Hot Nights And Cool Jazz

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Sweet Lorraine’s, in the Big Easy, was smokey and dimly lit, but the beer was cold and the music was hot. It was a little off the beaten ‘tourist’ track, and that meant the audience was mostly locals.

He sat on a chair, half-curled around the guitar. Malik on the trumpet and Big Boy E making musical love to the sax, stood a step or two to his right. Finger snaps of approval vibrated sharply in the air of the club at the end of each tune.

He was halfway through the last set when she walked in. The soft lighting tangled in the red of her hair, and his eyes were irresistibly drawn to the flame-like curls. His fingers never missed a note, but his attention was definitely not on the tune.

She skirted a table and took a seat in the only empty chair close to his side of the raised platform that served as a stage. He continued to play as a server stopped and took her drink order, came back and placed a glass on her table, then moved on.

He played, and watched, as she took the first tentative sip. He was still playing when she looked up and met his gaze. It was then, for the first time in a long time, his fingers faltered.

Blue-green eyes met brown, and he forgot to breathe. A shiver crawled down his back, as the tip of her little pink tongue slid wetly across a full bottom lip, and he couldn’t look away. The unexpected image of that tongue licking hotly over his skin caused a full body reaction, and he was suddenly glad for the instrument resting against his thigh.

As the last note faded away, he set the guitar in it’s upright stand, stood to dip his head in acknowledgement to the finger snaps of applause. Thankful the aroused state of his body had settled down enough for him not to be completely embarrassed. She was still there, sitting in the same chair, at the same table, sipping the same drink.

The other players stepped down off the platform, and he took this as an opportunity to make his way to the table where the object of his interest sat watching him with a smile lifting one corner of her mouth. Someone behind the bar hit a switch and music swelled slow and sexy in the room, muting the voices that talked back and forth across the tables.

He held out one hand, she placed hers in it without hesitation, and rose to slide into his arms. With one smooth turn they were pressed body to body on the dance floor. At first, he wondered if she could feel the evidence of his desire for her, but it didn’t show in her eyes.

They moved as if they were locked together, and never broke the intense gaze that had started the moment she first sat down. They moved, swaying, lost in the moment to the point that the end of the song came and it didn’t register with either of them. The rhythm picked up a little and someone bumped into his back, finally succeeding in waking them up, and he grinned. “Let’s get out of here”, he said.

Her only response was to tighten the hold she had on his hand, and follow his lead. They slipped through the musician’s entrance door that led to the back alley where he’d parked his ‘stang. He probably should have wondered why she went without a question, but he honestly didn’t care. The feel of her warm curves moving against his in the slow undulating motion of the dance, made him hungry to see if she was as good as he thought she was.

The day time heat had cooled down to a humid level that one only finds in New Orleans at night. His one bedroom apartment was 6 blocks over and three down from Sweet’s. He wasn’t in any hurry, because he planned for this to take all night long.

So, they drove with the windows rolled down, and the air played with the long curling strands of her hair the way he wanted to, planned to, just as soon as he got her in his bed. As he pulled into the diagonal parking spot in front of the building, she looked at him and spoke for the first time.

“I’ve bursa escort been to the club before, but this is the first time I had the courage to get close enough to actually let you see me.”

It wasn’t the words she spoke, although they would have piqued his ego all on their own. It was the soft, silky, southern drawl that seemed to wrap itself around his neck and slither down to settle in his lap. Being a southern boy, born and raised, he could appreciate the subtle undertones of a ‘belle’, but her voice had a vague whiskey huskiness that urged a man to kiss her breathless, and he wanted to be the one to do it.

He led her through the doorway of his place without flipping the switch that would flood the room with light. There was no need, the room at the end of the hall was where he wanted to see her in the soft glow of candlelight.

“Don’t move”, he said softly. A scratch of match against the striker strip, the hiss of a flame touching the wick, and a tall pillar candle flared to life, casting a faint light across to the doorway.

She looked around and smiled at the starkly masculine room. The king-sized bed was dark cherry, covered with cream colored, Egyptian cotton sheets, and several pillows were piled against a tall headboard created from thickly framed slats. The unbidden thought of her hands hanging onto a slat as his body moved strongly against hers, made her skin flush, and her heart rate accelerate. He stepped into her line of vision, blocking her view of the bed.

The look on his face made her body tremble, and when he took her hand, pulling her slowly across to the side of the bed, she had to bite her lip to muffle the moan. The sound made his groin tighten, and if he didn’t get a taste of her soon, he was going to explode.

She watched the emotion flit across his face. The sexual tension was straining at more than the seams of his pleated slacks, and she didn’t even attempt to hold back the urge to touch him. Her fingers slide slowly along the ridge of the pleat, from just above the knee to his waistband. His sharp hiss of frustration, as the heel of her hand rubbed across the swollen flesh, made her smile.

When he saw the smile, something feral flooded into his blood. He reached up, grasping the neckline of her blouse and jerked hard. The sound of ripping material was loud, but no louder than the startled cry that came from her parted lips. He couldn’t have stopped if he’d wanted to, and he didn’t … want to, that is. The gleam of pale skin in the candlelight made his mouth water, and he bent his head to drag a slow lick along her shoulder.

The groan that spilled from her parted lips was the final straw. You know, the one that breaks the camel’s back, the one that tears down the last barrier, and sets the male animal free. He kissed her, hard, muffling the whispered ‘please’ that was trying so desperately to be heard. Her arms wound around his neck, both hands curved up against the back of his head. The heat of her palms, felt so good against his scalp, that it forced a growl from deep in his chest.

They moved in perfect syncopation back one step, and he sunk onto the side of the bed. As he looked up, the ripped material of her ruined blouse fluttered to the floor, revealing a midnight-blue lace bra covering the most perfect breasts a man could ever want to touch, or at least in his opinion they were. He leaned forward and licked along the bottom edge of lace, tasting the sweetness of her flesh. She was so aroused, he could feel her legs trembling.

She leaned back just far enough to look down at him, and was relieved to see the same hunger shining in his eyes, that she felt dampening her thighs. She pushed him back onto the bed, and followed by crawling up onto her knees astride his hips.

She bent down, and one by one, bit the buttons off the front of his charcoal bursa escort bayan gray silk shirt, and spit them onto the floor. As the sides pulled apart, she licked the milk chocolate skin, licking slowly as if to savor the flavor of him. Her tongue moved as if she had all the time in the world.

Nudging one side of the silk with the tip of her nose, she slowly bared a hard little brown nub. A lick around it, then another, and when he whispered, “mmmmm yes, baby, that’s it, do it again.” she caught it between her teeth and lightly bit down. The hissed response was all it took, she tugged gently, and released him.

Then roughly bared the other side of his chest, and attacked that poor nub with her tongue and lips. She treated it like a starving infant, licking and suckling until it throbbed. She could feel the bulge pushing against the inside of her left thigh, almost as if it were nudging her each time it twitched. It felt like the most natural thing in the world for one hand to push between them, and knead the long, hard flesh.

He reached around and in less than a second, the back clasp of her bra sprang apart. The loose straps were even easier to flick off her shoulders, and her present position made it easy to pull off and fling into a darkened corner of the room. His hands went unerringly to the firm globes, the hard nipples rubbing against his palms.

It shouldn’t have surprised him, but the way she began to grind against his crotch almost lifted him completely off the sheets. Her core was scalding hot against him, and he strained to get as close as humanly possible. He wanted inside her hot little honey pot, and he wanted inside right now!

She was on fire, her body felt like it was melting around him. Her panties were soaking wet, and she could smell their combined arousal hanging in the air around them. Lifting her mouth from his chest, she whispered through bruised lips, “I need it”. His hips bucked, slamming against her, and she whimpered.

She scrambled off his prone body and shimmied out of the skirt, dragging the scrap of black lace off her hips at the same time. He sat up as she started to roll down the lace topped stockings that ended midway up each thigh and grabbed her hands, stopping her. “Leave them”, he growled, and she did.

He spread his knees and guided her between them, his mouth closing on the pert tip of one pale breast. Little bites leaving passion bruises, as his hands urged her feet further apart to give him access to the wet tangle of her neatly trimmed mound.

She rested both hands on his shoulders, nails digging lightly into his skin as his fingers began to strum up and down the dripping hot little vee between her legs. He played her, like a finely tuned instrument he began to play her.

Her cries were his reward for each time a finger brushed, or pinched, or tugged her pearl. She let her head drop slightly, and closed her eyes to concentrate on the feelings pulsating through her body. Her hips began to rock to the rhythm of his talent, and his fingers were soon covered with her juices. They spilled down and pooled in the palm of his hand.

He leaned back just enough to watch the expressions shift and change on her face, still retaining his hold on her engorged nipple. Suddenly she whimpered and her body began to shudder. Her grasp tightened on his shoulders and he hissed as her nails broke the skin, marking him in her release.

Slowly she sank onto her knees between his thighs, the nipple slipping from his lips. Gasping, she draped her arms across his thighs and her head hung as she struggled to slow her breathing.

He watched her for a moment, then slowly unfastened the button on the waistband of his slacks. Her head lifted at the soft sound of the zipper sliding down. He hooked a finger in the front of his boxers and the swollen head sprang free, escort bursa followed immediately by the entire length of the hard shaft.

She was ready for it, her lips parted around the tip and began to slowly suck him in. His hand fisted in the red strands as her hot wet tongue began to lap at him. It was all he could do, not to spill his seed as her mouth closed around him. He began to guide her up and down the length of his shaft, pushing a little deeper each time.

He felt her hands push into the back pockets of his slacks. A deep rumble sounded deep in her throat and he felt it all the way to his balls. He had to grit his teeth to keep from spewing cum into her throat. She fisted her hands in the pocket fabric of his slacks and used it for leverage. Taking control of her movements, she began to pump the head of his cock in and out of the soft tissue of her throat.

He was lost, and he knew it. She growled over and over, the vibrations swirling around his shaft, making him jerk each time. She was hungry for cum and he wasn’t going to be able to hold back. Suddenly she forced her head down even more, pushing the tip deep into the hot muscle and began to swallow around him. He couldn’t hold back any longer, and his cock began to erupt long thick strings of cum.

She sucked and swallowed as if she were starved. His body was completely under her control, and they both knew it. He bucked up into her mouth, his balls giving up their load, and she drank it all, every drop. Slowly she pulled back, releasing him with a muted pop from the tight circle of her lips.

He fell back, gasping for air as if he’d been running a marathon, but, she followed. Her tongue licking, and cleaning his softening shaft. Or rather, what should have been softening. The thing was, that every pass of her hot little tongue, sent shivers through his body and he watched in surprise as the beast was reawakened.

Once his cock was standing hard and proud again, she looked up with a passion laden gaze and whispered, “I ache”. He felt energized, like before they’d even begun. She crawled up over him and began to rub against his shaft, moaning. “Please”, she began to beg softly. He smiled and grabbed her ass with both hands, holding her still. One hard thrust and he was buried deep in her hot little hole.

Damn, she felt good. The muscles in that tight little love tunnel of hers felt even better than when she’d had him in her mouth. His hands tightened bruising on her cheeks and he began to pump her up and down on his hard shaft. She picked up the rhythm instantly and moved just the way he wanted. Her hands cupped his face and she licked at his mouth until his lips parted, then her tongue plunged between them. The kiss felt like it would last forever.

She began to jerk wildly, and the muscles wrapped around his cock were convulsing, as a gush of hot liquid spewed out onto his lap. Her head suddenly jerked back and she was screaming so loudly it seemed to echo off the walls. Watching her out of control orgasm was more than his body could take, and his cum mixed with hers, flooding that sweet little pussy.

Slowly she collapsed sprawling along his body, her head cradled in the crook of his neck and shoulder. Panting she tried to speak, “tha — thank — you”. But he shushed her with a kiss and rolled over. They lay looking at each other, each on their sides with an arm over the other’s body.

“I’m not through with you”, he said.

She gave him a drowsy smile and murmured, “I hope not, ’cause I like the way you make love to me”.

He grinned, “baby girl, before the night’s over, you’re gonna be begging me to let you rest”.

She smiled at that and moved close enough to kiss him again, her fingers curling around his shaft in an agonizingly slow stroking motion. He began to lengthen in her gentle grasp. He pulled her knee up over his hip and let her guide the swollen head to the top of her lips and pumped across the little pearl a few times.

When she moaned in need, he grinned. “Oh yes, baby girl, it’s gonna be a long, hot night.”

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