Hookin’ up

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NOTE – English isn’t my native language so there might be some errors. Feedback is appreciated.


We had met over Tinder. After only an hour of chatting, Valentina and I had already planned a date. It was pretty clear what would happen: I’d buy her dinner, and then we’d go back to my place to ‘fuck each other’s brains out’ – to quote her words. I had hooked up with more people using Tinder, but Valentina was a true pearl. She had long blonde hair that waved to her mid-back, and surrounded her pretty face. Ocean blue eyes, a small cute nose and plump lips. On top of that, she had a body to die for. She wasn’t very tall, although I’d guess she was about 5’4. Flat stomach, DD cup of breasts, and a bubbly ass. I myself was quite the contrary. Standing almost 6’3, and my shoulders were easily double as broad as hers. I worked out a lot so I was pretty strong, with a buzz cut and dark brown eyes. My skin was almost as dark as my eyes, in opposition to Valentina’s creamy white skin.

Dinner went well. There were close to no silences, and the food was delicious. She was dressed in a blue dress, and a pair of high heels that made her about 2 inches taller. It didn’t take long before we arrived at my place, after taking a cab together – which turned out to be a good move as she had started feeling me up in the back of the taxi. Her hand had nonchalantly trailed over my thigh until it had reached my crotch, and she was obviously pleased with the size of my package. By the time we entered the apartment, my cock was hard as steel and she was as turned on as seemingly possible.

Leading her to my living room took way longer than usual as we were making out on the way. She had already unbuttoned my shirt when we arrived in the living room, and I had already pulled one of the small straps of her dress off her shoulder. Most of her perfect breasts were hanging out as I sat down in the couch, and pulled her onto me. She got comfortable onto my thigh, her legs hanging over my lap as she leaned in to kiss me. I lustfully kissed her back, feeling how her soft hand moved onto my strong chest to feel up my muscles. Her tongue slipped forwards to invade my mouth, and mine immediately started passionately dancing with hers.

As our tongues were swirling around each other’s, one of my hands moved down to pull the hem of her dress over her thighs, allowing myself to slide between them and feel up her private parts. My hand rubbed teasingly over her panties, feeling how they were basically soaked as my other hand was caressing her lower back. She moaned into my mouth. Seconds later, she shortly broke the kiss to let out another moan – as I had pulled her panties to the side to play with her bare naked pussylips. She had trimmed recently.

We sat like that for a couple of minutes, making out deeply before she finally reached down. She began unbuttoning my pants blindly, taking a few seconds before her hand could snake inside my clothes – and pull out my large cock. My length was slightly above average, but I was extremely thick down there. “Oh my god.” I could hear her mumble against my lips, and I softly smirked – but the kiss continued nonetheless. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft, exploring my size as she started stroking me softly.

Her amazement soon disappeared as her lust took over again. The grip casino şirketleri on my cock got firmer as she started properly jerking me off, and I could feel how her body was sliding towards my knee. She kept bent over as she stood up, not releasing my cock. She repositioned herself so she could move down to her knees in front of me, and I scooted forwards a bit so my exposed manhood ended up being right in front of her face. “It’s so fucking bit.” She giggled lewdly before she stuck out her tongue, tapping the tip of my shaft against it – getting a first taste of my precum.

I lifted my hips a bit to slide down my boxers and pants completely, and she helped me take them off before leaning back in towards my cock. She swirled her warm tongue around the tip before softly wrapping her lips around it, suckling onto my cockhead. She backed out, and lifted my shaft a bit to kiss over the length. She softly pulled onto my ballsack before sliding her lips over the side of my shaft – and slowly moved back to the cockhead.

Her lips wrapped back around my cockhead as she started bobbing her head while stroking the remaining parts. Bit by bit taking my cock deeper inside her mouth. Her hand started doing less work as she managed to take a large part of my black meat down her throat before she backed out – gagging a bit. She continued sucking my cock for a while, making sure the entire shaft was coated in saliva as she used her mouth and hands.

I loved to hear her gag as she tried to get as much of my cock down her throat a couple of times, but pulled back after a while. She kissed the tip of my cock as she looked up at me, and whimpered against it. “I need to get fucked so badly.” She said on a sensual tone, and softly bit her bottom lip. The other strap of her dress was hanging over her arm, exposing both of her perky globes.

I didn’t need to be told twice as she stood up, and crawled over the couch. Her arms rested on the back as she raised her ass, and looked back at me – slowly pulling up her dress to reveal her round asscheeks. I tugged down her panties, letting them hang by her knees as I crouched behind her. My knees on the edge of the couch as I positioned my cockhead against her entrance. I teasingly rubbed the tip against her juicy pussylips, feeling how soaked she was until I couldn’t hold back any longer myself – and started guiding my shaft inside of her.

Her pussylips stretched widely as my cockhead entered her pussy, and Valentina’s moans filled up the room. “Mhmm, fuck..” She whimpered out as my cock slowly entered her deeper. I soon started pulling back, only to thrust my cock into her. “Oohhh..” She brought out as the pleasure was overwhelming. As I began fucking her properly, she looked back at me. “Fuck me with that big cock..” She told me, a naughty smile across her face as she obviously enjoyed having her tight pussy filled with my black meat. One of her hands moved back to her own asscheeks while her other arm rested onto the back of the couch, and she continued moaning and talking dirty to me.

It was at that moment that Terry came home. Terry was one of my good friends, and my roommate. He usually came home from work late at night, and this time it wasn’t different. See, Terry and I had shared some of our conquests before, and both of us were completely comfortable with this. casino firmaları Like myself, Terry was a large dark-skinned man.

Terry came home to Valentina’s moans, and smiled as he saw me fucking this gorgeous blonde from behind. By then, Valentina had already turned around again – leaning over the back of the couch a bit – so we were both facing away from my roommate as he entered. He took off his shirt on the way, and unbuttoned his pants as he walked up in front of Valentina. “Hey there.” He greeted as he pulled out his cock – which wasn’t as thick as mine, but definitely longer – and offered it to Valentina.

She shortly glanced back at me, before looking back up at Terry as she reached up to wrap her hand around the base of his cock. “Another one?” I could hear her say, and knew there was a naughty smile onto her face. Terry just nodded as he leaned down to French kiss Valentina for a second, as she stroked his cock to a full erection. He stood back up properly, and she hungrily wrapped her lips around his shaft. I had slowed down my thrusts a bit – thinking she would be surprised – but I started fucking her again as I noticed she didn’t need to be convinced. Terry just stood there, looking down at the blonde sucking onto his cockhead. While still stroking his cock with one hand, her other hand moved up to feel his abs.

Valentina was obviously enjoying herself as she had two huge cocks all to herself. She kept making sounds of delight as she was sucking Terry’s long shaft, and a louder moan occasionally escaped her lips as I pounded her with my own thick pole. Terry soon reacted to the fact Valentina wasn’t able to do much herself, and his hand moved to the back of her hand. His fingers brushed through her wavy hair as he thrusted his cock deeper down her throat. With some help, Valentina immediately managed to take most of his cock down her throat – although she did gag loudly. He thrusted his shaft a few times down her throat before she managed to pull back, gasping for air. “I was already soo wet for Lance’s cock..” She panted – Lance being myself – and smirked softly. “And now two cocks?” She smiled happily before taking Terry’s shaft back into her mouth.

She was already getting the hang of this. Taking about half of Terry’s cock down her throat while I fucked her from behind. Our hands were all over her body, caressing her smooth skin. She took some short breaks, moaning out freely – which honestly was just as hot as watching her deepthroat Terry’s cock. “Wanna switch?” I offered my roommate, and soon I walked around the couch. She grabbed my cock right away, sloppily sucking onto it as Terry took my place. He slammed his cock deep into her pussy right away – causing her eyes to open widely as she wasn’t expecting the first thrust to hit that deep. I collected her hair into my fist, and started thrusting. Her body bounced back and forth between Terry and I, as she was gagging onto my cock while getting pounded by Terry’s.

We kept going on like this, enjoying Valentina’s hot body together until Valentina cried out in pleasure – having an obvious orgasm onto Terry’s cock. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, and playfully slapped it against her face, which was messed up with her own saliva. I walked around to sit down in the couch, and Terry understood where I was going to. He pulled out, and güvenilir casino Valentina picked up our intentions as well. She wiggled out of her dress completely before she straddled me, reaching down to grab my cock as she guided it into her own cunt. She sank down onto it, moaning out loud as her pussy got stretched more than ever before. Terry hopped up on the couch, putting his cock by Valentina’s face. She reached up to stroke it eagerly as she bounced onto my cock, moaning out loud as she took my cock ballsdeep down her pussy over and over again.

When she looked down at me, and for the first time she looked a bit hesitant. My hand had crept up between her asscheeks, and I was teasing her tiny backdoor with my thumb. She looked back at Terry’s hard cock, and giggled as she slapped the shaft against her own tongue. “Fuck my ass.” She whimpered up at him.

Through Tinder, she had told me that she had done anal before – but I assumed she had never been with two men before. After a slight moment of doubt, she was basically begging Terry to take her tight asshole. “Please, stretch my ass with that big fucking cock.” She said, looking up at him as she kept riding my shaft. Terry smirked as he moved down the couch, and straddled my leg. We had been in this position before, so none of us really reacted to it – as I said, we were pretty comfortable about sharing girls. A smack filled up the room as Terry slapped Valentina’s ass, and positioned his cockhead against her back entrance. Her movements had completely stopped, and her eyes were firmly closed as she was preparing herself to have both holes filled.

Terry slowly started pushing his cock into Valentina’s ass, carefully as he didn’t want to hurt her too much. My hand slid between our bodies to rub her clit, wanting to make the pleasure overwhelming. “Oh my god, yes!” She whimpered as we both started slowly thrusting into her. “That’s so good.” She said quietly, barely audible. We slowly built up our pace until both of our cocks slammed into her pussy and asshole ballsdeep. She moaned out loudly as she gripped my shoulders, her head resting against my muscled chest. Valentina’s asshole had clearly adjusted to Terry’s dick as he was pounding the hole with hard and fast thrusts, his balls slapping against her pussy – and my cock, obviously. My own thrusts weren’t as wild as his, as the position I was in didn’t allow me to do so. I just grinded my hips a bit as I thrusted upwards the best I could.

Valentina seemed to love it nonetheless, as her pussy soon tightened up even more. She came onto my cock hard, moaning out loudly in pleasure and bliss. By then, my cock was throbbing heavily – and I knew Terry would be close too. We fucked her through her orgasm, holding back our own. Terry was the first one to pull back as he easily lifted Valentina off my cock – leading her down to her knees in front of the couch. I quickly stood up as well, and the exhausted blonde reached up to grab our cocks. “Mhm, I want your cum all over my slutty face.” She bit her bottom lip as she started jerking us off rapidly – pushing us over the edge in only a matter of seconds. I was the first one to explode, starting to shoot my load all over Valentina’s face. Terry soon picked up, adding a second load. The girl caught all cum with her face as we coated her with it. She showed us her filled mouth, before swallowing. Again, and again.. Until all of our semen was gone – except for the layer covering her face. She looked up at us with a bright smile as she kissed the tip of my cock.

“We should totally do this again!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32