Happy Ending Ch. 06

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This is a work of fiction, based on no true experiences or actual people.

** The Happy Ending 6 – the Cyrus Effect **

Gil Cyrus, DC sat in his office going over the latest stats for the Wellness Center as he did each month around this time. Things were going well; but he had sensed that they could be better. Then he heard a rumor while out for a beer with some friends. Now he was waiting to see if he couldn’t confirm or deny that rumor – that one of his massage therapists was offering other ‘services’ at her private therapy center. He wasn’t against the idea, only interested in perhaps taking advantage of those services. A knock came at his door. “Come in” he responded. He smiled as Michele walked through the door. “Have a seat Michele.” he suggested.

“What’s up doc?” Michele giggled, treating this meeting as she did most others with her ‘boss’.

“Oh I think you probably have an idea” Gil replied, eyeing the door she’d left open. He watched as she turned around to close it before he continued. “It has been brought to my attention that you might be offering – uh – services that we don’t offer our clients here, and I was hoping you might fill me in on this topic.” he said.

Michele had been concerned that the word of her ‘special services’ might leak out, and that Gil Cyrus might find out; but she had no idea what he might think of it or how he would react. I guess I’m going to find out now! she thought. “Hmm… I guess if the word is out there’s no point in denying anything, right?” she responded, hoping to find out how much he’d heard – if anything.

“I’m not sure denial is a good response; but are you confirming?” Gil asked her.

“Oh, I do offer services at my private therapy practice that you don’t offer here at the Wellness Center, sure.” she replied.

“I see, so I assume these are services you deem inappropriate for the Center?” Gil pursued, rolling his eyes.

Michele decided the direction of this conversation was pointless. “Look Doctor Cyrus, I’m working under a grant from the Association of Physical Therapy. The research is an ongoing project to develop therapeutic treatments for what is called Libido Stress Syndrome. The therapy is called Libido Stress Relief therapy, or LSRT.” she told him, looking him in the eye the whole time.

Gil Cyrus raised his eyebrows at the thought of such a thing; but it sounded very interesting. “That sounds very clinical Michele.” he responded.

“Yes. And as you might deduce from the title, it does have to do with organs that might otherwise be tied to sexual matters; but this therapy is not just sex with male clients – as you might find in your stereotypical ‘massage parlor’.” she explained. “But I am not prepared to discuss this any further in this environment – if you don’t mind.” she added.

“Okay, okay. I understand.” he responded. “I would like to know more though. Can we meet for coffee, or…”

“Why don’t you come out to my private office and we can go further with our discussion.” Michele suggested. She pulled out her PDA and brought up her calendar. “I see you’re not in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so how about next Thursday, the 20th, at 10am?” she offered.

Gil Cyrus looked at his calendar. “Sure. I’ll be there. Thanks Michele.” he said softly. “And thanks for making time for me today.” he added. “Nobody will hear anything from me”

“Thanks Gil. I’ll see you next Thursday.” Michele said rising to leave. She stopped and turned to look at him. “I can drop off a research brief if you like. It might clear some things up for you.”

“Sure, I would appreciate that.” he replied.

She finished up at the desk, checked her schedule against the PDA, and headed back home. Well crap. I guess the cat had to get out of the bag sooner or later she thought. Here’s hoping he keeps his word, and nobody else hears any rumors. The drive back out to the house was uneventful, and Michele rolled through the gate just as her cell rang. She glanced and noticed it was Joe. “Yeah babe” she answered.

“Hey doll. I was wondering if it would be okay for my buddy Dave to join us tonight.” Joe proposed.

“For dinner?” Michele asked.

“Um… yeah… and whatever.” Joe replied.

“Okay, sure I guess. I’ll make enough for three and set an extra place.” she told him.

“Great. Thanks baby.” he responded. “See ya at six”

“Six it is!” she responded, ending the call. She ran the name Dave through her memory banks, trying to recall who this guest might be. No faces came up to match it, so she assumed it must be a new male friend from his office. No biggie.

Michele grabbed the small package left inside the screen door by FedEx. She knew from the return address that it would be the newly-enhanced Syb tool, and went directly into the lab to unpack it. Along with the carefully wrapped phallic tool was a multi-page set of instructions and a CD. There was a note at the top of the instructions in bold, red print that said not to install anything until a second canlı bahis package arrived. There was control module she would need to add to the system to take advantage of the new ‘organ twitch’ features in the tool. Great. Can’t use it yet. she thought, taking out the key to open the secure storage. The next lab session wasn’t scheduled until the following week, so she had plenty of time.

She had two non-LSR massage clients that were an hour apart, leaving her some time to get some of the dinner preparation done. After the last appointment she took a shower before confining herself to the kitchen to get things ready for her two guests. She always had something unique, prepared with fresh ingredients, fresh herbs and spices, and her own special flavors that surprised most who tasted her culinary treats. This evening was seered Ahi Tuna with a Thai-themed sauce, stir-fried vegetables from her garden, and homemade Thai fried rice with egg and spices she grew in her kitchen window. She knew Joe would love it, and hoped Dave would as well. The rice was on, the veggies were ready for the wok, and the countertop griddle was ready for the fish. She poured herself a glass of Pinot Grigio and waited…

A quick knock signaled their arrival. “Hey doll” Joe called. He and Dave walked in, Joe carrying a vase full of Lily’s, Michele’s favorite, and Dave had a bottle of G-Wine, also her favorite.

“Hey guys. I’m in the kitchen. Come on in.” Michele responded. She tossed the veggies into the spiced oil in the wok, then carefully dropped the three Ahi steaks on the hot griddle. “Dinner in ten minutes guys.” she called, quickly grabbing the wooden spoon to stir the veggies. Joe came up behind her, holding the flowers off to the side so she could see them. “Ohhhh, how sweet. Thanks Joe.” she said, wriggling her little tush back toward him.

“And Dave got your favorite G-Wine for us to enjoy.” Joe told her, setting the vase down on the island. He watched as Michele tossed the veggies expertly, reaching over to flip the Ahi steaks at just the right moment. He glanced down, loving the way her firm cheeks jiggled when she was working the stove.

Dave walked in, noticing the target of Joe’s gaze. “I’ve got the wine. Where would I find glasses and a cork puller?” he asked, staring at Michele’s jiggling ass. Joe had mentioned her cute butt, now he could see what his friend was talking about.

“Oh… uh… dining room… in the china hutch” Michele said. “Why don’t you guys go ahead and take a seat at the table. I’ll bring the food momentarily.” she added, reaching for a serving bowl. In a flash she had the veggies in that bowl, the fried rice in a second bowl, the the Ahi steaks – seered to perfection – on the plates. She started to gather when Joe walked up and picked up the plates. He flashed her a smile, and she took the two serving bowls.

Dinner was fantastic, as it usually was when Michele was the chef. The three of them finished two bottles of wine by the time the food was gone, and Michele was feeling pretty good. The men cleared the table and took care of the dishes as she cleaned up the table and finished the open bottle from before dinner. Joe came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, nuzzling her ear. It felt good. “Hey baby.” he whispered, his hips pressing against hers from behind. “I think Dave would like to sample your skills.” he suggested, fondling her tiny breasts.

“W-what?” Michele asked, spinning around to face him. “What are you talking about?”

“Well… you remember we were talking about our fantasies a couple of weeks back, and you…” Joe began.

“I said I might – MIGHT like to try a threesome with another guy. Is that what you’re talking about?” she asked him.

“Exactly baby. So… what do you think?” Joe queried, running his hands down to her lithe hips.

“Hmmm… well… I guess… we can get to know each other first…” Michele responded. She did find him charming, and he was easy on the eyes too. “Let’s play something in the living room.” she suggested, planting a soft kiss on Joe’s lips before she pushed away.

“Great babe, thanks.” Joe said, just as Dave emerged from the kitchen. “Hey man, let’s do some playing.”

They gathered around the coffee table, Dave and Joe on the sofa while Michele sat on the floor opposite them. She pulled out the dice and declared that ‘Zilch’ was the game. Dave knew it, and she and Joe had played many times when the power failed in the evening. More wine flowed, and Joe suggested they play ‘strip Zilch’, where a player who failed to score on a given roll had to remove an item of clothing.

“Now wait a minute.” Michele objected with a giggle. “Lemme go put on a couple of things I don’t have right now.” she added, jumping up and heading to her bedroom to put on a bra and a pair of panties – both on top of her other clothes. She came back out and the two men stared as big smiles came to their faces. “What?” she asked. “If they’re coming off anyway, what’s the difference?” she laughed, bahis siteleri resuming her seat on the floor. “Okay guys, let’s go.”

Joe was up, and he rolled a triple six in his first roll. “Six hundred” he said, and passed the dice to Dave.

Dave had only a one and a five in the first five dice, then zilched on his last roll. “Damn” he said, removing a shoe.

Michele laughed. “That’s no fun!” she said, taking the dice. Her very first roll was three pair, two’s, four’s, and sixes. Zilch! “Geez, and I don’t have any shoes!” she giggled, taking off her bra.

Joe zilched, and removed his shirt. Dave scored on triple one’s for a thousand. Then Michele zilched again, this time removing the panties.

“Only two more for you, babe.” Joe chuckled. He rolled, scoring big with a large straight followed by triple fives. “Yeah baby.” he said.

Dave scored again with three singles followed by two fives, taking the four hundred points and passing the dice to Michele.

She had four hundred in the bag, then zilched on her roll of three. “Any preferences gentlemen?” she asked with a laugh as she pulled the shirt out of her pants and tugged it over her head. Her tiny titties were now bared for them to see. “No fair looking!” she yelped, folding her arms over her chest. The game continued; but two rounds later Michele zilched again.

“Woohooo!” Joe cheered. “Give us a show baby.” he suggested.

She stood up, unzipping her fly before she turned around….

Dave’s jaw hit the floor as he watched her slowly peel the pants down over that cute little ass, bending deep to pull them over her feet. It seemed to him she remained in that position a little longer than she needed, and he had a clear view of everything from her clit to her anus. He licked his lips, then realized she was looking right back at him between her legs.

“Enjoying the view Dave?” she asked, giggling loudly before she reached back to smack herself on both cheeks as she stood up. She turned around to face them, nude. “See anything you like?” she asked again. “Either of you?” she looked at Joe, who was all smiles. “Okay, I’m done playing this game. Both of you have some disrobing to do. Get to it!” she laughed, gathering the garments she’d removed and putting them on the chair. Moments later both men were naked and seated. Her eyes went to their laps. Dave’s cock was already ‘up’, while Joe’s was still soft. “Well I can see which of you needs my help first.” she said, walking around the table to drop to her knees between Joe’s widespread legs. She swirled her tongue around his cockhead, then looked over at Dave. “Why don’t you make yourself useful and have a serving of pie for dessert?” Then her lips wrapped around Joe’s cock and she suckled him while fondling his balls.

Dave stood up and walked around behind her, kneeling there and gently easing her legs apart so he could put himself between them. He leaned down, resting his palms on her cheeks as he kissed either side of her rear entry. Not wanting to appear too focused he moved lower to lap at the soft folds of her labia, his nose now pressed against her little pink wrinkle. He heard her muffled moans, her oral cavity busy at his friend’s dick while he sucked her moist pussy. She tasted fantastic, obviously having put oils or cologne – or both – on her genitals. Joe called for him to do her ass, and he didn’t need more encouragement than that. His thumbs pulled apart her firm buttocks and his tongue quickly wormed a half inch up her asshole, bringing squeals of delight from Michele. Damn. Joe was right about this girl! he thought.

Joe watched his friend working his lips and tongue in her brazenly proferred privates, knowing what that tasted like. Then he looked down as she sucked on his cock, taking it deep while her fingers teased his testicles and anal port. He tugged gently at her ears. “Mmmm… feels so good baby…” he said hoarsely. “Hey Dave, how’s that pussy taste?” he asked.

Dave lifted his head, smiling with his face covered in her juices. “Oh yeah, she is delicious” he replied. “Especially her little butt!” he added, sticking his tongue out.

“Hey, well maybe I’d like a taste of that myself.” Joe told him. “And maybe Michele would like to taste you too!” he suggested, lifting her head from his crotch.

Michele smiled, her face flush with the heat of lust. “OhhhhhYESSSSS..” she hissed, wriggling her body between them.

The men traded places, Dave sitting on the sofa with his knees on either side of Michele’s shoulders while Joe moved behind her and immediately burrowed his face into her wetness bringing a squeal of delight. Dave placed his hands on her head as he watched her lips engulf his cockhead. “ohhhhyeahhhhh baby… suck…” he whispered, pulling her head down onto his meat. Joe hadn’t mentioned what a great cocksucker she was; but he was finding out for himself. He gently caressed her ears with his fingertips, letting her mouth go to town on his cock. Her eyes opened and she winked, watching his response bahis şirketleri as her lips worked their way down to his root. “ohhhFUCK” he grunted.

Joe lapped and sucked at Michele’s fragrant pussy and asshole, his cock wanting to take part in the fun. Without a word he knelt up behind her and eased the tip of his penis against the wet opening of her cunt. His hands gently gripped her slender hips and he pushed inside her. “ahhhhhhyeah…. so fucking hot…” he moaned, his eyes taking in the spectacle as his shaft sunk into her belly. The little pink wrinkle of her anal ring was just above the stretched wet hole, winking at him as he fucked her. We’ll have some fun back there later. Maybe Dave can have the first round in her butt. he thought. He used his thumbs to massage on either side of her asshole, knowing she enjoyed the contact. Her muffled moans told him he was right. He looked up, watching the back of her head as it bobbed up and down on Dave’s dick, then caught his friend’s eye. “She is so fucking hot.” he said.

Michele could hear their voices; but all that mattered at the moment was that she had two beautiful cocks to please her. She was enjoying the feel and taste of Dave’s thick cudgel, taking it into her throat as Joe fucked into her cunt from behind. Joe had been right to bring Dave over for some fun. After hearing the session with Raina and her client she had a serious case of the horns. Her whole body tingled with need, and she was having that need fulfilled by two men. “Mmmphgllphnnnggg” she mumbled as Joe’s finger gently wriggled at her rear entry. He wasn’t penetrating, just teasing, and her hips pushed back to try to correct that; but he wasn’t going for it. “mmmmeeegggphlph” she squealed on Dave’s cock.

Dave looked at his friend as Michele let out her groans and squeals muffled by his dick. Joe mouthed the words she wants it in her ass, and Dave nodded his acknowledgement. “What is it baby?” Dave asked her. “Is there something you want?” he watched as she worked her lips up his shaft until his dick slipped free.

“M-my ass…” Michele said hoarsely, her body quivering as Joe pounded into her cunt. Her mouth was back on Dave’s cock in an instant.

“You want Joe to fuck your ass?” Dave teased her.

Joe slammed his shaft into her and held it deep. “I think she wants you to do that, don’t you babe?” he asked, looking down at the tight little starfish between her cheeks. “Mmmm?” he pursued, easing his thumb into her butt.

Michele didn’t care which cock it was; but if Joe wanted his friend to sodomize her, then fine. She lifted her head up and looked Dave in the eye. “Dave… p-please… I want you to do my butt” she told him, dropping her head again to suck hard on his organ. She pulled his knees up, pushing them back so she could attack his anus with her tongue.

Joe pulled his dick out of her, giving her a swat on her upturned cheeks. He watched her performing analingus on Dave, knowing how good that felt. He let his hand drift down to cup her derriere, then slipped a finger up her ass. It was working out much better than he’d expected.

Dave had never had a woman perform analingus on him before, never even had a finger back there before now. Michele was positively voracious with her sexual approach, with no apparent taboos to worry about. He looked down to watch her plunge her mouth down onto his cock as her slender finger slithered up his virgin asshole. and she wanted him to fuck her in the ass!. In an instant she withdrew from his genitals and stood, pulling him up so she could take his place on the couch. He watched her pull her knees up and apart to expose the entire plane of her pussy and ass. He dropped between her thighs, pushed two fingers deep into her cunt, and worked his tongue into her butthole as her fingers pulled on his ears.

“OhhhYEAH…. EAT my ass… OHFUCK… SUCK MEEEEE” Michele howled, loving the feel of Dave’s tongue worming its nasty way up her bung. She let him chow down on her for several minutes, then pushed his head away and stared him down, a fire in her eyes. “Fuck my ass Dave… FUCK MY ASS” she demanded.

Joe watched the whole thing, his girlfriend munching on his associates’ cock, balls, and even his ass. Then he had his tongue up her butt, sucking on her rearend. Now the bulbous head of his friend’s dick was pressed against the puckered ring of his girlfriend’s asshole, forcing the wrinkle open to push just inside.

Dave couldn’t take his eyes off the point of penetration as he eased his penis past the clenching muscle of her sphincter. “ohhhgeez…. so tight…” he grunted. He felt the muscular ring working his dick and looked up at her face. She was grinning boldly.

“You like?” she teased him, squeezing his penis with her asshole. “Put it all the way in there Dave. Let me have your cock up my ass.” she directed.

“Do it man. You will never forget it.” Joe told him.

Dave pushed his cock into her bottom, watching as his length disappeared. The sensation was completely different than her mouth, or any pussy he’d ever been in. And it was incredible. “ohhhhmannnn…” he moaned, his cock twitching in the velvet heat of her ass. Then she started working his member with her muscles…

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