush now, Mira.” Orli placed his long index finger against her lips. She flicked her tongue out to lick his finger and the silver ring on it.

He kissed her deeply, exploring the inside of her mouth with his tongue. They disengaged from each other only long enough for Orli to slide Miranda’s black panties down her legs and throw them off the bed, and for Miranda to pull Orli’s shirt down his arms and off his shoulders. He nuzzled her neck and kissed her ears, moving to her throat. She tried to see over his shoulder to the clock on the bedside table, but when the tip of his tongue came out to lick at the juncture where her throat met her collarbone, she fell back on the bed under him and all thoughts of time or place were gone. She existed only in this room with him, outside of time and space. Would Stephen Hawking like to study this phenomenon? She hoped that Stephen at least once in his life had known such pleasure. She hoped that every human in this sad world could know such pleasure.

Orli’s curls tickled her chin as he kissed, licked and gently sucked tiny spaces on her super-charged skin. Was it glowing? Surely him kissing her skin was the essence of the phrase sun-kissed?

Miranda lifted her head slightly, looking down into his curls, wanting to lift his head up to her head, his lips to her lips, but she only watched as his mouth slid over her chest and the tops of her breasts. His pink tongue glided over her flesh, leaving moist patches on the places where it had just been. “Orli,” she said softly, “Do you want some music on?”

“No, how about just the sound of me kissing you? Would that be all right?”

“That… would be enough for anyone.”


The sound of Orli’s kisses seemed magnified to a gentle thunder in the room’s quiet. Miranda’s heavy curtains kept out most of the sounds from the street below. Miranda glanced over at the opening in the drapes, her eyes heavy lidded with desire, and through the wide space she could see a big slab of full moon shining it’s brilliance into every crevice of the room. Sharp light threw shadows from Orli’s high cheekbones onto her breasts.

“You said you wanted me to eat you, Mira. I will. I will like I never have before.”

Orli suddenly jumped off the bed. “You stay there, baby, there’s something I need to get from the fridge before this can go any further.”

End part two


Chapter three

Miranda languidly turned her head to the door, staring after Orli as he headed quickly for the kitchen. She was struck as she always was by the sheer beauty of him. She thought of how her palms fit so well over his ass and how the muscles of his back felt when he moved under her hands.

She heard him rooting around in the freezer, but she had no idea what he was looking for. *I wonder why he didn’t ask me if he wanted something?*

Before she could think about it anymore, Orli came back to the room, grinning, holding something behind him. He made the most incongruous picture, standing at the side of the bed, with his erection growing by the second under the rays of his sun tattoo, as Miranda stared at him.

She turned on her side, put her palm under his cock and lifted it to her face. She was about to take the tip in her mouth when he pulled himself out of her hold and moved to the foot of the bed.

The devilish look on his face intrigued her. “Mira, sweetheart, open those beautiful legs for me.” She turned onto her back slowly. Taunting him, she began to open her legs.

“What’s that behind beurette tour porno your back, Orli?”

“You’ll see when your legs are open wide…” He broke off as she opened her legs wider and wider and ran her fingers through her pubic hair. “Just like that baby, just like that.”

Orli ran his own fingers through his hair, making the curls stand up on the top of his hair, watching her touch herself for him. His tongue flicked out and wet his lips as Mira knew it would soon be touching her, deep inside. She touched the lips of her cunt and pulled the inner folds back to reveal the pink flower inside.

“Do you want what’s behind my back now?” he said, his voice almost shaking.

“Where are you going to put it?” Mira asked, teasing him, knowing that he was aching as much as she was, knowing full well where he was going to put whatever it was.

“I’m going to put it deep, deep inside you. I think you’re ready now.”

Orli took his hands from behind his back, and in one of them was a bright orange icepop. Mira loved them at all times of the year, and always kept them in her freezer. They reminded her of being a kid and eating them during the hot, humid summers of Philadelphia.

Before she could say a word, he put the icepop in his mouth and sucked on it, getting on his knees at the edge of the bed, hooking his arms behind her thighs and pulling her towards him. He plunged the icepop into Mira. The cold, tinged with the heat from his mouth, made her cry out, as her own heat quickly melted the pop.

Mira cried out, “God, Orli, that feels so good! Now, eat me, please!”

He dove into her cunt, his hands taking the place of her hands to hold her open. He flattened his tongue and licked her roughly, over and over, from her ass to her clit, than he caught the hard bud in his lips and sucked it, caressing it with his tongue as he sucked.

“Orli, Orli!” Mira was screaming now, pulling at the curls tickling her thighs as he devoured her. He licked, sucked and kissed every part of her, from her swollen outer lips to her inner lips and her clit. He lifted his head for an instant and the moonlight in the room caught on his wet mouth. Her wetness on his mouth. Mira wanted to kiss him and taste herself but he wasn’t done yet, oh no he wasn’t done.

“You want more of my tongue in that pretty pussy of yours, Mira?”

“You know I do!”

Orli dipped his head one more time to her center and when he touched his tongue to her hot, swollen clit and put two fingers inside her at the same time, she came all over his mouth and lips. She could feel herself grabbing his long fingers, still cold from the icepop, as she came, almost milking them.

As she began to come down from her orgasm, her breathing and her pounding heart beginning to slow back to normal, he took his fingers from inside her and licked them slowly, his lips still shining from her come. “You taste like the sweetest orange, baby, the sweetest orange in the world. If they sold pussy pops that tasted like you I’d eat them all the time!”

Mira laughed out loud at the thought of it. She lifted her head off the pillow and he opened her pussy lips again, this time blowing his hot breath on her still sensitive clit. She climaxed again, a small shudder passing through her.

“No more, Orli. I can’t take it anymore!”

He kissed her pussy, his mouth lightly touching her vulva, a light butterfly kiss, then moved up the bed to lie next to her. He ran one hand through her hair and brought her head to his for a kiss. His lips smelled and tasted like her mixed with the sweetest oranges.

“Oh baby,” she sighed, sucking his lips. “Let’s sleep now. I’m tired Orli. And you want to go out snowboarding again tomorrow.”

Orli pulled her close to him, her head on his chest. He put his arm across her back, kissed the top of her head and within a few minutes she heard and felt the soft, even breathing that meant he was asleep.

Mira managed to raise herself on one elbow so she could look down at him. At his nose, where it had been broken. At his hair. At his ears sticking out at the tops. At the slight dark stubble on his jawline and chin.

She leaned over him, her nipples grazing his chest, and whispered down at him. “I’m not a Hollywood bimbo. I’m just Mira, a waitress in a Lake Tahoe coffee bar. I met you on the mountain one day and I gave you a little lesson in how to snowboard. Then you taught me things. Many things. I love you. I love making love with you. I’m just Mira. I don’t know where this is going, maybe nowhere, but I love you, Orli.”

In the hour before dawn, the slab of chunky moon looked in through the parting in Mira’s curtains and watched Orli leaning over a sleeping woman with fiery red hair, whispering to her.


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