Higher Education Ch. 02

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Chapter 1

The early morning sunlight coming into the room brought me gradually out of a sensual dream. I was getting a sweet blowjob. I forced my eyes open and saw that it wasn’t a dream. Abigail was on her knees between my legs, sucking me. A sigh came to my lips and I reached down to caress her soft hair.

She looked up and I saw her eyes smiling back at me. Her lips were too stuffed to smile. Slowly, her eyes closed and she continued to suck. She did love to “suck cock” as she said. I laid my head back on the pillow and was enjoying her skill when the bedroom door suddenly opened. My eyes flew open and I jumped when I saw Maria come into the room carrying a tray with toast and coffee. I could feel my face turn red with embarrassment as she walked beside the bed and set the tray down on the night table. Then I saw her smile at me. Abigail ignored her and, if she minded, she gave no indication.

Suddenly, the specter of having someone watch made me tremble with excitement.

Maria took her time arranging the food and coffee on the tray. I could see her eyes scanning up and down my body as she watched her boss suck me.

I reached down and grasped Abigail’s head, moving it up and down on my now pulsing shaft. Her eyes opened again and she looked up. I knew that she could see Maria watching us. However, instead of stopping she moaned and moved her head faster. My hips lifted from the bed and I groaned as the head of my penis pulsed with excitement. I knew that I couldn’t take much more. When Abigail began to move her hand on my shaft, I groaned quietly and reached my peak. The swollen head of my penis expanded and began to spit my thick juice into her mouth. Abigail moaned and swallowed repeatedly as she sucked my balls dry.

Before my penis went soft, Maria scurried out of the room and closed the door. I reached down and pulled Abigail up until she was lying in my arms. Our lips met in a tender morning kiss.

The sun was only just above the horizon when I gently pulled my arm from around Abigail’s sleeping head. I went into the bathroom and found a bath towel and wrapped it around my waist. I needed to find my clothes and get out of there. I didn’t know if Abigail cared but I preferred not to be seen leaving her house after staying all night. I wasn’t sure of her status or power at the time but I didn’t want to get both of us fired for having sex, especially me.

I grabbed a piece of toast and a cup of coffee and walked barefooted down the long staircase and into the study. However, I didn’t see my clothes. I went back into the foyer and down the hall, looking for the laundry room, figuring that Maria might have thrown my clothes in there. I went through the large modern kitchen and opened a door that I thought was the laundry room. I was in luck. Apparently Maria had ironed and folded my clothes and left them on a table. My shoes were lying next to my shirt and pants. I stuffed the piece of toast into my mouth, dropped my towel, and grabbed my pants. Just as I bent over to slip them on I heard something behind me. I turned around and saw Maria standing in the doorway. I was naked with one foot in my pants as I stood staring at the pretty woman.

“Very nice butt for an Anglo,” Maria said in Spanish.

What she didn’t know was that I spoke fluent Spanish. It was a critical part of my job in the Army. Like in the US, there are numerous dialects of the same language in South America. From the few words I had heard Maria say, I surmised that she was from a northern province of Colombia. In fact, I knew most of the varieties from that part of the world because I had spent several years working there to stop the drug trade

I pulled the piece of toast from my mouth and responded, also in Spanish, using a dialect that she was familiar with. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

The shock was evident on her face. She spoke again in Spanish, saying, “So you think you’re pretty smart huh?”

I looked her up and down before I responded. She was wearing a pair of skintight white slacks and a black, low cut top. Her casual attire indicated that she was obviously off work now. My eyes came to rest on her substantial cleavage. I hadn’t noticed when she had on her maid’s outfit, but her breasts were huge for a tiny woman. She could not have been over five-foot two in her stocking feet. Her hair was dark brown and her eyes were even darker brown. When our eyes met, I thought that I could see the famous Hispanic passion glowing in her eyes. I said in Spanish, “No, I’m not that smart, but I know a beautiful and passionate woman when I see one.” I was amazed at what one night of passion did for my confidence. I was almost cocky.

A look of disbelief came to her face. She sized me up to see if I was serious before she decided to answer. “Thank you!” she said in English.

“You’re welcome and I meant it.”

“Maybe you had better get your pants on,” she said with a smile as she looked down at my still naked body.

My face turned red when I realized that I had forgotten that I was bursa escort exposed. I sheepishly pulled my Dockers up and reached for my shirt.

“I’m sorry but I did not find any underwear when I picked up your clothes.”

“I didn’t wear any,” I said and blushed again.

“I guess that’s quicker when you’re servicing women.”

I detected a hint of disdain in her voice. I guess she figured I was just a gigolo, looking to get ahead by servicing the boss. “Listen, this isn’t what you think,” I said, not entirely sure that it wasn’t what she thought.

“You don’t have to explain anything to me,” she said and then added sarcastically, “I’m just the maid.”

“Come on Maria, don’t be like that. Don’t put yourself and me down. Besides, you don’t even know me.”

“I’m not sure I want to know you.” She leaned against the doorframe and crossed her arms over her large breasts… maybe because I kept staring at them.

“Why not? I think that I’m a pretty sensitive and caring guy, besides being a gentleman.”

She looked at me incredulously and her eyebrows rose.

“It’s true.”

“If you say so.”

“I tell you what, why don’t you let me buy you dinner tonight and I’ll prove it to you?” I could tell that her first thought was to tell me to drop dead. However, I smiled at her and said, “Please.”

She didn’t answer right away. Finally she said, “All right gringo, but I chose the restaurant.”

“Fair enough,” I said and smiled as I buttoned my shirt. “I don’t have a car so I’ll pick you up in a cab about seven. Can we meet down on Tyson and Monroe? I… uh… I… well I’d rather not have Abi… Dean VanBuren see us.”

“Yea, that would probably be a good idea. I work for her too.”

Then I thought for a minute. I was embarrassed but I had to add, “The restaurant won’t be too pricey will it? I don’t have a lot of money. I’m a poor teacher you know.”

“No, but it’s not Taco Bell either.”

“Good on both counts,” I said and laughed. She laughed too, her pretty teeth shinning. I liked Maria. I thought that we somehow connected, even if she didn’t. Maybe it was because I had spent so much time in her area of the world. Whatever the reason, I felt an immediate kinship to her.

I left the house whistling like I had when I arrived last night. Things were looking up I thought, ignoring the obviously dangerous path I was now on.

I was apprehensive as I rode in the taxi toward my meeting with Maria. I was pretty sure that she wouldn’t show up. Why should she? She didn’t know anything about me. Sometimes I do dumb things and this might have been one of them.

When the taxi arrived at Monroe and Tyson, there was no Maria. I was about to tell the driver to take me home when I saw her hurrying down the street. I smiled to myself as I watched her rush to the taxi, her breasts bouncing freely. She was wearing a tight white sweater with short sleeves and a v-neck that showed off her ample cleavage, black stretch pants, and high heels. I loved the way Hispanic women dressed. They weren’t afraid to show their bodies, although some of them probably should have been.

As she bent over to get into the cab, her large breasts giggled, confirming that she didn’t have a bra on. “Hi,” I said and added in Spanish, “I didn’t think you would show.” I said it in Spanish because I preferred not to let the taxi driver know my personal business. I was pretty sure he was Arab.

“I almost didn’t,” she responded, also in Spanish.

“I’m glad you did. You look beautiful.”

She blushed and said “Thank you.”

“Where too?”

“Estavar’s on Twenty-second Street,” she said, more to the driver than to me.

We made small talk while we drove to the restaurant. I found out that she was the oldest of eight children and that all of her family still lived in Colombia. She had worked in this country for four years and sent money home to her family every month. I could see sadness in her eyes as she spoke of her family. I changed the subject, not wanting to start the evening on a sad note.

“So, how is Dean VanBuren to work for?”

“She is wonderful, if not a little… how you say… ‘extentrick’?”

“Eccentric. I can see that. She seems like she can be very demanding though.”

“Si… but she has been good to me.”

“She was pretty good to me last night too,” I said before I thought. I looked at Maria and she didn’t seem to take offense at that.

“Ms. VanBuren is… is a highly sexual lady for sure. However, it seems that most American’s that I meet are hung up about sex. Ms. VanBuren isn’t.” She laughed and her face lit up.

So did mine. I liked this lady.

When we arrived at the restaurant, Maria waited for me to open the door of the taxi. You don’t see that much in America anymore. She was going to force me to be a gentleman. I paid the cab driver and we went into the restaurant. It was a small restaurant that appeared to cater to the Hispanic trade. As soon as I walked in, I realized that I might have been the only Anglo in bursa escort bayan the place. That was fine with me, I was used to being around this crowd.

The host greeted Maria like family and they hugged. Maria introduced me and I said a few words in Spanish. Then we were led to a nice table in the corner. When the waiter came over, Maria greeted him like a long lost brother.

“Paulo, this is my new friend Jim Adams.”

I liked her use of the word friend “new friend.” “Pleased to meet you,” I said and shook his hand. I don’t ever remember shaking a waiter’s hand. Obviously, Maria and Paulo were good friends.

“May I get you a drink?” he asked.

“How about the house wine,” I answered, figuring it would be the cheapest.

“Very good,” Paulo said and left.

When he returned a few minutes later he had what I realized was a very expensive bottle of wine. I looked at Maria and frowned. Paulo saw it and whispered “On the house.” My face brightened.

I asked when Paulo had left again, “Is Paulo your boyfriend?”

“No, just a good friend.”

I sighed in some relief. I asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Suddenly, Maria looked shy. “Yes,” she whispered.

I raised my eyebrows, wondering why she had agreed to go out with me.

She knew what I was thinking and added, “He lost his “green card” and had to go back home a couple of months ago.” Maria looked like she was going to cry.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” I thought for a minute and said, “I have some friends that might be able to help.” It seemed like the right thing to say.

“Can you?” she asked, her face changing from a frown to excitement.

“I can’t promise anything but I can try.” I hoped that I hadn’t put my foot in my mouth.

Maria smiled and reached over and squeezed my hand. A tear trickled down her cheek.

I grasped her hand and held it. An electric shock when though me and I think Maria could feel it too. I could see Maria’s face begin to flush hot. There was definitely something here.

The rest of the evening was very enjoyable. We finished the bottle of wine and ate a wonderful ethnic dish that Maria suggested. Paulo was very attentive and even brought us another bottle of wine. I hoped that he wasn’t going to get in trouble or lose his job, although he said he had another job as a waiter in a fancy restaurant at a big hotel in the city.

Everyone seemed to know Maria, including the owner who made a point of introducing himself. Somehow it felt like we were at a family outing rather than a restaurant. By the time we left I think I knew everyone there. Maria and I were a little tipsy but also well fed.

The taxi dropped us off on Monroe and Tyson and we walked the rest of the way. I took a chance and reached over to hold Maria’s hand. I was pleased when she didn’t pull away.

Maria had an apartment in the basement of Dean VanBuren’s house. We quietly went around to the back of the house until we reached some steps. We went down the steps until we were standing outside her door. It was rather dark with one dim light bulb above our heads.

“I had a wonderful time. Thank you!” I said sincerely.

“So did I,” she admitted almost reluctantly.

Suddenly I was very uncomfortable. I was trying to decide whether I should kiss her or not. I remembered that I told her that I could prove that I was a gentleman. I touched her face and said, “Well, I guess I had better be going.” I turned to leave.

Before I reached the first step, Maria grabbed my arm pulled me back to her quickly. Suddenly, we were kissing passionately. I moaned as her sweet tongue entered my mouth. When I felt her large breasts pressing to my chest I started to get excited. My hands slipped down her back until they were at the top of her buttocks. I wasn’t sure how far to go. However, when Maria’s hips began to squirm against my rapidly hardening penis, I moved my hands lower and grabbed her ass, pulling her into me. I heard her moan.

As our kisses continued, I moved my hands until they were under her sweater in back. Slowly I moved them across the soft skin on her sides until they were in front and between us. Maria moaned and moved back slightly. I figured it was okay to go further. I inched my hands upward, moving ever closer to those wonderful breasts that I had been staring at all night. A second later I had them in my hands. Now we were both moaning as I kneaded her soft flesh. Her breasts were as warm and soft as I had hoped they would be.

Maria pulled her mouth from mine and I thought she was going to protest. Instead she buried her head in my shoulder and whimpered in excitement. Growing bold, I raised my hands and pushed the sweater upward until both breasts were free. Quickly I bent my head and lifted one large orb to my lips.

“Oh God,” Maria gasped as I began to suck her large nipple.

I hadn’t even noticed but as I was busy with her breast, Maria had reached behind her and unlocked her door. Slowly she began to move backward, bringing us both through escort bursa the now open door. When I realized what was happening I pulled my mouth from one wet nipple and smiled. I slammed the door with my foot and turned back to Maria, pulling her back into my arms. Suddenly, we were going after each other like we were love-starved teenagers. I practically ripped her sweater as I pulled it over her head. Her fingers fumbled as she rushed to unbutton my shirt. A second later, her soft breasts were pressing to my bare chest and we were sucking each other’s tongues again.

Maria pulled away, gasping for breath. She whispered, “Let me suck you.” Then she began to move slowly down my body, kissing my chest and stomach as she passed.

I didn’t protest as the dark haired beauty went to her knees. I watched, without helping, as her shaking fingers opened my pants and pulled my zipper down. She gasped as my pants fell to the floor. I hadn’t worn underwear again and my penis sprung out at her. The head was already dripping my pre-cum juice.

Maria mumbled something in Spanish and grabbed my penis. She stared at it for a second before bringing it to her open mouth. I moaned as she took me inside. Suddenly I was in heaven as her soft lips and wet mouth sucked me. My fingers entwined in her hair and I gently led her head up and down.

This was one passionate lady. Her mouth was like a vacuum cleaner. While she couldn’t take me all the way down her throat, I didn’t care. My hips began to move back and forth as my excitement grew. I pushed her back because I didn’t want to cum that way.

Maria face showed surprise as my penis popped from her sucking mouth.

I pulled her up and kissed her again then led her over to the sofa. It was my turn to get to my knees. I quickly stripped her pants off, leaving just her heels on. When I spread her legs I saw that she had a dark bush that was trimmed short and neatly into a V, pointing to the smooth lips of her sex. Her vagina was gorgeous and positively huge. The outer lips were large and puffy and the inner lips were pink and swollen. It was going to be more than a mouth full.

“Oh yes,” Maria moaned as I began to kiss her thighs.

Slowly I moved downward until I was an inch from her swollen sex. I reached up with my fingers and opened her lips. The large clit practically sprung out at me. It looked like a miniature penis. Maria jumped when I blew warm air onto it. Then with an animal like moan I opened my mouth and sucked the smooth nub into my mouth.

“Ahhhheee!!!” she screamed. Her legs shot up in the air and her thighs wrapped around my head.

I had never eaten a woman with this much flesh on her vagina. It filled my mouth and I could taste her sweet juice as it ran out like a river. I began to lick the fleshy lips slowly, taking my time to find every nook and grove. When my tongue reached her hole, I used my fingers to spread her open. Then I stiffened my tongue and plunged it inside.

“Oh… my… God,” the excited lady screamed in her native language and grabbed my head. She began to “fuck” my face, smearing her juice from my forehead to my chin. I let her do what she wanted. Within seconds her body lifted off the sofa and she screamed that she was cumming. My face was deluged in her warm juice and suddenly it seemed like I was eating a warm watermelon. Her copious juice ran out of my mouth and dripped from my chin. I couldn’t swallow it all. I had heard of women that climaxed like this but this was my first experience with a “squirter.” It was wet and nasty but I loved it. I sucked until I though she was finished climaxing. However when I tried to pull my face away, she pulled me back and suddenly began to push against my lips again. Seconds later she screamed and began to squirt again. Each time I thought she was done, she would start again. It went on like this for quite some time. I had the feeling that she would continue to climax for as long as I continued to use my mouth on her. By the time she let me go, I don’t think there was an inch of my upper body that wasn’t covered in her juice.

When I lifted my head from her saturated crotch, I saw her smiling down at me with a sheepish grin. Then she whispered, “I’m sorry, I should have warned you…. some men don’t like… you know… like that.”

“Not a problem for me, I loved it,” I said with a smile and then licked my lips.

Maria began to move. “Come up here and let me do you.”

We switched places. Maria was now on her knees between my legs, my throbbing penis ready to explode in her face. I watched as she took my shaft in one hand and cupped my testicles in the other. She said, “Very nice,” in Spanish.

I closed my eyes as she began to lick my balls, moving her tongue slowly upward and across the hard shaft. When she got to the head, she twirled her tongue around the dripping slit to collect my juice and then sucked it into her mouth. It was about that time that I began to moan.

Maria giggled and pulled back. She knelt up, lifted one of her breasts and brought it toward my swollen penis head. Then she pulled my shaft down and rubbed her large and very hard nipple across the slit, coating her nipple with my juice. When it was shinny she lifted her breast to her own mouth and licked it clean.

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