Getting Adventurous

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“Come on babe, do something exciting for once in your life!” my husband exclaimed.

We were driving down the highway after our movie and I noticed Tim was hard so I started joking around about his bulge when he suddenly got this ludicrous idea in his head that it would be fun for me to go down on him in the car. I am quite conservative so this was immediately out of the question.

“No Timothy, you can wait until we get home. Look at all these cars, they would all see us!”

“You’re never adventurous anymore, Sophie. Live on the wild side just for tonight.” Tim said as his hand made its way up my thigh and under my skirt. I wasn’t wearing any panties underneath; how much more adventurous did he want? He began massaging my thigh then my pubic mound, which was clean shaven, until he made his way to my slit. He parted my lips with his thumb and middle finger and started doing circles around my clit with his pointer. Just as a moan escaped my lips he stopped.

I broke out of my trance. “What the hell Tim?”

“If you want something from me, you’ve gotta do something for me. Bring that mouth over here.” he said as he unzipped his pants and took out his member. It stood about eight inches and did it look good. Still, my nerves were acting up. What if someone saw us? What if Tim got so distracted he ran us off the road? Then again… he had made me quite wet and I didn’t think I could make it the twenty minute ride home.

I lowered my head slowly to his upright cock and kissed his head. I opened my mouth and began shoving it in. I could only ever manage about six inches in, but Tim never seemed to mind. “Mmmm that’s my girl.” he said as he put his hand back under my skirt. He stuck one finger in me and i let out a soft squeal of pleasure as I began sucking harder.

That’s when we heard the sirens, followed by the flashing lights. “Oh my god Timothy I told you this was a bad idea!” I yelled as I shoved his hand out of my crotch. Tim quickly put his dick away while pulling off to the side of the road.

A tall cop knocked on the window. Tim rolled the window down. “Hi sir, do you know why we pulled you over tonight?”

“Um, why no officer, I don’t. We weren’t speeding. Do I have a tail light out?” Tim played stupid.

“Not exactly sir. I’m sure you can think of the reason, just think, um, hard.” the cop said as he shined his light down onto Tim’s crotch.

“Ha, he was in such a hurry he didn’t even manage to zip up, Cameron.” a female voice said next to me. I turned and saw a short red headed cop at my window.

“W-we can explain officer.” I stammered.

“Why don’t both of casino şirketleri you get out of the car.” The male cop said. We both got out.

“Hands on the car please, we have to pat you down, make sure you don’t have any weapons.” This seemed odd since we were only being pulled over for reckless driving, but I didn’t want to make them angry so I obeyed. The female cop kicked me legs apart and started patting me down. First my shoulders, next my chest and stomach then down to my legs. She shoved her hand all the way up my skirt and her fingers grazed my pussy lips. Her face showed surprise and… arousal? No, I must be mistaken. I looked over and saw Tim was getting his registration. They told us to wait there while they went back to their car and ran our plates.

“Well you don’t have any warrants so I will just write you this ticket and you guys can be on your way.” The male cop said.

“Oh no please, is there any way this could just be a warning. We didn’t mean any harm.” I asked politely.

“You may not have meant any harm, but you could have seriously hurt someone ma’am.” he replied.

“Oh come on, Cameron, I’m sure we could let them off easy this one time. You know there have been plenty of times we were in that car wanting to fuck each other’s brains out” The female cop interjected. This caught me off guard, it seemed so unprofessional, yet at the same time seemed to turn me on a little.

“Isabela! You can’t talk like that. While, sometimes that is, erm, true, we can’t just take out our cocks and act on those feelings.” It was then I got an idea. Conservative me went out the window. We could not get that ticket.

“Well, um, I’m sure we could come up with something to show how sorry we are and that it won’t happen again officers.” I suggested as I stepped closer to the female cop he just called Isabela.

“You both are so attractive, and as you said Officer Isabela, you’re cooped up in that car all day just wanting to let some energy out, I’m sure we could be of assistance.” I whispered as I played with her hair. I wasn’t lying, they were both very attractive people. Isabela had such tan skin and perky breasts while Cameron was tall with his muscles poking out of his uniform. His big brown eyes matching his perfectly combed brown hair. I looked at Tim and lifted an eye brow while bringing my gaze to Isabela. Finally Tim caught on to what I was doing.

“Oh, um, yes, we could help relieve some of your pent up energy” he said as he began rubbing Isabel’s shoulders. I kissed Tim hard on the lips and his hands moved from her shoulders to her chest and before I knew what was happening his casino firmaları hand had slipped inside her shirt and he was tweaking her nipples. I could see Officer Cameron getting hard through his pants.

“Oh, um, well I suppose we could let you off this one time…” he stammered as he walked over and laid his lips into mine. My hand instantly went right to his crotch. I could feel his cock twitching from behind his zipper. I rubbed him through the pants until it was too much for him and he unzipped allowing his cock to spring out. He was bigger than my husband and that instantly got me wetter. I started jerking him off and his precum ran down my hand. I looked over and saw my husband’s face buried in Isabela’s boobs. He was taking one nipple at a time into his mouth with his tongue while her hand was moving up and down his shaft,

I got down on my knees and swirled Cameron’s tip with my tongue until he pushed my head into him. Faster and faster I bobbed my head on his cock. Then I felt someone slip between my legs. I felt a tongue enter my pussy hole and knew it was my husband’s tongue violating me. I stopped sucking Cameron to turn around and see what was going on behind me. My husband laid on his back underneath me darting his tongue in and out of my cunt while Isabela was taking all of his eight inches in her mouth. I went back to sucking Officer Cameron off until I could tell he was about to finish then I stopped. “I want you to fuck me with that big cock, Officer!” I blurted out as I got off of Tim’s face. Tim looked shocked but turned on at the same time.

“I can certainly do that for you, miss.” Cameron said as he pushed me onto all fours. He got behind me and no sooner could I feel his giant cock enter my tight cunt. “Uhhhh, yes!” I moaned as he filled me. He started off slow but in a few seconds he was driving his dick into me as hard as he could and I was grinding my ass right back at him, bucking in unison. It was now Isabela’s turn to get underneath me. She squirmed her way under me and was rubbing my clit while her partner fucked my pussy. “Oh my god, that feels amazing!” I exclaimed through my moans. Isabela then sucked my clit into her mouth and began biting it a little. “Oh, fuck yes!”

Tim got on his knees in front of me and began kissing me while his fingers worked their way up to Isabela’s snatch. He shoved three fingers in her hole and she began squealing in pleasure, the vibrations from her mouth felt great on my clit. I moaned into Tim’s mouth. Tim then brought his dick up to Isabela’s dripping cunt and shoved all of it right inside her, making her scream with delight. Watching my husband’s güvenilir casino dick ram in and out of this hot lady cop’s cunt while her partner fucked me and she licked my clit was enough to make me go over the edge. I came all over her face and his cock. She lapped up my juices.

Now that she had made me cum I so badly wanted to help her orgasm. I brought my face down to her clit and began doing circles with my tongue like my husband always does to me. She started moaning louder. I licked from the top of her slit all the way down to where Tim was inside her. Licking her and him at the same time was so hot. I could taste her lady juices and his precum together. At this point everyone was moaning. Every so often Cameron would take his dick out of me so Isabela could take it in her mouth, then they would rub it against my clit and shove it right back in my cunt for more. I was grinding my ass against him so hard and grinding down on Isabela’s face with my snatch I knew I was going to cum again, but I didn’t want to until everyone else was ready so I made Cameron stop and had Isabela suck him off a little then took hold of his dick and shoved it right in my asshole, nice and slow.

The loudest moan I had ever heard escaped Cameron’s lips and I couldn’t help but squeal as his last two inches entered me. Now with Cameron’s large cock in my asshole, Isabela had free range with my cunt and she was all over the place. Her fingers going in and out while her tongue was all over my clit. I put my finger in my grunting husband’s mouth and made him suck on it for a good two minutes until it was drenched. I then I pulled it out and without warning rammed it right into Isabela’s ass. She screamed with pleasure and began sucking my clit harder into her mouth. Seeing us both moaning like crazy made Tim fuck her cunt even faster.

That’s all it took to make us all cum. I felt her ass restricting around my finger and could tell her pussy as doing the same because Cameron was grunting louder. “Uhhhh” Isabela moaned loudly as she orgasmed. At that point I felt Cameron’s cum fill my asshole and drip down my pussy onto Isabela’s face who sucked it all up. Tim pulled out just before he came in Isabela because he knew how much I loved the way he tasted. His cum shot me right in the back of the throat. We all laid on the side of the road until we caught our breath.

“Well, I guess we can let you off with a warning this time.” Cameron said as he lifted himself off the ground.

“Oh, why thank you so much, officers, we really appreciate that.” I said winking at them.

“Remember, if you feel that urge again, just take it off the road.” Isabela replied before getting into the car.

I turned to Tim. “How’s that for adventurous?”

Tim smiled. “Who knew you had that in you. Now let’s go home. I still haven’t gotten to fuck you yet.” That night we screwed for hours.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32