Fresh Meat Chronicles

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Big Tits

Disclaimer: Everyone in these stories are over the age of 18. Fresh Meat Chronicles features eager, naive, gullible, desperate and cock thirsty women, many with huge cup sizes being fucked by average to big size dicks. If this is not your cup of tea, move along. Everyone else, please have fun and enjoy!


The Real Deal:

Soon after she turned 18, Tiffany Wells moved to Los Angeles California to pursue an acting career in Hollywood. She wants to follow in the footsteps of her famous idols; Meryl Streep, Bette Davis, Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts, and the late Elizabeth Taylor. With no real prior acting experience on her resume outside of a few high school drama plays, she was able to pick up small-time roles in a handful of commercials and a couple of small indie films as a background character. These insignificant roles lasted for the next 2 years as she turned 20.

Determine to become more than a background extra, Tiffany had to get a regular full-time job on the side to pay for acting lessons and to keep her bills afloat. As luck would have it, one of her co-workers knows a person who knows a person that works in Hollywood and knows a film director looking to cast a leading lady for his small budget film that fits Tiffany’s description.

Tiffany isn’t considered pretty for leading roles as most casting directors have told her, but her face is passable surrounded by dark brunette hair that scaled down to her mid-back and cut into bangs slightly covering her thick eyebrows. She has sensual brown eyes and duck lips that look fake but aren’t. Her body isn’t a twig or fat but considered voluptuous with wide curvy hips and a well-rounded backside. As if those weren’t reasons enough for casting directors to not cast Tiffany as the lead in major movies or TV series, her enormous chest certainly is. She stands 5’3 with a pair of gigantic 36H cups balloons strapped to her chest.

Tiffany knows she has a lewd pair of huge knockers, never trying to hide them or use them to get ahead in life. She wants to be cast in movies or TV for her acting abilities and not because she’s a walking pair of massive milk bags. A lot of the wrong kinds of directors have approached her about starring in more adult-oriented films but she refused immediately as she wants to be taken seriously.

Fortunately, Hollywood has been more accepting of big-breasted actresses in serious, major roles from the days of Baywatch. Actresses such as Christina Hendricks, Sofia Vergara, and Salma Hayek are paving the way for her to play more than just the stereotypical big-boobed bimbo. Thanks to her co-worker, Tiffany might have found the first big break she has been looking for.

She got in contact with her co-worker’s friend during her lunch break and he got in contact with his inside man. She sent her co-worker’s friend a photo of herself via a text and he sent it to his inside man and the director loved what he saw. The inside man texted Tiffany back with directions and was told to come in tomorrow afternoon for a test run.

The next day arrives and Tiffany is up early and ready. She skips breakfast because she’s too nervous to eat. She sets out on the road for a 2 in a half-hour drive and arrives at an airfield with a large plane hangar in the distance. Driving down she sees a couple of vehicles including what looks like a production truck. No one’s outside as she parks her car and walks over to the hangar.

“Hello!” Tiffany shouts as she knocks on the side door to the hangar.

The side door opens and an older-looking man with gray and black hair wearing a headset opens the door.

“Ms. Tiffany Wells, I presume?” he asked her while his eyes are glued to her massive tits jutting out from underneath a sleeveless white blouse with the buttons working overtime to keep her heavy breasts at bay.

“Yes, I’m Tiffany Wells. Am I at the right place?”

“Yes, you are. I’m Simon, the assistant director. Please come in.”

Tiffany follows Simon inside the dim-lighted hangar. They walk towards the only source of light in the hangar and that’s the center where a fake stage of a living room and bedroom are set up. Tiffany didn’t think much of the setup as she figures she is just auditioning for the possible leading role.

“Mr. Henry Weinsteam. Tiffany is here,” Simon announced as he and Tiffany approach an overweight man sitting in a chair labeled director.

Mr. Weinsteam turns around revealing his Yosemite Sam gray mustache and smiles as he lays his big brown eyes on Tiffany, primarily her enormous breasts.

“Very good to meet you, Tiffany,” the fat man spoke with a bit of a Russian accent.

“Likewise… So what exactly is my role? What’s the name of the movie? Who are my other co-stars? How much money?” Tiffany began asking a million questions.

“Slow down, slow down and take a deep breath,” Simon said and continues, “Today is a bit of a tryout, sort of an audition even though you are perfect for the role. The movie is called The Real Deal; about ankara moldovyalı escortlar a young woman named Shelia going uncover in the dark parts of Hollywood to investigate the death of her sister. The police label her death an accidental drug overdose, but your character knows her sister never did drugs and so your character sets out to reveal the truth. Now today you’ll be acting out one scene with your co-star Brick Joystick. You guys are former lovers and in the heat of the investigation, you two reconcile by making love.”

“A sex scene?” Tiffany questioned with a confused look on her face.

“Yes. We’re getting this scene out of the way so we can focus on the really important scenes later on,” Simon explained.

“I wasn’t expecting to go nude, let alone have sex with a strange man I don’t know.”

“Just a few minutes ago you were unaware of a lot of things about this movie including the title,” Mr. Weinsteam reminded her and continues, “Some Academy award-winning actresses got their big breaks from nude and sex scenes.”

“It’s all Hollywood magic in the end, so it doesn’t look like you are having sex on screen,” said Simon.

“How’s $500 sound?” Mr. Weinsteam offered.

“I don’t know. Still sounds incredibly awkwardly,” an uncertain she replied.

“$600? That’s more than many big stars make on their first sex scene in small movies,” Simon chimed in with an offer.

Tiffany is speechless to answer.

“$800. Take it or leave it. There’s plenty of women out there who are desperate for an opportunity like this that just doesn’t come around every day,” Mr. Weinsteam stated.

“I’ll take it, I’ll take it,” Tiffany answered, still unsure if she made the right career move.

“That’s wonderful! We would like for the characters to be in costume for the rehearsal. Your dressing room is over there,” he pointed to a corner with drapes and continues, “When you come back, I’ll give you the script and you’ll meet your co-star.”

Tiffany walks over to the corner with drapes. She goes behind the drapes and begins to undress leaving on only her undergarments and socks. Her costume is a simple green silk robe. She puts it on and returns to the director and Simon.

“Beautiful, just beautiful,” commented Mr. Weinsteam as his dick grows in his jeans.

“Perfect,” Simon said and continues, “Let me introduce you to your co-star, Brick Joystick.”

Out from behind the fake stage set walks a 6’1 average built older man with blonde shaggy hair and an average looking full with a full-grown blonde beard. He approaches Tiffany wearing a white beater, blue jeans, and brown work boots.

“Hi, I’m Brick Joystick. You must be the star these two have been gushing about,” Brick introduced himself and extends his hand.

“Yes, I’m Tiffany Wells,” she replied nervously, shaking his hand.

“I can tell that you’re nervous and it comes with the territory. I was nervous performing in my first movie but luckily I had a co-star that walked me through it. I followed her lead and after a few minutes, I wasn’t nervous anymore. It was a fun day of shooting. So if you start to question yourself, just follow my lead. Do what’s natural,” Brick gives Tiffany some words of encouragement.

“Yes, darling. Brick is an expert. He’ll take real good care of you,” Mr. Weinsteam reassured Tiffany.

Simon hands both of them a one-page script to read off during rehearsal.

“Are you ready?” Brick asked Tiffany.

She takes a deep breath and replies, “Let’s do this.”

“Places everybody, places!” Simon shouted with urgency.

The set had other crew members manning the lights as Mr. Weinsteam calls for action.

The rehearsal scene starts with Tiffany as Shelia sitting in the living room looking down at the script. At the top of the script reads; this will be a photo of you and your sister when we begin shooting the movie.

“Damn it, Cassandra. I know you didn’t overdose on drugs. You never did drugs in your life. Someone put those drugs in your system and murdered you on purpose. But why? What did you know that someone would go out their way to kill you,” Tiffany read the script.

Suddenly there’s a knock on the door. Tiffany gets up and answers. It’s Brick as her former lover Eddie.

“Eddie,” Tiffany startled. What are you doing here? We broke up and I told you not to follow me out to California as I’m searching for my sister’s killer.”

“I know Stella, I mean Shelia. I know, but you being out here all but yourself will only result in the same fate as your sister and I couldn’t live with myself if something were to happen to you,” Brick read off his script.

“Oh my. Do you mean that? You still care about me?”

“Damn it, Shelia. I still love you.”

Tiffany and Brick gaze into each other’s eyes and lean in for a hot passionate kiss. It’s been nearly 3 years since Tiffany felt a man’s rugged lips on hers. She hasn’t been partying and mingling out in Hollywood with working a sincan ukraynalı escortlar full-time job and auditioning for movie roles. Brick is the first guy she has kissed since moving out to California and she’s rather enjoying his lips.

“Now move over to the couch as if you two were actual ex-lovers about to reconcile,” Mr. Weinsteam directed.

Tiffany and Brick continue their hot steamy kiss onto the couch. Brick gets bold and places one of his hands over one of her enormous breasts. His hand is the first male hand in a long time to feel her breast causing her to moan in his mouth while he gropes her large chest. The front of her panties becomes instantly moist. Her thoughts and judgment are being clouded by the effect being given to her by Brick to where she had no clue if being turned on in real life is part of being an actress.

Tiffany feels her silk robe opening exposing her mountainous tits stuffed to burst inside a large black bra.

“Holy shit, look at them enormous fat titties. The mother of all titties! We hit the jackpot,” Mr. Weinsteam muttered to himself, rubbing his growing boner.

Brick begins trailing kisses down Tiffany’s neck while she continues to moan. His lips fell upon the tops of her breasts, moving back and forth over them while his hands reach behind her and unlatch all the hooks that held her giant melons at bay.

Tiffany sits up with her hazel-nut-colored eyes glazed over and lets the silk robe fall off her shoulders followed by the thick straps of her bra. Her giant H cup bra fells into her lap exposing the biggest pair of tits Brick has ever laid eyes on and he has had his fair share of tits ranging from small to big, real and fake, perky and saggy. Tiffany’s huge breasts are in a different playing field, shaped like massive teardrops with pale-pink areolas the size of drink coasters and tiny nipples that are being erected the more she’s aroused.

“Get a close up of those giant knockers,” Mr. Weinsteam ordered one of his cameramen.

The camera zooms in on Brick holding and squeezing Tiffany’s massive bare jugs as he feverishly goes back and forth with his tongue and mouth on her hard nipples. Her tit flesh is so soft that Brick’s fingers sink into the tissue as he squeezes them.

Tiffany moans, “Ungghhhh, god,” throwing her head back to the sensation of having her large heavy titties licked and sucked with her first encounter with a man in nearly 3 years. Her nipples might as well be individual clits as her pussy is tingling and foaming at the entrance.

It flashes in Tiffany’s mind again rather being this horny is part of the movie, but she’s too engrossed in the vulgar behavior to want to stop. She hasn’t been this turned on in years.

With her huge plump breasts dripping wet from Brick’s saliva, he begins to undress, throwing off his tank top to bare his flabby torso lightly layered with dark curly hairs, kicking off his brown work boots and then sliding off his blue jeans.

A loud gasp escapes Tiffany’s mouth as her eyes widen to the imprint of his rock-hard prick against his underwear. It’s hard from all of the worshippings he did on her heavy jugs.

“This is starting to become too real for me,” she said, panting heavily.

“And that’s good. We want the moviegoers to believe that what’s going on is real. We gotta make it as believable as possible,” Brick whispered to her while returning his hands to her giant tits, massaging the flesh and tugging on her rock-hard nipples that feel like spikes. “Goddamn, you got some fucking big juicy titties and I got just the thing that goes along with those.”

Brick stands in front of Tiffany and drops his underwear, exposing the longest cock she has ever seen, bright pink and throbbing before her eyes.

“Go ahead and wet it. With some Hollywood magic, this stuff well looks great on screen,” Brick said.

Although she’s having third thoughts, Tiffany grabs Brick’s big pulsing dick and begins licking the swollen mushroom head before easing her mouth over a medium portion of his rampant shaft.

Brick groans, “That’s it. That’s a good girl. Slide those duck lips down my cock,” as he watches his cock disappear and reappear between her dick-sucking lips. He reaches down to fondle her enormous swaying breasts, still amazed by their size and heaviness.

Tiffany moans at his touch while her mouth is full of his turgid cockmeat. She increases the speed of her stroking lips taking more of his lengthy engorged penis inside her mouth. She can feel the bloated mushroom head probing the back of her mouth.

“Get in there close,” Mr. Weinsteam directed one of his cameramen.

The cameraman zooms in right between Brick’s shivering legs, capturing Tiffany’s big-lipped mouth sliding up and down his rock-hard prick while his hands fondle her gigantic firm funbags, smashing and making loud slapping noises with them.

“Time to fuck these big ass titties,” Brick groaned, stepping back to remove his wet cock elvankent minyon tipli escortlar from Tiffany’s warm mouth and gently lays her onto her couch. He sits down on her midsection while placing his nicely lubed cock between her enormous soft pillows. “What size are your gorgeous big breasts?”

“36 H…”

“Ohhh god and they feel so good around my dick.”

With his big hard dick completely suffocated by her humongous knockers, Brick holds onto them and moving his hard cock in between. The pale soft thick flesh melts around his shaft, jiggling and bouncing to his steady rhythm.

Tiffany has her eyes closed but is taking pleasure at the moment. She can feel the heat emitting from his big dick as it moves between her tits. The feeling of his hands pawing at every soft inch of her boob meat as he fucks them with savage joyous.

“Remember Brick. Cumming is the grand finale, so don’t get caught up too much between her giant tits,” Mr. Weinsteam informed his male star, observing the blissful look on his face.

The director is right as Brick can feel the semen in his enlarged ball sack churning. Pre-jism had already discharged from his dickhead inside Tiffany’s glorious cleavage. He reluctantly pulls out and plunges the head of his shaft between her lips.

Tiffany nurses on his fat knob for a few seconds, slurping up any discharge of pre-cum residue left on the head before he climbs off her and pulls her soaked and wet panties off her body, baring her light hairy-covered pussy.

“Are we’re supposed to go this far? I mean, everything has felt real; from the blow job to the titjob. I thought love scenes were supposed to pretend? My horniess is real,” Tiffany stated.

“As I said, that’s good. Being horny makes the love scenes better like we’re actual lovers. We have editors that will edit out the real explicit parts. It’s all Hollywood magic,” Brick reassured. He reaches down with one hand and cups her wet pussy. He then begins to slide his middle finger in and out the sticky thin vaginal walls. “Wow, you are soaked.”

Tiffany feels her entire body tingling as Brick’s finger rapidly rummages deep between her pink cunt lips causing her juices to spill over his hand. His free hand becomes filled with the flesh of her mammoth breasts, wildly going back and forth groping each ample melon.

“Now just relax while I do all the work,” Brick says, pulling his wet finger out of her juicy twat and swings her legs around so they are hanging off the couch.

Brick takes his rock-hard member in his hand and lines the crimson-colored knob against her sticky cunt opening. He pushes his dickhead inside making her gasp and roll her eyes and continues to push, feeding nearly his entire shaft between the sticky wet folds of her pussy.

Propping Tiffany’s legs on his shoulders, Brick begins thrusting his hips, sliding his long hard dick in and out of her glistening twat causing great pleasure for the both of them. Her massive melons rock up and down her chest from the force of Brick’s ferocious pounding and he watches in sheer delight.

Mr. Weinsteam instructs a cameraman to get a close-up shot from between Brick’s legs. The shot captures Brick’s heavy balls swinging in a blur as they slam against the opening of Tiffany’s dippy cockmeat-filled pussy. Her moans become more loud and intense while her pussy becomes more drenched in wetness around Brick’s big moving dick.

“I can feel your pussy ready to cum. Don’t hold back,” Brick encouraged a stupidly aroused Tiffany, feeling her soggy cunt clench around his throbbing tool with each deep penetration.

“Aaaahhhhh, god! Ohhh my god. Oh my god, OH MY GOD!!” Tiffany moaned in ecstasy as her voluptuous body is whacked by an immense orgasm, a feeling she hasn’t felt in close to 3 years.

Brick slows down his thrusting before pulling out. He flips Tiffany over with her knees on the couch, feet dangling off the couch, and round pasty ass facing towards the director.

“Nice plump round ass and juicy pussy worth fucking,” Mr. Weinsteam commented.

Brick slides the entire length of his rampant cock back inside Tiffany, grabbing onto her waist, and begins giving her powerful bunk shots, slamming his pelvic against her quivering ass and balls slapping against her drenched snatch. Her large heavy breasts are knocking against each other and the sofa from Brick’s increasing speed.

Tiffany cries and moans from the hard intense pistoning bunk shots from Brick, feeling her cunt burning, clenching, and spamming around the first hard dick she has encountered in 3 years.”I’m cumming! Aaarrrrggggggg, I’m cumming! Fucccck!”

With her toes curling in her sweaty stinky socks, Tiffany cums with a loud squealing moan as Brick slows down his thrusting, spanking her round ass a few times before pulling out. He lays Tiffany on her back, spreading her legs with one foot on top of the couch and the other on the ground. Brick pushes his entire turgid tool back inside her holding onto her leg and continues drilling her creamy cunt in earnest. He leans forward pressing her knee into her giant chest, bottoming out her pussy to the fullest with his jackhammer thrusting.

A raptured Brick groans, “Oh yeah, fuck. Your pussy is so fucking wet. Oh, fuck,” feeling his balls tighten and swell to the size of golfballs.

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