Fun with Stephanie , Mark Ch. 02

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2nd Date

Stephanie often thought of her evening with Mark and how much she had enjoyed herself. She had no idea how many cocks and loads of come she had taken that night, but just thinking about multiple dicks fucking her full of spunk would get her instantly wet. Before the week was out she had called Mark and invited him over for dinner the next night.

Stephanie cooked a nice meal for them to enjoy and made sure she was still in the kitchen finishing up when Mark arrived. He walked in behind her and saw that she was wearing nothing but an apron and a pair of heels. Stephanie turned and greeted him warmly.

“Hey sweetie, thanks for coming. I wanted to do something for you after you did so much for me last weekend. I hope you’re hungry. I know I can’t wait to stuff something in my mouth.” Stephanie smiled then walked up to him, dropped to her knees, and opened Mark’s pants seeking his tasty cock.

When Stephanie freed his tool, she immediately began to kiss, lick, stroke, and slurp all over his hardening member. She took off the apron and pushed her tits up around Mark’s stiff pecker. Keeping the head of his dick in her mouth, she began to slowly rub the pole between her tits and sucked the tip a bit further with each stroke. As Stephanie worked herself further down the shaft, she had to take the meat away from her chest and placed her hand on the bottom half. She continued sucking more and more until she had taken it to the hilt. Stephanie stuck her tongue out and lapped at the heavy ball sack that rested against her chin. She felt Mark place his hands on her head as she backed up off his cock a bit before taking it back down to the root.

She could feel the cock swelling and knew she was gong to get a warm and tasty load. She started moaning and sighing knowing the vibrations would drive him over the edge and she was right. Within minutes, Mark was groaning loudly as he exploded in Stephanie’s mouth and down her throat. She pulled her mouth off the dick and let its last spurts hit her chin and tits.

“Oh, fuck yes. There we go. That’s much better. I wouldn’t have been able to focus on dinner if I didn’t get a little taste beforehand. I’ve been wanting suck that lovely dick of yours all week long. Now, feel free to get a drink, I need to change really quickly and then we can enjoy dinner. Mark just smiled and headed toward the bar as Stephanie scampered off to change.

Stephanie came back in wearing a low cut blouse to showcase her breasts and a short skirt that only went a few inches below her firm ass. She invited Mark to the table and they enjoyed a pleasant meal. After they had finished eating, Mark decided to move things along.

“Now that you’ve gotten me here, blown me, and fed me; how would you like the rest of the evening to play out? You said you’d been thinking about this all week. You know I’m magic and how I can do anything you’d like. So, what did you have in mind when you called me up?”

Stephanie stayed quiet and leaned back in her chair to think. There was such possibility! As she pondered silently, she teased Mark by slipping one hand inside her blouse, pulled out her supple breast, and rubbed her nipple until it became hard. Stephanie began to spread her legs as Mark looked down to see that she hadn’t put on any panties. She took her other hand and ran her fingers over her pussy and rubbed her clit.

“Hmm… I’m not entirely sure, it’s difficult to think of just one thing. How about we start with you bending me over something and taking me from behind? I just love the way your sack slaps into me when we fuck that way and its fun to be worked back and forth between a cock in each end of me. Plus, I like the way my boobs hang down and shake with each thrust.”

Stephanie’s eyes widened in anticipation as Mark raised his hand before snapping his fingers to create a flash of light that filled the room.

Stephanie found herself bent over a padded saw horse. Her legs were strapped down at her knees and her wrists were tied down too. The piece she was lying on went from the top of her pelvis and stopped at her sternum, leaving her breasts swaying free. While her top was gone, her skirt had been left as a fuck handle for the guys. She looked around and saw Mark standing naked to her right.

Stephanie purred at him, “This is perfect. Won’t you please get over here and stick that dick of yours inside me? You know what a cumslut I am and how you can fuck any hole you want and come anywhere you want. Give me all the cock you want, you know I will take it happily. I’ve got come hungry holes and you give them just what they need.”

Mark stepped behind Stephanie and rubbed his cock over her ass and pussy until she was dripping wet and begging to have one of her holes fucked.

“Please. Please fuck me! Put your hard cock anywhere you want. Just make sure to come deep inside me. I want to feel your come gushing out of my pussy and ass when you fuck me! Fuck me like the bahis firmaları little cumslut you know I am!”

Stephanie’s dirty talk was enough to make Mark want to come right then. Stroking his cock and just gazing at Stephanie’s dripping wet pussy, her tight ass, and her bound body. She continued begging for his dick but he kept stroking and placed his cock head at the edge of her pussy lips and let out a large come blast. After two shots splashed over her wet hole, he kept stroking and shot twice more with his dick aimed at her puckered asshole. The come covered her hole and splashed against her cheeks. Mark grabbed Stephanie’s butt cheeks and slid his cock between them and rubbed a huge final load up to the small of her back.

“Oh, god, yes! Your come feels so good. I love to have it shot all over me until it drips down my body. You tease, you haven’t even stuck a cock in me yet and I’m already covered in come. Now I really need it. Please fuck me and fill me with come.”

Stephanie opened her eyes and saw a cock before her. Her jaw dropped and she took it in her mouth. She felt a cock sliding into her come drenched pussy. Before the cock in her snatch got too far in, she felt another cock being rubbed between her cheeks. After a minute of teasing her more, the top cock pushed into her come lubed ass and then both dicks slowly slid inside her together.

Now that she was airtight the men began to work her back and forth between them. Slow at first before increasing speed and taking turns thrusting hard and letting Stephanie get fucked hard on one end and bounced off the other. The cocks fucking her ass and pussy were driving her insane with lust as she sucked greedily on the cock in front of her her.

The feeling of Stephanie moaning and slurping on the cock in her mouth was too much and it spewed out thick spurts of come. The first shot off all the way down her throat, the guy then pulled back and shot another heavy load in her mouth that dribbled out down her chin. He pulled completely out and shot off three more times. Once across her open mouth and twice on her heaving chest. While she took this massive load, the man’s cocks behind her kept fucking her hard, making her come splattered tits sway back and forth as the semen dripped down her body.

“Oh yes, fuck me! Fuck both of my holes hard! I love the taste of your come and love to feel it splattered all over me! Give me your come, please. I need it so bad. Yes, keep fucking me. Fuck yes, OH!”

The cocks continued to fuck her harder and faster. Deeper and deeper, in and out of her pussy and ass. Stephanie was taking both shafts for every inch and loving every second of it. After a while, the dicks slowed down then pounded Stephanie with hard, measured thrusts before exploding deep in her holes. Stephanie felt the cocks swell and the come splash her insides until she was full and all the spunk could only seep out around the two shafts. The dicks were pulled back until only the tips remained inside of her and then spewed forth still more come inside her pussy and ass before thrusting all the way back inside several more times. Stephanie moaned loudly as she felt more semen being shot inside her and then forcefully gushing out with each thrust.

After a few minutes of this, Mark stepped back, letting his dicks slide out of Stephanie. When he did, come freely flowed out of her pussy and asshole and streamed down her restrained body. Steady drops of semen oozed out of her holes and slid down her ass, snatch, and legs as Stephanie sighed and enjoyed the feeling of being so well fucked.

Her dripping holes were a marvelous sight and several men lined up for a crack at them. Stephanie felt two fresh cocks inching their way inside her and sighed loudly. She was about to speak up but had a dick presented to her and forgot what she was going to say and began slurping on the hard tool. The men struck a medium pace, allowing Stephanie to bounce on the dicks behind her as she deep throated the man at her head. After a while she felt the meat inside her swell and erupt with three fresh loads for her and she came instantly. Once empty, the men stepped back and let the crowd take in the sight of come flowing from her holes. Stephanie was fucked over and over as dozens of men filled her with gobs of jizz. Hours passed until the river of splooge running from her flowed all the way down her thighs and dropped off her knees to the floor where a small pool had formed. Stephanie basked in the feeling of being fucked so thoroughly well and filled with what must have been gallons of come.

In her daze, she heard Mark snap his fingers again before the flash of light filled the room and Stephanie knew she was about to get even more cocks and come. When she opened her eyes, she found herself hanging from the ceiling. A large strap supported Stephanie’s back and she felt cuffs around her wrists and ankles. The restraints held her hands above her head and kept her legs open spread kaçak iddaa eagle. The loads she had already taken dripped from her well fucked ass and pussy.

“Yay! I was hoping you’d pull this trick again. All I can do is hang here while you fuck me hard before dumping your thick loads wherever you want. Please come fuck me! You know I need your come! Give it to me!”

A cock was placed at entrance to Stephanie’s pussy and slowly worked inside her. Stephanie moaned in pleasure as the dick went as far as it would go before pulling out and slamming into her again. The previous loads that had been left inside her gushed out around the cock with each thrust. Stephanie then felt a pair of hands on her head guide her mouth onto a waiting cock. She sucked it deeply and let the man slide her head back on forth on the rigid member. The two men worked her back and forth on their cocks, slamming into her forcefully. Stephanie could feel the rod in her pussy begin to swell up before erupting a nice come load deep inside her. The man at her head then pulled out and shot off across her face and open mouth.

After the two men stepped away, another man stepped up and pressed his hard dick against her come dripping asshole. He didn’t linger for long and slid his entire cock inside her with a smooth thrust. All the come she had taken allowed the man to fuck her ass deeply and he grabbed her ass cheeks and bounced her on his dick. The swing Stephanie hung from made it easy for her to be pushed back so just the head of the cock was inside her before pulling her back so it was balls deep.

“Oh yes. Fuck my ass! Fuck me good! Oh yes, I want to feel your cock swell up and come deep in my ass! Please keep fucking me and give me your come!”

Harder and harder, the cock pummeled Stephanie, until the it spewed shot after shot semen in her ass. The dick pulled out and spurt a final come load on her ass cheeks. Stephanie then felt another shaft being worked in her ass but once the head was inside it stopped. She then felt a cock being rubbed on her pussy lips before sinking itself into her come dripping pussy. Both cocks began to drive into her, filling her completely and sending gushes of come out from her well fucked holes.

Stephanie leaned back and saw another man with stacked cocks approach her head. She grinned and opened her mouth to take the lower one in and stroked the other dick. The cocks in her pussy and ass continued to fuck her deeply and Stephanie felt herself come hard. She moaned on the dick in her mouth and felt it swell up before depositing a heavy load. While she was sucking and swallowing the spasming cock, she felt the one she was stroking tense up and send rocket blasts of come all over her tits. When these two dicks finished coming, Stephanie rubbed the cock heads on her lips and lapped at them with her tongue. Seeing the come shot across her chest drove the ones fucking her over the edge. The dicks were thrusting harder and faster until they were pulled out and blasted huge loads directly on her holes before shooting more come all over her body.

Stephanie was loving this “Ooh fuck yes. Fill me and cover me with your hot come! It feels so fucking good! More. I need more cock! Don’t stop now. Keep fucking my come filled holes. I want more I cock!”

Lines formed on both ends of Stephanie as men took turns fucking her pussy, ass, and mouth. Each cock filled her to the brim with come before pulling out and letting another man take his place. Occasionally someone would opt to blow their load on Stephanie’s body instead of inside her and come flowed freely from her holes and down her chest. Stephanie was getting exactly what she wanted, cock after cock fucked her and filled her with come. After many men had dumped loads in and on Stephanie she heard fingers snap and closed her eyes before the flash of light filled the room.

Stephanie opened her eyes and found herself kneeling on the floor in a forest of stiff cocks. She giggled and began stroking and sucking on all the dick before her. She took them down to the hilt while lapping balls with her tongue. One by one the dicks began to fire off and Stephanie tried to keep up but could not. Come was being shot at her from every direction and she could only open her mouth to catch what she could.

“Oh yes. Give me that come. God yes. Now I need to feel these do all that again but inside me next time. Somebody lie down so I can ride you! I need more cock! Please fuck my pussy hard”

A man quickly lied down and allowed Stephanie to swing a leg over him and mount him cowgirl. She aimed his cock at her wet pussy and slid the entire length in with one thrust. Stephanie quickly began to ride him forcefully and lowered her chest to his. This move allowed Stephanie to stick her ass up in the air so as to invite a fucking of her taut asshole. It didn’t take long for someone to step up and shove a hard dick in her ass and begin to fuck her steadily.

“Oh, yeah. Fuck kaçak bahis my pussy. Fuck my ass. Oh god, it feels so fucking good! Don’t come yet though, boys. I still need more cock. Will somebody please come fuck my tits? I want to lick at the cock head as it pops out of my cleavage.”

As instructed, someone grabbed Stephanie’s boobs, pressed them around a cock and began sliding between her tits. All three men found their own rhythm and set about fucking Stephanie’s sloppy holes. She came several times but the men just kept fucking her hard, if they felt her coming they would drive into her deeper. The slickness of Stephanie’s holes and the feeling of her orgasming constantly drove the men over the edge.

Stephanie felt each cock swell up and fire a huge come shot inside her. The dick in her ass blew first and pulled out to let the final spurt splash against her drooling asshole. The man in her mouth emptied his sack next. Firing off several shots that Stephanie swallowed eagerly before blasting three more wads of spunk all over her tits. The man fucking her pussy kept a furious pace, pounding deeply into Stephanie as she was filled and covered with semen. Finally, he too hit his vinegar strokes and grabbed her ass while slamming his cock in deeply and firing out an enormous amount of come. It gushed out of Stephanie’s pussy with each thrust, covering her crotch and inner thighs with sticky come.

Stephanie bounced her pussy on the spasming cock for a few minutes, enjoying the feeling of being so well filled. She then rolled herself onto her back and spread her legs wide again. Stephanie ran her hands over her come drenched body and down to her pussy. She was strumming her clit as she moaned and spoke up.

“So, who’s next? God, I love to be fucked airtight. I need more cock. Please keep fucking me! I’m such a dirty come slut. Please give me more cocks and come. I want it in all my holes!”

The sight of her covered on come and begging for more drove the men into a frenzy. A man stepped up to Stephanie’s dripping body and rubbed a pair of cocks against her spunk filled asshole and come drenched pussy. The man toyed with her and stroked the tips against the holes, rubbing the come that oozed out and popping his cock heads into her supple body.

Stephanie moaned as she was teased with only the tips, grabbing a nipple and strumming her clit she pleaded for more. “Oh, come on. Please fuck me! I just want more cocks and come, give it all to me. Stuff my ass and pussy with your cocks and fill me up with come. I need more cock. Please give it to me, please.”

Stephanie felt both cock heads being slipped inside her pussy and ass. The man then slowly slid inside until he was balls deep. Stephanie felt the two dicks giving her exquisite pleasure as they were slowly pumped in and out of her slick holes. Then the man grabbed her and moved her to the edge of the sofa. He carefully positioned her on her back with her head on the floor and her ass up in the air to be jackhammered, then continued to fuck her at a slow pace.

“This should be good. I want you to fuck my holes hard before you give me your come. Oh, yes, just fill me up with come until it flows out down to my tits. Come on guys, won’t you all please fuck me deeply and make me a good come dump slut? You know I love the feeling of hard dick fucking me hard and swelling up with a wet load. Please give me your cocks and come. I want it all! Please give it to me!”

The man fucking her began to increase his pace as he pounded his dicks into Stephanie. Her current position made it easy for Stephanie to be fucked deeply and she was well aware of this. Stephanie played with her nipples and moaned loudly to encourage the men to fuck her well. As the dicks in her ass and pussy began to go faster, two cocks appeared beside Stephanie’s head. She eagerly slurped on the cocks and tugged at the ball sacks.

As Stephanie worked over the cocks at her head, the dicks pile driving her were fucking her deeply and she felt the cocks swell up before dumping huge come loads in her pussy and ass. The dicks filled her up completely and continued to pump into Stephanie which drove the come in her holes out as jizz dripped down her belly towards her tits and face. The cocks she was sucking both started stroking and aiming at her open mouth before shooting out come shots that splashed against her chin, tongue, and cheeks. Stephanie slurped at each dick after it had covered her.

Three more men quickly stepped up to Stephanie, one sunk his hard cock in her flooded asshole sending gushes of come out as he slid in and out of her. The two other men waved their dicks in her face until she grabbed them and began sucking. The man fucking her ass was really pounding into her and she came hard. Her spasming asshole was too much for the man fucking her. He pushed in as deep as he could and fired off a huge come shot. All the come could only ooze out and flow down her dripping pussy and toward her tits. The men at her head watched the come flow out of her holes and down Stephanie’s body, then tensed up and shot heavy loads across Stephanie’s face. She kept her mouth open and sucked the final spurts from each cock.

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