Gym Class Punishment

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As the bell rings, you are relieved that gym is over and so is the school day. You and your friends couldn’t wait to get outside and enjoy the unseasonable warm weather. You and some of your girl friends were goofing off and you can’t wait to get away from Mr. Heiden. Your sexy yet hot headed gym teacher did not appreciate you and your friends lack of focus. You and your class mates head to the lockeroom and you stop to tie your shoe. As you get up you see an angry faced teacher waiting for you.

“Yes Mr. Heiden. Can I help you?” you say with a sassy tone.

“Why yes you can, as a matter of fact. 25 laps. NOW.” You are bummed. It’s Friday, a nice day, and the last period in school and you are stuck running. You see your classmates laughing as they emerge from the lockeroom dressed and ready for the weekend to begin.

You give them a sarcastic smile as you continue running. The gym empties out and you and Mr. Heiden are the only two left in school. You slowly run your lapse as he jokingly pokes at you verbally. “Come on sweet cheeks, we are gonna get that ass of yours into shape.”

You think is a bit odd but Mr. Heiden has always been a bit flirty with you. You continue running, thinking about what cute outfit you will wear this weekend at the big senior party. “I’m gonna wear out that sports bra by the time I am done with you.” He breaks your train of thought and you slowly start to think what he would look like running in his boxer briefs. He is a younger teacher in his mid 20s and he seems to be in great shape.

You decide if you she is gonna make you run, you are gonna have some fun with this. When his back is turned you reach down and pull your shorts just below your waist so your thong is just barely showing. As you run your lap you are getting closer to him. He turns around and as he does you peel your shirt over your head and toss it playfully into his face as you pass him. You don’t look back but you can feel his eyes fixated on your bare back. You peek down and can see your chest softly bouncing as you run.

As you finish another lap you can see his eyes moving from your waist to your chest and back down to your waist. You obviously escort bostancı got the reaction you were looking for. As you pass him you gently pull your shorts down a little before pulling them back up as if it were a natural movement of bringing your shorts higher. You know he is watching and you are loving every second of it. The gym is deafening with silence and you can’t stop thinking… BAM!!!

Your ankle twists as you are running and you fall face first onto the floor. Pain shoots up you leg as you roll in pain on the floor. Mr. Heiden runs over to attend to you. “You fucking dick! See what you did,” you yell at him as you wince in pain.

“Hey, If you and your slutty friends weren’t goofing off in class I wouldn’t have to teach you a lesson,” he replies. He moves down to your leg and examines your ankle. It hurts a little but as the shock sets in the pain starts to fade.

His strong warm hands grasp your leg and you can feel the cool air hitting the sweat on your body. Your nipples slowly start to harden as you continue to examine his physique. You notice he is no longer examining your ankle but is now enjoying the view he has straight up your shorts. “Do you see something you like?” you say as a coy smile creeps across your face.

“Uh, I was uh, just examining your ankle,” he mutters as you roll your eyes. “OK fine. I might have noticed your legs and your cute little white thong.”

You gasp and adjust your shorts so he no longer has a view. He tells you to quick hiding your true feelings. You remind him you are his student and that and you begin to back away. “C’mon like you weren’t trying to turn me on with your shirtless stunt. You know you want it. And your gonna give it to me.”

You are a bit turned on and feel your thong getting wetter and wetter. But you are hesitant and you begin to back up again. He grabs your injured ankle and you scream in pain. The echos fill the gym but all the teachers have gone home for the weekend.

He pulls you closer to him and slowly starts to move his free hand up your bare leg. You are getting very turned on but the conflict is still present within you. You squirm ümraniye escort a little and start to pull away but when you do he squeezes your injured ankle. It paralyzes you with pain and fear of the control he has over you. He slides his body up against yours and his whistle hits you in the face as he leans down and whispers into your ear. “You know you like it. You can’t hide it. Your shorts are soaking wet.”

You blush when you realize he is right. He moves his hand down to your crotch and you can feel the wetness and he presses his hand against your lips through your gym shorts and thong. You coyly smile and whisper in his ear with a smile, “please don’t Mr. Heiden, I’m just a helpless little virgin.”

You both know you aren’t but you like the role-play. He leans in and kisses you and you gently push against his chest and slightly wiggle as you continue to kiss him back.

As soon as you two are done kissing you flip onto your stomach and start to crawl away quickly. He laughs at your useless attempt and grabs you by the pain filled ankle again. “Ow that hurts you Fucker.” You both are a bit shocked by the words that have slipped out of your mouth. You can see the anger rising in his eyes as you look back from him on your hands and knees.

He reaches over and grabs you by the waistband. He pulls you closer to him and you struggle and before you know it your shorts are around your ankles and you can feel your glistening pussy as the cold air hits it. He continues to pull on your shorts and you wriggle out of them. You realize you are free from his grasp and you quickly crawl your way toward the locker room. You make it to half court when you hear his foot step slowly walking over to you and catching up quickly. You feel his shoe as he places it on your ass and lightly kicks you on to your stomach. He jumps on top of your bare body and pins your wrists against the cool gym floor.

He quickly moves out of his shorts and presses his cock against your bare ass. He reaches down and grabs ahold of your black sports bra. He pulls it up over your head as you struggle to stop him. He moves it over your head quickly and you can feel your kartal escort bayan nipples pressing against the cool wood floor. He grabs you by the hair with one hand and the hip by the other and he pulls you up off the gym floor. Before you know it he shoves his thick cock into your pussy as your scream out in pain and pleasure. He lets go of your hip and reaches around and plays with your firm breast. He pulls on your nipple as he continues to thrust against you.

He yells out “Bad Girl” as he pulls harder on your hair with one hand and spanks you hard with the other. He continues thrusting and you can feel his manhood exploring every inch of your insides. You can’t believe this is happening and you quickly begin to feel the tingling of an on coming climax.

“Spank me harder.” You feel his strong hand firmly smack your ass and it sends a ripple of pleasure through out your body. You can feel your lips tightening around his cock as you begin to cum. Another shockwave rips through you body and you cum even harder. You can feel your juices dripping down your leg as he continues to thrust into your pussy. One last tremor of pleasure moves throughout your body as the hair on the back of your neck starts to stand up. You scream out with pleasure as you cum harder than you ever have. Your body begins to go limp as Mr. Heiden continues to use your body as his fuck toy.

He flips you over onto your back and says, “Bad girl. Never finish before me.” She slides his thick cock between your heaving sweaty tits and continues to fuck you. Right as he is about to cum he grabs you by the hair again and aims his cock right at your face. You try to squirm and wiggle your way out but he pulls on your hair harder and slaps your face before his load begins to fly. You feel his warm cum running down your neck. You take a direct hit to the face but it doesn’t end. Your eye is covered and you can feel it weighing down your hair as he covers face in cum for the first time. It finally stops and you lay there regaining your breath. You see starts as you close your eyes and begin to recover from the fucking of a lifetime.

Your roll over to look at him and how he is enjoying the blissful encounter. When you look for him you see nothing. All you see is the door to the mens lockeroom swinging shut. You lie their naked on the cold gym floor, your body shaking with aftershocks of pleasure. You smile to yourself and whisper, “Best Friday Ever!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32