High Libido-Brother Pt. 01

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Her coffee tasted like pumpkin pie. The good kind, not like those cheap coffees from other cafes.

Across the table sat her brother’s ex, Dian. She had platinum blonde hair and well kept nails. Her clothes were form fitting which looked great thanks to her toned body.

“I mean like he has a good dick and he’s certainly good looking. It’s just that he only knows how to jam it in, you know?” Dian waved her hand around trying to give a visual aid.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I had a boyfriend who thought that sex ended when he ejaculated.”

Stacey said this knowing it was her life long friend’s experience and not hers. Well it’s not like she was going to admit to this girl that she was a virgin. Mostly because that’s not the point here. She just wanted to make her feel comfortable enough to tell her more about her brother’s sexual skills… well lack thereof.

Dian took a long sip from her triple espresso before continuing. “I’m not surprised he couldn’t hold onto anyone for more than a month. Jam jam jam is all he can do.”

“Oh, so he never listened to you?” She couldn’t believe that her big bro would ignore his girlfriends critiques. Yet she feared that he could be one of those guys that only cared about himself.

“What do you mean?” Dian looked confused. Like she didn’t even understand what the question was. “Ohh, yeah he sort of listened to me when I asked him to go faster and harder. After that I just kinda expected him to figure out the rest. I mean it’s not rocket science right?

What?! “You do understand that it’s rare for a man to know what a girl wants instinctively? Like I know I like a little bit of pain.”

Dian sighed. “Look, I don’t want to be with someone that I have to give instructions on how to fuck me.” Leaning forward she whispered. “I know he’s your brother. I also know he wants to fuck you cause I caught him looking at your only fans. It looks like you two are going to enivitably fuck and I swear I won’t say anything to anyone cause I know you two can end up in prison if you’re caught. Just promise you’ll be more careful from here on out. You do seem like a good girl after all.”

That confused her, Dian’s concern for her and that prison part. “Wait, how can we go to prison? I don’t understand?”

Dian leand back in her seat with a smile. 1xbet yeni giriş “I looked into the law on incest. Mostly because I wanted to have a threesome with my twin and her boyfriend. Turns out incest is in fact illegal as much as it’s frowned upon.”

“So I take it you didn’t have that threesome then?” She said thinking how sad it was that the law would keep her and her brother apart sexually.

“Oh we did it. Hell, I’m going home to get double teamed by my strap on wearing sister and her boyfriend. We just make it a point to do it with the curtains down or at night. Safer for us.”

“Oh… that’s nice. Well then we should stop talking about it in public then.”

“Well that’s why we’re whispering.” Dian gave a cheeky smile and left.

“That was an interesting conversation.” She said under her breath as she walked home.

If what Dian said was true, then her brother had a thing for her. Something that she thought she had to work for.

Turns out all she needed to do now was to get him to make a move on her. Which was going to be hard when they were both still living with their step mom.

She knew that Dad being home wasn’t going to be an issue. He was already three weeks in on his two month business trip. Probably balls deep in some hooker by now.

Well even if dad was home she was certain he wouldn’t care. Hell she was certain he might join in if his drunken sex texts were any indicator. Or the times he sent her nudes only to apologize and ask her to delete them.

She took her phone out and browsed the pics of her daddy displaying his long hard member. Yeah she never deleted them. In fact she sometimes masturbated to them when she was done fantasizing about her brother.

Finally she swiped to the video of her daddy fucking some girl. The image of her daddy’s toned body slamming against that brunette again and again. The way she screamed ‘fuck me harder daddy!’ The short clip always made her a little wet.

While on the subject of sex. Asking her brother to buy her some condoms might make him bolder. Sex toys don’t seem to be doing it. So hopefully something that has to go on a real person would give him an idea.

Her plan was to spread those same condoms over his bed. Bold and direct is what guys needed. Well that was what her stream 1xbet giriş chat said. So buying condoms for your lithe sister only to find them over your own bed is totally direct and bold! Totally screams ‘bend me over and take me.’

If that plan proves too subtle then she would just go with her next one. Wearing nothing, bent over with her legs spread apart. Looking over her shoulder pleading for him to take her then and there.

Just in case the condoms weren’t direct enough.

Steps before her front door she felt her phone buzzing in her pocket. It was her dad sending texts.

”I’m going to eat your cunt till you scream daddy.” The text was followed up by a pic of her dad sticking his tongue out between his fingers.

Ok, how many times has he accidentally sextted her now? Way too much. No way he could be doing this accidentally by now.

She thought about her options as she sat on the porch. She could send some nude pics and tell him that she could call him ‘daddy’ all day. Or play innocent until she slept with her brother.

Oh wait a moment! Her new plan was getting her super excited! She could send him pics of her body without her face. Then see how long she could keep sexting her dad before he finds out it was her!

If he calls her out on it then she can act like she thought he was a different guy. Which would only work if he accepted that she has fantasies of her dad fucking her. Which she really, REALLY hopes that he sees. After that it will only be a matter of time before he makes a move on her.

Although she wondered if she could get her brother and daddy to both take her? Maybe not at once, not a fan of anal. Perhaps she could convince them to take turns fucking her brains out!

Her breathing quickened, adrenaline began pumping through her veins. She ran inside the house going straight to the bathroom. Taking her shirt and bra off she then aimed her phone’s camera at the mirror image of her topless form.

Snapping a pic of herself from the neck down. An arm propping her breasts up so they would appear sexier.

Before she could think to stop she pressed send. Her daddy now having a nude of her. An invitation.

Hours passed as night came. Her father still hasn’t responded. Her brother came home from work and stayed in his room. Probably 1xbet güvenilirmi beating his meat to her stream archive.

Their stepmom was probably riding the sex chair she gaved as a birthday present. Something she had her brother get. He thought she was going to use it but really she just wanted to give her stepmom something to do. At least while dad was gone.

Well the main reason she thought her stepmom was fucking herself with that sex chair was the quiet moans from behind the door.

During all this she was laying on the futon in the basement. With the lights out with only the TV on to illuminate the area.

She was getting comfortable. Pulling her shirt over her breasts. Wiggling her hips as she folded her sweat pants down to the crease of her buttocks.

Her sweat pants folded to a point around her thighs that she couldn’t move. She felt as if she was wrapped like a present for some burglar.

Her hands started moving around like they have so many times before. Both hands were over her crotch. One rubbing her clit in circular motions while she had two fingers oscillating inside her pussy.

“Mmm. Ohh, hmm.”

She allowed her imagination to drive her. In her mind her brother found her in the middle of her stream. She was doing an ASMR session. A fictional narration of a sister fucking her brother in a dungeon.

Instead of being disgusted by her or running out in embarrassment he instead smiled. Moving up on her, sliding her skirt up revealing her bare end to him.

His hands kneading her ass. Massaging her rump before pressing a digit against her sphincter.

She gasp as he pushed his finger in. Wiggling it around while two more fingers snuck into her pussy.

He began to explore her body. She felt him wiggling his fingers as they pushed in and slid out. Sensation of flesh moving against flesh pushed her over the edge in mere moments.

The new events only fueled her ASMR. Making it more immersive as her brother was actually finger banging her!


The real world sound of her brother broke her from her fantasy.

Flipping on her belly, frightened from being caught. Her rear exposed as she couldn’t pull her sweat pants up. They were still wrapped tightly around her thighs just below her ass.

“Oh shit. I’ll leave if you want me to.”

She relaxed after hearing her brother talk. She was also surprised that he made the first move! Well a little worried he wasn’t given any signs about her lusting for him.

Oh well. She’ll just go with it and see where the night goes.

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