I Love You Scott

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He comes to me from behind and helps me take my coat off and throws it on the bed. Putting his two large and soft hands on my shoulders, he groans with excitement and delight while he traces his hands down my back and arms and places his hands around my waist to my crotch. He starts to lift up my short dress by dragging his hand up my thigh and massages my vagina. I am wet already for he always turns me on just from being in his presence. But now I am more than moist and it gets onto his hand…and he smells it. He lets me afterward to smell what we have concocted together; His hand a skilled machine, and my electric body as the fuel.

“Scott, I was wondering…” I said with a gaze and a tilting lean of my head to get a look at his face. “Do you think you will ever want me? I mean, not just want but NEED me like I need You.”

“Rachele, you hardly even know me,” said Scott matter of factually but in a gentle manner.

“I know, but I FEEL like I do. I mean you are so much better than all the other men I come across…just from how you’ve been SO FAR.” I started undressing.

“It will take time mobil porno to build trust even for our friendship.”

I sighed and put my dress into the hamper. In just my lace lingerie, I come towards him and wrap one of my legs around his and place my hands on his strong chest. and I kiss him on his handsome face. Then I lean on him, pushing him closer towards me. I hold him right against my breasts and take him captive in my clutch. I bring him to the edge of the bed and he says, “Hold on Rachele, I am going to fall over.”

“That’s what I was hoping to do!” and I threw him down on the bed. I jumped on him before he could sit up and run away.

“Rachele, please stop!”

“No you WILL want me! I NEED you Scott! I don’t care if you’re not divorced yet. I know you need to be mine and that’s all that matters! Why do you care to stay with a wife who says she wants to leave you? When I want you so badly! OH Scott!” and my vagina is sitting on his penis but lightly for my knees are digging into the comforter of the bed and my arms on both sides of Scott’s head and I am looking at him mofos porno directly in the eyes and talking to him while he is lying down. I have him trapped. He will never get away from me!

“Rachele, until I am officially divorced, I am going to try to make my marriage work…I am sorry.” and he starts to turn me away and I let him go as he gets up and walks away to undress. Bye Rachele. I am going to sleep now after I take a quick shower. Goodnight. And stop obsessing over me.”

He closes the door and once it shuts I, sitting on the bed with my knees up to my chest, I turn to cover my head in the sheets and begin crying. “Why doesn’t he WANT me!? Doesn’t he know how much I LOVE him?? He says I don’t know what love is, but I so DO. I would do ANYTHING for Him!” And saying this I close my eyes and lie on my back flat. And I stare at the ceiling again with tears flowing from my eyes and it’s dripping into my hair and ears. I hear a knock on the door, and I quickly wipe away my tears with my hands. And he opens the door a crack. I start taking off my lingerie. He sees me nude and just stares.

“You’re naughty america porno a beautiful young woman” Scott tells me as he looks over my body. His eyes mainly stayed on my face though. I liked him for that reason. I also liked him because he was twice my age. I was 25 and he was 53 and it was a perfect match for me. If only HE could see that! I can be his trophy wife. I can be his servant and maid. His nurse when he gets older, and his everything that he could possibly want – if I am capable of doing it doesn’t he understand that I would and WILL do it?!

“Oh Scott, please…take me! Don’t you want me? Just grab me and hold me forever! Let me make all your fantasies come true. We can make it happen. Don’t you believe me?”

“I believe you” he says and he walks towards me and takes my face in his hands and gives me a great open mouth kiss. I’ve never liked open mouth kisses, but with Scott I wanted to do everything…even sex which I have been afraid of doing since the day I was spanked for it before I turned the age of 9. And then later, when I actually learned how to penetrate myself in masturbating instead of only making friends with my clitoris. I hated the way it felt. “How can people LIKE this?” I’d ask myself. But now I know why. Because they are with their own Scott. Just like I want to give myself to My Scott. Oh how I love this man!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32