Girl Talk

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Erica waited on her best friend, Latiavia to show up so they could head to class. Erica hated to be late for class, it is so hard to catch up. Okay, Here she comes. “Damn, girl, you look like the walking dead,” Erica said as she greeted her best friend. Latiavia smiled a lazy smile, “Hey, girl. I had one of those weekends that no one will believe.”

“Really, What happened. You can tell me about it as we walk to class. We are already running late. So start talking and talking fast,” Erica said as she dragged Latiavia on to class.

Latiavia begun her story, “Well, I was bored Saturday night. I remember you had a blind date and couldn’t think of anyone else to call. So shit, I thought, I don’t need anyone to go out with. So, I did my hair, got dress in my black leather mini dress and put on some make up. That’s right girl, I went out by myself. And I was looking fine as hell. I went to Club Echo. Girl, it was packed. I took a look around and saw it was packed with fine men and not a lot of damn females. I can’t stand going to clubs and that’s all you see were damn chicks. Girl, wait I’m getting back to the subject. Like I was saying the men were fine and I knew I was going to get a number or two maybe three or four. Yeah, you know how I do it, girl. So, O head towards the bar and order a Malibu and orange juice. The guy next to me tells the bartender he got the drink. I turn to him to say thank you and could not speak.

“He was fine as hell. Tall, brown skinned, brown eyes, and wavy hair. He looked like he could melt in your mouth. Thanks. I’m nick what’s your name. I heard him but I could have sworn he said Dick. I finally got out my name. Latiavia. Well, to make a long story short we talked, danced and changed numbers. As I started a journey around the club and ran into another fine man. He ataşehir escort was a lighter than Nick, about his height, with short hair cut. His name was Angelo. We talked and traded numbers. It took time for the club to close. I’m heading to my car and I see Nick. He wanted to know what I was about to do. I told him I was on my way home. I hear someone ask him was he ready to go. That’s when I notice it was Angelo.

“At the same time Angelo noticed me and says what’s up. Nick asks how we know each other. Angelo wanted to know the same thing. I didn’t have anything to say. They both figured out they each had my number. And I figured out they were best friends and roommates. Shit, is right. Angelo said you need to choose who you want to call you. I wanted to know why they both can’t call me. Nick looks at Angelo and said to me because when it’s time for loving we don’t know if we could share. I smiled and said you want know until you try to share.

“And for the hell of it, I said we can try it and see. Angelo looked at Nick and calls my bluff by saying, “Okay, Latiavia, were follow you back to your place.” Girl, before I knew what was happing they turned around and got into their car. I walked to mine in shock. But as I started driving home, I was cool with the idea because it was a fantasy of mine to have two men at one time. And two fine men at that. We get to my place. They park and walk towards me with a brown bag. Angelo let me know It was Henessy. I nod and we head for my apartment. Once in, everyone gets a drink an started small talk. Like age, job, and this and that. All three of us were feeling real nice after a couple of drinks.

‘Nick put down his glass and asks was I going to show them around. I show them the room I use as an office/guestroom, the bathroom, and the master kadıköy escort bedroom. Angelo says nice as he runs his hand down my back. That was nick que to pull me to him and to kiss me. Me being the person I am believe in share share alike. I turned back to Angelo and kissed him. It went like that for a minute. Touching each other. Girl, dicks were getting hard and my panties were getting wet. Soon clothes were coming off and flying through the air. I don’t know but things to slow down. I was slow dragging on Nick’s dick and Angelo was french kissing me between my legs. Girl, Nick’s dick was hard and feeling real nice sliding in and out of my mouth.

“With Angelo teasing my clit. I thought I was in heaven. Girl, I can’t describe the sensation my body was feeling. Hands were over me. I was in a daze. I heard Nick tell Angelo he wanted to taste me. So they switch places. I had another hard dick in my mouth. Angelo was moaning, I was moaning, and Nick was sucking. As Nick ran his tongue up and down my pussy, teasing his tongue in my opening, I sucked on Angelo’s dick like it was a cherry Popsicle and licked his balls like gumdrops. At that time I felt Nick slide a finger than two inside of me. He let Angelo know I was ready for something more. He than slipped his throbbing dick into me with Angelo deep in my mouth. I let out a deep moan and his dick slipped deeper. Nick slowly pumped in and out of me.

“I hear Angelo say let me try, like I was one of his favorite toys and it was time to play. Nick slipped his thick dick out and Angelo slipped his long one in. I did not know what was happening. Nick watched as Angelo fucked me. He than lowered his mouth to my breast and before he did he said we are able to share and we are going to share the responsibility of fucking you all weekend. I bostancı escort guess Nick got tired my titts, he tells Angelo to pull me on top of him. Angelo rolled me on top of him and didn’t stop fucking me. I felt Nick tongue going down my back. I than felt his dick at my asshole. I shivered because I knew what he was about to do. He asked me was it okay? I told him it was. Shit girl, I shivered because I was going to have both of my holes filled with a dick pumping at the same time.

“Damn, I shivered because I could not wait. Angelo stop fucking my pussy to allow Nick to enter me. It hurt like hell but I didn’t want him to stop. I let out a moan when he was fully in and I sighed because I knew the tearing would stop of my ass. At the same time Angelo and Nick begin to pump their holes while I tried to hold on to reality in the middle. I could not, I repeat, I could not stop coming. I was being drained of my fluids. I first felt Angelo pumping faster as he was coming to his climax; Nick stop fucking my ass so he wouldn’t knocked out of my ass from Angelo’s wild bucking. Angelo grunted loudly as he shot his load in me.

“Nick started fucking my ass without a beat. A minute he was fucking my asshole with any control, which held me. Nick bucked forward one last time and shouted he was coming. Girl, feeling them both pull out made me come again. My whole weekend was like that. I had no sleep, anything to eat, but plenty of dick. That’s my weekend,” Latavia said as we reached the door of our class. Erica laughed and said, “Latavia, girl your nasty. A nasty hoe. But I’m not knocking you. That’s a fantasy of mine also. But you made yours come true. I guess you can say I was nasty to this weekend to. I fucked the hell out of my blind date.”

“Girl, un un. What happened? You better tell me everything,” Latavia whispered as they took their seats in class just as the professor walked in. Erica whispered back, “I’ll tell you everything after class.” Latavia smiled and called her best friend a freak than the both turned their attentions to the class.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32