Girl at the rock show

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Amy listened to the melody of her favorite track fade and felt the deepest regret. Not that the song was in anyway melancholy, it was in fact a quite loud and aggressive punk rock number. The fact remained that Amy was destined to not see her idols, The Dommes, perform live. The only show within a thousand miles had sold out in minutes and a sudden drop of internet connection had cost her the one chance at tickets. Not that it had stopped that bitch Julia from getting a pair. The bragging that she was doing at work and all over social media was unbearable.

The last time the two of them had been in the same room outside of work was at Julia’s Christmas party several months back. If there weren’t going to be the rest of their coworkers there, Amy definitely wouldn’t have attended. Not just because Julia was obnoxious, but Amy had just broken up with her boyfriend a week prior. The only saving grace was that she was able to consume enough alcohol to not remember most of the night. Something that she never did under normal circumstances, but that night was an exception. The memory was also a pointed reminder that she hadn’t had sex in months. Something she needed to rectify sooner then later.

Amy huffed at the thought, took out her earbuds and decided to leave her room. She had been listening to the same three albums back to back in hopes that she might lessen the pain of not hearing the songs in person. It wasn’t working. She would give anything to go to that concert. She had scoured the internet, talked to people all over town, even considered putting up flyers, in hopes that someone might sell her a ticket. Even at an enormously inflated price. But no one was selling. She needed to get her mind off it. It was too late now.

The sun shining through the front door was inviting and Amy hadn’t been outside of her room all morning. Some fresh air might do her good, Check the mail and go from there. She opened the door realizing it was already the afternoon, apparently wallowing past the time quite quickly. There was a package on her step, Amy written boldly on the top. Odd, she wasn’t expecting any deliveries. She leaned down and scooped it up and a couple envelopes from her mailbox and brought them inside. Placing the package on the counter she couldn’t find any address it might have come from.

Curiosity piqued she ripped the couple pieces of tape holding the lid on and lifted it away. There sat on a bed of white fabric a small note. In a fluid hand someone had written:

A VIP pass to The Dommes tonight.

Must wear everything in the box and be in the VIP lineup by 8.

Don’t be late.


Amy’s heart lurched. What? Who is J? This must be a joke. Right? Lifting the white cloth revealed it to be a shirt with the bands second album cover on it. Her breath caught. She had a similar one in black in her closet. It was her favorite shirt and was worn almost to destruction. Hope soared in her chest. Could this really be happening? She might actually see the Dommes tonight? Looking back into the package there was a smaller box. Lifting it gently she opened it and had to take a moment to process what she was seeing. There were two inlayed slots. One had an oblong purple shape that curved into a thin strand. The other slot was rectangular and noticeably empty. The cogs in Amy’s head turned. Click. Her eyes grew wide. This was a remote-controlled vibrator… Where was the remote?

Justin sat in the parking lot a long time. He had gotten far too excited and ended up arriving almost a full hour early. He had passed the time checking his phone nervously every two minutes. 7:32. Close enough. He exited his car and made his way to the south side of the building. People were lined up already waiting to get into the small arena. The line at the VIP entrance off to the side was much shorter.

Justin felt in his pocket for the hundredth time. Two VIP passes lay tucked away safely, and right next to them was the remote. His mind wandered to whether this plan was going to work. He knew how desperately Amy wanted to go to the concert, but it was well within possibility that a sudden package of sex toys might send too strong a message. They barely knew each other, she might not recognize him at all. Doubt crept into his mind but he quickly squashed it. Worst case scenario, she doesn’t show and he would simply enjoy the concert by himself. It was some good fortune that his pal Dave worked at the venue and could hook him up with the passes.

Justin checked the time on his phone 7:37. Oh come on! He moved off to a bench a short way away from the line. He sat and ran a hand through his hair. He kicked himself for not getting it trimmed before coming. Its fine. Resting his arms on the knees of his jeans he looked back towards the parking lot scanning for any sight of her. He took another steadying breath as he physically had to stop his leg from bouncing restlessly. Turned on his phone. 7:40. He sighed. He tilted his head back up and a flash of white caught his eye.

Amy walked tentatively across the lot. Her eyes glancing back and forth as she made her ankara escort way towards the VIP line. Justin stopped breathing all together. She was a vision to behold. Her hair was a blaze of bright red waves that hung past her shoulders. The sleeve of tattoos cascading down her right arm accenting the white shirt he had picked out. It fit amazingly. Tight enough to hug her curves and the neckline showing just a hint of her modest cleavage. She had accompanied it with a tight denim skirt and fishnet stockings. A pair of black calf high boots completed the ensemble and made her legs go on for days.

Justin wasn’t sure how long he had been gawking but Amy had already strode past and was getting into the line. Summoning his fortitude, he stood and slowly took his place behind her. She had walked past him and not noticed. Maybe she didn’t remember him after all. She was still nervously looking around. Her eyes looked right at him and he could see no recognition at all. His heart sunk. Was he so unremarkable? Part of him was rather irritated by that. Let’s see her forget him after tonight. Justin’s hand slid into his pocket and he felt the remote there. A smirk crept onto his face. He looked her up and down once more from behind. Her slender shoulders, the curve of her waist, the flare of her hips.

Click. Justin’s thumb pressed the button. There was a second of delay before he heard it. The sudden gasp accompanied by a quick wiggle of the hips. His smirk broadened into a full faced grin. She was actually wearing it. Amy’s posture became more rigid as she fought against the toy, trying to appear as though nothing was amiss. The line had begun to move and she slowly kept pace. Her eyes darting around a little more worriedly. She still didn’t have a pass. She looked back once more and Justin straightened his face just in time for her not to suspect. His thumb twitched again turning the vibrations slowly higher. Her face contorted as she quickly turns back around stifling a moan.

“Excited for the show?” Justin asks stepping up beside his victim with a friendly smile.

“Uh. Y-yeah. Very excited.” Amy responds distractedly. Not wanting to make eye contact for fear of giving herself away.

The line is growing shorter and Justin can see the actual panic in her face now. She must be worried someone is screwing with her. Playing a mean prank. A twinge of sympathy runs through Justin and he turns the toy down to its lowest setting. Relief visibly crosses her face and her body straightens.

“Passes?” The security guard at the door asks abruptly making Amy jump. She stutters as pats her clothes as though they might magically appear.

“She’s with me.” Justin interjects, stepping forward and handing over the two passes. Looking back to see the mixture of gratitude and suspicion wash across Amy’s eyes. “Isn’t that right?” Offering his arm in a most gentlemanly fashion while pulsing the remote for emphasis.

“O-of course.” Amy half yelps the words before taking his hand. The look of gratitude is gone now. Only suspicion remains. Leading her through the entrance Justin can’t help but grin. Tonight was definitely going to be interesting to say the least. “Who are you?” Amy whispered hoarsely as they got to a wide enough hallway that allowed her to go unheard by others.

“Just a lover of quality music, like yourself.” Justin offered indifferently. Inside he was quite enjoying this game, her not recognizing him added an interesting element.

“Bullshit. You’re the one who sent me the shirt and the…” She pointed down bellow her waist. Justin couldn’t help but feign ignorance for a moment.

“Oh! You mean this?” He turned up the vibrations once more, causing Amy to gasp and clutch onto his arm for balance. She was biting her lip and quivering slightly. A sight that began to divert blood from his extremities to below his beltline. Turning it back down he continued to lead her deeper into the small arena that was tonight’s venue.

“Why are you doing this?” Amy asked. “You can’t just do… that.” She followed along closely. Perhaps unsure what might happen if she didn’t.

“I am fairly certain I can. Of course, you can leave, or tell someone what is happening if you like.” Justin hoped she didn’t call his bluff. He wouldn’t stop her if she truly wanted to leave or have him stop. He was trying to do this for her. The rush of intoxicating power and arousal from having her at his control was just a bonus for his hard work. Amy looked about and blushed. “Don’t worry, I promise not to abuse my powers. Much.” He smirked mischievously. “Care for a drink?”

“Yes, please.” Amy looked relieved as she finally gave a hint of a smile. That above everything else was her most stunning feature. Walking to the concession Justin quickly paid for two beers and returned handing one to his ‘date’. She took a long pull drinking half the cup in a single go.

“Better?” Justin asked taking a much more conservative drink.

“Not really.” She admitted. “I don’t know who you are or what you want, and right now I don’t really care.” The straightforward delivery escort ankara throwing Justin off. “My brain can’t think straight with the constant buzzing in my panties. Which are absolutely soaked by the way, and I’m torn between taking this toy out right now or having you turn it all the way up and get me off.” See looked him dead in the eye leaning in close. “So, which will it be?”

He had not been expecting this. Apparently, Amy had come to terms with the situation quite quickly. “Let’s see if we can’t do something about that.” Justin smiled. His eyes scanned the area quickly and found the only place that might be secluded enough. Grabbing her hand he walked across the room to a door marked employees only and confidently strode inside. The door clicked behind them cutting off the noise of the busy crowded arena.

The narrow hall they entered was stacked either side with crates for carrying music equipment. A couple of doors lined either side and it was blissfully devoid of people. Turning his attention back around he reached into his pocket and teasingly turned up the toy nice and slowly. Amy leaned back against one of the boxes, her eyes fluttered as she bit her lip. She glared at him, daring him to make the next move. Justin stepped in close pushing a hand through her shock of red hair pulling her into a deep kiss. Anything but pulling away she melted back into him. Fists balling up his shirt preventing any escape as her tongue darted across his. A little moan slipping from her lips. Sliding his hand down to her ass he picked her up and perched her on the edge of the crate. Leaning in harder the two were now locked in a battle to see who could last the longest without oxygen. Panted breaths erupting between flurries of passion filled kisses and pulling at clothes.


The pair froze. Heads swiveling down the hall where the noise had originated. A moment dragged past.


They straightened themselves in case they had been caught. Quickly remembering Justin turned the vibrator off. Another moment creeped by before Justin’s curiosity got the better of him. He began slowly walking down the hall as quietly as he could. Amy looked as if ready to object but slowly squashed it opting instead to follow close behind. The noise came again softer now from the room down the hall. It was the sound of a guitar being tuned accompanied by muffled voices coming from the open door. Sneaking up to the entrance Justin quickly peeked inside the room. Darting back into the hallway his mouth fell agape and a sudden boundless giddy excitement pumped through him. “Its them!” he mouthed the words to Amy. Her eyebrow shot up like he was insane obviously not knowing what he was talking about.

Being a firm advocate that seeing is believing he grabbed Amy’s wrist and strode into the room. Little to Justin’s awareness, the jostling of the two through the door had turned the remote in his pocket back onto high. The four female members of The Dommes sat in their dressing room quietly conversing. Amy’s eyes lit up. At first awe. Then a sudden lurch of fear as she tried to pull them back into the hallway. Too late the band all turned their eyes on the couple. “Sorry. Were a little lost.” Justin said pretending to be oblivious to what they were doing. “Oh my god! You’re The Dommes!” Amy stood tensely holding her stomach like she was about to be sick. Justin’s hopes that she might speak up vanished. “My friend here is your biggest fan! Can she please have an autograph?” Amy’s fingers dug into his arm as she made to object.

“Of course!” the lead singer spoke with a hint of a British accent. “We’ve always got time for our fans.” Grabbing a sharpie from the nearby table she walked up closely followed by the rest of the band. She looked Amy up and down and nodded approvingly. “I love the Ink.” she commented gesturing to the tattoos running down Amy’s right side. “What should we sign?” She asked holding the pen aloft. Justin made sure to stand back and let Amy enjoy the moment.

“Ah mmm… y-your N-N-names?” Amy stammered. Sweat building on her brow. Her breathing ragged.

“Yeah. That usually how autographs work.” The band all chuckled. “What should we sign on?” The lead singer reiterated.

“Oh, oh. Um… my S-shirt.” Amy nearly whimpered. The band members each took turns passing the sharpie around signing different parts of the shirt. With the lead singer signing last across her left breast. Amy quivered and Justin swore he heard her stifle a moan.

“Well we need to get ready to go on stage in a few minutes.” The singer said. “Are you alright love? You are looking a little under the weather. How about you sit down a minute and catch your breath. Use the room if you like. Hope to see you out there.” Justin offered his most heartfelt thanks as the band all filed past him down the hall.

Amy collapsed into him, clutching tightly against his arm, suddenly violently panting and cursing. “The vibrator!” she moaned into him. Realization struck him like a landslide and he reached into his pocket and stopped the toy dead. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” She gasped for ankara escort bayan breath. “What the fuck was that?” she asked slowly composing herself. “I almost came all over her shoes!”

“I honestly didn’t know it was on. I’m sorry.” Justin apologized suddenly feeling horrible that she couldn’t even form two words in the one chance to talk to her idols.

Amy glanced down at her shirt as if only now just realizing what had happened. “They signed my shirt. I met them and they signed my shirt!” She was suddenly giddy. The excitement beamed from her splitting her face into a giant grin. One that contained no other context but joy. “Thank you!” she said honestly. A moment passed before she spoke again. “Who are you? Why did you set tonight up?”

Justin though about it for a moment. She had already come this far the truth wouldn’t hurt. “We actually met a few months ago at that Christmas party. I’m not surprised you don’t remember me. You were pretty lit up that night. You stumbled into me and started talking my ear off. You told me about everything. How you couldn’t get tickets to the show, and your bitch co-worker Julia. You also mentioned how your ex-boyfriend was never adventurous in the bedroom. You actually went on at length about how you wanted someone to push you sexually and make you feel like a sex object.” Justin blushed as he finished reciting the story. She was drunk. He probably missed the mark by a mile. “Anyway, I drove you home and a few days later I started planning this. Not the running into the band part. That was completely a coincidence.” Justin knew he was rambling and clamped his mouth shut.

“You set all this up for a drunk girl you met once at a party?” Her eyebrows shot up.

“A very gorgeous drunk girl.” Justin corrected. “Plus, you went into some very… graphic detail about some of the naughty stuff you wanted to do. Felt like it was well worth the risks.” It was Amy’s turn to blush.

A loud cheer echoed through the building. Sudden realization dawning on them that the show was about to start. “We need to go!” Amy yelped and started out the door pulling at Justin’s arm. They made their way back down the narrow hall and exited back out a quick turn away from the arena floor. A huge crowd was excitedly bouncing and cheering as the opening band took the stage. They were a small rock outfit sent to warm up the crowd and did so with gusto. Within a few moments they were flooding the arena with sound. The music was immediately flowing through the crowd who bounced and swayed in time. Justin’s eyes were lost in his partners swaying movements. She made the music seem to wrap around her as she lost herself in it. Eyes twinkling against the stage lights.

She caught his gaze with a mischievous grin grabbing his hand and pulling him in close. “Don’t start being a stranger now.” She yelled over the music before planting a kiss on him and turning back to the band dancing along once more. Justin swore she was wiggling her hips just that fraction extra. Teasing him, goading him to make a move. Another song began, slightly slower than the first. With the crowd focused on the band, he came up behind her one hand around her hip the other up around her arm and chest pulling her up against him in a swaying embrace. She pressed her ass back into him grinding up against his increasingly swollen member. His upper hand rose up to her throat squeezing playfully as she lifted an arm back running her fingers through his hair. He wanted her so badly right now. But the floor of a packed rock concert was even too adventurous for him. He slid his hand back into his pocket and fumbled for the remote. Turning it back on once again pulsing the intensity up to where he knew it would drive her wild. Still in their embrace Justin felt her legs weaken and could hear her moaning. She swiveled her head around just enough to pull him into a deep kiss.

“Mmm I need you right now.” She purred grabbing his hand at her hip and pressing it up against the front of her skirt. Justin could feel the vibrations there as she rocked her hips back and forth. His mind rushed to come up with a solution. Looking around the arena there was nowhere that a couple could go and fuck that wasn’t full of potential on lookers. The crowd erupted once more as the opening band finished their set and left the stage. In only a couple minutes The Dommes would be up and he was not about to let Amy miss out on that. If only there was a way to have both.

Looking to the heavens for an answer a reflection caught his eye. It was the high-end booth that was usually rented out during sporting events. It was closed off to the public during the concert, but it was high enough that it would have an amazing view of the stage. And maybe…

“I have an idea.” He said turning Amy around to look at him. “Do you trust me?” She looked back at the stage clearly not wanting to miss her favorite band perform. Biting her lip, she finally gave a nod. “Ok we have to be quick.” Justin instructed as he led her towards the booth. A couple flights of stairs and they arrived at the booth door. Turning the handle to find it thankfully unlocked. The booth was completely dark, the only light coming from the stage below creating a very twilight atmosphere. They moved to the window. The Dommes hadn’t yet made it to the stage. They didn’t miss anything.

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