Hunters Journey of Self Discovery

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A huge thank you to Randi, for her amazing skills and talent. She is the best…

Any and all mistakes are mine and mine alone, because, even after Randi’s wonderful editing, I can’t help but go back and play. So mistakes, they are mine, I own them.

I would also like to say thank you to the organisers for the invitation to participate, in the event.

I would also like to say thanks for the invitation to participate.


“Oh please.” I heard him say. “She is only getting the job because her fathers the bloody boss. She good looking, but come on man. She’s fucking hopeless.”

“I don’t agree with that. She is far from hopeless, but, I do agree she is getting the job because of her bloody father. Shit, I have seniority, I bring in plenty of clients and I am better qualified. It pisses me off, fucking upstart.”

“Yes, agreed. I couldn’t believe it when the old coot announced she was getting the job. I spoke to Grant her boyfriend, and even he was surprised.”

Listening to that conversation made me mad, my blood boiled on a rising heat. I earned that job, okay, the company was my fathers, but I got the job on merit. They were just jealous because I was a woman. It did surprise me when my father called me into his office to tell me, the position was mine. I totally expected Mike to get it. He did have seniority, had been with the firm ten years and was very good at his job. I guess he did have a point.

Thinking about it burned me up. If that’s the way they felt, I would never have their support, I would always have to watch my back. That wasn’t something I wanted. Grant pissed me off as well. What a knob head. Guess, I shouldn’t have been surprised, he was one of those guys. I didn’t like the way he made a big deal about the fact my family was very wealthy. He always carried on about how lucky I was, and he had this knack of always leaving his wallet in the car. He always promised to pay me back, but that never eventuated.

He made me nervous in other ways. I caught him several times trying to video us having sex. He laughed it off, but it made me uncomfortable. I was developing a picture of who he really was, and I didn’t like it.

All through my life, I struggled to make real friends, I had this fear, or phobia, that all they wanted was my money. They weren’t really my friends. Over time that grew into trust issues. It stopped me from having proper close relationships. Having rich parents, isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be.

Kicking Grant to touch was not a hard decision to make. Turning down the job was harder. My father was very disappointed in me. “Hunter, I never expected to see the day when you would walk away from a fight.”

“Dad, tell me you weren’t influenced by the fact I’m your daughter, and I’ll take the job. I want the job, but I want it because I earned it.”

He frowned deeply, chose his words with purpose. “What damn difference does it make? So what if you are my daughter. It is my decision, and if they don’t like it. They can leave.”

That told me everything I needed to know. I turned down the job, in doing so. It opened up my mind. I started to consider everything about my life. Yes, I was a good student. Straight A’s all the way. But how much of that was intelligence, and how much of it was down to very expensive tutors?

I had money, my current salary was on the high side. I owned my own apartment in the middle of Auckland. I wanted for nothing.

It all made me think. What was I doing with my life?

One of my favourite TV shows was the amazing race. Watching it, I started to consider my life, I loved watching the contestants rushing all over the world on no money. Yes I had been fortunate enough to travel with my parents, in fact we had been all over the world. Travelling with your parents is totally different.

It made me think, what had I ever done by myself? Nothing that’s what. Thinking about it, I started too develop an action plan. It sounded ludicrous, but it made me smile, gave me goose bumps. It excited the hell out of me. I placed the apartment in the hands of a realtor, sold my car, and put all of my furniture into storage.

Explaining to my parents I was quitting, and going off to find myself really threw them. I didn’t tell them the whole story, they would have had a fit. My plan was simple. I was going back packing, and the mission I set myself, was based on the show. I was taking only one thousand dollars. I would have to earn money on the road, For the first time in my life, I would be on my own, doing the things I wanted to do.

My life had been school, then working for my Father. I realised , I had no life experience. God, even my boyfriends my Mother organised.

Looking around the Country, I wondered how to start, do I just stuff what I need in my brand new back pack and walk down to the motorway and stick my thumb out?

The thought scared the hell out of me. I decided I needed a more gradual approach. The Hawkes Bay would be my starting point. That decision was based on güvenilir bahis the huge Horticulture and tourism in the area. There would be jobs aplenty. I wasn’t quite ready for hitch hiking. Not quite that brave. It is what I wanted, but thought baby steps. Like the good girl I was, I took the bus. The one hundred and thirty dollar fare eating deeply into my pitiful allowance scared me, that wasn’t a good start.

Stepping off the bus, I immediately noticed the posters. Orchardists looking for workers, and they supplied accommodation. Perfect.

I rang the number and with no experience, no knowledge, was employed on the spot. They even sent a car to pick me up. I waited by the terminal, when this little mini van rocked up, already overflowing with young people. Most of them younger than me.

The doors flew open, and a young guy, no more than eighteen jumped out. “Hey girl, gimme, you pack, I’ll chuck her in the back.”

Before I could say thank you, it was done. A rather striking young girl followed him out of the van. She gave me a smile. “Hey, I’m Annie.”

I went to extend my hand, but she sucked me into a big side crushing hug. “Hello, I’m Hunter.”

“Wow, Hunter, rad name babe, fuck I love it. Where are Ya from?”

“Auckland.” I spluttered. The guy who put my back pack in the van returned. “Hey chick, I’m Ray.” Again, a huge hug. They gave me a nudge and we were on our way. I had to sit on Ray’s knee the van was so full.

As we sped off he called to the driver. “Hey Bro, can we stop at a liquor store on the way?”

The general consensus seemed in favour. All the other assorted group yelled their approval. At the liquor store, Ray pushed me out. “What’s your poison Hunter?”

I didn’t think it was a good idea to tell them my favourite wine was Penfolds Grange, at nine hundred and eighty dollars a bottle, it would give the game away. My mission was to blend in, nobody must know about my family, or me. “I’m not much of a drinker.” I blustered. “I’ll just have a look around.”

Annie appeared by my side as I glanced over the cheaper bottles. Annie leaned close. “Babe, if ya need some cash, I can spot ya for it.”

“Wow, that is very generous. Thank you, but I can afford it, I just don’t know which one to get.” Staring at her quizzical expression I mumbled. “I don’t drink much.”

She giggled. “Oh Honey, that’s going to change hanging around with this lot. They’re already planning a party for tonight.” She leaned so close I could feel her breath on my neck. “I think Ray has th hots for ya. You might get lucky.”

I just about choked on my astonishment. As I contemplated which wine to get, I felt a little bit of a fraud. My wine choices were a littl bit snobby, I know, but I loved nice wine, my pallette had evolved over time. The crowd was already back in the van screaming through the doors for me to hurry up, it was bloody stifling in the van.

Annie reached out and grabbed a couple of bottles of Storm Bay Sauvignon Blanc. I winced at the price tag, eight dollars a bottle, it was bound to be crap.

Back in the van and we were on our way, the conversation was cacophonous, everybody talking over each other as they asked never ending questions. We were a bunch of strangers, massed in this horrid little people mover. I suddenly felt very alone. Eight dollars a bottle, what was she thinking?

At the orchard, the owners met us and led us to the accommodation block. It was a row of what looked like old containers converted into rooms.

“Find somebody you like, you have to share.” Robin the owner called out loudly. I felt Annie’s hand closing tightly over my arm. “Wanna share babe? I don’t snore, well not much.”

Looking around the group Annie was probably the nicest. “Yes, that would be lovely.” I sighed in resignation. Bugger, sharing, I had hoped for my own room, but beggars can’t be choosers.

We walked into the little rooms, and I mean they were little, two single beds, a small table, with a couple of chairs. That was it, no kitchen, not toilet or shower. All of those were communal spaces. Annie rushed towards the bed under the window, “Dibs.” she giggled loudly.

I didn’t really think about it, she screwed up her face, in mock disgust. “Hey, I was kidding, you can have it if you want.”

I shrugged casually. “No, you can have it. I don’t care.”

Shaking her head Annie laughed. “Oh you will care all right. Wait till tonight.” As she unpacked her clothes into the wardrobe, she commented casually. “You ain’t shared before have you?”

I winced, replying. “Was it that obvious?”

“Fraid so babes.” She dug a little deeper. “What about when you were at Uni? Surely you must have had to share?”

With a cursory shake of my head I mumbled, I worked, managed to get a flat close to campus.” In my life I managed to get by without telling lies, it was something I was most proud of. I was often parsimonious with facts, I didn’t want people to know, but I never deceived. Here I was starting my new life, and the lies flowed like water.

I never güvenilir bahis siteleri flatted, I went to Uni in Auckland, so I could live at home. I did get a job, but that was part of a grad program at Dad’s firm. It was the only place I ever worked.

Annie added to her own story. “I never went to Uni, fuck that shit. I preferred real life.”

Stunned I muttered. “You didn’t get a degree?”

“Degree, shmee, na babes. I couldn’t wait to get outa home. Fuck my folks couldn’t wait for me to start work, they wanted me to support them.” She gave me a sad look. “My folks were pretty shitty, I was glad to get out, I had enough beatings. I needed to experience life.”

“Oh my god, they beat you?

She shrugged as if it was nothing. “Yeah, all kids get em. You musta had a few?”

“What, no, god no.” With her eyes fixed on me, I changed the subject. “So what did you do? I mean, how did you survive?”

She did a ballet pirouette with her arms waving. “I did this, I lived, worked, had fun. This is me.”

I nodded taking in her happy demeanour, she seemed to get by, seemed happy enough.

I unpacked my meagre belongings into the wardrobe beside Annie’s stuff. She looked enviously at some of my clothes. “Shit, you have some choice duds girl, fuck, I’m envious.”

I took the chance to take in her appearance. We were almost Identical in size, she was tiny though, waifish, undernourished I should probably said. Her skin was silky smooth, dual ethnicity I suppose. I guessed that she was Pacific Island of some nationality, and definitely a hint of European ancestry.

Her eyes, god, they were like liquid, deep brown mirrors, glistening in the light. Very beautiful. Her mouth as well, yes, such full ripe luscious lips, and perfect teeth. My parents paid thousands for my braces, and were not as perfectly symmetrical as hers. How could she be so perfect?

I shuddered when I took in her hair though. It was repulsive, braided into long furry dreads. She looked like a gangster of some crappy American movie.

“If you want, we can share. You can wear anything in there you want.” I mumbled, hoping to sound generous.

“Righteous, ta girl. Maybe later. Lets go and check out the showers, and kitchen. We wandered out, and the rest of the group were all gathered in the kitchen, a large open communal space, with barbecue tables set out in the middle. Several stoves and hot plates, three sinks, and a couple of fridges. Annie went straight to the fridges, there as lots of fruit and a huge bag of sausages, some potatoes, that was pretty much it.

“We should have stopped at the supermarket.” I grumbled. “Not the bottle shop.”

Everyone laughed at me. “We ain’t got money yet, we can go in tomorrow. I asked the boss man, if he would pay us tomorrow. We all need food right?”

There was a general consensus. I wandered off to check out the showers, much to my disgust, they were just open showers in the women’s block, toilet stalls on one side and four showers on the other. No curtains, no privacy of any kind. “Good lord, we were in the dark ages.” I mumbled to myself.

As I stood in the middle glancing around, Annie walked in with a towel. She stripped off, right in front of me, totally oblivious, and walked to one of the showers and turned it on. She stood staring at me, as I gazed back, my eyes bulging, I was sure. My face felt hot, “I must be blushing.” I thought to myself.

“Whatchoo staring at girl? She giggled as she ran her hands down her sides, and back up to cup her very firm little breasts. “You act like you never seen a naked sister.”

She slapped her hand on her hips. “Oh shit, you ain’t have ya? Oh my god you better get used to this babes. You gonna see a lot of tits in here. Fuck, you musta had some privileged upbringing.”

I walked out as quickly as I could, my face burning with shame. God, these people, they were like a different species. I mean, for heavens sake, who just strips off in front of a stranger like that?

My tummy did little back flips as I walked back to our cabin, god, was it a cabin? It felt more like a closet.

I kicked myself. “Come on girl, this is what you wanted.” I giggled aloud. You wanted experience, looks like you were going to get it in spades.”

Loud hip hop, or something pumped loudly from the kitchen area, and there was certainly lots of laughing and conversation going on. I wanted to go and check it out, but couldn’t prise myself up off the bed.

Annie walked in with nothing but a towel wrapped around her. “Fuck, that feels so good.” She squeaked undoing the towel and drying herself.

She grabbed my brand new Zapara white cotton, Lace embroidered casual Blouse. Shit I hadn’t even worn it yet. “You gonna be okay if I borrow this babes?”

I nodded, chewing on my bottom lip. “Yes, of course. I did say help yourself.”

“Choice, this is sweet as.”

Her tiny little black bra could be seen through the loose material. She shimmied into a little thong and a pair of black shimmery yoga pants.

Oh my god. iddaa siteleri I sucked in a sharp breath. She looked spectacular. Movie stars would kill to look that good.

She spun around, checking out her reflection in the wardrobe mirror. “Fucking killer. You got good taste girl.”

hen she stopped spinning she grabbed my hand and a bottle of wine. “Come on, we got a party to go to.”

Just behind the kitchen, there was a group of tables, all under the shade of a big sheet strung between the buildings. Everybody gather there. The music thumped, god, my ears rang, it was so loud. Some people danced, and some sat in small groups enjoying the big old fashioned soft sofa’s.

Annie ripped open the bottle and found some plastic glasses. On my god, plastic glasses, really!

Annie, fell into conversation with the others as if they were old friends, which I found later they were. They all travelled the seasonal fruit picking scene, travelling all over the Country. They really were actual friends.

Annie, kept filling up my glass, as she introduced me to all the other workers. There were hugs and kisses, which really made me shiver. I admit, I am not a real people person, maybe not introverted, but shy, and not good in a group of strangers.

By the third glass of wine, I started thinking, “Hmm, this is all right. Annie saw the look on my face. ‘It’s all right aye babes.”

I giggled, as the wine making me stupid. “Yes, it is very nice.”

“Very nice, fuck off, it’s doing the trick though.”

She clinked her glass with me in some unspoken toast. We found ourselves sitting in one of the big sofa’s. “Okay bitch, what’s the story. You’re obviously not used to this sort of scene. What are you, rich girl gone bad, or just dipping your toes in the water?”

She saw my shock. “What, don’t like being called bitch? It’s a term of endearment, I didn’t mean you’re really a bitch.”

She looked at me with her laughing eyes and my confusion dissolved. I laughed along with her. Just then another girl came and plonked herself down between us. She glanced quickly at Annie before asking. “Spliff?”

“Oh definitely.” Annie replied. As soon as she sparked up, I knew instantly what it was. I’m green, just not that green. It passed back and forth in front of me. “Not having any?” Annie asked.”

“Go on, it won’t hurt ya.” The other girl giggled. I took the joint and inhaled a little, the acrid smoke filling my coughing lungs. I just about choked as I handed it over. Annie gave me a comforting hug. When my turn came around again, Annie said. “Lets try this.” She took a huge hit, then leaned closer to me, and blew the smoke into my mouth in a thin gentle waft.

I inhaled again, this time softer, easier. I let it settle filling my lungs. As I exhaled, Annie sucked it deep, her lips grazing mine.

The smell of food filled our nostrils as we reclined, the wine soothing my throat. Annie’s arm resting on my shoulder seemed comforting, not disconcerting. Soon guys carried a tray of bread and sausages around. I would have laughed if somebody suggested I would be eating food off a tray, not knowing if it was cooked properly, yet here I was, starving hungry. I later came to recognise what the munchies were, but this was my first experience of being stoned.

Dancing, what the hell was I doing dancing? Annie and a bunch of girls were raging to the music and they dragged me into their midst. I couldn’t ever remember having so much fun.

It was late when Annie dragged me laughing and singing back to our room.

When I woke in the still dark morning, I felt A body, a hot smooth body wrapped tightly around me. Stealing a peek, Annie’s beautific face rested on my shoulder, her full succulent lips nuzzling wetly on my skin. It condensed, hot and moist, little tingles shooting through my body.

It was hot and sticky, the air close, humid. There was no breeze, just still unrepentant air.

I needed to pee, my bladder stretched, but lying with Annie as my blanket, I didn’t want to move. My memories of how we ended up in bed together were sketchy at best. I know there was nothing sexual in it, but here we were naked in bed, her body soft, supple, luxurious.

I had admired from behind my masking sunglasses her wonderful figure. Her skin taut and smooth, the delicious caramel skin. She was a very pretty girl, and it made me giggle stupidly. I had never really considered women in this manner. Yes, like all women from around the world. I lusted after the figures, and beauty of supermodels, celebrities. The magazines were full of body shaming articles, that’s what drove me to the gym every day. I wanted to viewed like that, as attractive, appealing.

Attracting men had never really been a problem for me, but I wanted more. The men I had dated were all approved by my mother, or arranged by my father, who sought out a husband for me, based on what he thought I needed.

Unfortunately, they were all superficial money grabbing jerks. They were attracted to my families money, not to me, as it was with all my friends. When I considered it, all my friends were the same. Perhaps that’s why I never really had friends I could trust, or confide in. Maybe that’s why I was such a solitary workaholic. Trying so damn hard to please my father.

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