How to Stop Smoking Ch. 05

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Big Tits

The Club: Saturday, the 9th

We slept the sleep of the dead. Neither of us moved much all night. Ann and I were still entangled when I woke. I looked down at her.

Though it was a sin to wake her, I began to kiss the base of her neck and the earlobes.

Most women have a spot there that drives them crazy and I was searching for hers. Soon, I found it and she began to stir.

The more I concentrated on the spot, the more she moved. Thinking we’d have breakfast after I worked on her a little more, I continued kissing her. Ann had different ideas. As I kissed her, she began to grind those gorgeous hips against mine.

She slid her hand between us and began to stroke my cock. As it got hard, it was about the size it was before the acupuncture treatment.

I was to learn that, with each “false cum,” it would grow larger until it became the monster I had seen in Mai Ling’s office.

After a few more strokes, my cock was as hard as I’ve ever seen it. I couldn’t resist the lure of her pussy.

I put my hand on her bald pussy and slowly began to stroke it. I dipped my finger inside, then I stroked her swollen pussy lips.

Then, I repeated the movements. The heat was building within and she began rotating her hips. She moved toward my hand, then away in response both to the rhythm I had set up and the heat within her. As I stroked her pussy, she moved more and more.

Ann had me hard as a rock. I decided to give her a little taste of what’s to cum. Rising up, I moved toward the head of the bed. When my cock was in position above her mouth, I rubbed the crown back and forth across her lips.

My rubbing caused her lips to part and I eased my cock inside. She began sucking my cock slow and steady. I continued fingering her hot pussy.

Her swollen clit told me she was ready to fuck. Moving into position, I placed the head of my rigid cock against her swollen pussy lips.

Rubbing her inner lips and clit, I eased it in. When my cock was buried deep in her hot cunt, she sighed the sigh of a contented woman.

Then I began a slow, steady fuck. Her hips were responding as I stroked my huge cock in and out of her hot pussy.

Three “false cums” from me and several real ones from her and I was ready. With each “false cum” my cock had grown larger stretching Ann’s pussy until she was afraid it would split. It had grown as large as it had by the end of the treatment, but it didn’t take 7 false cums to get there.

I was ecstatic. It meant that I might not have the seven “false cums” each time I fucked and that any over-sexed woman could handle me. When I came, I came in buckets. I couldn’t measure it, but if felt as if I shot as much cum as I had yesterday.

Ann smiled when we had finished. When she said, “That’s more like it,” I knew that everything was going to work out.

Maybe it was the tension of the day that took me so long to cum yesterday. Who knows? Anyway, it looked good at this point.

After we had cleaned up, Ann volunteered to fix breakfast, so I accepted her offer. I ate out often and a home cooked meal was welcome. She cooked eggs, bacon and biscuits. The two of us ate until we thought that we would bust.

Over coffee, we talked about what we wanted to do for the day. Neither of us had to work, so we decided to take advantage of a sunny day and plan an outing.

I asked Ann if she swam. When she said she did, I knew just how we were going to spend the day. I got on the telephone and made sure there wouldn’t be a problem and we started for the Keys.

Ann and I drove to Key Largo. When I turned into Dolphin’s Plus, Ann got the idea. Catching them on a slow day, reservations were easy to get. First, we had to listen to the spiel about dolphins. Then we were to get into the pool with the big ones and swim with them.

Dolphins are strange mammals. They have abilities far beyond your imagination. They can tell by your temperature how you feel. Dolphins can tell by your brain waves whether your head is screwed on right or not. There is a lot that they can do. And all of it still mystifies the scientists. If they like you, they will rub up against your leg. This is the dolphin’s way of trying to have sex with you.

After listening to the spiel, we were told to go to the pool that was assigned to us and wait. The guide would cum by to instruct us.

We chatted while we were waiting and I told Ann that I had swum with the dolphins before. Some of the tricks they do are fun to watch.

Soon the guide showed up and allowed us to go into the pool. We found out that we were going to swim with the big Dolphins.

Most smaller people, including children are intimidated by their size. The dolphins do play a little rough. To make sure that nobody gets injured, children are not permitted to swim with the big ones. The guide said that we looked as though we could handle bareback studios porno them though.

Ann and I got into the pool and the dolphins came up to us. At first, they were timid, but I think they were feeling us out. Then, they moved alongside and “offered a fin” to us, as the guide said they would do when they didn’t feel threatened.

Soon we were cavorting around the pool. Everything went just fine until the dolphins thought we were mammals like them and took a dive with us holding on.

Ann and I both got more water than we wanted and let go to cum up for air. Then they came over and rubbed against our legs like they wanted sex. Deciding that the day had given us enough for excitement, we left the pool to go to lunch.

We stopped at a local place for the seafood buffet and then decided to go home. When we arrived, we both wanted a shower and a nap. We had planned to have a big evening and both of us wanted to be ready for it.

We jumped into the shower and took turns washing each other’s backs and other parts. I was especially fond of Ann’s melon size breasts with the huge nipples.

Ann was fond of my cock. No one had to tell me that. Sucking it as if there was no tomorrow, there was no doubt she loved it.

After we got through showering, we headed to the bedroom and a little nap.

I found it hard for me to sleep with Ann’s mouth locked onto my cock. We decided to fuck instead. It was a good idea. I was ready. A quick feel of her hot pussy told me she was ready, too.

I offered to suck her pussy, but she was ready to fuck. Positioning myself above her, I started rubbing the inner part of her swollen pussy lips with the head of my turgid cock.

Then, I rubbed her clit with it. She went wild. She was ready to cum before my cock even entered her.

Forcing my massive cock in her hot pussy, she opened like a flower. Her pussy was steaming as it was waiting for that huge cock. I pushed forward and it started slipping in like it was made to fit. Her pussy was tight, but it’s vise-like grip on my cock felt good.

I began to move back and forth, forcing more and more of my hard cock into her. She loved it. Her head started moving from side to side again and she started to moan.

By the time I had my hard cock embedded inside her, she was frothing at the mouth. Ann had lost complete control this time. She was cumming already. It was probably the dolphin swim that made her so horny.

After stroking in and out for awhile, she began to cum again. Each of the “false cums” resulted in my cock getting larger than the one before.

After the third one, I was at full length again – some 12 inches plus and more than 2″ in diameter.

Meanwhile, Ann was babbling as she writhed and wriggled beneath me. She loved every inch that I gave her and begged for more.

Soon, I was cumming and I thought my cock would spurt forever. Ann told me that the feel of my cum hitting the walls of her cunt felt heavenly and made her orgasm more intense.

After we cleaned up, we lay down for a nap before going out on the town. It was good we did too. It turned out to be a long night.

When I awoke, my cock was deep inside Ann’s mouth. She couldn’t get enough cock.

Though my cock had returned to a length of some 7 inches, it was still enough to get Ann excited. She sucked on it for awhile. I wasn’t going to get a raging hard-on so she gave up. Then, she got out of bed to get dressed.

Ann had brought an overnight bag with her. She must have planned to stay for some time. In the bag was several changes of clothing. Slacks, shorts and dresses.

The dress she chose for the evening was as sexy as any I’ve seen yet. It had a deep, square neckline – stopping just short of her huge nipples.

The V-back was open to a point just above the crack of her ass. When she moved just right, the crack was visible. The hem ended at a spot some 2 or 3″ below her pussy. Never would her long legs be shown at better advantage. Every time she sat down, you could see all the way to Cleveland.

I dressed in a sedate pair of slacks with sports shirt knowing that I was not overdressed. One showboat in a crowd was enough for the evening.

Since it was approaching the time of our reservation, we decided to go.

The restaurant Ann chose, though not exactly to my tastes, was enjoyable. We were seated almost immediately.

There were several young studs hanging around the Maitre ‘d and you could see their eyes bug out when we passed.

Nudging Ann, I told her that they were drooling. Ann’s low-cut dress showed so much of that hot body, it was turning them on.

After a leisurely dinner, we hit a couple of the local nightspots for a little entertainment before going home.

The first place that we stopped at had a good band with an easy going beat. czech amatör porno The crowd was small and there wasn’t much pussy in the place

Ann and I had discussed picking up some sweet young playthings but we struck out here.

We hit two more spots before we found what we were looking for.

It was a ladies “singles only” bar and Ann had to buy a membership before she could invite me inside.

Sure that we would find what we were looking for we went in. Ann and I had made a pact. Each of us could pick one woman to take home with us. Then, the two of us had to agree on anyone extra should we choose one.

We went into the bar. As I took a seat and ordered drinks, Ann went to powder her nose.

She was gone a while and I began to worry about her. Just then, she showed up.

In the ladies room, she stumbled on two girls having an argument. They were sisters arguing about how much fun they were allowed to have before they had to go home. One was a blonde, the other brunette. There were some strange genes in that family.

Well, Ann asked them if they wanted to have some real fun. When they both said they did, Ann asked if they would join us.

Both decided they weren’t going home that evening. They vowed that they would watch the sun cum up.

At this point, Ann mentioned that she was with a stud with a huge cock. There was plenty of cock to go around if they were interested.

Ann had gone outside our pact and chosen these two on her own without our mutual agreeing on them.

She felt her decision was justified as long as I approved of them. We decided that we each still had a pick of our own for the weekend. That would give us 4 to party with.

It wasn’t long until the sisters arrived at the bar.

The blonde, Jody, had a body that wouldn’t quit. She was short. About 5 foot, but with full hips, tiny narrow waist and breasts that were large and soft.

She had on a tight dress and nothing else. Her dress was so tight that her pussy lips were visible and just begging to be fucked.

The brunette, Mona, was as different from her sister in every way. She was about 5’7″, slim with small pert breasts that had huge nipples.

My mouth began watering when they arrived. Both were rather pretty, but Ann was right. They didn’t look at all like each other. Each was sexy in her own way.

We migrated from the bar to an empty corner booth. Jody sat on my left and Mona on my right. Ann knew I wanted to get close to feel them out.

If I were to approve of them, we would invite them to cum with us.

The waitress went for drinks and we proceeded to get acquainted. Motioning Ann over, I whispered for her to scout out a couple more.

Meanwhile I would talk with Jody and Mona. I also made sure she understood “no invitations without my approval.” After all, I had my rights too.

Ann left to go shopping and I snuggled up to the sisters. Jody already had a hand on my cock and her eyes were wide with surprise.

She had no idea. If she thought that she had a handful now, wait until that sucker got hard.

Mona was breathing softly in my ear as she tried to consume the right side of my face and neck.

With Mona kissing me hotly and Jody playing with my cock, it began to swell. Jody didn’t know the capabilities of that hard cock she held in her hands. I hoped that it wouldn’t hurt her too much when we fucked.

Then, I felt another hand join Jody’s at my crotch. I looked down and Mona had decided to join in the fun.

She took a grip on my cock and began to melt. It must have been a shock to her. I wished that I knew what Ann had told them. Whatever she told them worked. They both had gone for that cock almost before we had gotten seated and neither wanted to give it up.

Ann soon returned with a sweet young lady in tow. She looked like she was 16. The two of them had to convince me that she was 21.

She was a short one – 4’10” tall. She had Strawberry Blonde hair with a strong tint of red in it.

This woman was slim as a reed with HUGE tits. I found a hard time maintaining eye-to-eye contact while we conversed. All I wanted to do was stare.

Ann leaned over, told me to wipe my chin and asked if she was my pick for the weekend.

Rotten, that’s what it was. I’d been bushwhacked again. Tongue-tied, I nodded yes and Ann was off again. This time to make her pick.

This could get real interesting. If she would pick a stud, I’d have a little help with the four of them. It began to look as though I would need some. Ann had done all right so far.

The new girl, Lois, moved to the other side of the booth and sat down. She was a little put out that she couldn’t sit next to me.

Finally, Mona had to go to the restroom. Lois picked this time to slide as close to me as a second skin.

As she pressed czech bitch porno her tender thighs next to mine, she ran her hand up my thigh until she felt Jody’s hand and my cock. I heard her gasp as she felt the size of it. I had another convert. She, too, would become another “worshipper of the magic white wand.”

Mona returned from the restroom and I thought she and Lois were going to fight. I convinced them there was plenty to go around and they simmered down.

While Jody and Lois stroked my cock, I reached across Lois to Mona and held out my hand. When she placed her hand in mine, I moved it to Lois’s right breast. Placing her hand on Lois’s breast, I gave it a little squeeze and let go.

Mona began to massage Lois’s breast and Lois started to breathe heavily. The trick was turned. That kept them occupied for awhile.

Ann came back with her pick in tow. I must have been intuitive.

As Ann introduced John to us, I noticed the outline of his prick in his pants. It was down past his knee.

His cock was at least 20 inches long. John was black and had a West Indies accent. I idly wondered if this was an old boy friend from way back. Well, if that was Ann’s pick for the weekend, so be it. Any help was appreciated and I had an idea that she had overloaded me with the ones she had brought back so far.

I motioned the waitress over, paid the tab and we left.

I was going to drive, but Ann suggested that she should. Meanwhile, I could share the back seat with the three ladies.

There was no argument at this point. My cock was swollen and I thought my balls might erupt before we got this show on the road.

John shared the front seat with Ann. Jody sat on my left and Mona sat on the right. Little Lois decided that she would sit on the floorboard between my legs.

I hoped that the trip didn’t take long. I had a feeling that I could blow my wad before we got there.

Jody played with my left thigh, running her hand over my cock every once in a while. Mona busied herself with my right thigh. Ever so often, her hand and Jody’s touched as they shared the feel of my hardening cock. Lois busied herself with rubbing both my thighs at once.

It was at this point that I felt my zipper being undone. Lois had worked it open and was reaching in to pull my hard cock out. As my huge cock sprang from my pants, she gasped. I could tell that she was impressed.

She leaned forward to take the head of my cock in her mouth as Mona and Jody grabbed the base of it. I wanted to cum right then, but managed to hold off. We were nearing my house and there would be time enough for fun and games. These three women were horny as could be.

I heard the garage door going up and realized we had arrived. Ann pulled the car into the garage and hit the button again.

As the door started down, she shut the engine off and everyone got out. We entered the house through the door into the kitchen and went into the living room.

Ann insisted on giving a “cook’s tour” of the house. I headed to the bar to mix some drinks.

Ann said that she didn’t want someone looking for a bathroom in the night and finding the bedroom instead.

My house was large and Ann had a ball showing it off. She started with the Master Bedroom and wound up in the Sauna. Between the Jacuzzi and the shower, our new friends were impressed.

By the time Ann had returned with her entourage, the drinks were mixed.

Everyone settled down, in one place or another and we began to get acquainted. A bar really isn’t a good place to hold conversation.

I sat at the bar and Jody drifted over to sit down next to me. Ann settled on the couch. I thought that John would stop at the couch but he surprised me.

Instead, he chose the chair in the corner. Mona drifted in that direction.

Lois saw the way Jody was fondling my cock, and decided that she would sit on the couch with Ann.

We all talked for awhile and then, as if by mutual agreement, all the small talk died down as everyone became serious.

My cock was getting rock hard again. When I looked at Jody, she had a glazed look to her eyes. I could tell she was dreaming of what was to cum.

Mona had John’s cock out and was trying to suck as much of it as she could. It had to be 20 inches long and it was getting hard. You could tell that Mona was really getting into it. She had her eyes closed and was making little cooing sounds as she sucked his cock in and out of her hot mouth.

Ann reached out to Lois and the two of them moved closer. Ann tilted Lois’s head up and placed a tender kiss on her lips. Lois didn’t object. Instead, she returned Ann’s kiss with a passion that spoke of one who had traveled this path before.

Watching beautiful people make love is a turn-on. Mona sitting on the floor sucking John’s cock was a turn-on. Watching Ann and Lois make out while Jody stroked my cock was even more of a turn-on.

After a few minutes of small talk and foreplay, I asked everyone to join me in the Jacuzzi. As everyone started to rise, I led the way. When we reached the bedroom, I stopped and began taking my clothes off. Someone had to get the action started.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32