Helen, The Girl I Met on the Internet

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Helens name popped up one day on msn messenger, and we started chatting. She seemed nice – friendly, flirty, fun – and the picture she emailed me looked cool too, she said she was 23, quite short, shoulder length brown hair, good body, and from the picture I couldn’t disagree. The next day we spoke again, the conversation getting steamier, and by the third day we were both wishing we had web cams so we could see each other masturbating as we typed out our fantasies.

She was married, but said her husband was often away for his job, leaving her bored and unfulfilled. We fantasised about meeting, what we’d do if I was in her home town, or she was in my office, and it was fun, she seemed to know what to say to turn me on, and said that I knew just how to keep her horny. Even so, I was surprised when she asked me if I really would consider meeting up – I had assumed this was a strictly online game because she was married. But I didn’t have much hesitation in saying yes, and in no time we’d swapped phone numbers and arranged for me to visit her the following Thursday. I booked a day off work, and played out my fantasies in my head for the next few days.

She met me at the train station, and my first thought was one of relief – she was the same person as the photo had shown. I guess you just never know for sure until you meet someone in real life, that’s one of the things that makes the internet interesting! We walked to a coffee shop, and chatted, which was fair enough – I didn’t expect her to take me straight back to hers without checking me out properly first. But, as with our online conversations, this one soon turned sexual, and we leant over the table to whisper, telling each other what we’d been thinking about during the past couple of days. I felt her foot gently rubbing the inside of my calf muscle, and I think it was only at that moment that I realised that this was for real.

“Let’s go back to my house,” she whispered, and led me out of the coffee shop. I got into the car, and she slipped into the drivers seat. We looked at each other, there was a brief pause, and suddenly we were kissing. It was electric, passionate. Helen broke off. “Got to drive,” she said, “before I get tempted to rip your clothes off here!” She drove. It wasn’t far to her house, maybe five minutes. I noticed that she kept stealing glances at me when the traffic allowed, and I was sorely tempted to reach over and touch her thighs, exposed by her knee length skirt riding up. I kept my hands to myself, though, adjusting my erection when I thought she wasn’t looking.

Her house was modern, small and neat. Helen parked on the driveway and, holding the front door open, motioned me inside. She had a quick glance around – was she checking that her neighbours hadn’t seen a strange man going inside? – and then the door was shut and we were kissing again. “Upstairs, now!” she ordered me, and I held her hand as she led me to her bedroom.

Like the rest of the house, the room was neat and tidy. Her computer stood on a corner desk, and my mind played back a couple of the chats we’d had whilst she was sitting there, before quickly turning back to the sexy woman who was tugging my t-shirt off over my head. She kissed my bare chest. “I’ve wanted to do this for real ever since our first chat,” she said. I pulled her head up and we looked into each others eyes before kissing once more, her breasts crushed onto my chest. I eased back, enough to enable me to start unbuttoning her white shirt, teasing her by brushing my hands over her already erect nipples, and finally letting her top fall onto the floor behind her.

Helen’s tits looked fantastic in her white, ataşehir escort bayan lacy bra. She looked at me as if for approval. “Mmm, you look so sexy, baby,” I said. “Let’s see what we have under that skirt, then.” She smiled, and reached behind her back to undo the zip of her skirt, and quickly wriggle out of it. She’d always said that she liked to wear sexy underwear, and now that was all she had on I could tell she was telling the truth – the bra was joined with a white lace thong, which just covered her dark bush of neatly trimmed pubic hair. “Oh yes,” I smiled. “I think you should show me a back view too!” She turned, slowly, and I drank in the sight of her curves, and her arse, which looked stunning covered only by the thin strip of the thong. I reached out and pulled a long strand of hair away from her shoulder, and kissed her exposed neck, feeling her shiver as my hand fell down her breast and made its way across her stomach.

I kissed her neck a little harder, and a little lower, feeling her arse grinding on the front of my jeans. “Take your clothes off,” she breathed, squirming away from my hold and turning to face me. I wasn’t about to argue, and, smilingly, slipped my jeans, boxer shorts and socks off, sitting on the bed naked now. She looked at my body lustfully, and moved forward, pushing me onto my back and straddling me so that my hard cock pressed up between her legs. God that felt good! I reached up to touch her tits and she helped me by releasing the catch and allowing her bra to fall forward, and off.

She was starting to hump her groin against my thighs now, and I was aware that I was too turned on to take much time over this. Forcefully, I rolled her off me, sucking hungrily on her hard nipple as I did so, and with one hand, roughly pulled down her thong. She kicked it off onto the floor, gasping as my fingers found their way between her open legs and quickly located her clitoris, wet and swollen. I felt her grasping for my cock, but I wanted to be in control, so I smoothly slid myself between her legs, reaching down to rub my cock head on her pussy lips before slowly but firmly slid it into her.

“Oh, oh, yes!” her eyes were shining brightly as I looked down into them. We quickly struck up a rhythm, and, aware that I was going to cum really quickly, I pushed my hand in between us to rub her clit too. That very soon sent her over the top, and she bucked and thrashed underneath me as her orgasm approached. The feeling of her cunt muscles squeezing my cock was wonderful, and I managed to gasp that I was going cum only seconds before the wave rode up my balls and I erupted into her, thrusting hard to stay as deep as I could as she now trembled with her own release.

I felt my cock start to shrink inside her, and eased back from our embrace. She craned her neck to kiss me. “Oh, god, that felt so good!” she said, head falling back onto the bed in mock exhaustion. I fell back too, both of us laughing and panting with exertion. Helen leant up on one elbow. “And I hope there’s more where that came from too,” she said, grinning with mischief.

“You might have to give me five minutes!” I said, already thinking of all the ways and positions I’d like to fuck this gorgeous woman.

Helen sat up. “Okay. I’m going to make a drink – what would you like? Or maybe some lunch? Might give you the strength you’re going to need later!” She jumped off the bed, and I heard her go into the toilet, before she nipped downstairs and came back with a big glass of orange juice and a takeaway pizza menu.

“I thought you might like to be taken out for lunch?” I enquired.

“Well I’ve got escort kadıköy you where I want you now, haven’t I?” she smiled wickedly. “Be a shame to let you go!” I shrugged my shoulders, and after a quick discussion, she picked up the phone and ordered. “It’ll be about half an hour,” she said, putting the phone down. “What are we going to do in the meantime?”

I’d already thought about that. “Well I’m pretty hungry right now. Perhaps a starter? Your body!” And laughingly I grabbed hold of her, wrestling her down onto the bed and rolling on top of her, before kissing her quickly on the lips and heading down to her tits. She sighed as I took a nipple between my teeth, biting softly, and I felt her legs relax as my hand eased them apart. I wanted to lick her pussy, it’s a favourite pastime of mine, and I hadn’t before, so I quickly edged my way down her stomach, running my fingertips over her soft mound of hairs, running my tongue down her belly, and settled myself so I could lick her clitoris and still be able to see the rest of her body.

It was, of course, a beautiful sight – her pink lips slightly moist and puffy, easily visible through the fine hairs. I stuck my tongue out, just resting the tip onto her clit, making her jump slightly, and then slowly started rolling my tongue in a circular motion around her clit. She moaned gently, and I increased the pace a little, pushing a fingertip to the entrance of her cunt.

“Oh, Joe, that’s so nice, so nice,” Helen sighed as my tongue continued its exploration. Her pussy tasted deliciously sweet, with just a hint of the saltiness of my cum. My chin was getting thoroughly soaked – this was clearly a woman who loved being eaten! I gradually increased the pressure on her clit from my tongue, and started slowly moving my finger inside her, and in response felt her legs squeeze tighter around my head, and her hand fall down to squeeze mine, which had been roaming across her stomach and tits. Her legs trembled, her back tensed, her breathing quickened, and I got one of my favourite feelings – I was going to make her cum. And all of a sudden, she was, thrashing up and down, crying out, the intensity almost too much.

I lifted my head from between her legs, grinning, and slid myself up so I was lying on top of her again, my cock hard, its tip just on the entrance to her cunt. “Was that nice?” I asked innocently. She bit her lip, nodding, starting to calm down but aware that I was nearly fucking her again. At that moment, the doorbell rang. I laughed. “Pizza already? Blimey. And we’re not even dressed!” I rolled away from her, grabbed my t-shirt and boxer shorts and threw them on, and found my wallet. “At least I hope it’s the pizza,” I grinned as I ambled downstairs, leaving her lying laughing on the bed. It was our lunch, thank god. I couldn’t imagine the scene if it had been a friend or neighbour, or even her husband. I paid the guy quickly, hoping nobody in the street had seen my semi dressed state, and ran back upstairs.

“I can’t believe you went out there like that,” she indicated towards my boxer shorts as I sat down on the bed. My erection had only subsided a little, and I had to hope the pizza delivery guy wasn’t particularly aware!

I grinned back at her. “Ah well. Lunch? Or shall we carry on where we left off?”

She opened the lid on the pizza box. “Food first. I’m still shaking after what you just did to me. But after food, I’m going to make you tremble just as much!”

“Ooh, is that a promise?” I teased. “Looking forward to that already!”

The pizza didn’t last too long, and Helen padded downstairs when it was gone to get rid of the maltepe escort rubbish and bring up some more drinks. I really liked the way she wandered around the house naked, she seemed so confident of her body, and aware of herself as a sexual being, which was really refreshing. Not for the first time, I wondered how she’d ended up in a marriage where she wasn’t satisfied – the guy must have been crazy!

She was as good as her word when she came back upstairs, sitting down next to me, kissing me gently, first on the lips, then down to my neck and chest, before encouraging me to fall back and allow her to go further. My cock was throbbing wildly as she took it gently between her lips, licking around the head and sucking a couple of inches in before easing off again. She certainly knew how to give a good blow job – I felt fantastic as she rolled her fingertips round by balls, and the gentle pressure of her fingertip on my anus was a great pleasure too.

I wanted to cum, I was close, and I think she sensed it, easing off me and spinning round with her legs straddling my head, bringing her pussy down onto my face. By concentrating on licking her, I could delay my orgasm, at least a bit. “Mmm, that’s nice,” she said, sitting up a little, hand round my stiff prick. “But I think I want you inside me again, cum inside me again, Joe!” With that, she rolled off my face, and turned to face me, straddling me again and placing my cock between her cunt lips. She thrust down, and we both gasped together as I slipped inside her.

She sat upright, riding me, tits proudly forward, as our rhythm got quicker. “Helen, babe, I’m going to cum, so soon!” I warned her.

“Good,” she said, “I want to feel it!” I couldn’t hold back any longer, and with a cry, I pushed up and held myself still, loving the feeling of my spunk coating her cervix, loving the look of delight on her face. She collapsed onto my chest, her cunt muscles contracting around my cock. I stroked her hair, and her back, feeling our hearts beating fast, almost in time with each other. I felt fantastic. We stayed still, together, for I don’t know how long. Finally, sleepy eyed, she rolled off me, and pulled a sheet over the top of us. Cuddled into my chest, we must have dozed off, because it was quite a shock to me when she shook me gently an hour later. “Wake up,” she whispered. “I’m going to have to take you back before long.”

I sat up quickly. “What time is it?” Glancing at the clock told me it was three o’clock, and she’d said that she had to be out by four. “Okay, I understand,” I said, pulling back the sheet and making to get up.

“Hey, not so fast!” she grinned. “I think we have a bit more time together than that!” And she grabbed hold of me, pulling me back into her arms, where we kissed again, hard and passionately. My cock was stirring again, and I knew she could feel it on her thigh. Helen’s leg slid over mine, her pussy pushing into my leg, grinding her hips against me, and almost before I knew it, I was sliding my cock into her as she fell backwards. How was she so wet already? I didn’t care – this felt so good! We fucked, hard, fast, desperate – like we would never fuck again. It was glorious, the intensity probably multiplied by the fact we’d already both cum twice before that afternoon, and our inhibitions totally gone. I came again, and then she was too, frantically grinding against me, keeping me as deep in her as she could.

All good things, though, must end, and it was with regret that we dressed, and, after a last, long, lingering kiss in the hallway, jumped back into her car. She dropped me at the railway station, and waved as I passed through the doors. I blew her a kiss, smiling, and she disappeared from my sight. We haven’t spoken again since that day – I think in our hearts we both knew it was a one off, and that’s probably why we both gave it so much. But I won’t be forgetting Helen anytime soon, that’s for sure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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