Heather Pt. 05

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“You still awake?” Heather asked, as she lay back against the headboard.

“Fuck yes, I am,” I said, to the viewer on my laptop.

Heather was still wearing her heels, stockings, and panties. She lay on her bed, legs flat and heels together. She looked into the camera and licked her lips, seductively. “Sooo ready for this,” Heather moaned, bringing a hand to her mouth. She licked two fingers, wetting them, then stared at me while she rubbed one of her nipples, instantly hardening it. My sexy daughter cupped that breast, lifted it, then tilted her head down to lick her own hard nipple.

I pounded my cock, watching Heather turn herself on with her own sexy body. She bent a knee, spreading her legs, as she gripped her tit and licked her nipple, moaning. Heather used her other hand to tease her pussy with a vibrator, over her panties.

Heather looked back up at the webcam and whispered, “I hope you enjoyed your show. But I’m doing this for me now. Might not be as exciting to watch. I’m wet though, and I have to do it the way I want.”

“Yes,” I moaned. “Oooh yes. Do it the way you like it.”

Heather lay down on her side, facing the camera. She lifted her top leg, bent at the knee, and planted her heel behind her other thigh, opening her legs. She slid a hand up to her knee, then back down that calf and pulled off that heel. Heather then rolled the stocking down and off that leg. I watched anxiously, as she did the same with her other beautiful leg, dropping her shoes to the floor.

Taking a position flat on her back, Heather paid no more attention to the camera as she began teasing the vibrator over her panties, slowly. I heard the low buzzing and my daughter’s soft moans as she held the vibrator on her panty-covered clit. Heather’s back arched slightly, as she raised and lowered her hips, in self pleasure. “Oooo. Oooo ” she moaned, in a whisper.

Heather rolled onto her side to face the camera once again. She placed her top leg behind the other thigh and continued rubbing the vibrator over her panties. Paying no attention to the camera, Heather reached behind her butt and pulled the G-string of her panties, forcing the little patch in front to part her pussy lips. I heard mariobet güvenilirmi the vibrator go silent, then Heather let it drop from her hand. Heather immediately started rubbing her clit with her fingers, while her other hand continued pulling her panties into her pussy.

Heather’s hand was a blur on the camera, as she feverishly fingered her clit, panting heavily. She rolled onto her stomach and turned her head away from the camera. Keeping her hand on her pussy, Heather started fucking her fingers. Her hips thrusted aggressively as she said, “Fuck my pussy,” out loud. Then she cried out it every time her body drove itself down on her fingers, “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” Finally, in orgasmic ecstasy, I heard, “Oh God! I want your cock!”

I came at the same time as my daughter. Heather’s body lay spent, her pussy still trained on her fingers. I panted and watched my beautiful daughter move her hand from under her body, then go motionless again. “Wow,” I groaned, then moved off the bed to clean my own spent orgasm from my hand and torso.

“Goodnight, Daddy,” I heard over the laptop. When I returned to bed, Heather was under the covers, eyes closed.

“Goodnight, Sweetheart,” I answered, closing the laptop.

When I awoke the next morning, nothing could stop me from opening the laptop to look at my daughter again. Heather had uncovered herself at some point during the night, and had removed her soaked panties. I edged my cock for a bit, just lusting over my daughter’s naked body. The temptation to watch Heather’s erotic orgasm from last night was very strong. But I delayed that gratification, and got dressed for work. I took one last look at my sleeping daughter, closed my laptop and opened my door.

I quietly pulled my bedroom door shut as I exited, noticing Heather’s soaked panties hanging on the knob. “You sexy, fucking girl,” I said, immediately bringing them to my face. “You aren’t getting these back,” I continued, then stuffed them into my underwear, around my cock.

My drive into work was made much more enjoyable as I unzipped my pants and used Heather’s panties to edge my very hard dick. I wanted to cum on them, but decided to wait until I mariobet yeni giriş was watching last night’s video. The distraction of work would make the anticipation of it so much better. Those wet panties against my cock, enhanced the bulge in my slacks. I didn’t care. I suddenly wanted everyone who saw me to know how hard my daughter made me.

I was able to get some work done, in between trips to the Men’s room. After several hours, I heard my phone chime. ‘Have fun last night?’ Heather texted.

‘Wow!’ I texted back. ‘Yes! And thank you for my present. I have it with me.’

Heather texted back, ‘Hehe. Going to CJ’s. Won’t be home tonight, so figured you needed them worse than I did.’

‘Very thoughtful,’ I playfully replied.

‘Tara and I have our own room at CJ’s. So if you sleep in my room tonight, I will be watching the webcam at bedtime. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to though.’

‘Do you want me to?’ I anxiously asked.

Then I simply received, ‘Yes.’

My mind reeled at the thought of jacking off in front of my daughter. She had caught me doing it already. And that event, as shocking as it was for both of us, had brought intense arousal for me, every time I recalled it. Perhaps there was a subconscious desire for her to walk in when she did. Whatever the reason, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind about reciprocating the private act of self pleasure, on camera…for my own teenage daughter.

When I got home, I made myself a drink and headed immediately to Heather’s bedroom. I didn’t want to get undressed until I was sure she was alone though. If CJ happened to see our webcam, I didn’t want him to observe any more than ‘Heather’s dad is laying on her bed, looking at his computer.’

My phone chimed. ‘Telling CJ goodnight. Going to bed.’

‘I’m ready,’ I texted.

A few agonizing minutes later, I received, ‘Show me.’

I stood in front of the webcam, kicked off my shoes, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. My shaky breaths were no doubt being picked up by the sensitive microphone, as I let my slacks fall to the floor at my feet. My hand went inside the waistband of my Lycra boxer briefs and retrieved Heather’s panties. I slowly mariobet giriş slid out Heather’s G-string, wrapped it around the bulge in my underwear, and showed my daughter how hard her wet panties made my dick. I brought her little thong to my face, inhaling her scent, moaning “Smells sooo good.” Then I stepped out of my pants, pulled my T-shirt off, and lay on Heather’s bed.

Heather’s pillows were already stacked against the headboard. So I positioned myself as my little girl had done. I opened the laptop, turning it so we both had a viewing angle of the screen. My thumbs hooked inside my underwear, I pulled them swiftly down and off. My cock swelled and pointed itself up at my chest, so aroused by the intentional exposure of it to my own daughter.

I pushed play on the recording of her and CJ, turning the volume up all the way. My hand wrapped around my cock as I took another long inhale of my daughter’s panties, then sucked the crotch of them into my mouth. I tugged Heather’s thong out of my mouth, exhaling hard, “God I want your pussy.” I lay my daughter’s panties on my chest and picked up my bottle of lubricant. Heather was getting on her knees in the video. I spread a generous amount of lube on my dick, gripped my balls with one hand and began taking long strokes of my cock with the other hand.

“Spectacular?” We heard Heather ask, on video.

“Ooooo yes,” I moaned loudly. “I want to rub my cock all over your tits.”

“You want to cum on them?” She asked.

“Oh fuck yes, Heather. I want to titty-fuck you and cum all over you,” I answered, rapidly fisting my cock.

“Mmm. Do it. I want to see your big dick spray cum all over my spectacular tits,”

I moaned loudly, as I watched CJ cum all over Heather’s tits. Then I turned my eyes to look directly into the webcam. “I’m cumming on you, Baby. I’m cumming all over you.” I threw my head back against the pillows. “Oh Heather! Oh fuck, Heather! Oh fuck, yes!” I shouted, shooting streams of cum all over my daughter’s panties.

I raised my head to look into the webcam, then watched my hand clean the cum off my body with Heather’s panties. “God that turned me on,” I whispered. “I hope you liked it too, because I definitely want to do that again sometime.”

My phone chimed. “Yes, I liked it.

‘I’m watching it again. My moaning woke the baby before I came. So I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Love you,’ Heather texted.

“I love you too, sweetheart,” I whispered.

End of Part 5

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