From Cucked Husband to Sub Wife Ch. 14

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Chapter 14

In a Confessional Mood

We stumbled into the limo home with Mr. Jenkins. He seemed jubilant. I would have been too, but was so exhausted from getting my ass fucked; both Lori and I were in a kind post-copulatory daze. After a while, I asked in as roundabout a way as I could about Mrs. Smith and her change in status.

He got serious, but not angry. He told us that she had originally been his slut, but that a tragedy had changed their arrangement. He told the story from what Fritz and Anna and Mr. Smith had told him, over time, about their lives, and what they were all able to piece together after the tragic event.

Fritz, Anna and Paul Smith had been friends since childhood; she was the daughter of a maid in the home of Fritz’s parents. Fritz’s father, Friedrich Mueller, Sr. was the scion of a wealthy German family. He had come to New York for college in the early 1960S, and stayed to make his life here, in the family business, banking and finance. He met Augusta Williams (Gussy to her friends), a New York socialite, in their last year at Columbia and Barnard respectively.

They were deemed a “perfect match” by both sets of parents and their social circles; they married and set up house on the Upper West Side in a mansion on W 89th St. Mr. Mueller, it turns out, had some of the same proclivities as Mr. Jenkins and our other friends, though he had not yet begun to act on it before the marrying Gussy.

Not too long after the wedding and their European honeymoon, however, he began an affair with his maid and cook, Rachel Greene. As most often happens with these kinds of affairs, Mrs. Mueller caught wind of it and put an end to it by sending the maid packing, not to punish the girl for her husband’s indiscretion, but just have her out of the way; so, she found her employment with the Smiths, old family friends out in Long Island.

Neither Gussy nor Rachel knew it yet, but she was pregnant with Mr. Mueller’s child. When Rachel began to show, Joan and Peter Smith assumed she had gotten herself pregnant by another servant in the Mueller household and didn’t ask too many questions. The Smiths were barren, so they adopted Paul as their own, never telling him or anyone of his birth mother.

Gussy had picked the Smiths as the closest friends, she would be unlikely run into. They lived way out on Long Island and the Muellers never really got out there. They might see them once or twice in the city, but there would not chance they’d bring the maid. But two years later the Smiths moved six blocks away to W 95th St, and looked to renew their acquaintance. By then, Mr. Mueller had developed his penchant for dominance, and Gussy was now fully under his control. He introduced her to the lifestyle and explained her role in it, shortly after she had given birth to Fritz.

Fritz and Paul were born mere months apart. Once the Smiths and Muellers began to socialize, Mr. Mueller found Rachel and reclaimed her into his household and sway. In a way, it was Rachel’s submissive nature that was responsible for his further exploration of dominance. She was a bit older than Friedrich, and had been in a sub/Dom relationship with a previous boss. She encouraged him to strike her while they had intercourse, to tie her up, and to punish her for perceived sins.

As soon as he got her back, his predilections expanded exponentially. She told him about the Smiths’ relationship and how Mr. Smith failed to perform his husbandly duties and Mrs. Smith had been terribly frustrated for years. The whole move into the city was precipitated by her need for some distraction from this very issue. Rachel told him this likely while on her knees sucking his cock, or during some post-orgasmic afterglow. Anyway, they worked out a plan to cuckold Mr. Smith and Friedrich would enjoy using and dominating the haughty, but sexy Joan Smith.

She was tall blonde woman, with piercing blue eyes, she had small but perky tits; she was thin and willowy, but still somehow sexy, according to Fritz who had a memory of having walked in on her naked as young man. They described Peter Smith as a handsome, but boyish man who was athletic but not muscular, lithe more than anything.

In short order, Friedrich, with Rachel’s help and counsel, cucked Peter and had them both submit to him.

She had to ignore her biological relationship to Paul to make the situation work; so despite Friedrich and Rachel resuming their old relationship, she never revealed to him that Paul was his son or hers. Soon enough, Rachel found herself pregnant once more with a girl, who would be named Anna. Unfortunately, Rachel died after complications of childbirth.

The three kids, Paul, Fritz, and Anna grew up more less as siblings, except that Anna was always the servant’s daughter. Gussy was a willing sub, but she would not allow Friedrich to acknowledge her, thinking of their reputation. Anna grew up an orphan in a rich man’s house, having everything, but bursa escort bayan always thought of as something less.

Paul and Fritz were instantly inseparable best friends. The truth was that Paul was desperately in love with Fritz as soon as he could formulate such a notion. They were all college students together, when Fritz began to see Anna as more than a servant’s orphan. They began a secret, but torrid affair; only Paul knew anything about it, his heart breaking with every detail his friend would tell him of their lovemaking.

Young love did not stay quiet long. When Mr. Mueller sent his son back to Germany to finish college, and forced Paul, through his parents, to marry Anna, so as to remove her from the equation, it was thought by society that he wanted to avoid a bad social match. The truth was he didn’t want his son to marry his half-sister. The only problem: he didn’t know he was marrying her to her full brother!

But Paul and Anna never actually consummated their marriage. He loved her as a sibling, but he was never really interested in her sexually. His devotion to Fritz would not allow him to be tempted to take his place, although she was his wife. They had all agreed to the marriage for convenience. Paul knew he could stay close to Fritz through her. She loved Paul, in her own way; and it was better than being cut off.

When Fritz would return for vacations or holidays, Paul would eagerly await him and encouraged him to enjoy his wife, Anna. Paul became Fritz’s willing cuckold. Fritz and Anna would spend sometimes weeks in fancy hotel suites doing nothing but fucking non-stop. Eventually, Fritz discovered some of his father’s proclivities and they began experimenting with bondage and submission.

Eventually, Paul complained not that he had lost his wife, but that he didn’t get to see his friend. Paul began to join them in their sessions and from time to time would be allowed to participate by cleaning Fritz’s cock after he had fucked his wife and maybe getting him hard before. Paul was thrilled with this role as he could submit to the person he loved most in the world.

Eventually, Papa Mueller put his foot down and forced Fritz into marriage with a German heiress. Fritz went back to Germany more permanently; had a few kids, the trips to New York became more infrequent and eventually ceased altogether. That’s how Mr. and Mrs. Smith ended up submitting to Mr. Jenkins; they were his first conquest, and basically did all the work for him.

In the time since I witnessed that scene, Paul Smith developed kidney disease and needed a transplant. He went to his parents, and they finally confessed he was not their biological child. He went on one of those online ancestry sites to look for family. His closest match turned out to be… Anna! of course. However, it turned out that Fritz was not related to her at all. Gussy Williams must have gotten pregnant by someone other than Friedrich, perhaps payback for his cheating ways.

Paul could not deal with the fact that he had married his own sister and carried a torch for her step-brother all of his life. The next day he took an overdose of pain pills he was already on. Mrs. Smith fell into a depression, blaming herself and their crazy lifestyle for the whole thing. She begged Mr. Jenkins to release her from their arrangement, which he promptly did, offering any help he could.

Fritz had divorced the German woman he had been forced to marry a few years earlier and came back for his childhood sweetheart. They tried to be ordinary, but neither of them could really keep to it and they were both lured back into the scene. By then, Mr. Jenkins had formed this kind of network and brought them into his fold.

Somewhere in the telling of all this, I confessed what I had witnessed. He laughed, one of those few times I heard his hardiest laugh; like a preposterous Santa; HOH, HOH, HOH! “Well, that explains a lot, sissy! So, you were the one, Anna told me all the time there was this delivery guy, she thought had seen us one day because she found the groceries put away. She spent years worried about causing you some trauma, but she’ll be happy to learn you turned out alright in the end. Hoh, hoh, hoh!”

The confessional mood of our ride home must have spread to Lori because, just as we were nearing our building, she said she had something to confess beyond everything else. Mr. Jenkins ever keen for opportunities to torture me, invited himself upstairs for “dinner and a nightcap” and stopped Lori from beginning her confession.

Lori and I were both exhausted from all the fucking, but, because our activities had started so early, it was still relatively early evening. When we were upstairs, we ordered dinner from our local diner, settled in with drinks, he motioned her to begin again.

“Miche, honey, I’m afraid I haven’t been very honest with you all these years. When we met, I told you I was a virgin, but that wasn’t at all true, I’m so sorry!” She started weeping and continued görükle escort her confession whimpering and sobbing. She revealed that, in fact, she had been a huge slut when she got to college. She wanted to change, “but there were so many hot guys, she couldn’t help herself.” She fell into wilder patterns of slutty behavior because she had so much freedom now from her repressed upbringing.

She slept with tons of guys, sometimes at the same time. Most of them big burly guys like Mr. Jenkins. She started sleeping with her married physics professor, Dr. Mark Laufenberg, who was apparently a dominant. I had met him just once, he was a really intimidating dude, much taller and broader than even Mr. Jenkins or Larry. Lori described his cock as huge, about as big as Larry’s. As she said this, her tone remained apologetic, but her eyes lit up.

Before long, she was sleeping exclusively with him, and she got pregnant. She wanted to have it, but he bullied her into an abortion and after quickly broke off their relationship. That had been two months before we met. The whole thing had left her depressed and ashamed and she wanted to “revirginize,” which was a thing then, some women even had surgery to remake themselves into virgins.

She confessed that she was never really attracted to me sexually. She thought I was sweet and kind, imagining that if we were going out, she would not be tempted to have sex with me, and so could reclaim her virginity through abstinence. She couldn’t very well explain all this to me at the beginning, so she just told me she was a virgin (like she was trying to be).

“It worked for a while,” she said. “And, I really grew to love you, but not quite in romantic way. I liked cuddling and nuzzling and stuff, but whenever I saw your peenie, it would kind of make me queasy. I couldn’t stop thinking of all those big beautiful cocks I had fucked, especially Mark’s.” Even though she had been tearing up the whole time she was confessing, her face broke into a wide grin as she said this, and her plump lips formed a silent, involuntary OOOh.

“When was your last encounter with him, slut?” Mr. Jenkins led the witness.

“I ran into him one day, coming out of class in Wallace Hall, he led me into his office by the arm, locked the door, and pulled out his big cock. I tried to explain about the revirginizing; that I was planning to get married, but he just nudged me down by the neck. I couldn’t resist, I got on my knees and started sucking his beautiful cock immediately.”

As she went on, she seemed less confessional and more excited by her memory, and all the crying and blubbering had made her voice all hoarse and sexy. I was getting a bit turned on by it and encouraged her with my eyes to give all the details of the encounter. Mr. Jenkins, though paying attention, had a far-off look, I had a feeling he had already heard this story and was busy plotting some big humiliating event for me to witness her burly big-dicked professor fucking her in front of me, or some substitute.

Just then dinner came and she had to stop her tale, while we set up to eat. As was now our routine, she had a small salad and some other light fare, he and I had burgers with fries. We made some small talk while we dined, but soon, he indicated he wanted her to go on with her tale.

“Well… Mark was fucking my face like he just wanted to come down my throat and be done. But I wanted his cock in my pussy so bad, I wasn’t going to let him just come. I just opened my throat for him to face-fuck me, leaving my hands free to rub my cunt frantically. I held my soaking wet hands up to him, while looking right into his eyes, as I let him plough my mouth and throat.

“He got the message. He threw me over the arm of a comfy chair he had, lifted my skirt up and ripped off my panties. Then, he shoved his big fingers roughly into my pussy, while rubbing my clit, and shoved my face back onto his cock. Soon he was practically fist-fucking me with most of his hand. I was about to come, but I really wanted that cock in me before I came. ‘Fuck me with your big fat cock, Mark,’ I begged him. He refused. He told me to come on his hand and he would come down my throat.” She stopped for a moment and whimpered and cried some again.

“I knew why, and he was probably right, I had not started on the pill and we had already proved fertile. The very next day, I went to a doctor to get on the pill. I had to hide it from you until we had gotten married. I couldn’t very well be an abstaining virgin and on the pill.”

It was these little details, I found, hurt the most. The big lies were one thing, but these little tiny details she had to keep secret all these years made me realize she was not the person I thought she was. It hurt like hell; that emotional pain was so much worse than the physical pain. I sniveled at this.

“I’m sorry, but you wanted details, Micthell.”

“That’s Michelle, sniiifff!” I corrected her.

“Go ahead with bursa escort bayan your story,” Daddy said. “Let the sissy faggot know every detail.”

“Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir, for letting me show myself to my cuckold husband.” He waved her on.

“Well, he already had most of his hand already inside me. I needed some kind of escalation, since I wasn’t going to get his beautiful big cock. When I could get his cock out of my mouth, I grunted: ‘Then, fist-fuck me, Mark, please. Shove your whole fist in my cunt, fist my slut cunt, Mark. Please!’ I pleaded.

“He took his hand out of my pussy, spat on it and on his hand. He moved from my side to directly behind, formed a pyramid with his fingers including his thumb and began to open up my cunt. As he did this, he was jerking his cock with his free hand. I reached back with my hands and spread my ass cheeks as wide as I could, to give him as wide a berth as possible.

“When he first got his whole hand in there, the pain was unbelievable. I was thinking I had made a terrible mistake asking for this. I had never had anything bigger than Mark’s cock in there, but after a while it started to feel good to me. I went back to begging him to fist-fuck my cunt. Every once in while he would tap my butthole with his thumb as it was going in, and that drove me crazy. How I wish now that I had let him fuck my ass with that marvelous cock.”

I’m sure the wheels were turning in Daddy’s head, thinking up ways to use this against me.

“He was shoving half his arm into me, and I was just about to come. I couldn’t believe what a fucking slut I was. This man had been horrible to me; he was married, had just forced me to have an abortion I didn’t want, and then dumped me.

“And yet, I was begging him to shove his fist into me so I could come and get some relief. I came really hard on his arm, he yanked it out without so much as a thought about me and pulled my head by the hair to attend to his big cock that was about to come. I eagerly opened my mouth and sucked his cock dry, trying to get as much of his cum and cock down my throat as I could.”

I must admit: after this story, I was my in usual humiliation conundrum. I was raging inside about all her lies, deceit, and betrayal. I was broken-hearted that the woman I loved was willing to do these things and then lie to me about them for years. But even with all that my clit was standing at attention reminding me that it was in my nature to relish the emotional pain.

“So, did you fuck your professor friend after that, you filthy fucking whore?!” He asked her.

“I met him only one other time, but it was very similar; he just fisted me again. Even though I told him I was on the pill, he insisted on doing it the same way. This was right before graduation; we moved away after that, and I never saw or heard from him again.”

“And, was that the only encounter you had while pretending to be a virgin for the little sissy fag, slut?” When he asked questions like these, I knew he already knew the answers, and it would be even more humiliating for me.

“No, Sir. I am sorry, Michelle! When we went to that graduation party at the Alpha Qi frat house, and you got really drunk and fell asleep on a couch, I went upstairs with two frat brothers I had “dated” freshman year, and we had a threesome.

“Harvey, who I met first, had just an average sized dick, though way bigger than yours, but his best friend Marty had a huge one. I still remember how sore he left my pussy the first time he fucked me. I was looking forward to feeling that soreness again from having his big cock and not just a fist inside me.

“As soon as we were in the room, I was on my knees sucking their cocks alternating between the two. I was so desperately horny and I wanted it rough. I let them know they could be as ruthless as they wanted with me.

“Harvey started slapping me around right away, especially my tits, which I really enjoyed. Marty choked me while I slamming his big cock down my throat. Then he started rubbing his Nikes on my pussy through my thong. He pulled the panties up giving my pussy a horrific wedgie until they ripped apart.

“Once he had the panties off me, he started pushing his sneaker into my cunt and then actually kicking it. I was choking with his cock in my throat and his hand around my neck, but every time he kicked me, it sent a thrill through my cunt. I was ready to get fucked.

“I pulled his cock out and begged Harvey to please fuck my pussy. Marty pulled me onto the bed by the hair and laid me out on my back. He squatted over my head with his knees on either side and his cock on my forehead. He pulled my legs up to my shoulders and spread open for Harvey.

“Harvey catapulted into my pussy and started fucking like a rabbit on speed. Meanwhile, I was choking myself on Marty’s beautiful cock. Occasionally, he would pinch my nipples hard and I encouraged him to do it more and harder. I was enjoying the treatment I was getting and the cock in my cunt.

“But, to tell the truth, I was so wet from this whole encounter and Mark’s fist-fucking had loosened my pussy, so I wasn’t getting the most out of Harvey’s medium-sized dick in my cunt. So, I asked him to finger me while he fucked me.

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