Good Clean Corporate Fun

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There was this blond woman who worked in my office, Jennifer. She was small—-five-two-—but with proportionately curvy C-cup tits, a solid little ass, and shapely legs that could run a seven-minute-mile. She was five years younger than me—-just 25—-and while she didn’t work directly for me, she was under me—-apparently in more ways than one.

I’d often admired her from afar. She was very blond so I’d imagine burying my face in her fair-haired cunt, lapping at her wet pussy. Whenever she walked by my office she always flashed light blue eyes at me; sometimes with a hi, others without words but with plenty of feeling. She had a boyfriend, I had a girlfriend—-I never thought anything serious would happen between us, but that didn’t keep me from fantasizing.

One day I was in unusually early because of a conference call to Eastern Europe—-which I found out (upon arrival) had been cancelled. I grumbled to myself as I opened my email and saw my most recent message was from Jennifer. She was back in the office as of that morning. She’d been gone on vacation; I hadn’t seen her in more than a week. I thought of her bronzed body, speculating on whether she’d have any tan lines or not underneath what I saw her in at work. Then I felt someone’s presence at my door. I looked up and saw her, standing there with a handful of files. She wore a blouse that showed her bronzed arms, and a skirt that cut off right above the knee. I smiled and invited her in.

“Jennifer! How was your trip?”

“It was nice,” she said cheerfully, coming in and plopping down on the easy chair I’d picked up the week before. I’d always had uncomfortable chairs in my office before; people had constantly complained, so I finally broke down and got something comfortable.

“This is new!” she said, planting herself in the leather with a laugh. She reached her arms over her head, stretching, her perky tits pointed out at me. Then she sunk back into the chair and closed her eyes. “Wake me up when you need me to leave,” she said, feigning sleep. She couldn’t have been more delicious. Everything about her was so small and perfect—-her doll-like face, long-lashed and pink-lipped; her slim toned arms; the cleavage that peaked at me over the top of the blouse.

“Wow.” The word escaped my mouth without permission from my mind. I blushed, not quite sure what had come over me.

Jennifer’s eyes flew open. I expected to see indignation or anger but instead they were just even. She didn’t say anything and I didn’t dare, so we sat looking at each bahis firmaları other for a moment. Out in the hall the grandfather clock chimed once, announcing it was 7:30-—still an hour before most people would even be in.

When she didn’t move, I took that as some kind of cue. I walked to the door, shutting and locking it, before coming over to stand over her in the chair. She looked up with curiosity and then broke into a smile.

“We can’t tell anyone,” she said, her doll face now dead serious.

“I’ve wanted it for a long time, Jennifer.”

She didn’t talk, but she did sit up and take hold of my stiffening dick through my wool pants. With her other hand she unfastened my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. She paused, looking at the boxer tent formed by my erection, then looked up at me with a smile. Without taking her eyes off mine, she reached inside my boxers, pulled out my manhood, bent forward, and wrapped her small lips over the bulging head of my penis.

I was a little shocked by the rapid developments but wasn’t about to complain. I groaned as she wrapped her small hand around the base of my dick and slid my dick into her mouth. Her eyes shot up at me through dark lashes. With her other hand she began to gently knead my balls.

“Holy shit,” I said. “I had no idea you were such a little sexpot.”

She laughed with my dick still in her mouth; her chuckles reverberated up the length of my penis. She sucked in again then slid her mouth off the length of my dick.

“I’ve never done anything like this before-—at work, I mean-—but I always wanted to with you.” She made as if to resume sucking my dick but I had other plans. I reached down and took her chin and pulled it up to my mouth and kissed her hard. My hands slid into her light blond hair and pulled her up to me. She kissed back, wildly, and together we collapsed into the chair. My hands roamed down her to her hefty tits, which fit perfectly in my palm, then smoothed down her waist and her lips to her legs. I touched the ivory of her leg and slid my hand up her skirt, cupping my hand over her muscled ass. She groaned against me, our pelvises rubbing against one another. I couldn’t help myself—-I reached down and lifted her skirt. Her black silk panties were wet. I fingered the wet spot, then peeled aside the silk and touched the head of my dick to her opening. Her little jaw set and her eyes blazed. She nodded. I inched my dick inside of her—-just the head. I held there for a long moment. Jennifer held her breath in kaçak iddaa expectation. I slipped my right hand around her ass, embracing the cheek with my palm, and pulled her toward me. My dick slid all the way into her tight, wet pussy. She cried out in surprise.

“Oh fuck yeah all the way in, baby.”

I obliged, sliding all the way in. My dick felt gloriously large and she was so small—-I felt I was way up inside her. She began to sob as I fucked her hard. The chair began to squeak.

“Beautiful,” I said as she unbuttoned her shirt to show me a lacy black bra. I reached behind her with one hand and unclasped it. Her tits came free and I couldn’t help but sigh. They were golden brown-—no sign of a tan line. Each breast was topped in a quarter-sized pink areola. I momentarily slipped out of her, massaging her tits with my hands. I cupped her right tit and took hold of the nipple in my lips and sucked at her sweetness. She cried out and began to rub her clit. I helped out, slipping my finger into her wet slit, then inserting my thumb into her butt crack. I could feel her wiggling against the thumb so I pushed inside her ass. She cried out in surprise.

“Tease my ass, baby!”

I suckled and fingered and thumbed her for a while and then we decided to get down to some serious fucking. We had a half hour before people would be coming in for work. I commanded her to strip. She did, peeling the remains of her clothes from her and dropping them to the floor. She stood barefoot and I could see the shape of her body: tight in the hips and ass and curving up through the chest. Her tits were marvelous: firm, with nipples that seemed to point up at my mouth. I grabbed her breasts, handling her small body easily. I spun her around and pushed her toward the chair. She knelt on the chair and put her hands on the chairback; I massaged her tits from behind her. Then I leaned back, took hold of her by the hips, and moved my dick so it was just inches from her cunt. I could feel her pussy’s heat on my penis.

“You’re on birth control, right?” I said.

“No,” she said. “Start with my cunt, but you’re gonna have to come in my ass.”

Not the invitation I was expecting but who could complain? I closed the distance, pausing with the head of my cock right at her entrance. Then I plunged all the way in.

“Oh sweet jesus,” she said.

I drew back and took the plunge again, then again. Soon I was fucking her with full thrusts that seemed to fill her little cunt to capacity.

“Oh fuck that’s good—-your kaçak bahis dick is fucking big, baby.”

I reached around her and fondled her round tits, burying my nose in her blond hair and breathing her scent. She was totally marvelous. I began fucking harder, feeling the animal take over inside of me. She was moving along at about the same pace—-her gasps had become deep and profound.

“Yes like that-” She began to shudder then erupted. “Holy shit-—aaaahhh!”

I rode her through the orgasm, her body releasing rhythmically with her pussy muscles, rippled up and down my dick. I knew I was close myself and knew I had another stop to make. I pulled out, my cock dripping with her cum, and found her asshole instead. I spread her ass wide with my hands and popped my head in.

“Oh…oh…don’t stop!”

I had pulled out but only momentarily. I went to my desk, pulled out a little thing of lotion from a drawer. I began to lubricate her asshole with lotion. She responded to the gentle probing and pushed back. Soon she was slippery enough. I moved my cock back to her asshole and this time had no problem. She was tense at first but relaxed as I kissed her back, finding my way into her tight canal.

“Your ass is priceless,” I breathed into her ear. She giggled.

“Fuck it like you’ve always wanted to.”

She’d read my mind. I sunk all the way in, my balls slapping her cheeks. She squealed. I pulled all the way out, then sunk back in, this time faster. Her breath became ragged; I saw her hand dart between her legs; she teased her clit. I picked up the pace, encased in her sweet rectum. My hands found her tits again and rolled her little pink nipples between my fingers. I felt the buildup and began to groan against her.

“Your ass is mine,” I grunted.

“Fill my ass with cum,” she moaned.

We both got there at the same time. I blasted into her as I felt her body shudder. I felt my dick spasm into her five, six times—-I don’t think I’d ever come so hard. She matched my groans with a long moan that left no doubt.

My dick finished spasming inside her and, after a moment, she turned back toward me; my penis slipped out of her ass. She didn’t miss a beat, kneeling down and taking my softening dick in her mouth, licking me clean.

“We can do this whenever,” she said between mouthfuls. “My ass is tingling gloriously. I’m gonna have that to remind me of this for the rest of the day.”

“That’s right,” I said, watching this petite blonde sucking her ass and cunt off my dick. “We’re gonna buttfuck every morning and afterwards you’ll clean me up.”

She didn’t say anything, but she also didn’t stop.

After that, I had a lot more early morning calls to Eastern Europe.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32