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I wish that I could simply stop thinking about him. I’m married for god’s sake! But still in the back of my mind he is always there, hiding, waiting to spring out upon me at the most inopportune times. I see his face in my mind, or more often than not, his body. It’s unfortunate that he and my husband are so dissimilar physically, because then I could just pretend I was thinking about Jonathan. I used to lick every single muscle delineation on his six pack, kissing slowly, biting, and nibbling. I used to swirl my tongue in his belly button, causing eruptions of laughter. For a guy he has sensitive nipples, so I would suckle there, moans elicited. Biting gently he would grab my head, urging me on. I would kiss up his oddly concave chest and in to his neck, biting and kissing the whole way.

We used to be so rough at times, I was so proud of the bruises that remained after our passionate, often hurried love making, on my hip bones, my breasts, my neck. I loved him so much it still hurts to think about him, five years later. His eyes were a gorgeous pale speckled sea green. I often wonder if that was why I was attracted to my husband. He too has green eyes, darker, cloudier. He had curly long blond hair, which I hated. I even got him to cut it once, but he left me a few months later. It’s grown back over time. I used to run my fingers through it after we got out of the shower, finger combing it, twisting the curls around my fingers. He would brush my waist long auburn hair till it was dry and it shone.

I used to love to suck his cock. Long and straight, I would gobble every inch of it in to my throat. Ten inches at least, I would lick the entire shaft, tip to base, with swirling strokes. Nibbling end to end. He would grab my head and force me to suck harder, or to take more of him in. when he would come, spurting at the back of my throat, I used to smile. How little control men actually have when it comes to their cocks. I didn’t always swallow, but now and then, the urge would be there. I loved the taste of it. He would have finger marks on his ass cheeks and hip bones when I had grabbed him and held him still.

The first time I sucked him off, we were outside. He lived on the lake, and we were taking a walk on the shore line. It was hot out, the sun blazing down, making me sweat in the small of my back. I looked at him, and I swear, he felt everything I was thinking. I dragged him out of the gently lapping waves and threw him up against the nearest building. I wanted him so bad. I pressed canlı bahis my lips against his, begging him to feel what I was feeling. He did. He gripped my ample hips and pulled me even closer. He tasted of cigarettes, which at the time we both smoked, so it didn’t bother me at all. In fact, then, the clove flavor was so sweet, I felt I could kiss him forever. Sometimes, now, I wish I had never stopped. He kissed damp, sweaty trails down my neck, and back behind my ear. There, the one and only sweet spot I possessed. I shivered, and moaned softly. He can get me going with just one touch. I hooked my fingers in his waistband and slipped underneath, gently grasping his cock. He chuckled in my ear.


We hadn’t even slept together yet, and already we were in flames just by touching.

“Yep. Gonna rock you, boy, are you ready?”

“Uh, you know I am, love.”

I dropped to my knees and burrowed my face against his abs. Oh, my god, the body he had. Tight, long, and ripply. I could eat him right then and there, and that’s what I did. I pulled his button fly apart, savoring every flick. Commando underneath, as was his usual. Still slightly damp from our earlier swim. Musky, sweaty, I loved it. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft and stroked out to the head, and he moaned, and slid his hands in to my hair, fisting. I looked up at him with a coy smile, and his eyes were already closed, lost in the feelings my hands had elicited. Then I opened my mouth and slowly sucked him in, inch by inch. And just as slow, I pulled away from him, swirling my tongue against the underside. When he came free of my mouth, he nudged me back to him with his hands tightly wound in my hair. I circled his balls with my fingers, gently tugging, and a grunt of pure pleasure interrupted his moans.

Apparently his last girlfriend didn’t know that his balls were very sensitive. Now I had yet another trick to please him in my arsenal. I licked all around his swollen head, rimming the edge several times before his nudges pushed him back in to my greedy mouth. I know how he liked to jack off, so I thought that I would spice it up for him. No quickies here. Nope. I drew him in and out slowly, and then fast. And then slowly, alternating so that he never knew what was coming, other than him. I sucked, and then just let him stroke the roof of my mouth with the head, rolling it from side to side. I reached up and grabbed his tight ass, and held him at my pace, frustrating him to no end. All too soon though, bahis siteleri my ministrations drove him over the edge and he came, splashing the back of my throat and coating my mouth with him. I swallowed while he was still moaning in ecstasy, but held some on my tongue.

“Uh, you can spit….” but I made a show of how much I loved his come and swallowed.

“Holy shit, love.” Yep holy shit indeed.

That was only the first time of many. We made love for the first time a few days later, in nearly the exact same spot. Looking back, we hardly ever had sex in traditional places; if we did, it was always using those places in ways I had never done before. Don’t get me wrong, neither of us was experienced. Part of the joys of being 18, I suppose. He was a virgin, believe it or not. When we were together it was like a light went off, and we had known each other and our bodies forever.

The sun was out in force, but it was still way to humid to do anything. We had taken a quick swim to break the monotony, and now were taking another walk. The boat house, with a landed dock came in to view as we rounded the gently curving shoreline. I looked at him, simmering with need, and this time he pulled me off the sand and up against the boat house, which promptly tried to burn my skin off. The sun was hitting it with full force, making it a flat oven. The dry dock was a few feet away, in the shade. We stumbled over to it to sit while I recovered from the shock. To make me feel better, he began kissing, the back of my neck, and sending fissions of excitement down my spine. The pain in the small of my back promptly forgotten, and I turned in to his embrace. Our lips met and our tongues danced. He left my lips and moved to my ear. There he whispered…”Now.”

Whoo hoo! Finally all this frustration I had building up to be released. I nodded and we kissed again, a new element infusing it, our bodies knew what was coming now. He slid his hand up under my shirt and rather handily freed my breasts. Keep in mind, there was no one to see us nearby, but just across the lake, there ran a bridge, with frequent traffic, in full view of our display. I didn’t care one bit. I often wonder now who might have seen us that first day, or any of the days following.

He reached up again under my tank and gently tweaked my usually nearly insensitive nipple. I moaned as pleasure shot straight to my pussy. I couldn’t wait for this. Somehow I knew that it was going to be good, fantastic. I slipped my hand underneath bahis şirketleri the waist band of his jeans and grabbed his stiff cock. I stroked it furiously and set it loose of his boxers and pants. I dropped to my knees and worshiped him with my tongue. He banged the back of my throat in need, moaning. I slipped a condom out of his wallet, which was in his pants, now in a puddle on the sand.

We have been walking barefoot, so there was none of that awkward, what do I do with my shoes bit. I was out of the rest of my clothes in a trice, and I guided him back to the dock that was lying on the sand. He lay down on his back, and looked at me with complete trust. Oohh, this guy had no idea what I was about to do to him. I straddled his thighs giving him an eyeful of my ample assets. He reached out for me and stroked my throbbing clit with a feathery touch, nearly sending me over the edge. I scooted away, out of his reach, teasing him. I tore open the wrapper and slowly slid it down his cock, using my mouth, a fun trick I picked up in Cosmo. I straddled him, grasped him and slid him home. He sucked in a deep breath, savoring the first feeling of pussy.

I must say, I was really tight, and, damn, I did my Kegels faithfully, just so that I could squeeze him with all my might. The little pussy that could. He threw back his head, banging it against the dock, and growled, from deep within his chest. I rode him slowly, drawing the head of his cock just the very entrance, and then slowly sliding back down along the shaft. I looked in his eyes, which like mine oddly enough, go emerald in the heat of passion. I smiled, relishing the hold I had on him. He grabbed my hips, trying to force me to thrust upon him harder, but I laughingly held my tempo, keeping him just short of coming. He began to twirl my nipples in his fingers, rolling them like fine cigars. I throbbed for his touch, relishing the feel of him. I reached in between our bodies and stroked myself, figuring, since he was close, why shouldn’t I get my kicks?

He dug his fingers in to me, forcing me to give him sway over me. His hipbones slammed in to my inner thighs as I rode him like the stallion that he was. God, for not knowing what the hell he was doing, he picks this shit up pretty damn fast. I looked in his eyes again, and I knew that he was about to come. Since I was also there, we rode out the tidal wave together. Out of breath, I lay across his body. He was still practically throbbing. I laughed, climbed off, and helped clean him up. God bless condoms. I dragged him up, and pulled him naked in to the lake, smiling all the way. The shock of the cold water washed away the shock of his having just gotten laid for the first time. Yep, that’s a happy memory.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32