I need you

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Things have been on and off since a few days between me and Talon, my boyfriend. I know he’s busy and all, but he seems distant, like he doesn’t want me anymore, crave me anymore. Well, that has done a number on me. I have been reckless and restless since a past few days, but I refuse to feel this way. I can’t take it anymore, if I don’t find out what’s up with him, I am gonna EXPLODE. I need to find out. I will, when he meets me, which happens to be today evening. And, I happen to know a very juicy method to find out and maybe entice him.

I am about to find out…


As I wait for him at my home in the evening, my phone makes a ‘ding’ sound letting me know that he is here. This is what he does everytime, text me instead of ringing the bell. As I answer the door, I say, “I have a well functioning doorbell, hon, thought you should know.” He just smiles and goes to sit on the couch. I close the door and go sit beside him.

I eye him speculatively without uttering a word and maintain distance, not quite touching him.

“Say it hon,” he says, not touching me either.

“Say what Tal?” I act nonchalant, secretly hoping him to push me more.

“Come on, Pearl, say it,” he says once more, still not touching me.

I roll my eyes inwardly, DARN HIM. I can’t stand one more moment without touching him, so I get up abruptly and straddle him.

I lock my arms around his neck and his arms come around my waist almost instinctively. I look at him with a pouty look on my face.

“What’s up with you Pearl?”

“Are you not into me anymore?” I ask with a frown on my face.

“Why would you say that?” he asks with a confused look.

“Well, you….you seem distant and…and uninterested.”

“Pearl, there’s nothing like that, I have been a bit busy, nothing else.” he kisses the spot below my ear, damn him, he knows my body way too well.

He whispers in my ear, “Trust me, I’m still very much into you,” and tugs gently at my earlobe.

“Okayy….but, I need assurance.”

“What kind of assurance hon?” he asks with a lopsided grin.

“Well, we are gonna do something today which will give me the assurance that you are still into me.” I say with a smug grin.

“Mmhmm, I’m listening,” l lean in as if I’m going to kiss him, but I just lick his chin, strolling my tongue till I reach his earlobe. I start lapping at his earlobe and feel his grip tighten on my waist.

I whisper in his ear, “You can’t touch me today, not until you get out of control and can’t wait to get your hands on me.”

I stop whispering and face him to see his pupils dilated and his breathing ragged. He just nods, failing to form a coherent sentence. I move his hands from my waist and interlock his fingers with mine and pin his hands to his sides.

“Keep your hands to yourself, DO NOT TOUCH ME. And if you do,” I bite his neck, a little too harshly “I will BITE you.” He nods again.


I rake my nails on the bare skin of his forearm and lunge towards his neck. I start tugging at the skin on his neck, alternatively sucking and licking his neck.

“Fuck,” he swears.

His reaction has me smiling.

I continue my assault on his neck and put my hands under his shirt and rake my nails on his skin, from his chest to his stomach. I pay special attention masaj porno to his navel, lingering there lazily, circling the area oh-so-sensually. His breathing is ragged now. I detach my mouth from his neck and start opening the buttons of his shirt, one by one.

I go on kissing each inch of his exposed skin. As I finish opening the third button of his shirt, I feel a strong urge to rip his shirt. So, I give in to my urge and rip his shirt. The remaining buttons land at the floor with a clattering sound. His breathing is almost strained now. I can hear the sounds of the couch being scratched.

When I have completely opened his shirt, I part the sides of his shirt and take in the luscious view in front of me.

“Eyes on me,” I instruct him and he obliges. I lightly brush the tips of my fingers on his chest area, gently tweak one of his nipples and bow down to suck on the other one. He loses his resolve and puts one of his hand on my left hip and squeezes it. And in return, I bite his nipple which makes him groan and he removes his hand from my hip.

“It was gentler this time, next time you touch me, it will be painful. Got it?”

“Yess,” he says in a raspy voice.

I start licking him, right from his nipple to his navel, in a long and lazy stroke. And again, from his navel to his neck. When I reach his neck, he puts his hand on my lower back, AGAIN, so I bite his neck, HARDER this time. I know it will leave a mark, so be it, he asked for it. He moans, which makes me bite him harder, his moans get louder. When I know that he’s got a mark, I detach my mouth from him and move his hand from my waist and make him keep it on his side. I pull him a little closer to me and remove his shirt completely, licking one shoulder while removing one sleeve and biting the other while removing the other. I can see that his fists are clenched now. I take his shirt and throw it on the couch.

Now, I move a bit backwards on his lap, and touch his erection stroking it oh-so-lightly. He leans back on the couch and closes his eyes shut. I take one of his hands and start sucking on his thumb, WILDLY.

He opens his eyes, “Pearl…..” he trails off.

I don’t stop, just look him in the eye and suck harder.

“Pearl, I want to touch you now…”

I take out his thumb from my mouth and say, “Let’s wait a bit more, till your want changes to need.” I resume sucking on his thumb.

He starts again, “Pearl, I NEED YOU, NOW.”

The fire that I can see in his eyes right now, was what I wanted to see, wanted to experience. The assurance of being WANTED, and wanted by HIM, I got it.

“Have me then….” my voice is barely a whisper.

As soon as I finish, he pulls me to himself and kisses me like never before, like his life depends on it. I can feel his fervour for me through this kiss. It’s like a silent message that he’s trying to pass, which screams “I need you” I feel it and it’s exactly what I wanted to feel.

He drapes one of his arms around my waist and holds my face with his other hand and deepens the kiss. He pushes me slightly so that I am standing on my feet. Without breaking the kiss, he starts unbuttoning my shirt dress and pushes me to the nearest wall. He breaks our kiss and looks me in the eyes. His gaze starts travelling down on my body, lingering a little long meet suck and fuck porno on my cleavage and then back up to my eyes.

He comes closer to me and whispers in my ear, “You *lick* Ready *lick* For *lick* What’s *lick* Coming *lick* Next *lick* Babygirl.”

FUCK, this is gonna be insane. I can’t speak, so I just nod. He spins me around and frees my hair from my ponytail. Then, he pulls me by my hair so that my head is resting on his shoulder. One of his hands comes around to grab my throat, gently but, firmly and he starts caressing my lower lip with his thumb. While his other hand is draped around my waist. He bows down and starts sucking on my neck in the way he knows that turns me on. I start moaning, he sucks harder, making me moan harder. He starts to remove my shirt dress from my left arm and licks me right from my shoulder blade to my forearm and repeats the same with my other arm, and throws my dress on the floor.

He has removed my dress now.

Then, he instructs me, “Hands on the wall,” I do as I am told.

He starts running the tips of his fingers on the sides of my torso and plants sloppy, wet kisses all over my back. He unhooks my bra and removes it abruptly. He bows down to lick me, right from my lower back to my neck, OH MY GOD, I can’t stop moaning. He licks me repeatedly for a while and then spins me again. Now, he does the same thing to my front, licking me right from my navel to my cleavage, from my cleavage to my neck. And starts kneading my breasts, and then, he bows down and swirls his tongue around my navel, circling it and lapping the area around my navel. I can feel my voice raising, my moans getting louder. The way he’s licking me, OH FUCK, IT FEELS SOO GOOD. That talented tongue is doing things to me.

Now, he kisses his way to my left breast, he starts licking my nipple in short and lazy flicks, going very slow at first, increasing the tempo eventually. He starts sucking on my nipple like anything, and pinches the other.

Now, he intertwines his fingers with mine and pushes me till the back of my legs hit the dining table beside, all the while sucking my nipple. He detaches his mouth from my nipple and looks at me and runs the back of his hand on my face, “Have I ever mentioned that you look more beautiful when you are turned on,” he whispers.

“Tal, you are not supposed to make me blush NOW,” I reply in a raspy voice.

“Oh, then what am I supposed to do NOW?” he teases me, GOD, THIS GUY IS TOO MUCH.

I narrow my eyes at him and before I say anything, both of his hands start teasing the waistband of panties, putting his thumbs inside, caressing the skin just below my navel. My breath hitches at the sight of him touching me like this. Then, he abruptly pulls my panties down till my knees and lifts me and sits me on the dining table and removes the panties completely and throws them on the floor.

Right now, Tal is looking at me as if he wants to eat me alive. And, I am so excited for what is going to happen next.

He keeps his hands on each of my thighs and leans in to whisper in my ear, “Open up, sweetheart.”

I do what he says.

He parts my lips with his fingers and glides his middle finger through my folds, which makes me moan, “You are dripping wet,” he states as a matter of fact.

He milf porno starts touching my bud in small circles, “Open your eyes Pearl, and do not close them again. You are gonna watch it.”

I just nod. I didn’t even realise that my eyes were closed, it was just reflexive. But, now that I am told to watch, I will watch.

He continues to touch me, I support myself on my hands and watch his hand moving on my bud. I am struggling to keep my eyes open, because the view in front of me is too intense. But, I don’t close my eyes, I keep my eyes trained on his hand and his face. He meets my gaze and continues to touch me, faster now. I can’t look away. I feel myself edging and as if he senses it, he says, “No, don’t come.”

“What…..Why?” my voice comes out squeaky.

“Let the orgasm build baby, I want you to explode when I am inside you.”

“Oh, my god….”

“Hold on babygirl.”

He is touching me so slowly now, unlike a few minutes back. And, even this pace is driving me insane.

“Tal, I won’t be able to hold on much longer. You need to be inside of me, NOW.”

“Mutual thoughts babe.”

He takes out the condom from his pocket and I undo the button and zipper of his jeans and pull them down till his knees.

“Commando! You came to meet me commando?” I ask him surprisingly.

He doesn’t reply, just grins and rips the foil of the condom with his teeth and I help him put it on.

He parts my legs wide apart and drape them around his waist and takes his length in his hand and starts stroking it gently.

Up and Down.

Up and Down.

And then, he enters me in one smooth stroke. It feels just, WOW.

He starts moving slowly, coming almost all the way out and then entering me again to the hilt. I am supporting myself on my hands.

“You feel so fucking amazing baby,” he says in a strained voice.

“Mmmmm….faster..” I plead him.

He increases the pace and I feel myself peaking again, I can’t contain my moans.

He goes on and on and on and, “I’m coming….Ahhhh.”

I am screaming now. This orgasm is earth shattering, GOOD GOD, IT’S VERY INTENSE.

He doesn’t stop, continues pounding me, and my orgasm goes on and on and on till I see stars.

He continues till I feel him jerk in the condom, letting me know, he came too.

I can’t support myself on my hands anymore, so I just lie down on the table. I am breathing heavily now, I can’t even open my eyes.

When I come back from my high, I find Tal lying beside me. He’s supporting himself on one of his arms, his head resting in his hand, he’s smiling at me.

“You look magnificent when you come,” he says.

I just blush and move closer to him and hug him, resting my head on his arm. He hugs me back. We are lying sideways, an easy position for me to lean in and kiss his chest, so I take advantage of my position and kiss him on the chest. He looks at me for a moment and leans down to kiss me. This one is a tender kiss, sweet and comforting.

“So, you assured now?” he asks with a smile on his face.

I pretend to think for a moment and then answer, “Maybe.”

“Okay then, round 2 it is,” he starts to get up.

“What, no!” I push him back and look at him incredulously and he starts laughing.

“I mean, not so soon, you can try after a while.” I retort with a wink.

“Pearl, I am still into you, just know that.” he says with a sincere look.

“Yeah, yeah.” I tease him.

He shoots me a dirty look and I laugh and say, “I believe you, Tal.”

“Good. Because, I NEED YOU,” he says and kisses me deeply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32