Friends Become Lovers Pt. 06

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This is the sixth part in the series, written for a friend. Like previous chapters it was written in haste and suffers from errors. Lifted it straight from my emails with very little edit so apologies for lack of flow.


Ems held his arm, gently caressing his skin while enjoying the feel of his hand as it rested on her waist. She drifted her hand down and began fingering the edge of his shirt, slowly tugging it upwards. A strip of bare skin showed and she slipped her hand under feeling his warm flesh, exploring.

Her hand stretched further, squeezing his skin, wanting to touch as much as possible. She was aware of her own nakedness, the thrill of removing her own panties had made her wet and she could feel it. But she wanted him so badly, to hold his body in her arms, to caress and explore.

Slipping her hand under his boxers Ems curled her palm over the curve of his butt and pinched it. He yelped in surprise and flashed her a mischievous grin as he grabbed her wrist and brought it above her head. Rolling her over onto her back he pulled her other arm up and held them there. His body lay over hers, big and heavy. Ems could feel his erection pressing into her, also big and pulsing.

She was helpless, her hands pinned above her and she felt a stir of panic… he kissed her neck, tenderly. Exciting the sensitive nerve endings there, he worked his way over every patch of bare skin until reaching her lips. They kissed, lips moist and eager. Ems closed her eyes, accepted his tongue as it darted into her mouth. Her arms became limp as she was lost in the moment. Neil deftly slipped the strap of her dress off her shoulder and ran a hand down her naked arm, past her waist and touching the top of her thigh.

Wanting more she slowly dropped her arms onto his back and began pulling digitalbahis yeni giriş his shirt off. Leaning back, he let her lift it free and straddled her hips. She caressed his sides, smiling up at him contented. She was happy, relaxed and horny. She watched him unashamedly eyeing the rise and fall of her chest. Knowing how much he enjoyed them.

He slid off her and was about to raise her head when she felt hands on her bare thighs. He moved upwards, pushing the rest of her dress up and fully exposing her pussy to him. It was slick with liquid, her lips oozing her juice. She felt herself get wetter as he kissed her legs, working his lips higher and higher until his face was buried in the gap between her legs.

Neil’s tongue darted out, probing and eager, exploring her hot, wet slit and tasted her for the first time. Ems tasted incredible and he hungrily probed her tight pussy, feeling her tremble beneath him. His tongue tickled her lips for a few moments before licking upwards, loving the feel, the smell and the taste of her cleft between her legs. Soon he found the bud of her clit.

He began licking, fighting the urge to lash it with his tongue. Slowly teasing her with soft licks and the occasional kisses, his probing tongue tantalisingly teasing her. Neil’s tongue flicked it, building speed and revelling in her soft groans and whispered moans.

“Oh Neilskie… mmmmmm…. oh god!” She hissed, her breathing ragged and broken with soft moans. “Ohhhh! Yes babes…!”

He took it in his mouth, sucking her clit hard, still flicking his tongue over it. Ems’ moans grew louder and she muttered something under her breath. A hand seized his head, forcing it into her, and Neil paused sucking to catch his breath as she smothered him in her mound, tongue still lapping digitalbahis giriş her milk.

She was very wet and he slipped a hand underneath, fingers easing forwards. He pushed two fingers inside her, curving them and beginning to stroke her slowly and deeply, her juices dribbling down his fingers.

Ems screamed his name loudly and groaned, loving his assault on her pussy.

“Neilskie babes, yes! Oh my god… oh my god… mmmmmmm!” She moaned as her pleasure grew.

Ems’ breath quickened, her hips bucked towards him and the hand gripping his hair forced him down between her legs further. Her thighs closed around his head and her moans grew louder. He felt the orgasm build, her body trembled beneath his tongue, thighs squeezed closer around his head. Her pussy was pulsing around his fingers as she let forth one final, shuddering cry.

Her grip loosened as he felt her body go limp, her chest heaving as her orgasm subsided. Neil kept licking at her clit, fingers though pulled out of her.

“Thanks babes, that was amazing.” She gasped.

Neil smiled inwardly, chancing a risk. His cock was aching in his pants, but wanted to take her by surprise. Quickly, before she had time to recover he renewed his sucking and licking, taking her hard clit between his lips. It was mere moments before her body shook with fresh waves of pleasure and she gasped loudly, thrusting her body up high and clasping frantically at anything as ecstasy overtook her.

Finally withdrawing, Neil half lay across her chest and kissed her passionately, allowing her to taste her own juices.

Unconsciously her hand found the iron rod in his boxers and began stroking it absent mindedly. He helped by pulling it free and pushing the rest of his clothes off.

Neil climbed onto the digitalbahis güvenilirmi bed and pulled her up to him so she was flat on the top and cradled her as he laid down. Her body continued to twitch slightly as she rested her head on his shoulder and her hand stroked his chest lovingly. After a few moments she stroked downwards and found his rigid cock which she circled.

“Fuck me… she whispered softly.

Neil rolled us over so that she was underneath with her thighs open and feet hooked around his legs and his hard cock slid into her tight, wet pussy. They both closed their eyes at the glorious sensation and then opened simultaneously to smile at each other.

They made love slowly, there was no hard slapping of loins, no rutting, no raunchy words just slow, languid movement and tender touches which, instinctually, were what the other wanted and needed, accompanied by gentle terms of endearment and encouragement.

They revelled in the sensation of firm flesh gliding in and out of luxurious tight wetness. Somewhere in the middle of the wonderful sensory overload he caressed her sensitive breasts and nipples and she quietly shuddered through an orgasm, biting his shoulder and imploring him to come at the same time. Her hands scratched his back and her heels crushed the back of his knees and her tight wet pussy clenched repeatedly on his thrusting cock. He was not immune to the sweet passion of her orgasm and started his ascent to the peak as she descended from hers. With her thighs and knees urging him on, Neil groaned out his own triumph, pulsing into her tight, wet vagina as she showered kisses onto whichever part of him she could reach.

He collapsed onto her and then rolled them both to the side, still coupled by her legs around his and kissed deeply. He stroked hair out of her eyes and smiled tiredly at her. Laying on top of her, both naked he craved her soft skin. The feel of her warmth spreading through him. Her body moist with sweat and her own juices, they lay contented and drifted off into a peaceful sleep holding on to one another.

End of part 6

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