Helping the Neighbor Ch. 03

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(All persons engaged in sexual activity in this story are over 18 years old. Any similarities between this story and real people are purely coincidental)

Please read Ch. 1-2 first to get caught up.

Two nights later, Ryan was home wondering if Stacy was going to get in touch and invite him over again. She had been away visiting her best friend, Cindy, and wasn’t sure how long she would be gone. Then his phone buzzed, a text from Stacy.

“Look in the far right bedroom” it said.

Ryan went to find his binoculars in his garage and came back upstairs to check out the bedroom. He scanned the house to the right until he caught sight of Stacy on a bed. She was naked, on her knees, her ass in the air, her dildo sliding in and out of her asshole, a finger in her cunt. His cock stiffened in his shorts at the sight. He knew what she wanted, for him to come over and put his cock in her ass, freshly lubed and ready to be fucked. ‘Jesus she is one horny woman,’ he thought to himself as he made his way over to the house.

He climbed the stairs and went to the bedroom. Stacy was moaning softly as she fucked herself. She got on her hands and knees when Ryan walked in, the dildo now buried deep in her ass. He got on his knees in front of Stacy to give her access to his cock. She groaned once and then took it in her mouth inch by inch until she gagged and then slowly took in one more inch. Ryan gently fucked her mouth, getting his cock harder and wetter. Then Stacy said, “Now, Ryan, fuck my ass with this big cock. I need it in my ass.”

He got behind Stacy and took the dildo out of her ass and put it on a towel on the floor. Her asshole glistened with lube, waiting for him to slide inside it. Her cunt was moist, her lips open. He slid two fingers into her cunt and slowly fucked her wet hole for a moment while rubbing her asshole with his thumb, making Stacy moan and buck backward to meet his thrusts. “Put your cock in my ass, Ryan, I need to be fucked,” Stacy said, moaning louder now as he finger fucked her cunt.

Ryan slipped the tip of his cock into her asshole, which tightened around it as it slid inside. She grunted once and then thrust her ass back to take in more of his meat, swallowing two inches before he eased the rest of his shaft into her ass. Once all the way in he started thrusting in and out, slowly at first and then faster as Stacy began to buck harder, her hand now rubbing her cunt while he fucked her.

She moaned at the combination of being fucked and rubbed at the same time. With her other hand she rubbed one of her nipples, adding to the pleasure that was pushing her close to orgasm.

“That feels so good to have your cock in my ass,” she moaned, as Ryan’s thighs slapped against her asscheeks, his fat cock pulsating as her asshole squeezed his shaft as it plunged inside her.

Suddenly he pulled out and splashed a load of cum on her cheeks, grunting as he put his spurting cock back inside her clutching ass. Feeling his warm cum splat against her ass pushed Stacy over the edge, her orgasm exploding with her hand on her clit as Ryan’s cock pushed back inside her ass, a second load spewing inside her as her asshole tightened around his throbbing shaft.

“Jesus that was amazing,” Ryan said, still thrusting into her ass as it milked more cum from him.

“So hot,” Stacy said, out of breath, now collapsed against the bed, Ryan’s cock still impaling her from behind.

They lay like that for a moment until he dismounted and went to the bathroom, but not before kissing her from behind and whispering in her ear, “I love being in your ass, Stacy. Any time you want it I’ll be there.”

Stacy just said, “mmmm,” as she recovered from an intense orgasm, still lying on the bed with Ryan’s cum coating her asscheeks. There was something about having a cock in her ass and fingers on her clit that gave her more intense orgasms.

They lay together for awhile before Ryan headed for home. Stacy told him that her friend Cindy was going to visit for a few days and maybe they could all get together and party. She didn’t say have sex together, but Ryan hoped that was what she meant. The thought of a threesome with Stacy and her friend, who was presumably as hot as she was, nearly made him erect again.

That would come later, when he woke up the next morning, thinking about their latest assfucking adventure the previous night and the possibility of the next one with her friend Cindy with them. Maybe Cindy liked getting fucked in the ass. Or maybe Cindy would lick Stacy’s cunt while he fucked Stacy’s ass. So many possibilities with three people, he thought, his cock now stiff under his shorts. He stroked it for a moment before putting back in his pants and heading to the kitchen to make coffee.


That bahis siteleri night, Stacy texted Ryan to look in the bedroom again with the binoculars. He

scanned the house until he say Stacy in the spare bedroom with Cindy, who was on her knees eating Stacy’s cunt while she rubbed her tits. He got a good look at Cindy’s small round ass, in the air, her legs slightly spread, a finger rubbing her cunt. He wanted to lick her asshole and then plunge his cock inside it.

Stacy texted again: “Cindy wants your big cock inside her cunt while she eats me.” At that, through the binoculars, he saw Cindy turn towards him, a smile on her face, Stacy’s wet juices on her lips. She went back to eating Stacy’s cunt, waving her ass back and forth, inviting him to come fuck her. Cindy’s ass would have to wait, but it would feel good to slide his cock into her cunt.

Ryan headed over to Stacy’s house and then bounded up the stairs to the guestroom. When he got there, Stacy was on her back, and Cindy was on top of her, sharing Stacy’s cunt juices with her, grinding her crotch into hers.

“Come sit on my face so I can lick your ass while Cindy sucks your cock,” Stacy said with a big smile.

“You can fuck my tight little cunt later,” Cindy said, also smiling. “We both want your cum in our mouths first.”

Ryan stripped off his clothes and then gave Stacy a long hard kiss on the mouth before kissing Cindy. He got on top of Stacy, lowering his ass to her mouth, his cock hovering over her tits. Stacy began licking his asshole while Cindy started to stroke his cock and lick his nipples. Cindy pushed Stacy’s tits together and slid his cock between them so that he could fuck her tits while Stacy licked his asshole and balls.

Then Cindy moaned once and put his rock hard cock between her lips and began to slowly take him into her mouth, inch by inch. She got half of his meat into her mouth, then slowly licked her way up his shaft to his bulging head, and then swallowed half his shaft again.

Stacy alternated between his balls and his asshole while Cindy blew him, the combination getting him close to coming. Cindy began sucking his cock harder now, taking yet another inch into her throat, her tongue sliding around his shaft, while Stacy pressed her tongue against his asshole.

“I’m going to cum,” Ryan said, grunting as his cum splashed into Cindy’s mouth. She gagged once, his big load spilling out of her mouth to cover Stacy’s tits. He grunted again and spewed a second load onto Cindy’s face, Stacy’s tongue still probing his asshole. Cindy lowered her head to lick up his cum from Stacy’s tits, while Ryan put his cock into Stacy’s mouth, giving her his final load. Cindy lapped up his cum from Stacy’s tits and then licked her way up to Stacy’s mouth, which still had Ryan’s half-erect cock in it. They both licked his cock clean before licking cum off each other’s mouths, their tongues pushing ropes of cum between their lips.

They all got dressed and went outside to have a drink and smoke a joint near the tree. Cindy had eaten Stacy’s cunt to orgasm, and Ryan had just deposited a big load of cum on Cindy’s face and Stacy’s tits, so Cindy was still very horny. Stacy began rubbing Cindy’s cunt through her cotton shorts, while Ryan pressed his crotch against Cindy’s ass. The feeling of her tight ass through her shorts made his cock stiffen. Cindy began to grind her ass against his cock, making it even harder, while kissing Stacy hard on the mouth. Ryan reached around Stacy to rub her ass under her skirt, squeezing her cheeks as he rubbed his cock against Cindy’s ass.

“Let’s go back inside and have more sex,” Stacy said, taking Cindy by the hand. “I think Cindy needs that big cock of yours inside her.” Ryan followed behind them, staring at Stacy’s and Cindy’s asses, wanting to be inside both of them. But first Cindy wanted his cock in her cunt, and he knew that would feel good.


Ryan had just finished showering after his nightly run when his phone buzzed. He wondered what Stacy had in mind for tonight. She always had some kind of sexual plan, either a position or a place in the house to fuck. She was getting increasingly adventurous, talking about fucking him in the ass with her dildo while she jerked him off. And with Cindy still in town, there were numerous possibilities, as he had found out last night when Cindy had sucked his cock while Stacy licked his asshole until he came on Stacy’s tits and then he had fucked Cindy from behind while Stacy licked her clit. After both of them had licked his cock like a popsicle, tasting Cindy’s orgasm, Stacy and Cindy blew him again until he came on both of their faces. But he hadn’t fucked Stacy’s ass last night, so he was hoping that would happen tonight. His cock swelled canlı bahis siteleri at the thought as he reached for the phone.

“Cindy and I want to fuck on the stairs tonight. I love rubbing my tits on the carpet while you eat and then fuck my ass with your big cock.” Jesus, she is so fucking horny, he thought, his cock now fully erect underneath his towel. No wonder Fred asked him to keep her satisfied, or try to keep her satisfied.

“I’ll be over at 8,” he replied with one hand, stroking his cock with the other.

Cindy and Stacy were in the kitchen drinking a glass of wine when he arrived. They poured him a glass and they talked for awhile before heading outside to smoke their nightly joint. Both of them were wearing cut off shorts and thin t-shirts, their tits pressing against the light material. He felt his cock harden from thinking about what was to come as he followed their asses out to the tree.

They smoked a joint together and then began kissing and fondling each other, Stacy grabbing his crotch to massage his penis through his shorts. “I’m looking forward to feeling your hard cock slide into my tight ass,” she said, stroking him. “We didn’t get to do that last night. And tonight Cindy can eat my cunt while you fuck me and I rub my tits on the carpeted stairs.” For some reason it really turned her on to do that and she wanted Cindy to try it tonight. “Let’s go,” Ryan said, wanting to feel Cindy’s and Stacy’s mouth on his throbbing erection.

Ryan sat on the stairs, Stacy between his legs, her tongue roaming up and down his thick shaft while Cindy licked her asshole from behind. Stacy’s nipples grazed the carpet while she blew him. She stroked his shaft lightly while licking the head of his cock, nibbling on it and driving him crazy as always.

“Mmmm, lick my ass, Cindy,” Stacy moaned as Cindy tongued her asshole and slid a finger into her wet cunt. “I want Ryan’s cock in my ass.”

Ryan got up and then stood behind Stacy, Cindy’s mouth engulfing his cock now. “My turn,” she had said as she inhaled his meat while stroking his balls. He slid a finger into Stacy’s saliva-coated asshole while Stacy rubbed her cunt and ground her tits against the carpet.

Cindy then guided Ryan’s bulging cock between Stacy’s cheeks. Ryan rubbed his shaft across Stacy’s lubed asshole until he slowly eased his head into her tight hole. Cindy got behind Ryan to grind her cunt against Ryan’s ass, pretending to fuck him. That would be the next time, he thought, curious about what it would feel like to have his cock in Stacy’s ass while Cindy fucked him in the ass.

Stacy began to moan and push back against Ryan, taking more of his meat into her ass. Ryan matched her thrusts until every inch was buried inside her. His thighs began slapping against her asscheeks as he fucked her tight hole.

Cindy then moved between Stacy’s thighs to lick her cunt. Stacy rubbed her tits against the carpet and bucked back to take in more of Ryan’s cock while grinding her cunt against Cindy’s mouth. She moaned as Cindy ravished her cunt and Ryan pounded her ass. Getting fucked and eaten was even better than she imagined.

Ryan began fucking her harder now, his big cock pistoning in and out of her ass. Her asshole clutched his cock even more as Stacy began to cum, Cindy’s tongue now swirling around her clit, her tits mashed against the carpet, her asshole gripping his thick meat.

Ryan grunted twice and then started spurting cum all over Stacy’s ass. His first load splashed over her cheeks and then flowed between them to her cunt below, into Cindy’s mouth. He eased his still spurting cock back into Stacy’s ass, sending another load of cum down to Cindy, who eagerly lapped it up.

Cindy got out from between Stacy’s thighs and went to kiss Stacy, still writhing on the stairs as Ryan’s cock remained impaled inside her. Stacy and Cindy kissed, sharing his cum, their tongues intertwined.

Stacy and Ryan then ravished Cindy’s hot body, now throbbing from desire from watching Ryan’s thick cock penetrate Stacy’s tight ass and eating the cum that flowed into Stacy’s cunt. Her own cunt had ached while watching him fuck Stacy.

Stacy surprised her by getting her strapon dildo. “I want to fuck you in the ass while Ryan eats your cunt,” Stacy said with a smile.

“Mmmm, I think I’d like that,” Cindy said, with some hesitation. She’d never had a cock in her ass. But Stacy’s dildo didn’t look as big as Ryan’s, so it shouldn’t be too tight a fit.

Stacy rubbed lube into Cindy’s asshole, sliding a finger in and out of it while she stroked her clit. She then eased the head of her dildo into her tight hole. Cindy gasped as the head penetrated her ass but then slowly sank down on the shaft until it was all the way inside canlı bahis her. She lay back against Stacy’s chest, feeling her hard nipples rub against her back. She lay nestled in Stacy’s lap for a moment, getting used to the feeling of a cock inside her ass, before beginning to grind on top of her, sliding up and down on the thin shaft. Stacy kissed her neck and rubbed Cindy’s tits while gently thrusting her dildo deeper into Cindy’s ass.

Stacy’s cunt began to throb from feeling Cindy rub against her soft tits and grind her ass against her crotch. She reached between her legs to find her clit and began rubbing it while fucking Cindy’s asshole.

Ryan was now between Cindy’s thighs, watching Stacy’s dildo go in and out of Cindy’s asshole. He licked his way up her soft inner thighs to the lips of her moist cunt, hairless except for a tuft of hair above her clit. He began gently tonguing her cunt, sliding inside it and then licking her outer lips.

Cindy began to moan at the feeling of his tongue entering her cunt. With Stacy’s cock buried in her ass, her hand roaming over her tits, and now Ryan’s tongue ravishing her other hole, she was close to cumming. She began to buck up and down on Stacy’s cock while thrusting her cunt harder against Ryan’s tongue. She took Ryan’s head and brought it against her cunt, grinding her clit against his tongue. “I’m going to cum,” she cried, bouncing up and down on Stacy’s cock, her cunt now mashed against Ryan’s mouth. “I’m going to cum,” she repeated, a second wave of orgasm hitting as Ryan’s tongue slid back into her oozing cunt. Stacy’s orgasm hit her when Cindy came, her finger rubbing her clit while she slid her cock into Cindy’s asshole. “I’m going to cum, too,” she cried.

Stacy and Cindy had a long kiss after their orgasms subsided and then turned their attention to Ryan, whose cock had swelled while eating Cindy’s cunt and watching Stacy fuck Cindy’s ass. He sat on the couch, Cindy and Stacy on their knees, their tongues licking his head and balls while Stacy stroked his thick shaft. Then they both began nibbling on this head, giving it long slow licks. It was too much. He couldn’t hold back. He began shooting cum onto their tongues when Cindy’s hand began squeezing his shaft. His first load coated Stacy’s face, his second load landing on Cindy’s tits. Cindy licked his cum from Stacy’s mouth and face, and then Stacy licked his creamy load from Cindy’s tits, trading ropes of it between them, Cindy’s hand still stroking his cock.


Stacy and Cindy woke up next to each other, their naked bodies snuggled tightly, their mounds lightly rubbing against the other’s. They reviewed the night’s event, Stacy’s cunt aching as she remembered Ryan’s hard cock sliding into her ass, her tits grazing the carpeted stairs, and Cindy’s tongue ravishing her throbbing clit, then Ryan’s cum spurting onto her asshole before plunging back inside her ass to shoot another load, Cindy’s tongue buried in her cunt as she had an intense orgasm. Cindy began rubbing her pussy and nuzzling her tits as she thought back to the feeling of Stacy’s dildo pushing past her tight asshole for the first time, bouncing up and down on her cock while she rubbed her tits and Ryan ate her cunt until she came in his mouth.

Cindy and Stacy rubbed each other’s cunt until they both had orgasms, the memory of

Ryan’s cum spurting onto their mouths and tits pushing them over the edge. After making each other cum they talked about what their final night with Ryan should involve. They decided it would be fun if Stacy used her dildo to fuck Ryan in the ass while Cindy stroked and sucked his cock until he came on her tits. Then they would have him eat their cunts until his cock was hard again and he could fuck Cindy in the ass, her first real assfucking. Stacy wanted her to get fucked on the stairs as she had last night, to rub her tits against the carpet while Ryan’s cock filled her ass and Stacy licked her cunt. They both started to feel frisky again after hatching their plan.

Stacy then texted Ryan to say that Cindy was going to be staying one more night so that they could fulfill one more fantasy of theirs and asked if he wanted to join them tonight. Ryan texted back “yes,” of course, wanting more of both their hot bodies. It didn’t matter what they had in mind, he was sure it would be amazing, as all his sex with Stacy and Cindy had been. Especially last night. Fucking Stacy in the ass on the stairs, his cock buried inside as Cindy licked his balls and asshole, finally spraying a big load of cum on her asscheeks before plunging back into her tight hole to shoot another load. Then he ate Cindy’s cunt while she bounced up and down on Stacy’s dildo, assfucked and eaten at the same time as Stacy was on the stairs. Then they blew him, sucking his big cock until his cum spurted onto Stacy’s face and Cindy’s tits. He started to get hard thinking about their sex tonight, how he would cum again all over their hot bodies again.

To be continued….

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