Honey I Was Just Wondering…

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I know it’s ridiculous but still, it keeps coming back and replaying itself in my mind. Perhaps it’s knowing you will be living in close proximity, the fact that you’re suddenly single, and (if I know you), you’re hot to trot and horny as ever. It’s wrong, I know, and presumptuous to suppose it is even a possibility; but I have this friend, J, who uh, would be very interested in meeting you.

Us actually, he has some experience with um, threesomes. He lives in the area and tells me how much he pines for the times he spent with his buddy, and his buddy’s wife, before they split up and things (and relationships) went south. I’m not trying to fix you up of course, he and I are both married, and I don’t want to inject myself (if you’ll pardon the expression), into your personal life, knowing that you are starting anew and should have your own space for that. But still, if you find yourself looking for a particular type of warmth and excitement; well, I think we could make an adventure out of it, let’s just say for old times.

I’ve kept my distance for various reasons of course; me, you, my wife, your lustfulness, my terminal horniness, and your desire for someone strong, someone that can handle your passion and take what he wants from you. Obviously I’m not in any position to really help you there; and I haven’t always been sure I’m quite up to the task. I know you like it a tad rough, a little forced perhaps; certainly you seem to thrive on the thought of being taken, being sexually desired in a most physical way, over someone’s knee comes to mind.

I’ve thought of you, with your buns tanned sufficiently enough that the searing red heat from them radiates across my thighs and permeates my groin as I sink my cock into your sloppy wet pussy. Or perhaps after administering a blistering (to your satisfaction), spanking I get behind your smoldering ass and parting your red hot cheeks I bury my face between them. You’re so hot against my face my cheeks are flushed and burying my lips in your crack I work them over your sphincter, tossing your salad (as they say). I feel your bottom cheeks glowering in my hands as I challenge the last vestige of your virginity with my tongue. Working it up and down and probing and sucking I try to loosen your tight little brown button while you squirm beneath me.

Hmmmm, we are both making restless noises exclaiming our excitement. You require a little finger pressure, applied around your randy rim with lots of oil, just to get my tongue to pierce your stoic starred canyon. But I know how you like to be heated up, and I’m sure your sphincter won’t be nearly so stoic once I’m done working you over. To torture you is my plan, to drive your desire to a fever pitch.

With gusto (and the help of a finger) I force my tongue into you. It wiggles and wrests its way into your virginal brown flower; my hands roam up your thighs and over your back, alternately teasing and caressing, then canlı bahis palming and squeezing the tensing muscles flowing under your milky white skin.

My fingers deftly slide between the moist lips of your labia, bumping and sliding lightly over and back, up and down, until your clit is so hard it looks like you have an angry little red cock guarding the gateway to your sex starved dripping cunt. Soon enough you are begging to be taken, you want something hot and hard to fuck you to orgasm, to glorious completion. Finger has replaced tongue, I can feel you squeezing and releasing on my digit as it slowly penetrates and retraces its path, pumping in and out between your upturned quivering cheeks. You back up on it now, your hungry little ass taking its pleasure. Bracing yourself against my fist you push and retreat, pumping your ass back and forth on my finger.

Speeding my hands up I take you to a fever pitch, running up and down your cunt lips and in and out of your ass faster than you can move (and I know just how fast and hard you can move). Pausing, I slowly slide my finger out of your ass, holding my other hand still between your well lubed lips, lightly holding your hooded man in the boat. Ha, do you still think you don’t like it? Why can’t you keep still? You’re backing up again. What are you looking for? Thwack, thwack, thwack thwackthwackwack! You gasp for air, thrusting out your chest and then dropping your head as you snort and whinny like a mare in heat. Yes, that’s it, that’s what you like, what you’re looking for. Rekindled you move like you are on fire, your energy renewed, your sound and shaking fury reflecting just how passionate you are to be taken.

Hearing you moan I wonder if you can truly ever get enough, too much for you seems like an impossibility to me. Yes, I see you needed that; you came so hard earlier, on my tongue then again on my finger, your desire had perhaps ebbed. Your furnace needed to be stoked before I put my cock to the task of hauling your ashes. Oh my, you are so wet now, while it was just your pussy that was wet and dripping before, you now have a wet sheen covering your entire body; you undulate in the glow of your own passion.

Perhaps you are tired from being on your knees, buns up, on your hands one minute, with your breasts mashed into the floor the next. Your hands are like two children, unable to decide what toy to play with. You grope your tits and pinch your nipples one minute then grab my hand and try to frig yourself on it, mashing our fingers over your hot hooded button, then gripping the furniture legs and hanging on as though you might fall off the earth. I have two fingers buried in your burning bottom now. You are panting as though you’ve just run a marathon; no not like that, actually you are heaving and drooling like the little cock whore you, no, we, both desire you to be.

You do look lovely, so radiant as another orgasm racks you and ebbs, bahis siteleri momentarily, your desire. My cock is rock hard and throbbing now; just looking at you twisting and heaving breathlessly inspires me. Knowing my tongue and sundry talents have affixed you in this state of inert lust makes my blood boil and my own sphincter involuntarily flexes. Stopping your deflowering now would be like trying to stop a train, and I have no intention of stopping. Your sphincter opens readily to my fingers now; as if you weren’t sure about this before, but now seem ready to sell your sole to keep your hungry little hole filled. I push a third digit into your ass, twisting and turning them as you gyrate and quiver.

Then they are gone, my hands are cupping and squeezing your burning cheeks. Directing the rhythm of your body I reach for you with my tongue as you strain to ride my face. My fingers run teasingly over your mound and around your clit. Hmmmm, you are as delicious tasting as you are beautiful; my tongue moves in and out but you are moving too hard and even a single digit is no longer enough to sate you. Soon you are rocking back and forth on two fingers as again I am twisting and turning them smoothly inside you; and eventually three as you desperately climb up and down them, your rectum swallowing and squeezing. The walls of your ass are pulling them in as I move them out, only to open you up as they lose contact; like the petals of a flower your star bursts open, seeking to take them inside again.

Enough fooling around, your impatient is palpable; enough is enough, you want cock in your ass and you want it now. Oh, yes, I love how you make love to my cock with your mouth, slobbering all over it, lips and tongue greedily slurping as your ass bounces on my fingers. You are so eager now. I line the dark purple head up with the hole my fingers just left, sliding the head of my cock along your crack, up and down between those rosy hot cheeks. It is so hot back there, so wet, and so smooth and slippery.

You never were one for much patience and now you reach back with your hands and grasp my cock, holding it you push yourself over the dark head, past the outer ring of your sphincter, clutching and releasing. You may be in pain but that’s not enough to slow you down as you continue to back onto my cock. I feel myself slide past your inner ring. Your head rears up, you gasp and your throat clutches a scream, or a moan; yes it is definitely a moan now. Stilling yourself you rest on my cock as your entire existence focuses on that point, that primal penetration. The need you have for it goes way back, back to the beginning of time. It is your need to be used, to be taken, and forcibly fulfilled, as the Greeks long ago made famous. You want, no need, to feel a hot hard throbbing shaft penetrate you and pump its molten seed into the deepest recesses of your ass.

You shudder continuously now as my hot meat stabs in and bahis şirketleri out of you. I’m shaking on my knees, having resisting the temptation to plunge my cock into you till by balls bounced off your ass at the first moment of contact. But your ass is well prepared, eager even; you contract your ass muscles at my direction and hold it, working your cute little pucker on my cock, squeezing my until you feel yourself relax, seemingly of its own accord you continue to open. You feel yourself sliding down the length of my meat until all too soon for you, I am all in, my thighs are resting on your glowing butt cheeks and you can’t get a bit more no matter how hard you push. Damn, that just won’t do, you start to slide off me tentatively as I withdraw, leaving my crown barely touching the red gaping hole where your tiny little dark star used to be.

Ungh, I don’t know which of us pushed first but with primal urgency your ass is filled and my cock again sheathed. Hmmmm, yes, just like that, back and forth, in and out, in and out as time eludes us. Eventually I pull out and you crawl your ass backward in your need. I flip you onto your back. Relieved of the pressure on your knees you anxiously watch as I take your ankles in my hands and stretch them out and back until your back is off the bed and I’m there again; sliding my cock up and down the crack of your ass. Impatiently you reach down and grab me, guiding my cock back into your gaping hungry hole. You thrust your dilated ass-pussy over the bulging head of my juice dripping cock and soon I’m banging my way home again while you squeeze and pinch your nipples, pushing your breasts around to match the rhythm of your ass on my cock. Your calves rest on my shoulders now, freeing my hands for balance, and to help you tend to your trembling titties.

It’s time. A voice in my head is surprised by your wanton lust and enthusiasm; you look like you’ve done this before I muse, but the thought passes quickly. It is immaterial how you got this good I think, it only matters that I’m about to cum, and looking down I see you are again ready as well. Your eyes are rolled back under fluttering eyelids, your tongue lolling out the side of your mouth. Your two hands have moved to the center of your being and you are frigging your clit mercilessly with while trying to grasp my plunging cock and shove fingers in your pussy, all at the same time.

Ungh, ungh, ungh, hard, ungh deep, ungh, ungh ungh ungh, unaahhh. Oh my god, I think, you’ll be burping my cum I’m shooting so hard; spurt, spurt spurtspurt. I let go of your legs which I had wrapped my arms around, gripping your ankles above my head. I turn, leaving drool from my lips running down your lovely calf. Finally I slide between your thighs and collapse on top of you, my head resting on your heaving chest as our sweating bodies drip themselves cool and our breathing slowly returns.

“Whew,” you exclaim, “that was intense! Are you sure you only have one friend? I still have two holes that could use filling.” I can only smile. “Okay,” You smirk, “stop drooling on my tits and roll over. Mmmmm, yes; now stick out that tongue, you’ve still got work to do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32