Hide and Watch Ch. 03

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Debbie told Billy, it’s time for you to go home now, but I expect you back next Saturday.

Billy got dressed, he wanted to stay, but he had agreed to do as Debbie told him. Also he knew that if he did as she asked, he would enjoy so much more. He had just had the most exciting sexual experience of his young life.

Steve watched as Billy left the house, now all he had to do was wait for Debbie’s signal, she had told him to watch for it earlier. Tonight he wouldn’t be hiding any longer, as far as watching goes, he and Debbie could watch the tape later.

Now that Billy had left, Debbie sat next to Donna on the bed. She looked at the young girl, and told her that she still has a lot to learn. You can’t learn with Billy, yes he’s a stud, but he is as inexperienced as you are, he has a lot to learn.

Debbie waved to the camera when Donna wasn’t looking, signaling Steve to join them. Steve was already naked, as he walked through the house, he wondered how Donna would react when she saw him walk into the room.

Donna’s eyes widened when she noticed the doorknob slowly turning, and when Steve opened the door, she raised her hands to cover her boobs, and let out a little gasp.

She was surprised to see Steve, and also shocked to see that he was naked, her eyes focusing on his hard cock.

Debbie told her to put her arms down, if you want to learn, we need a man we can trust, a man who knows how to please a woman.

Debbie pushed Donna on her back, and told her to just relax and enjoy what was about to happen.

Steve moved over to the bed, he brought his lips down to Donna’s and her lips parted, as his tongue probed inside. As he kissed her, his hands found her nipple and pinched it, twisting it, tugging casino siteleri on it. Donna moaned through the kiss.

Steve crawled onto the bed, he positioned himself between Donna’s widespread legs, his cock brushing against her thigh. Steve moved his lips to her left nipple, and sucked it into his mouth, his tongue moving around licking, flicking, teasing her erect nipple.

He moved to the other nipple and gently nibbled, and surprised her by sliding his middle finger inside her already wet cunt. He only penetrated enough to feel her cherry, he would take that shortly, all in due time.

Donna watched as Steve moved his face down to her pussy, his tongue snaked out and started licking her slit up and down. He used his fingers to part her cunt lips, and let his tongue wiggle inside, fucking her cunt with his tongue. She was getting close to an orgasm, when he suddenly pulled away and looked her right in the eyes.

Your turn he told her, she thought he meant to lick his cock, but Debbie had laid down beside her. Lick Debbie’s cunt, just like I was licking you. He lifted her up and positioned her doggy-style, and pushed her face down towards Debbie’s pussy.

Donna could smell Debbie’s aroma, her tongue started licking Debbie, she wasn’t certain if she was doing it right, until she felt Debbie’s hands pressing down on the back of her head, and started moaning.

Steve slipped his finger back inside Donna’s pussy, slowly moving it, making certain not to go too deep.

Donna was jabbing her tongue, fucking Debbie’s cunt, just like Steve had done to her before. Donna moved her lips to Debbie’s clit, flicking her tongue against it, Debbie pressed her head down more, just as her orgasm hit, her güvenilir casino juices pouring out, as Donna licked as fast as she could.

Steve surprised Donna, he removed his finger, and shoved his hard cock, covered in lube inside her cunt, stopping with just his cock head inside.

Her scream was muffled because she still had her face held down licking Debbie’s cunt. Steve grabbed her by her hips and gave a big shove, popping her cherry. Again her screams were muffled, but the worst was now over.

Debbie lifted Donna’s face up, she noticed she had tears on her face. Debbie wiped her tears away, she looked her in the eyes, waiting for the girl to show a sign that she was ready. Donna finally relaxed, Debbie looked at Steve and winked.

Steve rolled the girl over, so that she was on top of him. His hands still gripping her hips, he moved her up and down. After a while he watched as she started riding his cock on her own. She almost had all of his cock buried deep inside of her.

He reached up and played with her hard nipples, pinching them hard, she didn’t seem to mind. Donna was starting to enjoy having Steve hard cock sliding inside her tight cunt. She could feel every vein on his cock, her cunt gripping his long shaft on every down stroke.

Steve’s cock started throbbing, he knew he would shoot his load soon. He grabbed her hips again, and pulled her down hard, as he raised his hips up, thrusting every inch of his 10 inch cock deep inside her cunt.

He flipped her over onto her back and started pounding his cock inside, fucking her hard and fast, pulling almost all the way out, before ramming back in deep. Donna started cumming, her juices oozed out of her, running down her ass crack. canlı casino

Steve pulled his cock out, and gripped his hard shaft in his fingers, jerking his long shaft, shooting his load all over her tits.

Debbie told Donna, it will get better, the first time hurts, but trust me, next time you will enjoy it so much more.

Steve kissed Donna, are you O.K., he asked.

Donna shook her head, yes.

Debbie helped her into the bathroom, and showered her clean, she dried her off, wrapped her in a towel and brought her back to the bed and tucked her in.

Steve took Debbie by her hand, walked her out of the room and back into the shower. She washed Donna’s blood off his cock, and cleaned him up.

Steve kneeled down, spread her cunt lips apart and shoved his tongue inside, he knew she needed to cum. She had just watched as he had deflowered Donna. He grabbed her buns in his hands as he licked her pussy deep.

Debbie was loving his tongue, but she could see his cock was hard again, and she wanted his cock, and she told him to fuck her.

Steve stood up, Debbie wrapped her arms around his neck, Steve lifted her up, and his cock found it’s target. Her cunt engulfed his throbbing cock, gripping his shaft with her cunt muscles.

Debbie loved Steve’s cock, she just couldn’t get enough. Steve fucked her, lifting her up and down, while she milked his cock.

Steve really started ramming his cock in her hard, and deep, giving her every inch, fucking her, she started cumming, he was close too, and she wanted to taste his load.

He pulled his cock out and she dropped to her knees, wrapping her lips tightly around his throbbing shaft just as the first shot filled her mouth. She swallowed quickly, again and again, not missing a drop, using her hand to milk the last drop out.

So what’s next he asked her.

Well, I figured you got to fuck Donna, so I think it’s only fair that I fuck Billy before Donna gets too, don’t worry, you can hide and watch.

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