Helping Hands

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After that little Halloween incident with my gynecologist, Dr. Markus DeShade and his band of kinky cohorts, he has been exceptionally nice to me. So has his wife Evelyn, although I think her interest is more on the Sapphic side. Tall, good-looking women tend to become attracted to me, as was the case with my German friend, Eva Reichman (see Cat’s Discovery).

Anyway, I was getting my monthly physical (my doctor is VERY dedicated), my feet in the stirrups, and Dr. DeShade was happily humming some familiar tune I couldn’t quite identify, his face mere inches from my pussy. He was poking and prodding away with his fingers, digging deep into my female plumbing, presumably looking for buried treasure. Good thing I douched before coming to my appointment; my watuzi still smelled like a pina colada.

“Very nice Ms Wolff, you’re as clean as a whistle. Funny, I have this overwhelming desire for conch fritters and jerk chicken, not sure why though. And I’d swear I hear steel drums playing somewhere. Hmm, anyway Ms Wolff, I thought I told you to keep your crotch shaved bare, not even stubble! And your anus too. Are you using the depilatory I prescribed for you?”

“Yes Doctor, I just didn’t get to it this week, sorry.”

“No excuses now. All women should stay clean and smooth at all times, prevents all kinds of bugs from growing inside of you. You don’t want a vaginal infection, or a urinary tract disease do you? Of course not! So let’s get you cleaned up here, then I’ll expect you to maintain this pretty little pussy of yours on your own.”

Before I could protest, Dr. DeShade opened a drawer and pulled out a safety razor and a can of shaving cream. Whistling that unknown, but familiar tune again, he lathered up my entire pubic area and then down under and all around my butt hole. Just as he was about to start shaving, the intercom buzzed.

“Oh my, I’ve been waiting for this call, its long distance. I’ll be right back, don’t go anywhere.”

The doctor dashed out of the office, forgetting to close the door. Just great, I thought to myself, I’m laying here naked (the doctor doesn’t allow me to have any clothes on during the examination) with my feet up in the air, my legs spread as wide as they will go, shaving cream lathered all over my privates. I’m a fairly patient woman, but this was becoming a bit too much! After all, I have things to do too! I was going to give the doctor a piece of my mind when he got back.

Just then, two young doctors, both looking like they just graduated from high school, walked past the exam room door. They both stopped short, staring in at the spectacle before them: namely me, spread out for them in all my glory, covered in shaving cream. They looked at each other, then up and down the hallway, and not seeing anybody else around, came in to my room and closed the door.

“Sorry to bother you ma’am, but we’re both interns, and we were told to check in on each patient to observe and learn. What seems to be the problem here today?”

“I’m just getting my monthly check-up, and the doctor was about to shave my lower regions when he got called away. This is rather embarrassing actually.”

“Nothing to be embarrassed about ma’am, we’re professionals! So when did you first start having problems with your, uh, lower regions?”

“I’m not having a problem with my lower regions you idiot! I’m just here for a routine check-up. The doctor wants me to stay shaved down there so I don’t get any diseases. Sheesh!”

The interns turned and looked at each other in disbelief. It was painfully obvious they were new and had little or no experience with good female hygiene for disease prevention.

“Uh, sorry ma’am, we’ve never heard of using that method before. You say you come in for regular MONTHLY exams?”

“Yes, yes, Dr. DeShade is very thorough. He knows what he’s doing. Now you two better leave before he gets back.”

“Say Ben, we could perform this procedure, and save Dr. DeShade the time and trouble. After all, we’re interns, and we’re supposed to get as much hands-on experience as possible.”

“I think you’re right Jerry, it seems easy enough. Let’s do it! I’ll bet we’ll get kudos for this!”

“Excuse me, hello? Don’t I have any say so in this? Dr. DeShade is very particular about his work, I’m not so sure this is a good idea.”

“Don’t worry ma’am, we’re professionals! We’ll have you as smooth as a baby’s butt in no time. Dr. DeShade will be very proud of how brave you are. Hand me that razor Ben, and grab one for yourself. Do you think we should put masks on?”

“I don’t think that’s necessary Jerry. I brushed my teeth right after breakfast, how about you?”

“Me too. Besides, it smells like a tropical island in here, like coconuts or something. How could germs survive around here? Okay, I’m going in, wish me luck.”

“Good luck Jerry, I’m right here with you, just you and me, side-by-side, bosom buddies, ying and yang, hand-in-hand, the alpha and the omega, the two musketeers, Abbott and Costello, . . . “

“OKAY casino şirketleri ALREADY! I GET IT!!”

“Well excuuuuuse meeeeee!!!”

“And don’t do your Steve Martin impersonation either, we don’t want to make the patient laugh, she might get all shook up and one of us might shave off the wrong thing.”

“You mean . . . . “

“Yes, I’m talking about her love button, her pearl of Venus, her nubbin of nookie, her . . .”

“HEY!!! Okay you guys, what’s all this talk about cutting off my clit? Are you two really doctors? Are you sure you know what you’re doing? Do we really need to have a comedy routine going on here?”

“Comedy is the best stress reliever, other than sex; we were just trying to help you to relax before the procedure.”

“Can we get on with it then? I really have to be somewhere this afternoon.”

“Well if you’ll stop interrupting us, maybe we can get this done sometime today. Ben, would you kindly re-apply some shave lubricant.”

Dr Ben squirted the shaving cream just above my slit, then proceeded to smear it all over my pubis. He even managed to get some inside my vagina, inserting two fingers deep within the meaty folds, pumping them in and out like a little miniature dildo. I didn’t think I was growing any hair in there, but I guess he could see better than me. Besides, it felt rather good.


“Please Miss, try not to squirm around so much. Ben, do you think you could put that stuff on the OUTSIDE?”

After Dr Ben finished, Dr Jerry started shaving. He ran the blade all over the area, using his fingers to protect the sensitive vaginal lips. Dr Ben held my legs further apart by pushing outward on my inner thighs. Once he finished, Dr Jerry dampened a towel with warm water and wiped the excess shaving cream off my crotch, paying special attention to my pussy.

“Now on to the anus. Ben, would you care to try your hand at this one? Its not as critical as the vaginal region, but just as important.”

“I’d be honored sir. Could you push her legs back further please? Good job man.”

Standing behind me and taking my feet out of the stirrups, Dr Jerry grabbed my legs behind each knee and pulled back, holding my thighs against the sides of my head. Now my ass was raised up off the table, leaving my butt hole fully exposed.

“What a nice looking poop shoot you have there Miss.”

Following the same procedure as his partner before him, Dr Ben lathered up my entire rectal area. He also inserted a finger into my ass, twirling it around for good measure. Good thing I had cleaned myself out before leaving the house. When showering, I usually place the hand held shower sprayer up against both my pussy and my ass, sending a jet of water into each orifice. I clean everything out and give myself a mini orgasm all in one shot. I’m efficient that way.

Dr Ben then shaved me around my anal ring, back up to my pussy, then back down and all around again. Once he was done, he took the same towel as before, and wiped everything up all nice and clean and dry.

“There, that should do ma’am. I think Dr DeShade will be very happy with this. Say Jerry, shouldn’t we apply a salve to the shaved areas, to keep the skin from becoming irritated?”

Dr Jerry, who was still helping me to keep my ears warm with my own thighs, replied, “Why yes of course. We don’t want any redness or soreness showing up. That wouldn’t make Dr DeShade happy at all.”

I piped up, “That’s okay doctors, my skin never gets irritated. If you’ll kindly let me up so I can get dressed and get the hell out of here, I’d appreciate it.”

Ignoring me, Dr Jerry said, “Ben, do you want to take care of the regions you worked on, then we’ll switch and I’ll do my part?”

“Most assuredly sir.”

With that said, Dr Ben began to assault my ass with his tongue, licking and slurping his way to my little pink hole, darting his tongue inside. He placed his entire mouth around my asshole and began eating out my rectum. He licked all around my entire butt, including both cheeks, all the way up to my pussy. He stopped short there, then went back down to my anus. I was writhing and swaying in pleasure, trying to keep from falling off the table. It was a good thing Dr Jerry maintained a firm grip on my knees, or I would have been on the floor for sure!

“Uhhhhhhh . . . ohhhhhhh . . . goddddd . . . that feels soooooo good.”

“Say Ben, I’m thinking the lady needs a special ointment for her sensitive skin. You know the kind I mean.”

“I think you’re right Jerry, I’ve got a tube of the stuff right here.”

Dr Ben dropped his pants to the floor, climbed up onto the table on his knees, and placed the tip of his cock against my butt hole. He had gotten me so lubricated with his saliva, he pushed once and was in to the hilt. Fortunately he wasn’t exactly hung like a horse He began a slow rhythmic pumping, his balls hitting my ass cheeks on each inbound thrust. Using the fingers from both hands, he played with my pussy lips, pinching casino firmaları my clit between thumb and forefinger.

“OHHH . . . GODDD . . . “

In the meantime, still holding my legs back behind my ears, Dr Jerry was playing with my tits, twisting and mauling them, pulling my nipples up then letting them snap back. Dr Ben continued stuffing his meat into my colon, thrusting faster and faster. All of a sudden he pulled out and grabbing his prick in one hand, shot a huge load of spunk all over my ass. He was furiously jerking his hose, spraying semen all over the place. When his spasms subsided, he used his hand to rub his sperm into my skin, coating my entire ass.

“There, doesn’t that feel better now? That should prevent any rashes from forming. Jerry? Shouldn’t you follow-up with your area? After all, I only focused on her posterior, you need to treat the other regions. Let’s switch places.”

Getting off the table, Dr Ben shuffled over to Dr Jerry and took hold of my legs in the same fashion. Dr Jerry practically ran to the other end of the table, dropping his pants along the way. I was still in a daze from the ass fucking I had just received. Following the other doctor’s example, Dr. Jerry climbed up on to the table on his knees.

“I think you’ll find the patient well lubricated from my own ministrations there, as well as from her own secretions. You can add some of your own if you think it will be necessary.”

“Just a touch I think.”

Dr Jerry began licking my pussy, flattening his tongue against my slit. He then darted inside, swirling around my clit, nibbling gently, sucking the little nubbin into his mouth.

“Uhhhhhhhh . . . nnnnnnnnfffff . . . mmmmmmmm . . . yeahhhhh . . . eat it eat it!”

Having gotten me sopping wet, Dr Jerry got up on his knees and put his cock to my slit. Fortunately, he WAS hung like a horse. He slipped about eight inches in before meeting resistence, with another three or four inches still knocking at the door. If he wasn’t as wide as a Coke can, he might have gotten more in, but that was all she wrote. Looking me in the eyes, he shrugged and began pumping that monster in and out, trying on each thrust for more depth. It wasn’t meant to be, so I had to make the best of it. I climaxed on his fourth thrust.


Again following Dr Ben’s lead, Dr Jerry pulled his python out of my sorely stretched twat and sprayed a load of cum all over my crotch, my belly, even my tits took a hit. Grabbing his huge balls I rolled them around, making sure all the fluid was out. I looked like I was coated in warm vanilla icing.

Dr Ben let go of my legs so I could stretch them out and lay flat. Still holding his horse cock, Dr Jerry cinched forward on his knees until the tip was inches from my nose.

“We need to clean the medical equipment, if you’d be so kind . . . “

Even though he wasn’t rock hard any more, I couldn’t get much more than the helmet into my mouth, but I cleaned him up as best I could. Using my tongue, I licked the shaft up and down and all around, until it was sparkling. That mammoth bone was clean enough to eat off of. No one was going to accuse me of being a slacker!

Dr Ben quickly replaced Dr Jerry, kneeling and straddling my chest. His dick was much smaller and I was able to engulf the entire thing. I sucked and slurped and polished that thing until it was as cum free as his partner’s. He even insisted I clean up his balls, which had gotten some drippings on them. When I was finished, the doctors moistened more towels with warm water, and started giving me a sponge bath. By the time they were done, I was as spotless as if I’d never had a cum shower at all! They pulled their pants back on and left, congratulating each other on a job well done.

Gathering up my clothes, I got dressed and tried to sneak out of the building. There was no telling what they were going to try and charge me for that kind of treatment, with three doctors’s bills and all. I may be blonde, but I’m no fool! Just as I was about to make my escape, Dr DeShade came out of his office and saw me.

“Ms. Wolff, wait one moment please.”

Damn, nabbed again.

“My wife is in a bit of a dilemma. As you know, she’s a chiropractor and has two massage therapists on staff at all times. As luck would have it, both are out sick with the flu and there’s a client who’s expecting his treatment this evening. He and I went to medical school together and my wife has been treating him for years. He’s a plastic surgeon, quite wealthy actually and would be extremely disappointed if he didn’t receive his therapy as promised. My wife is desperate, she doesn’t want to lose his business. I mentioned you were here today and she asked if you might be interested in making some extra money this evening. She charges a fee of $500 to the client and usually keeps half and gives the other half to the therapist. In this case, so as not to lose the account, she’ll let you keep the whole fee if you’ll do this for her. I’m told güvenilir casino this client tips well, another $500 or so. You could make $1000 for a couple hours of easy work. What say?”

“I don’t know anything about massage therapy, what would I have to do?”

“Oh its simple really, haven’t you ever given your husband a back rub? I have one of my wife’s textbooks around here somewhere. It has illustrations and simple instructions. You’d be a natural, trust me. Tell you what, I’ll take you there, I need to catch up with Bob anyway. I’ll keep him occupied with talk of old times, and all you have to do is work your magic. Deal?”

Hmm, a thousand bucks for a back rub? How could I turn that down? I should start charging Wolfie!

“Okay, I’ll do it. What should I wear, I don’t have nurse’s scrubs or anything like that.”

“Its like exercising at the gym, you’ll probably work up a sweat. I’ve seen the regular girls wearing tank tops and shorts, even bathing suits on occasion, so I’d recommend something like that. Its up to you of course, but you want to make sure you get that tip eh? If you get my drift?”

Then he winked. Okay so I needed to dress comfortably, yet provocatively, if I wanted a good tip. No problem, I worked for a day at Hooters on a dare, and I made more in tips in one evening than I made as an engineering consultant. And that was a lot of work! How hard could this be?

Dr DeShade arranged to pick me up at my house at 7PM, and would drive me to the client’s estate. Once I got home, I ate a quick salad for dinner, then took a shower. My morning encounter with the interns left me smelling like a French whore, or actually, like any typical French woman (after all, what’s the difference?). I shaved my legs, touching up my crotch and ass crack, as the doctor had ordered. I also douched and enemized; I liked being clean inside and out. I decided to compromise on the clothes, wearing a two piece thong bikini and loose cotton short shorts. It was somewhat cool outside in the mountain air, so I threw on a warm up suit.

Dr DeShade picked me up right on time and off we went. We made pleasant small talk until arriving at the estate. It was a sprawling Lindal cedar home, with windows everywhere, sitting on a bluff overlooking the west prong of the Little Pigeon River below, the town of Gatlinburg off in the distance. Behind it were the Great Smoky Mountains, Mt. LeConte easily visible on this clear, cool night. The place had to be worth $2 mil easy.

“He’s got 10 acres on the bluff, which is practically unheard of. I think he paid over a million for it.”

Robert Moore greeted us at the door. A fine looking man, about 56, with a shock of steel gray hair, over six feet tall, and fit. My kind of man. Well, okay, any man is my kind of man, but he was a hunky-looking mature guy. I felt a familiar tingling in my nether regions.

“Marky, how are you? Long time, no see. And who is this lovely woman with you?”

“Bob Moore, meet Ms. Cat Wolff, my wife’s new masseuse. She’s going to administer your therapy this evening.”

“Wonderful! Its always nice having a good looking lady running her hands all over one’s body. Come in, come in.”

Bob led us through the house, into a large sunroom overlooking the bluff. In the daylight this must have some view, I thought. The interior was exposed post and beam, rustic but classy. There was a massage bed set up in the middle of the room.

Bob said, “Let’s get to it, shall we? I’ll excuse myself for a moment to remove my clothes and wrap myself with a towel, if that’s okay with Ms Wolff.”

“Sure, its okay with me I guess.”

After Bob left the room, Dr DeShade handed me a small duffel bag containing several massage oils and hand towels. When Bob returned, he was wearing a towel around his waist and nothing else. He climbed onto the bed, laying on his stomach. Dr DeShade sat in an overstuffed leather recliner near Bob’s head, and they began an animated conversation.

It was warm inside the house, so I removed the warm up suit and took a bottle of oil from the bag the doctor had given me. Dr DeShade stopped in mid-sentence, looking me up and down. Bob raised his head off the table and turned to see what caught the doctor’s attention. He looked directly into my eyes and smiled.

“Ms. Wolff, you are an extremely good looking woman. This will be the best massage I’ve ever had, I’m sure.”

“Thanks Mr. Moore, I’ll do my best. You can call me Cat.”

I poured some oil onto Bob’s back and began to knead and rub the skin. He and Dr DeShade went back to talking about old times. I really started getting into it, digging my fingers in, making large circular motions with the palms of my hands. I started working on his neck and shoulders, using more oil as I went along.

“Mmmmm that feels wonderful Cat, could you do the shoulders a little more?”

Even though the table was set fairly low I’m somewhat short, and I was not able to reach all the way across Bob’s body from either side. So I was switching back and forth from one side to the other, which was becoming tiresome.

“Mr. Moore, if its okay with you, I’m going to climb up on the table and straddle your back, then I can do both shoulders and the neck all at the same time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32