I Don’t Even Know Her Name

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There she is again, that makes every day this week that she has been down here. It’s not like the office staff to be in this part of the building, there is a coke machine here and that seems to be why she is showing up so regularly. Or is it?

She is beautiful, a rare and precious flower in this otherwise dark and sterile place. Today she is wearing a light grey, mid length skirt, with a white top and high heels. I imagine what it would be like to have those legs wrapped around my ears, my head up under that skirt. I feel a stirring in my coveralls.

“Ahem.” I am interrupted from my glorious daydream to find my “dream girl” standing beside me.

She has made her way across the floor to where I am standing at the control panel. I feel my self flush, my face almost burning, when I see her looking down at my obvious erection. With a wry smile she tilts her head up and back as she shifts her weight and puts her hand on her hip.

“You wouldn’t happen to have any change in there would you?” nodding towards my, by now, raging hard-on.

I can only manage to stammer something incoherent as I stuff my hands into my pockets in a silly attempt to hide my erection.

She giggles at my fumbling. I see her now looking at my bare chest. It is hot in here. I am required to wear coveralls so I will strip down and be nude beneath them and today I just happen to have them undone past my navel. Her giggling stops.

I see her begin to redden a little as she spies the head of my cock peeking up at her. She then looks up at me with her smoldering blue eyes.

“Those are big pockets” she says, “I think you need a bit of help” and with that she steps forward and thrusts her hand down my open coveralls.

I am momentarily fake hospital porno paralyzed. What if someone were to walk in? I’m married? Who is this woman? What does she really want? What if we’re caught?

All these thoughts, the noise of the equipment, my awkwardness, all of it suddenly fades out. It is now like watching a movie, with a certain dreamlike quality to everything, I see myself, now calm and sure, take this blonde goddess back behind the control panel.

We embrace, kissing passionately. My hands find her panty covered pussy as quickly as she finds my rock hard cock. I press the heel of my hand hard against her mound, my fingers probing for entry through her nearly dripping panties.

Dropping to my knees I reach up under her skirt and pull her sopping white cotton panties to her ankles, she then steps delicately out of them. I sit her down on an arm-less, swiveling office chair which I sometimes use to make repairs to the panel.

With the chair raised as high as it will go, I take a knee in each hand and slowly spread her legs, savoring the moment. Her skirt rides up her thighs as her legs move further apart revealing a beautifully trimmed pussy her pretty pink clit already hard and swollen, peeking out at me, begging to be kissed. She runs her long red nails through my hair as I kiss and gently nibble my way up her silky smooth thighs.

I am suddenly struck by the realization that my fantasy is about to come true, that here I am right where I wanted to be. Paradise. My head is filled with the scent, the aphrodisiac, of her musk and subtle perfume. My cock throbs with every rapid heartbeat.

I spread her labia and with slow and deliberate strokes I lick fake taxi porno slowly, everywhere but her aching clit. She groans and squirms in frustration as I move down to fuck her with my tongue. She is literally dripping, my face is soaking wet. I want to touch myself but I know I would explode instantly so instead I thrust two long fingers in her tight pussy as I, in one long stroke, finally find her clitoris with my eager mouth.

She inhales sharply as I suck as much of her sex as I can into my mouth, flicking my tongue across her clit as fast as I can. Then moaning loudly, I feel her nails dig into my scalp. Her pussy begins to convulse on my thrusting fingers.

She forces her hips up at my hungry mouth and lets out a scream that I am sure will be heard over the machinery, but I beyond caring. She cums again pushing my head with both hands, hard against her quivering mound. I nearly cum myself.

After she has caught her breath she takes my chin and lifts my head. I look once again into those stunning eyes.

“Your turn handsome” she purrs as she has me stand in front of her. I realize that that is only the third time she has spoken to me. I don’t even know her name.

All thoughts are once again thrust from my mind as she takes my swollen member from my coveralls and into her fiery mouth. Now I run my fingers through her long blonde hair.

She runs her tongue around the head and up and down the shaft. Her lips the same bright red as her nails. I feel my knees start to tremble as I approach climax. She is now pumping furiously with both hands and her mouth.

I groan loudly, exploding in her glorious mouth, my legs all but giving out. She doesn’t stop until my twitching has family stroke porno all but subsided and I have no more to give.

With that she stands up, pressing herself against me. She kisses me our tastes mingling as our tongues entwine. I begin to stir against her firm tummy, my hands now under her blouse, her bra pushed up, a perfect breast in each hand. Her nipples like rocks against my palms.

She sees that I am completely hard again and with that she jumps up to straddle me and whispers in my ear “Fuck me handsome. Now.”

I turn around and sit down on the chair. She straddles me and we both moan as her tight pussy slides down my shaft. We lower the chair until her feet touch the floor.

Slowly she begins to move up until I nearly fall out and then down, grinding her clit against my pubic bone… Slowly at first… Then faster… We are both breathing hard now… Both near climax… Her feet come off the ground completely as she drops onto me, harder and faster… Harder and faster…

We climax together moaning and gasping. All else forgotten. There is only the moment, the fireworks, the glorious rush of union as we are, for that brief moment, as one.

The sounds of the machines and the hum of the fans soon filters into our reality and breaks our revere.

Then, as abruptly as it began, it is all over. She stands, tucks herself back into her bra and her blouse back into her skirt, reaches down picks up her panties and tosses them in my lap.

“You can keep those if you like.” she says and then “Same time next week handsome?”

My suave self gone, all I can manage once again is a barley intelligible “y-yeah sure.” And with that, turns walking back the way she had come.

Stopping at the Coke machine, she pulls some change from the pocket of her skirt, puts it in the slot and then pausing to look back at me, with an impish grin, she pushes the button, takes her Coke and sashays through the doorway. Left standing there alone, all I can think is…

I don’t even know her name!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32