G Spot in Goa Pt. 07

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(This is a genre I am exploring, part biography, part fiction, some imagination, full pleasure. All characters in this story are above the age of consent . Dedicated to S., my wife, the love of my life who has been gone for 7 years now, whose image comes to mind, as I put these words down.

I write because it gives me pleasure. My initial writings drew greatly from my own experiences. But as I progressed, I learnt not to fetter my imagination, but to give it wings, to take it to places one has only dreamt of. That’s why I have experimented with different perspectives, preferring not to use names, so that the readers can easily put themselves in the place of the protagonist or any of the characters, building a strong identification with them. I am an amateur and a learner and would love your feedback as it is worth its weight in gold, and enable me to craft a richer experience for us all.

This is a lengthy story, which I have broken down into chapters, each complete by itself and maybe of a different genre. The story continues from Part 6.

Spilling the secrets in plain view)

19 Caught in the act

They rode back to the hotel in silence, savoring their thoughts of each other. She was feeling particularly hot and sticky, so she undid the buttons of her blouse, no brassiere within, pulling up his singlet, feeling skin on skin. The nubs aroused to points poked into his back, both enjoying the sensation and the implicit danger of discovery. Her skirt was bunched up too, sitting as she was astride and she started to lower his shorts too. He rose a little to facilitate this and soon her soaked crotch was pressing against his bottom, the bumps on the road enhancing the experience.

They reached the resort in record time; she was making for the room, when he pulled her towards the pool. They quickly shed their garments and had a shower by the pool to wash the sticky residue that had caked their bodies. He grabbed a couple of towels and pulled her into the sauna. They were relaxing, the heat from their loins adding to the warmth of the sauna, bodies glistening, when they heard some voices outside. They peeked through the glass window, rubbing away at the condensation, to get a better look.

Her parents, clad only in bathrobes, were making their way to the pool area. They slipped off the robes, completely nude underneath and got into the jacuzzi, with the full force of the jets whipping up a foam. She could make out her mother’s upturned nipples and her dripping snatch, as she got in between her father’s thighs, with the glans of his penis sticking out of the water. She positioned herself over it, and moved up and down in a rhythm, accompanied by sighs, moans, and squelching sounds as he entered her.

It felt like she was riding a bronco, as the pace started to get more frenetic and the sounds louder. Her dad’s face was buried in her mom’s cleavage, enjoying the ride, as she did all the hard work, grinding away, dominating the show. As the humping gathered pace a spray of water flew all around, ending in an explosion of their juices, bodies tensing up before collapsing, spent and drained of all energy. Her mother lay her head on her father’s chest, and it seemed as if she was looking directly at them, eyes towards the sauna.

They moved back, ducking to avoid detection, aroused at the erotic scene, and he resumed his pleasuring of her loins, member grinding against her buttocks, as they reached the heights of ecstasy together, breathing heavily. He then lay down on his back whilst she straddled him, tickling his back with her aroused nipples, fingering herself slowly, sighing softly as she imitated her mother’s rocking motions.

Her mother had meanwhile spied a pile of clothes lying nearby, in which she could discern her daughter’s skirt. Initially, she panicked at the thought, but then a sly smile came over her face. She motioned her husband to keep quiet, and heard yips of delight emanating from the sauna. They tiptoed their way there and opened the door. As the clouds of steam cleared away, their daughter came into sight, naked as the day she was born, thighs spread wide, sitting astride the back of their equally naked son in law who was lying face down on the bench.

The sunlight streamed in through the open door clearing away of the shrouds that cloaked them, elicited different responses from all of them. She blushed a deep red, her hands covering her breasts and groin, and started crying. She was aghast at her parents discovering her in this compromising position, afraid that they would be separated, not allowed to see each other again. Her mom highly amused broke out into a throaty laugh, breasts jiggling, glad that her surmise was correct, mildly aroused at the denouement.

He was embarrassed at being caught en flagrante, but relieved that his supine posture masked his raging erection, his dick unseen by two pairs of peering eyes. But he was enjoying a full frontal view of his mother in law, her fulsome rounded figure, broad hips, mature curves, and bountiful breasts, with large bahis firmaları areola and upturned nipples, making it difficult to avert his gaze. His boner hardened at the sight of her smooth hairless mound, her puffy lips and her prominent clit still glistening with her arousal.

Her father not expecting this revelation, completely caught unawares was flustered, didn’t know where to look, confused whether to be angry at his daughter’s nakedness or sheepish of his own member still in a state of arousal, covering it with his hands. This awkward scene, frozen in slow motion, was interrupted by her mother moving quickly towards her, pulling her in a warm embrace, saying, “hamam me sab nange hai”,( in the bathhouse everyone’s naked) to defuse the tension in the air, using the towels to cover her nakedness as they exited the sauna, leaving the menfolk alone.

20 A mother’s love

As they walked back to the suite, she started bawling, afraid that she would be berated for her forwardness, and forbade any further contact with him. Her mother grew tired of this blabbering, turned her head towards her, kissing her full on the lips, insinuating her tongue too, shocking her into stunned silence at this completely contrarian behavior. They walked back in silence, her mind filled with a jumble of thoughts, she couldn’t quite comprehend. On reaching the suite she made her way up to her bedroom, and was surprised to see her mother follow her up instead of going to her own.

Stunned, she cowered, expecting that her mother would unleash a long lecture on her inappropriate behavior, her disappointment at not meeting expectations required of her upbringing, or worse grounding her. But her mother closed the bedroom door and completely astonished her with what she did next. Making her sit on the bed she whipped away her towel, and let hers fall on the floor too. They ogled at each other’s body mesmerized, drinking in every detail from the tip to the toe. Noticing the obvious similarities and differences in the other’s anatomy, lingering at the chest and the junction of their thighs in great detail, their skin flush, from the heat of the sauna, as well as being turned on, by the close scrutiny that they were subject to .

Then kneeling between her daughter’s thighs, she spread her legs apart, and after a close inspection of her dripping vulva, proceeded to eat her out with gusto. As her mom’s wide lips met her nether lips, she felt sensations she had never experienced before. After the initial shock, she lay back enjoying the ride; one hand stimulating her nipples, the other guiding her mom’s head, pushing and pulling her hair as a current coursed through her being.

As her mother put her wide experience to use, touching her in places she never thought possible, buttocks grinding and rising in anticipation of the big O, her genitals convulsed as her fluids began to seep, and she came in a series of climaxes, giving her mother a lovely facial with her cream. Her mother licked her lips deliberately, savoring her daughter’s love potion, tangy and youthful, and asked her how she enjoyed the experience. She was at a loss for words, waiting for her breath to return, in short pants, but there was no need for words, her expression said it all.

Now it was her mother’s turn to be at the receiving end. She opened her love gates wide to her daughter’s curious gaze, releasing a whiff of her heady musky aroma that was intoxicating. She uncovered her mother’s cockpit, inspecting with wide eyes the orifice from which she had emerged all those years ago. It was remarkably sturdy, showing no sign of wear and tear, her mother had maintained it in fine fettle, smooth and hairless, though slightly wider than her own. She looked spellbound, examining closely the features of her sex, the puffy outer and inner lips, the clit fully aroused pulsing, the ureter wet, and love canal coated with her smegma, waiting in anticipation of release.

Her mom, greased and ready for some loving, impatiently pulled her head towards her mound, and she got to work in a flash, needing no more encouragement. Mom kept up a running commentary on the parts of her anatomy and how to derive maximum satisfaction from them. She was a quick learner, imbibing her mom’s lessons and guidance, and surprising her with some moves of her own, making slurping sounds as she tasted the fruits of her loins, like mature sour cream with a strong musky aftertaste, different from her own mellow juices but addictive all the same.

Her mother was far more vocal than her, uninhibited shrieks and moans of delight emerging as she pushed all her buttons, a veritable cum factory filling up faster than she could lap it all up. Her eyes widened in surprise, as her daughter pushed a well lubricated digit up her ass, making her buck her hips and squirt away a shower of her pearly nectar, nibbling her own breasts and being transported to heaven. Totally drained she pulled her baby girl up and kissed her with a love that only a mother can express. She had opened herself up to her and felt a oneness, kaçak iddaa that she last experienced when she was carrying her in her womb.

At her mother’s breast after all those years, she nuzzled on her erect nipples wanting to taste her milk again. After some stimulation, the milk began to flow and she savored the taste, sucking greedily, the arousal making both their loins moist with cream again as they rubbed against each other. Her mom got up and traced a finger around her face, leaving for the bathroom, and she followed like Mary’s little lamb. She guided her to the love tub, starting the jacuzzi jets as they tenderly cleaned each other.

Her mother gave her a practical demonstration of various pleasure points and how to stimulate them for maximum effect. She demonstrated the art of self pleasuring to her in detail, practically fingering her to a climax. It was not the usual mother daughter conversation bound by propriety, but rather a lesson in the art of love by an experienced hand to a younger novice. Nothing was off limits and it was open season for all queries.

She asked her mother how a man’s big rod could fit in such a tiny hole, and how it felt when he actually breached her last bastion. Her mom replied that if a baby could come out of her, a man’s penis was just a magic stick, that could transport her to levels of pleasure not witnessed before. And after the initial pain of losing her virginity it was pleasure all the way and her muscles would actually suck his member in, a perfect receptacle for him, a yin to his yang and the joy of sexual union was akin to bliss, a fusion of two into one, sacred and divine.

She in turn demonstrated the acupressure points that he had taught her, making her mother experience ecstasy in the blink of an eye. All cleaned up they exited the tub, and her mother showed her how to apply perfume for maximum effect and the various techniques of seduction honed over years of practice. She showed her the lingerie they had bought earlier that day, and asked her what would be appropriate under the little black dress she planned to wear that evening, making her blush as she visualized her daughter in them.

Her mom helped her get ready for the evening, and was dazzled by the beautiful apparition before her, saying that no man could withstand her charms, and if she were so lucky, would have ravished her then and there. She blushed a scarlet hue and they went downstairs to help her mom get ready in a lovely white dress that accentuated her mature curves, retorting that she would be spending the entire evening warding off her dad’s roving hands.

They had just stepped out of the room when they noticed the men enter, in their towels, both tenting at the mirage in black and white that appeared out of the blue. Her father put his fingers to his lips, letting out a whistle of appreciation, and they both blushed as his towel nearly came undone. With his penis at attention poking through it, her mother pulling him into the room before he exposed himself. He on the other hand, stood transfixed, only springing back to life as she scooted over to give him a kiss. His penis peeking out of the folds of his towel betrayed his excitement and she had to nearly push him out of the door to stop him going any further, as she felt that once he started down that path, she wouldn’t be able to control herself either.

She sat at the landing looking through the vent, enjoying the sight of her mom fending off her dad’s advances, as he begged for just one kiss. Tired of his relentless pleas she gave in, but couldn’t control herself as one thing led to another. Soon he was pounding away at her cunt, milking her breasts as she moaned and groaned whilst he emptied his load into her moist welcoming recesses in throes of ecstasy. She rebuked him with a smile, pushing him into the bathroom, whilst she got ready all over again, removing all traces of her recent mauling. Watching this erotic feast on the stairs, she got all hot and worked up,used her mother’s tips to relieve herself and unwind, before returning to her room to clean up her dripping triangle.

21 Games people play

When she returned back down, he came through the door, he looked so dishy that she wanted to take him there and there. He wore a set of grey pants that were so tight that she felt that they might be painted on. The contours of his penis and his balls were clearly visible, leaving nothing to the imagination. Add to that his pert behind made her want to throw herself at him. He had worn a flaming red shirt that had ruffles in the front to complete the sexy look.

He had had similar thoughts when he saw her, it would be tough getting his hands to behave, and as for his penis it was as hard as rock. He had half a mind to rub one out, but his eyes thirsted to worship her at the earliest. She was ravishing in her little black dress that hugged her curves. It stopped halfway above her knees giving a glimpse of her luscious thighs, encased in sexy fishnet stockings, and killer stilettos at her feet. The dress itself was shimmering, kaçak bahis reflecting the light, like stars in the night sky. It was a halter top that went around her neck showing off her smooth shoulders and broad expanse of her back. There were cross sections cut out into the dress just above the buttocks , cleavage and at the navel, exposing swathes of her toned flesh. She had put on a shimmering makeup, her lips painted a luscious red.

They both felt an urgent and primal heat in their loins, a thirst that needed to be slaked. But they couldn’t risk being caught out again, even though they heard sounds of union emerging from her parents room. He grabbed her hand and they ran out towards the clubhouse, making their way to the games room. He wanted to kiss her so badly, but was afraid to ruin her makeup, so held her in a tight hug. She whispered in his ear that her lipstick was non smudge and strawberry flavored too. He didn’t need an invitation and started kissing her passionately, enjoying the taste of her sweet lips.

His hands started to go within the openings of her dress, as she groped at his penis. He was in ecstasy when he realized she had worn the crotch-less panties and bra that allowed the breeze to touch her intimates and her nipples to poke through. He literally wanted to rip off the dress like a randy goat, but she motioned him to be patient and undid the zip at the side allowing it to fall at the floor. Her nipples poked through the openings of the bra, fully aroused and and a darker red than the silk that encased it. Her snatch was dripping in anticipation, lips puffy and aroused. The fishnet stockings were held up with garters connected to the panty sides with straps, completing the look.

She was delectable and stoked his fire, making it difficult to control his desire, so turned on was he with her smouldering sexiness. She in turn lowered his tights, freeing his dick which sprang to attention. Wasting no time he carried her to the billiards table, laid her down on the edge of the green baize, legs dangling, spread wide, and started eating her intimate pocket greedily, twisting her nipples as she gasped in the throes of pleasure. As his tongue flicked deep into her womb, sucking her clit, her insides turned to jelly, pushing his head deeper within, grinding against his face, till she hit the high notes of a crescendo, hips rising off the table, flooding his face with her fecund lotion.

Now it was her turn to feast on his smouldering cue. She pushed him to the carrom table removing his shirt en route, the smooth surface easing the friction on his bottom, and proceeded to juggle his balls in her mouth making his dick leak copiously. She then took only his glans between her red ruby lips and inhaled, the suction causing a vacuum that pulled his juices out. She started biting it’s sensitive surface, licking it and teasing the baby batter to the tip, till he could hold it no more, filling her mouth with his warm yogurt that she could never get enough of.

Then they rushed to get ready before the parents came searching for them again. She told him to leave his shirt hanging out, she didn’t want people to stare at her personal property. He likewise told her to get a coat, it would be cold on the boat. They walked back to the suite hand in hand and watched her mom and dad exit together, looking invigorated by rounds of love, their skin glowing. They made their way to the quay on the scooter for the sunset cruise. He allowed her to drive, as her dress was too short to sit side saddle.

But as soon as they started she realized it wasn’t such a great idea after all as he had other ideas and so did his magic wand, rising to the occasion. She found it difficult to concentrate on the road as his hands derived maximum leeway from the openings on her dress, using the one at her cleavage to stimulate her tits to stand at attention again. Then dipping his hand below her navel, flicking her love button on and off, driving her to the edge of ecstasy and then insinuating his hand in the gap at her lower back, well lubricated with gobs of her frontal grease into her exhaust pipe, making her stutter and bring the scooter to a shuddering halt.

They saw the other scooter parked at the roadside having taken a head start, with her mother driving at full speed. But like the hare in the race, they had taken a love break, and over the orchard wall she espied her mother in the undergrowth being deflowered once more. She was on all fours, her dress hiked up to her waist, and her father’s thick rod taking her from behind, doggy style grabbing her substantial boobs for support and leverage. They were raising a ruckus with their cries of passion, but the road was deserted and no bystanders except the young couple, who were getting it off themselves.

Turned on by the show, he pushed into her behind whilst fingering the front. They were nearing the peak as he started pulsating up her booty, almost searing her with his strokes, pistoning into her wedge, lucky that the crotchless panties extended right up back, so didn’t have to clean up the residue.. She, feeling an imminent surge approaching, turned around and blanketed his dick with her own fresh cream. Surprised and aroused by this warm sticky feeling his penis started jerking away.

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