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“We shouldn’t be here.” She stated in flat voice. He had learned to identify that voice as her thinking out loud, rhetorically. He knew she was right but did she have to pop out with something so cliché?

Feeling her insecurity he curled into her, his 6’3″ frame enfolding her petite body. Even with her melancholy mood the chemistry between them was electric. The brush of her shoulders against his bare nipples, the rise and fall of her ample chest as she took deep breaths to forestall the guilt rising in her, the press of her firm, round ass in his groin as they spooned once again fending off the outside world; they melted into each other becoming one.

It had started as purely sexual, a diversion. Then they realized that they fed more than each others neglected libidos, they fed each others souls. She savored the cocoon like embrace. Here there was no question. She belonged with him. His long frame perfectly enveloping her, she was safe to feel. Feelings of guilt and self doubt were once again thrust into the dark recesses of things she would face later. For now…. smiling she shifted her shoulders lightly against his nipples and pressed more firmly into his loins. She could feel his thick member rising against her back.

It had taken some time for him to grow accustomed to the difference in their sizes but now he relished being able to tuck her into him. Damn she knew how to start him. He could feel hot tide of arousal lap at his mind and bath his body in growing passion. Her seemingly innocent brushes against his nipples signaling his body before his mind could process her intent. He had been so willing to simply comfort her, hold her but neither of them seemed able to resist when the other signaled such desire.

The need was palpable as she turned to face him. Rolling over on her side she looped one leg over his hip. Her soft, green silk night shirt open, she pressed her hardening nipples against his chest. Those eyes, damn those deep grey blue eyes! She tore her gaze from that soulful stare and followed the curve of his lean face to the lips that would soon consume her. Tentatively she stroked his parting lips with her tongue, tasting him. Brushing her lips against his she felt his arms tighten around her. Soft teasing kisses merged into the full passionate onslaught of a feast of tongue and lip. Occasionally shifting to suck on lobes or consume the tender throat made bare güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri but a trusting tilt of head, they gorged on the sensuality of their oral foreplay.

With slight and gradual motions made without conscious effort, she was astride him. Her petite body over him she moved up his torso. His kisses began seeking ever lower destinations. Feeling his hot, hungry breath on her nipples she could not restrain her lust. She pressed her breast into his seeking mouth. His tongue flicked across her nipple as his lips pressed into the aureoles pinching her tender point. A gasp escaped her as he gave hard suck forcing her breast into his mouth through tightened lips. He could feel her wet puss arch into his abdomen as he opened his mouth wide sucking her full orb in to fill him. His hands pressed into her straining shoulders trapping her tit in his mouth. His tongue massaged her, each suck sending ripples of arousal while triggering her loins to contract. Her moans of lust growing deeper she pushed up playfully fighting his hold on her. Taking in a deep breath he smiled, his eyes gleaming in steel of his intent, he forced her down. He fed on her second breast with single minded purpose. He could feel her body writhing in arousal, her knees gripping his ribs, pubic bone pressed hard into him. He slid one hand from her shoulders in search of deep wetness. Taking the opportunity she turned. Never allowing her breast to fall from his suckling mouth she moved, she positioned herself so that she now faced down his long, tensing frame. Sensing her intent, he rotated his body on the bed to give her room.

She pulled her tingling breast from his mouth and gazed once more into those hungry eyes. Smiling at her he reached above his head and stroked her breasts, guiding them back to his waiting mouth. Leaning forward she ran her hands lightly over his nipples, feeling his involuntary shudder. She moaned as his mouth sucked deeper on her full breasts, gently now in anticipation of her attentions. Gasping as he gripped her other breast and played its fullness with his fingers, she fell to his nips and gave suck.

Pausing only to alternate nipples they fed. Tongues flicking, nipping, sucking, fingers brushing, lightly pinching, rolling nips between thumb and forefinger each touch sending ripples through their sensory enslaved bodies. Like some imaginary dial they turned güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri each others hot passion to scorching voracity. No longer slowly caressing he flattened his palms against her sides. Pressing them deep into her flesh he ran his ravenous hands from ribs to ass and grabbed hold. Forcing her firm body down his own, he trailed his tongue from her sternum down her silky skin; dipping into her navel he felt her arch in surprise. He pulled her hips over him. Her knees now spread to either side of his head he positioned her dripping, hot cunt over his face. He could feel her descend on his torso. Her wet tits trailing hot moistness across his stomach, until she reached his pulsing rod. She gripped his glistening cock and thrust her eager mouth at the base of his shaft.

He parted her passions lips and pulled her hips down forcing her wet puss deep into his mouth. She arched moaning her pleasure, pushing harder into him. Opening her eyes she found his hard cock inviting her, all but pulsing to feed her. Encircling his head with her tongue she meant to tease him only taking in the tip to suck his precum. His need would not be so teased. He gave hard tongue fucking suck to her cunt. Involuntarily raising her head from her appetizer, she gasped in surprise and rapture. Holding his cock firmly in her hand she thrust deep on it, feeling its hardness at the back of her throat, sucking, stroking. She swallowed hard and opened her throat. Grinding on his face, his tongue flicking across her opening, her clit pressed hard on his chin, she shuddered as he pressed his two long sensual fingers into her. He began to tongue her clit, sucking its hardened nub.

Overwhelmed she stroked deeper, thrusting his penis deep, gripping his shaft. With each up stroke she paused massaging his swollen head pressing it between the roof of her mouth and her tongue. Feeling her clit swell she knew it would not be long. As though every nerve were sucked to the surface, she quivered in uncontrolled arousal. He played his tongue across each like a maestro stroking piano keys. Pulsing in clitoral climax she rose from his penis, arched in rapture. He sucked each drop of her erotic juices feeling each deep pulsation with tongue and lips. Easing from his mouth, still shuddering from her pleasure she turned to face him.

She straddled his rock hard cock and slid her wet hungry puss güvenilir bahis şirketleri up its length. He could feel the twitch and pulse of her clit on his tender head as she rose to stroke her slit across him. She leaned forward, pressing her breasts to him, their lips met. Tasting, inhaling, savoring the taste of each other, his hand rose to her sides. Locking eyes she rose above him. He gazed at her in fascination as if some slow motion movie were playing out. A wave of passion/surprise/lust forced a gasp from him as he felt himself plunged suddenly and deeply into her hot orifice. Letting gravity take her, his head was forced deep against her cervix, their pelvic bones grinding in solid union. She gripped him hard and rose slightly on him.

He felt the ridge of his circumcised head slide against the smooth deeper walls of her vagina. As she rose higher, the lower ridges of her constricting vagina sent waves of erotic tremors through him. Sensing his pleasure she rode in shallow strokes, teasing, massaging his full thick head. She descended only to half shaft arching to force him hard into her g spot. His hands gripped her hips as he demanded to be fully engulfed in her sweet hotness. She plunged down, arching to take him deep. The strokes came faster, deeper as their juices combined straining to lubricate the feral friction. Wanting to make the climax wait he tried to slow her. Her pleading hungry eyes found his as she rose to the top of a stroke. The hard explosion of lustful gratification turned inward to a deeper rapture. They each held back realizing they had passed a point unreached before.

His lips found her in soulful, tenderness. He wrapped her in his deep embrace, pressing her to him; they rolled to find her below him. His steel hard passion merging with the sweet adoration they shared, he pressed gently into her. Her legs rose to embrace his hips as he stroked in slow deep gentle loving exploration of her womanhood.

Her hips rose to meet his in soft undulations. Tilting her head back she closed her eyes and flattened her hands to his sides. Breathing deeply she looked up at him. Their eyes drinking each other in, she brought her hand up to caress his cheek. With a final thrust, he pressed firmly into her deep embrace. The passionate, furious, pulsating climax reached deep and echoed in their souls reverberating as a cascade of quiet tremors ensued that marked a deeper rapture than either had ever known. One love lay upon the sheets, enraptured souls so deeply merged the lovers ceased to be as two entwined.

Later when they woke, there were only heartbeats, the soft brush of hair, the cool air on damp skin and the knowledge that they were two again. Two who could not be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32