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I met Mary in the chat section of a popular adult website. She lived in the same city, and was similar in age, and we began chatting right away. Mary was divorced and had a teenaged daughter, but when she had the house to herself during the day, we were able to chat regularly, and of course, we discussed sex at length.

Over time, I got on cam for Mary, and we talked on the phone too as I masturbated. She seemed to love knowing that I was cumming, and always talked about that being her favorite thing to see- a guy stroking himself, and watching him cum. I loved hearing her say that, and was always happy to show her.

As we kept chatting, we decided one morning to meet at a park for lunch. I picked up some fast food, and saw her SUV pull up a few minutes after I arrived. She came over to my truck, and we hugged and met for the first time, then we sat in the cab to eat and talk. For a few minutes, it was awkward- we had never met, and it was a little strange, considering we had talked about sex and she had seen me cum several times.

Once we got over the initial nerves, we got more open in our conversations, and she told me she enjoyed seeing me play and told me that I had a nice cock. I was flattered, and thanked her, and I asked if she wanted a peek at it in real life. She acted a little shocked, but she said yes. Of course, I was hard already, and I lifted my hips a little and slid my jeans down, and my hard cock popped up. She was trying not to stare openly at it, but she was obviously interested…i slid the seat back all the way and kartal escort laid back some, giving her the best view I could.

Mary asked if she could feel it, and of course, I was ready for her to! She reached across the console and touched my cock lightly, running her hand up the shaft and circling the head with her fingers. It felt amazing, and she held my balls in her hand as she watched my cock twitch around.

She enjoyed touching me, and eventually asked me to stroke it so she could watch. I was very happy to help- I knew she loved to see guys stroke, and I was so hard and excited, I knew she would appreciate it. I kept stroking and watching her watch me, and asked her to cup my balls as I did. She was happy to reach over and help, and told me to cum for her- I was waiting for her to ask!

I laid back and stroked harder…my cock was as hard as it could be, with all of the veins sticking out and the head swollen.

One day as we chatted, Mary told me that her clothes washer was not level and it was causing some issues, and asked if I knew a good handyman. As a joke, I told her I would be her naked handyman, and she just asked when I could get there… I was surprised, but luckily I was off work, so I told her to give me the address.

Within 30 minutes, I parked in her driveway, wearing just some gym shorts and a t-shirt. She opened the door, and hugged, me, and as she did I slipped my shorts off, revealing my cock…Mary yelped and pulled me inside and closed the door, then watched me take the t-shirt off too. maltepe escort bayan I admit, I was hard just from the excitement of baring it all for her, and she didn’t seem disappointed at all.

Before things got awkward, I asked her where the washer was, and she pointed up the stairs. I went up to the first landing and saw the washer/dryer on the left. I knelt down and began to adjust the legs, and within a couple of minutes, I had it nice and level. Mary spent the time watching me and snapped a pic or two with her phone, and I was still hard since I knew she was watching. Mary was impressed, and offered to show me around, so I got the tour of the upstairs. In her bedroom, I stood in front of the windows, and heard Mary taking pics, so I turned to face her- it was exciting!

We moved to the living room, and she sat next to me, looking at my cock as we talked. I was hard, dripping precum, and twitching all around, and she told me she appreciated it. Off and on, I stroked myself, or held the shaft or balls, and she seemed to enjoy just talking as I did. She got up and put a porn movie on, then said she was going to get us some tea. Of course, when she came back in, I was watching porn and stroking, and she sat across from me to watch. I got into it, laying back and pushing my cock up to show her more, and she was smiling as she looked. I told her I would love to see her chest, so she pulled her top down…seeing her nice tits fall out, and the huge nipples made me even harder, and I asked her if I could touch them.

Mary escort pendik moved next to me, and I grabbed her right breast, running my hand under it and pulling at the nipple as I stroked. Mary told me I was fun to watch and asked if I would cum for her, and of course, I was ready!

She had her top all the way off now, and was watching me and pulling her own nipples. I laid back, watching her as I stroked faster, and I moaned as I began to shoot…cum went everywhere, all over my cock, chest, hands and stomach. Mary was so into it, watching me and smiling. After I finished, she leaned over and I licked and sucked her nipples, and she told me she liked seeing my cock soften and all of the cum. She got a towel for me and wiped me clean, then left her shirt off as we talked more. Of course, I got hard again pretty soon, and she asked if I wanted to rub my cock on her chest!

She sat at the end of the sofa, and laid her tits on the armrest, and I stroked there in front of her, and then leaned in and rubbed her nipples with my cock…I was dripping precum and she rubbed it in, then asked me to suck her nipples again. I kept stroking as I licked them, then stood up and put my cock between her nice tits, and she pushed them around me. I pulled back and forth for a while, then told her I was ready, and she held her tits out for me…I stroked over them, then shot a huge load that sprayed all over, covering her and dripping over her nipples. Mary pushed her tits around me again and milked the last bit of cum, then laid back so I could see her that way- the image is still in my mind of her laying back, covered in my cum and smiling up at me!

I did visit several other times, and had lots of good cums on her chest. Sadly, Mary’s mother died and she moved a few states away, but one day, we may hang out again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32