Her Auckland Feet

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It was a strange day. The burning lust inside me wouldn’t go away. Another day where I felt my body’s lust take control of me and my mind’s moral guides slip away as the passion carried me away. It was a tidal wave that couldn’t be denied.

Give me something exotic. Let her be my new taste of life’s succulent delights. Do not frighten me with boring repetition but give me the chance to savor a treat that is hers to offer me.

Fate carried me to her. I was guided to her. Confusion and mistaken connections lay scattered before me. In the end she stepped forward to offer me something from within her. It lay hidden even from her. She was so entrapped by the other nasty parts that captured her in fear and emotional stillness.

You can see now can’t you? I lay there with her talking with her; her beautiful body drawing me to it. Her voice was mesmerizing me with its seductiveness. And as we lay there together I ran my hands all over her delightfully succulent body, tickling and teasing her soft and inviting flesh of her luscious skin.

We were talking about what turned us on. Then like the sun breaking though a cloudy day, she told me she loved having her feet being caressed, stroked, and played with. Newness and excitement captured me, I began to caress and massage her delicate feet.

She had the softest skin on the soles of her feet. Almost like a baby’s feet. I have known some women who will go wild like a mad horse kicking and screaming if you touch their feet. But as I lay there watching the effect I was having on her, I saw her go straight to heaven when I started to seductively kisses her invitingly soft and seductive feet.

You know the signs that appear on her face, a map that shows you to your destination; that is her ecstasy. It was easy to navigate, I could see her face showing me the blissfulness she was drifting within. If you were there with me, you too could have seen that she was swooning from the delightful raptures of this unknowingly first discovered pleasure that invaded her body.

It was mine to offer her, hatay escort the delight she deserved, I knew she had gone to a place where lust engulfs us. Her choice was that she travel along a path where she found thrilling bliss; yes a thrilling place where we can experience the agony of our ultimate ecstasy. How could she deny it? It was hers and she unexpectedly embraced this wonderful seductive tenderness on the lowest part of her body.

You need to know that it was so joyful to watch her. To see her trance of pleasure, who cares about one’s own pleasure if my offerings have brought her such utter excitement and raptures?

Nevertheless I was getting so turned on by the effect I was watching take control of her gorgeous tender and seductive body; I just wanted to give her more. It enticed me to give her exactly what she sought.

In keeping with the offerings of joy I was delivering unannounced to her, I asked her if it would be alright with her, if I might cover my hardness in a condom and slide my hard throbbing cock inside her.

Smiling delightful at me, she nodded and said she’d prefer if I was to hop on top and do all the work for her. Truthfully nothing would have pleased me more, and it did.

Ready as I was, I asked her to lie on her back and then I slowly entered her passage of passion with my pulsating hard cock. She wrapped her legs around me as I filled her up with my massively hard cock. She smiled at me as we began to move together as our passion carried us away and her animated face told me she was once again rising to a higher level of paradise.

Delightful harmony was just a start for her. If I was right, I really had something specific in mind for her to create the blissful ecstasy I wanted her to experience for the first time. I could tell when I was kissing her feet that she unexpectedly loved it so much but did not expect anything beyond what was offered her.

To entertain my plan, I asked her to put her calves against my shoulders. You may know that I could slide my soft skinned pulsating cock hurma escort in and out of her juicy pussy so delightfully like that. And yet, that was only an aberration, the real reason lay hidden yet. Once I had her calves on my shoulders I delightfully seductively attacked her fascinating feet with my soft and tantalizing tongue.

As you will have expected, surprise showed openly on her face. And as she watched me, as I began to suck and lick the alluring soft and tender flesh that was on the soles of her feet. Her face was alight with delight; I could tell it was all she hoped it would be and much more. When I began to suck on her toes, her face showed me she was in raptures at the unknown agony of that new pleasure.

Giving her more, I wanted to show her that her body could have it all. It was not to be denied to her. I started on her big toes and was running my tongue underneath the bottom of her big toes as I sucked on them like they were a cock and I was giving her toes the carefully seductive time of their life. To tickle them to bliss with my tongue was my pleasure.

I wanted to give her all I could; to make her time so erotic and engrossingly pleasurable. So then I began to run my tongue between her toes and suck gently and suggestively on each her wonderfully soft and tender toes; feeling the toes soft flesh glide silently across my lips.

Yes, you will know, I was enjoying what I was doing almost as much as she was. How could I offer more? Perhaps, yes, I made slurping sounds as her toes slid around into my mouth and across my lips. Surely that would prove to her just how much fun I was having, driving her wild with blissful desire.

Sometimes our sensualness take us to new places. It can be an unexpected experience, and to deny the journey is to fight against the goodness that life often provides us with. But she had travelled to another place where bliss engulfs you. Have you been lucky enough to travel there yourself?

I could feel her pulsating pussy grasping and sucking my throbbing cock inside ığdır escort her more deeply as I guided my hard cock in and out of her heavenly pussy. Her face showed her to be in absolute ecstasy. Her face contorted as she was travelling along a path of blissfulness. I never stopped pleasuring her gorgeously tender feet.

It was about to engulf her body and mind; it could never be denied. Then it was hers, she was arching her back as she began to climax, I watched her body and heard her moan as her ultimate pleasure crashed over and through her.

Any sensual man will know that I could not help myself then; the whole experience far too erotic. The tender touch, the sights and sounds, it was all specially carrying me to my own ascent to orgasmic explosion.

No matter that I wanted to keep gliding my throbbing and pulsating cock into her passage of gorgeous pleasure. Somehow her own body was now milking my own harness like it was an expert dairy farmer so reliant on cream for its existence. And so my cream flew out of me and everywhere as I came inside her pussy.

And still I sucked and licked her toes as she came, and then she came again. I could not bear to withdraw from her pussy. In that face of hers I saw such a look of utter blissful contentment. On her face was written a thank you and I welcome more, as she experienced that place of delightful erotic contentment. Where everything that weights us down has been lifted off us and we just feel the release of our life’s burdens.

Seeing the tensions of her life released from her I continued my worship of her delightful feet. I caressed her legs and tickled her inner thighs as I gently slowed down my thrusts; as I finished my lustfulness, and my cock decided that it would go from a rock hard to slippery semi-soft.

You know it was almost over now. Orgasms take us away, like a natural drug to escape our dreary lives. From the look on her face she was completely satisfied and appreciative that I had taken the time to make sure that she was completely blissfully satisfied from our wild interlude in lovely Auckland.

I just wanted more but while my mind was willing, you must know that my body was asking for time to recover. Yes, I know you realize that I wanted so more much more, and hopefully tomorrow will bring me the new rewards I desire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32