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Being a teacher you hear many things, especially when your desk sits right next to the frosted glass window, and the path to the senior courtyard runs right beneath it. The courtyard itself starts at the end of the building, where the staff room was located. Sometimes the children would sit on the path, eating or just chatting to each other. We had a vast number of students at Cougar High, too many for the amount of teachers we had, in fact three of the specialized staff rooms had been remodeled into classrooms which meant those teachers had to regroup into the remaining staff rooms.

The English/history staff room was where I had always been, I was an English teacher, but also taught one class of drama three times a week around my English classes, only leaving me with four spare periods. Because I was already established in the originally named English staff room, my desk was just pushed to the back of the room. I didn’t mind though, I found the chatter coming in through the windows fascinating, and sometimes intoxicating.

During lunch periods I would listen to the seniors below my window talk and bitch about each other, I learnt so much. Betty’s mom was a lesbian; Shawn and Kate slept together on the weekend; Shian was really a size twelve but she would cut the tags out of her clothes; Robert was the one who sold cigarettes to the juniors who were stupid enough to keep getting caught; I also heard which of the teachers the students thought were hot, which ones would be if they had a makeover and which ones just had no chance. I was quite surprised to hear one day that I, myself was a prize of a teacher, quite a few of the female students thought I was do-able.

Not many of the girls really caught my attention though. Most of them were skin and bones, which for me was a major turn off, a few of my colleagues thought they were cute though. The one student that did get my blood flowing was a larger girl, she was in none of my classes, but because she did history she would come to my staffroom and knock on the door, asking for her history teacher. Tabitha was a beauty. Long black hair, grey eyes, cute little upturned nose, full luscious looking lips, gorgeous curves to her waist and thighs, and her chest was a knockout. Her cleavage easily showed in her uniform, the buttons strained and pulled when she moved.

I almost choked on my tongue the first time she knocked on the door, this was two weeks after the staff rooms had been merged, everything was in a shambles, books and papers everywhere, a small path leading to each path. I answered the door. “Hi Mr. Scott, I was wondering if Mrs. Frances was here?” I stared at her, my brain going to mush, at first I forgot that the staff rooms had been merged. I realized I had been staring at her for a time, clearing my throat I turned and called into the clutter bursa escort of the room. Jane Frances emerged.

“Thank you David. Miss Peat, how can I help you?” Jane squeezed passed me and the two of them stepped out into the hallway. I picked my way back to my desk and sat down heavily at it. I could feel my body stirring, reacting to the gorgeous beauty that stood in front of me. I knew it was wrong, after all the girl was only eighteen, and I was thirty-five. Then there was the fact that I was a teacher and she was a student. So the day Jane called in sick I jumped at the chance to sub her class, which coincidentally happened to be Tabitha’s history lessons.

I really had no idea about history, definitely wasn’t my forte, but we were stretched thin for teachers as it was so we all had to pitch in and help with classes. When I arrived at the classroom door I heard murmurings from the students, a couple of the girls were lost in giggles. “Good morning class, as most of you know I’m Mr. Scott, your teacher Mrs. Frances is ill today so I will be subbing for her today.” I let the group into the room, waiting for the noise to die down again as they found their seats. I watched them, leaning against the teachers desk at the front of the class.

Quiet filled the room as all eyes came to rest on me. “I do admit I know nothing of history, and I know that being a sub that not much work will actually be done today, remember I was your age once too, and the sub’s job was a joke back then, as like now.” The students chuckled. “I’m not sure how long your teacher will be gone, so for today we’ll just be getting to know one another, if you feel the need to study or catch up on any other work, please do. Just try to keep noise to a minimum though.”

For the next twenty minutes I went around the class to each group of tables, getting everyone’s names and just general info about them. Finally I reached Tabitha who was sitting with two students I already knew, they were in my English class. “Hello Bobby, Cynthia.” He smiled at them. Cynthia spoke up.

“Mr. Scott, this is my best friend Tabitha.” I nodded and took her hand, it was warm and soft, my skin buzzed with electricity, an electricity I hadn’t felt in many years. I smiled at the three kids, my gaze lingering a bit too long on Tabitha, I couldn’t help myself.

“Hello Tabitha, how are you?” her voice was soft and soothing, it sent waves of shivers through my body. Cynthia said something making the three of them burst into fits of laughter. Her laugh was just as intoxicating as the rest of her. I spent the rest of the period talking to the three students until the bell rang. Everyone jumped out their seats, vacating the room quite quickly. I stood, walking to the door with Cynthia, Bobby and Tabitha. “Have a good afternoon kids. If your teacher is bursa escort bayan still ill tomorrow then I will probably be filling in again tomorrow.

I watched as they walked away, joining the throng of students. I couldn’t keep my eyes off Tabitha. Her skirt was above knee length, her shirt semi-see through, her breasts straining against the buttons of her shirt, her white knee-high socks with chunky black heels; she even had the school-girl pig-tails; she was driving me crazy. I slipped back inside the class room and sat at the desk. I couldn’t get my mind off Tabitha.

My erection was straining against my pants, making them tight and uncomfortable. I looked over at the door then back down at my bulging pants. I needed release, and I needed it now. School was finished and the only people that would be coming into the rooms were cleaners. But I knew for a fact these rooms were the last ones that they did. I looked at the door again then undid my pants, my hands moving onto my hard shaft, beginning to masturbate.

My imagination running away with me as I thought of Tabitha kneeling in front of me, her lips locked around my erect cock. I let out a quiet moan and closed my eyes as I continued pleasing myself. A guilty pleasure, with thoughts of a student invading my mind.

I heard a gasp from the doorway, my eyes flew open and I looked up at the doorway, standing quickly, my hands pulling my pants back up. Tabitha stood in the doorway, her face bright red and her gaze turned away from me. I crossed to the door, my hands quickly doing up my pants. My mouth dropped open but no sound came out, I looked a bit like a fish with my mouth opening and closing. Tabitha’s gaze moved to meet mine.

“I just came to get… I forgot…” her voice was slightly better than mine, at least it was working. My eyes scanned her body, her chest was heaving, and her breathing had become fast and heavy. I reached out, before I realized, taking her by the arm gently and pulling her inside, shutting the door behind her. I slid my hands around her waist and pressed in to her, my lips met hers as I kissed her passionately. I felt her hands move down my body, finding my pants and undoing them. Her fingers wrapped around my cock, teasing me with light touches.

I let my own hands wander her body, ripping open her shirt and finding her ample breasts, I massaged them, groaning as her hands worked on me. I couldn’t believe that this was happening. Tabitha’s hands roaming over my body was driving me crazy. Not being able to handle it a moment longer I lowered her underwear, pulling her to the teachers table. Standing behind her I bent her over the table, spreading her legs I slid slowly into her.

She breathed in sharply as I entered her wet pussy, gripping her hips I pulled back slowly then pushed deep inside escort bursa her, my hands moving her forming a rhythm. She was moaning softly, but began to grow louder and louder. I pumped into her harder and faster. “Mr. Scott… oh god!” my hard cock twitched inside her as she spoke.

Stepping back my legs hit the chair behind me and I sat on it, bringing Tabitha down on top of me, my hands moved to her chest feeling her breasts bounce in them as she moved up and down on my hard shaft. I trailed kisses on the back of her neck. Then she stopped and stood, turning to look down at me in the chair. I reached out my hands to her waist and pulled her back down into my lap.

She took my hands with her own and placed them around her, then slid her hands down my chest and abdomen to stroke my cock. “I’ve thought about this ever since the day I first saw you, then again so have half the other girls in school, but why me? What makes me special, I’m not skinny like all of them.” She spoke softly, my ears barely picking up what was said.

“You’re the one that takes my breath away Tabitha, since the day you knocked on the staff room door looking for your teacher. You made me so hard that day, I almost missed my class that afternoon because I was afraid to move from my desk, and today, why do you think I spent most of my time with your group instead of the rest of the class. You are so intoxicating like a drug; I can’t get enough of you.”

A smile formed on her face as she begun to stand, her hands still on me, but she did not leave, instead she positioned me beneath her, letting me penetrate her hot wet pussy again. She felt so good, so tight unlike a few of the women I had dated in the past. She moaned softly as I slid inside her again. “I want you to fuck me Mr. Scott, teach me a lesson; I’ve been a very bad girl…”

At this statement I lost it, I went berserk; I stood, pushing her down onto the table, slamming my dick deep inside her beautiful, hot, wet cunt. Grunting with the effort I pushed harder and deeper, hearing Tabitha almost screaming with pleasure. I watched her whole body move with my movements, her tits bouncing within its constraints. I leant down to kiss her.

She locked her legs tightly around my butt, helping to pull me harder into her with each stroke, her hands played with her tits and occasionally wandered to her pussy which excited me more being able to watch this young woman play with herself in front of me. I was close, I could feel it building. I knew that I shouldn’t cum inside her but I couldn’t help it.

Then Tabitha’s body shook with an orgasm and I couldn’t hold back any longer, I let out a growl as my cum shot forth inside her pussy, my hands on either side of her head supporting me from the event. I could feel her twitching around my cock, milking every last drop of me into her. Shivers ran up and down my spine each time she contracted and released her muscles.

She pulled me down to kiss her, her arms remaining around me. Both of us were covered in sweat from our forbidden activity.

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