Halloween Party

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I am a third year lawyer with a big firm in Dallas. Each year there is a large Halloween Party at the firm and everybody gets really dressed up for it. It has been a tradition for some of the senior partners to ask one of the younger lawyers and their wife to join them in going as a group of characters out of some movie. This year the theme was the Wizard of Oz characters. I had been told that whoever is asked to be in the group with the partners at Halloween is usually asked to become a partner at the end of the year. To my surprise, my wife Misti and I were asked, by Doug and Don, the most senior partners. I went home excited and explained to my wife how important this invitation was to my career. Misti was very excited about the news. A week before the Friday night party, Doug brought me the costumes. I was the Tinman, and Misti was obviously going to be Dorothy.

Two days before the party, Don came by, apologizing profusely as I was going to be send out of town tomorrow for some important depositions on this case we were working on. He said they would get someone to fill in for me, but said it would be great if Misti still went. He said he would pick her up and make sure she got home safe. Not wanting to possibly ruin my chance at partner, I went home to pack and explained to Misti that it was important that she still went. She was upset, be agreed to go. After all, I told her, she would know a number of other people there so it would not be too awkward.

I arrived home Saturday afternoon. The party had been the night before. Misti said they had a great time and it had been a very fun party. She said that Doug, Don and someone named Tim, had been perfect gentlemen, and they had taken really good care of her. She went on to say that all of them had confided in her that I would be making partner. I was very relieved. At the Christmas party later that year, sure enough, I was asked to be partner. Everything had worked out.

The following spring, while Misti was out shopping with some friends, I was busy cleaning out our closet. Moving a stack of her sweaters, I found a videotape under the pile. Curious, I put the tape in our VCR and sat down on the bed to see what was on it.

On the screen was a large well-lighted room that was obviously a hotel room. Through the door walks Misti, dressed as Dorothy, between the Lion and Scarecrow. Following was the Tinman. I instantly knew this must be a tape of the Halloween Party. All of the costumes were great. I knew Tim was the Tinman but I could not tell who was the Lion or Scarecrow, Doug or Don. They were all laughing and giggling. It was apparent that Misti was a little bit drunk.

The camera followed them around the room, and they sat Misti on the bed. The Lion asked Misti if she knew how important being asked to the Halloween Party was.

She happy replied, “Yes, it means my husband will be asked to be partner.”

“Exactly,” the Lion answered, “and you would not want to do anthing that would hurt his chances would you?”

“Most certainly not”, replied Dorothy.

The Scarecrow handed Misti a box, and instructed her to go to the bathroom and change. Puzzled, Misti took the box and headed for the bathroom. After the door closed, the men started to talk in low voices.

“This is gonna be great” the Scarecrow said.

“Do you see the tight body on her?” asked the Lion.

“Man am I gonna hammer her” stated the Tinman.

My heart sank while my mind raced. What were they going to do to my young wife, and why had she not said anything to me when I arrived home?

The tape ended, and than started again. The bathroom door bahis firmaları opened, and out stepped Misti. Her Dorothy costume she had worn to the party was a very conservative white and blue checked dress that came down below her knees, white socks and flat red shoes. Now she had her light brown hair in pigtails with red ribbons, a white cotton half shirt which barely covered her small firm breasts, a white and blue checked skirt with matching shoulder straps that came down mid thigh, white thigh high stockings, and red high heeled slippers.

Her embarrassment was clear as she tugged on her short skirt with one hand and covered her bare midriff with the other hand. She slowly walked over to the foot of the bed. The Lion told her not to be embarrassed, that she looked great, and handed her a drink. She nevously gulped the drink down. They all offered words of encouragement to her, and she started to loosen up as they continued to tell her how hot she looked.

Misti asked if they really meant it.

“Oh yes” they all replied.

The Scarecrow than told her to let them see how she looked in her new Dorothy outfit. He started to give her instructions like, face the bed, spread you feet a little further apart, put your hands on your hips. I could hear cameras clicking as she did as she was told.

While I have never known Misti to have any exhibitionist tendencies, she is very submissive when it comes to our love making. I realized she probable was getting off on being ordered about.

The Scarecrow than told Misti, referring to her as Dorothy, to face the bed and bend forward a little at the waist. When she hesitated, he reminded her that my promotion was on the line. She turned and bent forward. He told her to bend some more, which she did. As she bent over, her short skirt rode up, and from underneath, out peeked the red thong she was wearing.

I heard more camera clicks, as they continued to offer complements. At that point I knew her humiliation would be well documented, however, when Misti started to get bolder with the show by reaching down with one hand and touched the floor, I also realized she did not mind. In the new position, her skirt had ridden up so high; her ass cheeks were now clearly visible.

Next, she was told to turn forward again and lift up her skirt. She promptly obeyed, and had a large grin on her face. I almost drop on the floor; she was so hot looking with her skirt pulled up at the sides, her long legs accentuated in the high heel slippers and her small red thong. Judging by the way her nipples stuck out through the material of her shirt, Misti was getting aroused.

She was than instructed to lift her shirt with one hand, and the front of the skirt with the other.

“Like this?” she asked giddily standing in front of the men, with her skirt up, and breasts exposed for all to see.

More cameras clicked.

I could not believe my eyes, three senior partners at my firm had my wife dressed and acting like a total slut, and she was doing anything they wanted.

The show continued with her posing in different revealing positions on the bed. They took pictures of her on her hands and knees, on her back with her legs in the air, or knees to her chest. I could see the crotch of her red thong was getting darker as she became more excited.

It did not take long before what I guessed was going to happen, did. First the Lion stood at the edge of the bed and pull his stiff cock from his costume. It was both thicker and longer than mine.

“Dorothy, I want you to put this in your mouth and suck it”.

At first Misti was reluctant, but kaçak iddaa when reminded again of what was at stake, she obediently complied. My wife sucked like a pro. I had never gotten this type of attention before. After a few minutes, the Scarecrow stepped in. Misti did not even hesitate when he placed his cock between her pouting lips. Finally it was the Tinman’s turn. I knew the Tinman was somebody named Tim but I could not tell exactly who at my firm it was because the costume was so good.

I was dumb struck when I saw him pull out his very large thick black snake. The only black Tim at the firm was the head of the litigation department. It had to be that Tim that was about to fuck my wife’s mouth.

Misti saw it and said “oh my, a big black cock ” before wrapping her lips around it.

At first she had a difficult time getting much of his big cock in to her mouth however, inch-by-inch, she was finally able to get most of it in. I was surprised to see she was able to fit it in without even choking.

As she sucked the Tinman, the other two moved behind her and started to run their hands up, down and between her thighs. The Lion removed her thong. The camera moved from the action in her mouth to behind her, and filmed between the Scarecrow and the Lion. They had her on the bed with knees spread. Her skirt was up on her back. In this position, her pussy and asshole where available to them as they pleased. I saw Misti’s back straightening, as they took turns finger fucking both her openings. Soon she was thrusting her hips back to get as much as she could. The Scarecrow made the comment that he thought she was ready.

The Lion mounted her and with one steady shove, buried his cock into her pussy. The camera zoomed out. What a sight. Dorothy on her hands and knees, the Tinman fucking her face and the Lion was fucking her pussy from behind. I had never seen this version of the Wizard of Oz on TV before.

For the next ten minutes, the three of them took turns at Dorothy’s mouth and pussy, high fiving each other when they changed positions, as if my wife was some sort of WWF wresting match. Finally, the Lion shot his load down Dorothy’s throat as the Scarecrow grunted and came in her pussy. They withdrew and Misti rolled on her back in the middle of the bed.

“Give me more, I need some cock”, she begged, as she busily fingered her clit.

“This is one horny slut, lets give her what she wants”, said the black Tinman.

The Lion and Scarecrow climbed on the bed by her head. They each grabbed a leg and pulled them up into the air exposing her well-fucked pussy and tiny asshole. The camera zoomed in. Cum was leaking out of her stretched pussy down on to her asshole. The camera zoomed out again.

Misti, while still busy fingering her clit, started to hungrily suck on the two cocks dangling over her face. The Tinman, with his rock hard black cock sticking out in front of him, climbed between her upturned thighs. Using his middle finger, he smeared some of the leaking cum around Dorothy’s rosebud. He slowly inserted his finger in to her waiting ass.

Misti let out a lusty groan, and half heartily said, “Please not there, not my ass, you’ll stretch me out”.

The Tinman, repeatedly penetrating her asshole with his finger, looked up and asked her if she wanted her husband to get the promotion?

Misti moaned a “Yes”.

To which the Tinman asked “What do you want me to do to you than”.

Misti quickly begged, “Everything, use me, fuck all my holes, fuck me in the ass with your black cock, oh yes fuck my ass, please fuck it”.

The camera zoomed in again as kaçak bahis the fat black head of the Tinman’s cock pressed on her tiny asshole. With steady pressure Dorothy’s hole slowly opened to allow this giant invader in. Misti grunted with the fullness in her ass.

Within a minute, her sphincter had adjusted to the girth of his cock and he slowly started to saw in and out of her tight butt hole. The whole TV screen was filled with this black cock going in and out of my wife’s ass. Each time he penetrated her he would fit another inch into her ass. She had never allowed me the pleasure of having her back there, and now I was watching a black man take my wife’s ass for the first time on my TV.

She would grunt as he thrust into her, and beg for more when he would withdraw the whole 10 inches from her. The two holding her legs had now become hard again from watching all the action and from the attention Misti’s mouth was giving to their cocks.

At that point the Lion said, “I think it’s time for a Dorothy sandwich”.

They moved around on the bed so that the Scarecrow was lying on his back. They instructed Dorothy to sit on him and put his cock in her ass. This time there was no complaining or reluctance on her part. She squatter over him, faced the foot of the bed and guided his cock into her open asshole.

His cock was not a fat as the Tinman’s had been, and she had an easier time accommodating him. The Lion stood by her head and offered his cock to her, which she hungrily placed in her mouth, while the Tinman got between her open knees. He hooked her legs over his arms, forcing her to take the full length of the Scarecrows cock into her asshole. The cock in her mouth stifled Misti’s groan from having her ass filled again.

The Tinman started to fuck my wife’s waiting pussy. I could not believe it. She must have had almost three feet of cock in her, and she was loving ever inch. I saw her start to shutter, and knew she was orgasming.

I watched as the Tinman, with his thick cock, would trust forcefully into her and then completely withdraw again. It did not take long for the Tinman to cum. With one last push, he buried himself in her pussy, and let loose his seed with a groan. As he moved away from between her legs the Scarecrow continued to hold her legs up, her red high heel “fuck me” slippers tangling from her toes, and started to saw in and out of her ass. In this position Misti could not support her weight with her feet and had no choice but to take his assault on her asshole. Misti grunted, and her breasts shook each time he bottomed out in her, while the Lion, holding her head with both hands, continued to face fuck her. Even with her tight seal around his thick shaft, saliva drooled down her chin. It did not take long for them both to cum.

By the time the tape ended, the Lion, Scarecrow and the Tinman had taken Dorothy orally, anally, and in her pussy. When the three men finally finished, Misti lay in the middle of the bed completely exhausted.

Misti lifted her head up and meekly asked, “Did my husband get the promotion?”

From off camera, the Lion said, “Well, let’s see, roll over on your stomach, get up on your knees but keep your head down.”

Misti rolled over and assumed the ordered position. The Lion walked over and lifted Misti’s short skirt. Both of my wife’s holes had remained as stretched open O’s, and cum was leaking from both. Looking at the TV, I knew I would never be able to completely satisfy my wife again as these three had.

“Well guys, what do you think?” He asked to the others.

“Looks like he gets the promotion” the Scarecrow said.

“But we’ll have to keep checking in the months to come” the Tinman added.

“That will be fine with me”, Misti answered lustfully, “just let me know when and were”.

I’m busy looking for other tapes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32