Good Morning Babe

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It’s early, too early and I’ve got to pee. Sunlight beams through the slightly open curtains lighting my way to the bathroom. The room is still hot, too hot for this time of the morning, but then the weather has been crazy. Your laying spread eagle on the bed, sheets kicked off. Nightdress tossed on the floor during the night as you tried and cool down. I can see the tempting shape of you mound under your black knickers. I lean over and kiss between your legs. You move slightly turning towards me. My cock starts to rise. I pull away and step quickly to the bathroom. Peeing with a stiff dick is great if you want to wash the walls, not if you want to get it in the bowl.

I return to find you in the same position. I watch you for a while.

“I’m so lucky. She’s beautiful, sexy and very, very fuckable”

I kiss your mound again pressing my tongue against the fabric. You moan. I sit back and watch. Your right hand rests on your pants. I kiss your mound again, carefully avoiding any contact with bare flesh. Your fingers move slowly, around and around, pushing down gently, working over your pubes. Slowly, dreamily, you rub.

I gently run one finger over the dampening crotch. You catch your breath. My cock has risen with expectation. I lick your crotch forcing my way into your hole trying to taste the wetness that’s collecting there. Your hand moves with more intention down between your legs then back up and into your knickers. I watch, cock in hand, slowly rubbing canlı bahis the shaft. I want to rip your pants of and thrust my prick deep inside, kneel over you, shoot my load over your belly, tits, face, in your hair, to cover you with cum; but I watch.

“Can you feel my cock?” I whisper


“Take my cock and rub it against your hole”

Legs spread apart, your other hand slips into your pants. Under the fabric I can see fingers sliding up and down, pushing against your slit. You pull the gusset to one side and then to my great pleaser I watch, as first one finger and then two slip into your wet hole. I almost shoot my load right there.

Whispering “Oh Babe your so wet, come on fuck my dick. Make me cum in you”

Pointing my cock at your hole as I slowly pull at it.

Your finger pump faster, glistening with you wetness.

“Oh fuck me, fuck me babe. Fuck my pussy with your big cock. I want you inside me”

I look at you thinking you’re awake, but no, eyes shut. You’re talking in your sleep; dreaming! Oh boy this is just so much hotter. Watching my wife wank herself off to my instructions in her sleep. It’s too much. Can I get her to cum? If I cum on her now will she wake? For sure, mounting her cunt and filling it with cock is going to.

I can’t resist. “Play with your clit babe. I can taste your cunt juices. I want to lick you clit”

Your fingers continue to move in and out of your hole for a moment, then bahis siteleri slip out and move up to the top of you fuck hole and start to rub.

“Let me lick it” I command. This I can’t help. I touch the tip of my tongue to you pussy. You breath in sharply and start to rub in earnest, hips grinding around. Hand pumping away on my cock I have to hold back. I want to turn you over and thrust my rod in from behind, stick my mouth over your hole and lick until you cum in my mouth. To finger fuck you, two in your cunt and one in your butt. Fuck! I want to fuck you in the ass. This is so hot.

You have found your clit and are now rubbing on it furiously. I can see you are close you cumming. “Go on Babe fuck me, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum in you, make me cum” I whisper close to you ear. “My cock is bursting with cum to fill you up. Yes Babe do it, cum, cum on my cock. Soak my dick with your cum, fill my mouth with it. Feel my cock in you, oh Babe I’m gona spunk, oh fuck here it comes”

You respond just as if my rod was in you. Fingers pumping away in your hole, faster, harder. Again and again and then you freeze, ridged, breath stuck in your throat. I freeze to. Have you woken and caught your pervert husband jerking off over you? Awoken wondering what the hell your doing? No your still asleep. No your cumming. Breath bursting from you, one hand furiously masturbating your clit the other clamped to the sheets. Again and again you cum. I can’t help it I have bahis şirketleri to join in. I rub my cock feverishly, it doesn’t take much encouragement before I explode over you. I aim at you cunt spurting my load over you hole and pussy. The impact is enough to make you cum again. Spurt after spurt comes from my prick and I aim it up you body, across your belly, I get some on your tits and even your mouth.

“That for sure gona wake you.” I think

I try to hold back the next burst of cum with out luck. It lands on you chin and mouth.

Crap, now I’m fucked. No! you continue to sleep. Then you my amazement you lick your lips, swallowing my seed. Holy shit, I spurt again, thankfully with less force and it lands on your tits. Your body quivers with every drop of spunk that hits. As my cock, spent of seed, starts to soften but then you do something that sets it right back as hard as ever. You stick two cum covered fingers in your mouth and suck them clean. Down to you spunk covered hole to collect more and then back to you mouth. And again and finally your hand just rest between your legs. Asleep.

I cover your cum covered body with a towel, lay down and wrap you in my arms. My hard cock trapped against your ass. I ponder for a moment if I could get away with pushing it into your rear and fucking you while you slept. Na maybe next time. An hour later my cock is still hard as you reach over and grab my shaft saying.

“What’s this? I was having such a nice dream about us……. I smell like cum! Oh…….!!!”

“Well now that your awake I’m going to clean you pussy” and with that I pull off your still wet knickers and set about giving a very thorough licking and tongue fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32