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Disclaimer: Fiction for entertainment purposes. Not to be intended as truth. I make no claims on the sexuality’s of any of the mentioned people.

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Justin sat waiting for the Limo to pull up and collect him. ‘Damn the one thing they gotta be late with, And today of all day’s!’ He’d been sitting for the last twenty minutes waiting for the limo service to arrive. Lance, Joey, Chris and JC sat with him telling him it would be here any second, none of what they were saying was even entering Justin’s brain. His mind was elsewhere, in the hotel they were supposed to arrive at in less than five minutes.
His mind was with his baby, his Nicky, who he knew, was waiting in his hotel room for him, he hated to be late for Nick. Every minute they spent together was precious. Sometimes he felt like their relationship was on borrowed time, borrowed from Jive that is.

Their bosses at Jive had never supported their relationship, both had been warned should they come out and declare there love to the public they would be dropped from the label as soon as was legally possible. Justin resented Jive for making him hide his love, for the strain it put on them. He always felt they were being kept as far apart as was possible.

Which was why he was so pissed right now. Jive knew Nick was in the hotel, and Jive had booked the Limo to take the guys back to the hotel. If he didn’t know any better he could have sworn Jive had delayed their limo to piss him off.

Finally, thirty minutes late JC touched his shoulder to tell him the car had arrived. Justin got up at lightening speed and raced outside, ignoring the hundred’s of face’s that lined the street he dashed into eryaman escort the car. His only interest at this time was getting to Nick.

As Limo pulled up outside the hotel Justin was already at the door, shouting his goodbye’s to the Nsync guys he dashed through the camera flashes into the hotel lobby. Spotting the elevator he raced to it and pressed the 11th floor button. Doors closing, he stood listening to the whirr of the motors praying the digital numbers would pass quicker.

Finally 11 came on the display and the door opened. Passing his security team, who looked at him with knowing smirks he got to his door. Pausing to take a breath he slid the key card through the lock and pushed the door open.
Justin’s breath caught in his throat at the sight before him. Lying on the bed was Nick naked but for a pair of silk boxers. Sighing Justin made his way over and sat on the edge.

Looking at his angel he smiled, Nick looked so peaceful. Eyes closed and light breath’s escaping his lips. Lips which looked so soft and inviting. So inviting in fact that Justin leaned over to plant a small soft kiss on them.

A small sigh escaped Nick’s lips as Justin pressed against them. Waking up from his slumber, he softly asked “Baby, you really here?”

“Yeah sweets its really me, missed you” Justin replied.

“Mmmhhh Missed you to baby. Come over here and hug me. I’ve been waiting hours for you to get in.”

“Just try and stop me!” Justin said, as he slid across the bed to embrace Nick in his strong arms.

“What time is it baby?” Nick asked

“Mmm dunno it’s about five I think sweets. Times been dragging all day. I couldn’t wait to get to you.”
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Justin moved so he was leaning over Nick, pressing his lips softly onto Nick’s, pressing his tongue forward requesting entry.
Nick opened his lips inviting the tongue in, duelling with his own.

Pulling back Justin looked into Nicks eyes, seeing a glossy look in the full of desire and love. “Why is the world against us Nicky?” he asked.

Sighing Nick knew of Justin’s fears, how Jive was trying to pull them apart. How the fans would most likely disown them should their relationship become public. But at the same time he knew of the support that they had gained from their brother’s, both the Backstreet Boys and the Nsync crew. Not one of them had voiced any concern to the relationship.

“Baby, the world isn’t against us, only the few who want to make money from us are making any trouble. Our brothers support us don’t they?”

“Yeah, suppose you right” Justin sighed and leaned into Nick.

Pushing Justin up Nick sits up, “Ok baby enough of this. Were only together for a couple days so lets enjoy it!”

Nick smiled a huge smile at Justin, Who couldn’t help but smile back at him. “Love you sweets, what ya wanna do?” Justin asked

“Well I’m pretty hungry how about we go get food?”

“Yeah I can go for some grub just now” Justin answered smiling.

Grabbing some clothes and pulling them on Nick grabbed his wallet as Justin made his way to the door, stopping to kiss before walking out into the hallway.

Riding the elevator didn’t seem near as bad to Justin this time. With Nick wrapped in his arms he was happy the digits seemed to pass ankara escort slowly on the display in front of him.

Pulling away as the doors opened, Justin tugged Nick to follow him out of the elevator towards the restaurant.  In the restaurant Justin found a table for the in a quiet corner, not noticing the Nsync and Backstreet guys hidden from his view on the other side of the room.

The waiter came to give them menus and a wine list, choosing Nick handed the list back to the waiter who poured there glasses.
Leaning over the table Nick took Justin’s hand into his own. “Baby I’ve got something I need to say to you. Its been on my mind for a long time now, and I’ve gotta get it out.”

Justin’s mind began to race with worrying thoughts. He immediately began to worry that Nick wasn’t happy with things, maybe the pressure from Jive had got under his skin. Was Nick about to break things off with him?

“Baby we’ve been seeing each other for two years. Did you remember tonight’s our two year anniversary? Of course you did. You asked me to come here tonight didn’t you? Baby I just have to tell you I love you so much it hurts. I’ve loved you ever since we first met. I knew right then that it was only you I wanted in my life. I want to be with you forever.” Nick then stood up from his chair, Taking Justin’s hand again he knelt down on his knee.

“Baby I love you with all my heart. I always will, I don’t care about Jive or the fans, I only care about you, will you marry me?” Nick looked at Justin with pure love in his eyes.

Justin sat in shock for all of two seconds, Jumping up he grabbed Nick into his arms “Yes! Oh god Nicky Yes! I love you so much!” Looking over Nicks shoulder Justin saw the guys all looking at him with huge grins on each of their faces. He smiled at them then leaned into Nick, took his face into his hands and kissed him.
“Baby I love you you’ve made me the happiest man on earth right now!” Nick told him. “Nah sweets I’m the happiest, Love you.” 

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32