Friends Ch. 06

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After their epic shower, which from the clock had lasted nearly an hour, they quickly got dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast. If either Steve or Amy had known what the other was thinking while they were getting dressed, their breakfast would have been further delayed.

As it was, they were the last two downstairs. Neither noticed the weird looks everyone gave them, and each other, when they did finally show up. Kurt was making French toast for everyone, so Steve and Amy quickly dug in, each surprised at how hungry they were.

“So how’d you guys sleep?” Kurt asked, putting yet another piece of toast on Steve’s plate.

“Probably a lot more than you two,” piped in Jake, getting a laugh from everyone. “You and Lindsay could’ve woken the dead last night.”

“Yes, Jake, we get it. I promise you though, next time we’ll try to be extra loud, just for you,” Kurt said, whapping Jake on the head with the spatula. “But seriously, you guys slept alright? It wasn’t too cold or anything?”

“No, no everything was great,” Steve said, trying not to think about how great it really had been.

The rest of breakfast was spent trying to decide what to do for the day. The cabin was pretty isolated, and with a lot of empty land around there were pretty much no limitations on what they could do. The guys talked about maybe fishing while the girls were leaning towards going into town.

Neither Amy nor Steve was excited about splitting up right away, but their representative groups had decided for them. An hour or so after breakfast, the two parties started getting ready for their respective endeavors.

Amy followed Steve back up to the room to get her purse while he changed into some clothes for fishing. It was fall, so the outside was cool but not yet cold. Amy sat on the bed while Steve dug through his bag for a sweatshirt.

She thought back over the past 12 hours and everything that had happened. She’d never felt like this for a guy before, and all of her worst fears about being with Steve had completely disappeared. The only thing she was sure of now was how happy he made her, with or without clothes on.

“Alright, you girls stay out of trouble,” Steve said, standing up straight.

“And you guys don’t get yourselves killed out there,” Amy said, moving to stand directly in front of him. “Do any of you actually, you know, fish?”

“What’s to know? Bate the hook, cast the rod, sit back and wait. It was good enough to land you wasn’t it?” Steve smiled broadly down at Amy, thinking it would’ve been too cheesy to tell her she was the catch of his life.

“Maybe if you hadn’t been so bashful with that rod casting you wouldn’t have had to wait so long,” Amy teased before leaning up for a kiss.

Their lips met softly, Steve’s arms encircling Amy’s waist and pulling her closer. He immediately felt blood begin to flow towards his groin, making him ache with the knowledge it would have to wait.

Amy would have kissed him for as long as possible, but he finally pushed her away, gently. She just stared up at him, still a little surprised he could make her feel this good. She hoped she had the same affect on him, but her question was quickly answered when she saw the same look on his face that must’ve been on hers.

“Alright, we gotta go,” Steve finally said, the disappointment obvious.

They both walked back downstairs, unsure if they should hold hands or anything, or if this was going to be a secret. Without knowing, they both cursed themselves for not at least trying to find out if it was to be a secret or not. Steve and Amy split up for the day hoping it wouldn’t come up.

At least for Steve, that hope would hold out for at least one more day.

Amy on the other hand, barely had the car door shut when the other girls started trying to find out if something was going on. At first, during the drive in to town, Lindsay and Stacy were at least subtle about it, asking sideways questions that Amy easily sidestepped.

It wasn’t until they left the grocery store the two other girls just came out with their suspicions. All three had been close, especially since college. They told each other everything, and had on a couple of occasions, shared everything. So there was no one that Amy trusted more, except maybe Steve. So she knew she had to tell them, even though they would give her crap about it.

“Alright, if I just tell you what happened, will you two just drop it?” Amy asked, trying to sound annoyed but knowing too much excitement had crept through.

“So something did happen!” Lindsay and Stacy yelled, almost simultaneously.

“Yes, something did happen last night,” Amy started.

“As soon as you walked downstairs, we knew it,” Stacy said.

“Well, we were getting ready for bed, and Steve went to brush his teeth while I changed. When he came out, I thought maybe he was hard, but I wasn’t sure, I didn’t get a good look.”

“Apparently you just needed to wait,” Lindsay teased. They certainly weren’t anadolu yakası escort going to make this easy.

“Shut up. Anyway, I think maybe he saw me changing. So when I brushed my teeth, I started thinking about him. And not like, anything close to what I thought about before. For some reason, I wondered how big he really was.” Amy’s voice lowered conspiratorially, as if the three of them were back in junior high.

“I mean, from his ex’s and stuff I figured he was at least not small. And when I thought about that, I started wondering what it would be like to actually sleep with him. And now how it might affect our friendship kind of stuff either. Before I even got into bed, I was wondering what he’d feel like, if he was good or not.”

“And?” Stacy asked before Lindsay could scold her to have some patience.

“So I got into bed feeling…really curious, let’s say. My nipples were hard already, and not from the cold air. I saw him looking too, which only turned me on more. So we were lying in bed and Steve was being the usual perfect gentleman, so I knew I’d have to make the first move.”

“Well, you have made it pretty clear there were no ‘benefits’ in your friendship,” Lindsay said.

“I know, I know, which is why I knew I’d have to start it. But I was sure if I did, that he wouldn’t object, and at this point I really wanted to. Not because I was horny, but because it was him that was getting me excited.

“So I grabbed his arm and pulled him next to me so we were spooning. We started talking and flirting like we always do, and then I brought up you and Kurt. I asked him if he liked it when a girl is loud like that.”

“Kurt sure as hell does,” Lindsay said, smiling.

“Turns out, so does Steve. Anyway, after a while of discussing our preferences, I for sure felt his dick pushing into me. But he of course tried to back away, so I just pushed my ass back into him. Jesus, my heart was pounding too! He was already pretty hard, and everything we’ve heard about his size was true.” Of course, this got a good giggle from all three girls, just like they were back in junior high.

“Anyway, this time he didn’t back away. He started pushing back, and I could feel every inch of him and I started getting wet. After that, things just kind of took off on their own. We started making out, and damn is he a good kisser.

“He never tries to jam his whole tongue down my mouth, you know? Then he started to finger me, and he was damn good at that too. I don’t remember the last time a guy made me cum just from fingering. After that, I blew him, and I mean blew him good. We were talking dirty to each other by then and he really liked it.

“He blew it after a little bit, but actually longer than I thought he’d last. I know he hadn’t been with anyone for awhile, so I figured he’d lose it before I even got a chance to suck him off.”

“You swallowed?” Stacy asked, always wanting the most detail.

“Of course, it’s Steve. And after everything from last night, he can do pretty much whatever he wants to me. He was so sweet too, after I was done he went and got me a glass of water, but after he’d already kissed me.” This got oohs and aahs of appreciation, much more than the sexual details.

“So was that it?” Stacy asked.

“Actually no,” Amy said, the excitement returning to her voice. She liked telling her closest friends about what was going on in her life, but nothing beat telling them about a guy who was great in bed. And Steve was the best she’d ever been with.

“He got me the glass of water and then went down on me. And I thought he was good with his hands, I should’ve known from the way he kisses he’d be good at eating me out. Last night, he single-handedly made me a believer in getting your pussy eaten. His lips and his tongue…and then his fingers again…Jesus did I cum hard that time.”

“That time?” Lindsay asked.

“Well, after that he fucked me. And like I’ve never been fucked. He started out really gentle and slow, especially since I had to adjust to how thick he was. But then we got going again, and the dirty talk and all, and we went to town on each other!” Amy was laughing by this time, her excitement boiling over.

“Well, I for one say it’s about damn time,” Lindsay said, Stacy quickly raising her voice in agreement.

“And that’s not even all,” Amy said, clearly giddy.

“What?” her two friends asked in unison.

“This morning I woke him up with another blowjob and then we showered together. He made me cum twice in the shower, and if we were on vacation by ourselves we still wouldn’t be out of the bedroom.”

“Jesus Amy, it sounds like you really found something here,” Stacy said, clearly impressed.

After that, the rest of the shopping trip went by quickly. Amy gave them more details as they were asked for, until Lindsay and Stacy knew almost as much as if they’d been with Steve last night. Talking about Steve only made Amy want to ataşehir escort be with him more, just to see him again besides for looking forward to what they’d do in bed again.

The guys were just getting back from fishing when the girls pulled up the drive. Steve was happy it was over, since it had been colder out on the water and no one had really caught anything. The pole Steve had been using must’ve been 20 years old.

Everyone gathered into the living room, filling out the details of the day with anything funny that had happened. Jake had nearly fallen out of the boat when he thought the fish on his line had turned out to be a small log. Of course, the beer they had all been drinking hadn’t helped.

Soon enough the time to eat rolled around and Kurt started making some salmon steaks. The plan had been to pawn them off as the prizes from their fishing expedition, but the girls had gotten home too soon.

The salmon was great and afterwards everyone kept drinking, since that’s what the whole point of the vacation pretty much was. They played drinking games, mostly quarters and beer-pong until everyone was good and buzzing.

In the middle of it all, well before the night was close to ending, Amy walked over to Steve. He was talking to Jake, so she waited patiently for him to leave. The only problem was, Steve and Jake were having a real conversation, which was a real problem for Amy, since she wanted to do much more with Steve than talk.

When Jake took a look around the room, probably looking for Stacy, Amy tried to let Steve know what she wanted. She ran her hand up his thigh until she reached his groin, giving his package a playful but strong squeeze. She only smiled up at him when he jumped in surprise, her smile growing wider when she saw understanding cross his face.

Without waiting for anything more, Amy turned and started heading for the stairs. She was pleasantly buzzed from the alcohol, making her hips sway more suggestively than maybe she would have normally, especially in front of everyone like this. She didn’t need to turn around to know Steve’s eyes were glued to her backside – she could practically feel his gaze.

And of course she was right. Jake had tried talking to Steve again, but Steve hadn’t even heard him say a word. From the look on Jake’s face, Steve figured he was giving him shit about staring at Amy, but wasn’t sure. After that, they tried continuing their conversation, but Steve just wasn’t into it anymore.

Steve put his beer down and started to follow Amy. She had quite a head start, and Steve’s mind started racing with the possibilities of what she might be doing with that time. Would she be naked and waiting for him? Would she be in the shower again?

When Steve got to the bottom of the stairs and looked up, there was Amy, patiently waiting for him. He couldn’t help it, and smiled up at her. She smiled back, but still had fire in her eyes, spurring Steve to quickly climb the stairs. But when he got too close, Amy turned her back on him and started walking slowly down the hall.

Steve was game for all this and followed just as slowly, letting her stay just out of his reach. His adrenaline was mixing with the alcohol, making his heart race faster and faster as they approached the door to their room. Steve made sure that when Amy turned around he was obviously staring at her ass as she walked.

And when Amy did turn around and saw the look on Steve’s face, her heart jumped with a shot of adrenaline. She really might have woken up a sleeping giant tonight, and the thought of what Steve was about to do to her made her whole body flush with excitement.

Amy was still in what she wore shopping earlier in the day – her favorite pair of jeans and a fitted black blouse. It was just another outfit, but with the way Steve was looking at her she suddenly felt like she was modeling for Victoria’s Secret. It helped that was exactly what she was wearing underneath of course.

That walk down the hallway felt ten times as long as it really was for Steve. He had always loved the way Amy looked in jeans, and throw in a top that was unbuttoned to show off her chest and that was more than Steve needed. And he knew he was going to see everything she had underneath, which was an idea he was still getting used to.

Amy opened the door to their room, turning as she entered the room so she was facing Steve. She couldn’t help but smile again, biting her lip to try to contain it. Judging from the look on Steve’s face, he had no desire to contain anything. Before the door even finished shutting behind him, Amy had her arms flung over him.

When their mouths met this time, there was no slow preamble. Both of them were on fire, hungrily attacking each other. Amy felt Steve’s big hands grip her backside, pulling her towards him. He was crushing her against him and she moaned into his mouth when he nearly lifted her off the ground.

She threw one leg over his hip, just as she had in ümraniye escort the shower, ready to try and mount him right there. She started grinding her hips against his, feeling his erection growing stronger and harder with every passing second.

Steve couldn’t take it anymore. He gripped Amy’s ass even harder and lifted her up. She didn’t even flinch, just wrapped her legs around his waist, moaning momentarily before she was up so high they had to stop kissing.

“I’ve been waiting for this all day,” Amy said, looking down for a change.

“I can tell,” Steve said, the look in his eyes matching Amy’s intensity. He carried her over to the bed, looking up into her sparkling eyes. He lowered her onto the bed none-too-gently before quickly kissing her again. His hands immediately went to work on the buttons of her shirt, quickly exposing her torso.

He broke the kiss just long enough to tear his sweatshirt over his head and quickly admire her body. She was wearing a lacy black bra, which Amy herself was quickly undoing. Steve grinned a little to himself, figuring that neither one of them cared how they got naked, just so long as it happened quickly.

Amy was glad Steve wasn’t taking his time right now. Instead he was quickly undoing her pants, which he pealed off as soon as she lifted her hips for him. As he tossed them aside she sat forward, deftly unbuttoning his jeans for him. She started to slide them down, along with his boxers, releasing his stiffening dick.

While Steve tried, with just enough success, to smoothly remove his jeans, Amy quickly grabbed him by the shaft. She was a little surprised he wasn’t rock hard yet since she thought what she’d felt through her jeans had been hard enough. From the look and feel of him, he was barely halfway there, something she quickly began to remedy.

Without looking up at him, Amy leaned forward even farther and gobbled his dick into her mouth. He swore loudly when she did, but it didn’t even phase her. Amy started to loudly lick and suck on Steve’s prick, relishing the feel of him growing harder in her hand and mouth.

She quickly glanced upwards at him, growing even more excited by the look on his face. He was staring straight down at her, watching every last detail of what she was doing to him. She refocused her attention back to his thick meat in her hand, admiring it once again.

“I love your cock,” she said up to him before quickly resuming her work. She heard Steve swear again.

Amy really did love Steve’s manhood too. He was just above average in length, and substantially thicker. He barely fit in her mouth, making her open wide every time she took him in. The way his dick stretched her pussy was even better. As she sucked on him, Amy decided Steve’s dick was her favorite.

Steve watched in fascination as Amy worked over him. She was being particularly noisy, wet sucking and slurping noises echoing loudly through the room. If he hadn’t had any alcohol in him he was sure he’d have lost it already. As it was, he was well within control, something he wanted to take advantage of.

“Lay back,” he told her.

Without questioning it, Amy laid back onto the bed. Steve followed her, kneeling beside her head and positioning himself so Amy could still suck him off. Without anymore prompting, she gripped Steve’s shaft to hold him in place while her mouth enveloped him again in its welcoming warmth.

Steve let his hand closest to Amy wander over her body, beginning at her chest. He massaged the soft flesh of Amy’s breasts one after the other, rubbing and gently pinching her nipples. The sound of her moans mingling with her slurping on his dick was driving Steve wild already.

Amy was now watching Steve intently, the touch of his hand vivid on her sensitive skin. She was enjoying him playing with her tits, but she was waiting in anticipation to feel him move down her body. Soon enough, but not as quickly as she wanted, she felt his hand break away from her chest and start sliding down her torso.

Amy arched her back reflexively as Steve’s large hand slid over her stomach. She spread her legs apart as he approached, her sex already soaking in anticipation of his touch. He fingers lightly brushed over her mound before running over her thighs, making her moan in frustration, finally taking his dick out of her mouth.

“Please Steve,” she groaned. She was quickly granted her request as she felt Steve slide first one, then a second finger into her sopping pussy. She moaned even louder this time and arched her back again before returning to Steve’s cock.

Steve allowed himself to once again look down at Amy while she worked, feeling the intensity of her sucking increasing with the rhythm of his fingers. It was like they were racing to see who would get who off first, a race Steve was determined to win.

Steve started to finger fuck Amy faster and faster, watching in satisfaction as her mouth and hand kept up with him. She was moaning almost constantly now, her face was completely flushed, and her breathing was fast and ragged, telling Steve she was ready to cum at any moment.

Amy could feel her body tensing in readiness for her climax and knew she was going to lose this race. It felt like her body was a bomb that had gone off, but hadn’t actually exploded outwards yet.

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