Honeymoon Road-trip

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We spent the day playing together in the snow, feeling fun and free on the second day of our honeymoon. The weeks leading up to the wedding had been magical, but exhausting.

It was fun, flirty and playful and we relished the opportunity to touch, be close and enjoy each others company, a week of perfect moments and time to grow closer together.

After a day of play in the snow, we were starting to grow cold and tired and imagining the warmth of our cabin, a night snuggled up in front of the roaring fire, drinks in hand and snuggled close under a warm blanket.

But the scenery was stunning, it was a weekday and the roads clear of traffic, the resorts all but empty so we decided to take the long road home. With each corner we went deeper and deeper into the mountains, exploring the quiet roads and the stillness after fresh snowfall feeling more adventurous and free in this alpine wonderland.

As I drove further, my hand rested on my new wife’s thigh, I could feel an electricity in the air, the same giddy flirtations that had always been the foundation of our passion for each other. Her thigh felt amazing under my hand and I began to slowly caress it, moving further and further up her until I was gently nestled between her legs, feeling her eryaman escort bayan warmth, her softness and the object of my desire.

I wanted her. It washed over me with an urgency. I needed to be with her, close to her, kiss her, feel her soft body against mine. I placed her hand on my thigh and with her searching hand knew she was feeling the same. I felt her gently caress my inner thigh, working her way up slowly but with purpose between my legs, she felt my hardness and let out an audible sound of appreciation for how much she excited me.

I suddenly pulled slightly off the road and placed the car in park, leant over and kissed her deeply. Her tongue darted into my mouth inviting me to go further. We felt exposed, out in the open and within full view, but so overcome were we that we didn’t care.

My hand made its way under her pants and her soft skin sent electricity through me as I went deeper and found her soft, velvet and wet pussy. She gasped and bit my ear as I felt the heat of her, I parted her lips and felt her engorged clit with my fingers, I softy rubbed it tenderly and gently as she moaned into my ear and begged for more, I gently parted her pussy lips and placed my finger on her raised clit.

The wind buffeted the ankara escort car and the driving snow started to spray across the windshield as I teased her sopping wet pussy with my hand, teasing and pushing harder and harder as she arched into me. She ran her hand under my pants and pulled them down, my hard cock sprang out, pre-cum beading on the head of my cock.

Groaning and pleading for more as she bit my bottom lip. I rubbed harder and harder on her clit wanting nothing more than to bury my face between her legs to smell and taste her. She quickened her strokes on my cock, milking pre-cum from me. She pulled me closer again and bit my ear, hearing her breathing quicken and become more urgent until she suddenly tensed and shuddered with her climax and me feeling her whole pussy pulsating in my hand.

We held each other for a moment, took my hand and placed my wet fingers in my mouth.

“I want you inside me!” She demanded.

She looked in the back of the car and without saying a word, we opened the front doors and jumped out feeling the cold blast of the air against our exposed skin. We climbed in the back, threw down the seats and embraced again.

She pulled down her pants further and the car filled with the steamy and sincan escort bayan erotic scent of her cunt. It was utterly intoxicating. She moved her mouth down to my aching cock and licked the pre-cum off the head and smiled as she savoured me, before gliding her perfect red lips over me and took me deeply. Up and down she worked, letting the strings of her saliva string off my head. I desperately wanted to be inside of her.

She pushed me back and slowly eased onto me sending shivers down my body. Her warm wet cunt radiating heat all over me. We held each other close with each stroke, feeling each thrust and I just wanted to be deeper inside of her, closer and more connected.

We didn’t know what was outside the car, and we didn’t care. There could have been an audience but we were enveloped in each other.

I was getting close, I grabbed onto her beautiful ass feeling every inch of her feminine curves as I kept thrusting deeper and then held her close as wave upon wave of cum flowed into her and wishing the feeling would never end.

As I slowly pulled out, watching my cum drop from her we laughed and kissed. We slowly made our way back to our seats, and health each other’s hands, still sweaty and trying to slow our breaths. As we turned on the windscreen wipers we noticed another car making its way down the road knowing that they didn’t have to use much of their imagination to think about what we had been up to. But it was our naughty secret on a mountain road, and one we would never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32