Hold Me Tight

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Double Penetration

Helen sighed as she walked into her third job, the one she loved the most but usually left her physically and emotionally shattered – her bar job. Working stupid hours, usually until two in the morning with cashing up and cleaning, was the physical side. The emotional?

She was married but she had a lust for her boss.

Bryan was throwing cases of beer around in the cellar when he heard it. He would have recognised the sound from miles away, and it was still have the same effect.

Helen was screaming.

Dropping the case, he bolted for the door, not hearing the sound of twenty-four bottles crashing to the ground, only realising that the screaming had stopped, and so had all other sound, except for the door staff yelling into their radios. His pace grew faster and more frantic, and as he emerged from the cellar he was confronted by an enormous crowd, clustered around one end of the bar. Two of the doormen were trying to shift the gathering, and forced it apart to let Bryan through, his impressive size not managing to do the job on its own.

“What happened?” The dark haired man demanded, looking around for Helen. His eyes found her before anyone could reply, curled up in a foetal position on the floor, arm clutched to her and eyes wild with fear. Immediately, he dropped to his knees by her side, trying to draw the young blonde woman to him.

“I wouldn’t try boss,” One of the bar staff grunted, “He hit her pretty hard.”

Bryan barked out, “Who did?” still trying to coax Helen to him to assess her injuries.

“Some drunken jerk she refused to serve. She came down here to grab a doorman to get him shifted, and he followed her. Grabbed her arm rough and then just cracked her.”

The crowd began to shift as more door staff arrived from neighbouring bars, and Bryan ordered the place shut and tidied, still kneeling.

“Helen, can you move for me?” He asked tenderly, stroking her hair.

“Is he gone?” Her words were quiet, almost broken and they tore at the older man. He shifted her a little, leaning her up against him. There was one hell of a bruise forming on her cheek, and the urge to kiss the pain away was growing.

Forcing down the ungentlemanly thoughts, Bryan whispered softly to her, “Yep. Door staff gave him his just desserts,” and wrapped a gentle arm around her.

Hours later, when Helen had been checked by the paramedics and told to rest, Bryan eyed the sleeping blonde on his bed. She was a beauty to him, well rounded figure, blonde hair that cascaded down her back when she let it free from the almost permanent braid it was worn in. Her eyes, when open, were brilliant green ringed in amber fire, so expressive of her emotion bursa escort they were truly the windows to her soul.

But right now they were closed in sleep, and Helen’s beautiful perfection was marred by a rather ugly bruise forming on her cheek.

Sighing, Bryan dragged himself from his chair and his meandering thoughts, turning his mind back to why she was here. Physically, his employee was fine, mentally she was shaken up – in shock. The doctors had advised she not be left alone, and her husband was away on business.

Her husband. The precise reason he should *not* be having these thoughts.

Waking in a strange room already added to the unhampered panic Helen had been feeling. But strong arms pulling her close in an embrace soothed her. Relaxing back into the owner of those arms, a soft voice asked, “How are you feeling?”

“Sleepy,” Was the soft reply, “And scared. Where am I Bryan?”

My bed, Was his immediate thought for a response, but he bit it back. “My home. You were in no fit state to go home alone.” He paused, one hand drawing small circles on her abdomen lazily, as if to distract her. “I can leave if you want.”

Sleep fogged Helen’s mind as she replied, “S’ok… S’nice…” and leant back further into him.

Bryan tried to stop his response, but his body betrayed him, flaring to life at the feel of her beautifully rounded behind coming into contact with him. Breathing became ragged, and it took all his concentration to keep drawing the circles and not bunch his hand up in the fabric and drag it from her body. It didn’t help he’d tossed her one of his old shirt and short sets to sleep in…. And that right now his nose was filled with their combined scents. Did she have any idea how sexy her smell was? How it inflamed him?

Her mewling cry broke through the reverie that had him entranced. “What’s wrong?” He asked against her neck, lips barely millimetres from her skin. Her hands were clawing at his, almost as if to get him out of the way.

“Too many clothes… Too warm,” She replied gaspingly. “Off… now…”

His fingers helped hers strip off the cotton shirt, but the shorts didn’t survive his grasp, falling to shreds in his urgency to help ease her. “Better?” The word rasped into her ear and she nodded in response.

Now, laid out naked in front of him, Bryan couldn’t help but drink in the sensual creature in front of him. How long had she been hiding such golden beauty from him? Rose tipped nipples sat on glorious handful-sized breasts, sweet curving waistline and hips that just begged to be grasped as he plunged to heaven…

His body stirred even more and Bryan forced himself up, off the bed. “Are you hungry?” He bursa escort bayan asked, turned away from her.

“Only for you.”

Bryan thought he was hearing things, and turned back to Helen laid on his bed. Her eyes were on him, intent clearly shining in them, and he growled, long and low. “You don’t want me,” He said softly, even as her eyes travelled across his naked chest, down to his beaten sweatpants.

“Yes, I do.”

The dark-haired man raked his hand through thinning hair and scrubbed his face. “How hard did he *hit* you?” He asked softly, hands coming to settle on his hips. “You’re married sweetling…” The words were soft.

“And?” Helen swung her legs around, giving Bryan a glimpse of the nest of curls between her thighs. “Do you want me?” She asked softly, crossing the floor a little unsteadily, before her hands made contact with his chest and slid upward, coming to rest on his shoulder blades.

Another growl loosed itself from Bryan’s throat. “You can’t do this.”

“Yes, I can,” Helen replied, and pulled his head down to hers, lips connecting in a punishing, bruising kiss, tongue dancing against his mouth, seeking, begging for entrance.

The desire that had begun to wane flared back into existence as Bryan pulled her curved frame sharp against him, letting her feel the power of his arousal against her stomach, lifting the smaller woman against his chest and carrying her back to the bed. The pair tumbled down onto the sheets, as Bryan’s hand broke away from her back to tangle in her hair, long kisses intermingled with short, biting ones. Lust flared through them both as he took command, controlling the pace, the passion, leaving Helen gasping and begging for more.

Once he had feasted awhile on her lips he broke off, dropping little kisses across her face, before investigating the line of her neck, licking and sucking, nibbling when he discovered just how sensitive her flesh was there, revelling in the feel of her body arched against his. And when she thought she couldn’t feel any more, he moved down her body, exploring her breasts with fingers and tongue, neglecting the nipples until her voice almost broke in begging him to suck them, lick them, touch them somehow. Only then did he draw them into his mouth, lathing them with finger and tongue until her voice was no longer coherent.

Once she was distracted by his mouth on her, a hand stole down her body to slip between her thighs, seeking out her clit. Her shriek of pleasure, so loud the whole block must have heard her, told Bryan he had found what he sought, and his fingers played her expertly, drawing more cries and gasps from her, until he could sense her drawing close to the edge.

As escort bursa her wordless cries increased in tempo, Bryan lowered his head to her and began to lick. This was more than her inflamed passions could take, and as Bryan slid a finger into her, Helen came with a gasping scream, clenching around his fingers.

He didn’t stop until her breathing slowed to a more manageable level, slipping up her body slowly and drawing her into his arms, settling her against his chest to come back down to Earth. No words were spoken for a long while. Her eyes slid up to his, which had gone smoky in passion, and a smile stole across her face as she pushed him back onto the pillows.

“Your turn.” She declared, lowering her mouth to his as she straddled him, tangling her tongue with his as her hands went on an exploratory mission, seeking out his sensitive places, teasing those she found until her head moved lower, ravishing his neck, his chest, his stomach, not stopping until she reached his cock and took it into her mouth.

Byran’s hips bucked of their own accord, he couldn’t control his reactions to the feel of her mouth wrapped so sweetly around him, and it had been too long since this had been done to him… “Sweetling…” He choked out, “Stop… Please…”

Helen stopped, and looked up, one hand still wrapped around him. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, no sweetling…” His hand captured her arm and hauled the blonde up to him. “Its just… If you hadn’t stopped, this would have been over far too soon…” The dark-haired man kissed the tip of his lovers nose before flipping her onto her back. “And I want this to be good for you.”

Cradled within her thighs, he began to kiss her again, long and slow, reviving both their passions. It wasn’t long before his body was begging for completion, for hers, and slowly, he drove into her.

“God, sweetling, you feel so good,” Bryan groaned, sheathing himself in her as his ears filled with her keening cry of response. He stilled a moment, letting both their bodies adjust to the feel of the other. If he moved right now, it would be over.

But Helen took that decision from him, shifting her hips, uncertainly at first, then finding a rhythm, driving against him, inciting his need to thrust, to move. Their cries mingled as their bodies danced, his hands tangling in hers, pulling them above her head, stretching their bodies out so that they touched at every point possible. Frenzy entered the rhythm as Bryan felt himself nearing completion.

“I can’t…” He growled, “Hold on…” His head buried itself against her neck as a roar was rent from him, finding his release, and Helen followed with a gasping scream, clenching around him, drawing out his orgasm with hers.

Hours later, Helen dressed, and brushed a kiss against her lovers forehead, slipping out of his home and into the night, to face an unpleasant conversation with her husband.

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