For Want of a Safety Pin

Aralık 11, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

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“Damn!!” My yell echoed around in the small bathroom. This was all I needed. I had hoped to be to this important meeting early.

As I rushed out of the room into the hall, holding my pants up, Sam, my secretary jumped up from her chair to see what had happened.

“My pants button popped off, and now my zipper won’t stay up. You have any safety pins?”

“No, but I can fix that real quick.” She pushed past me heading back to her desk, where she retrieved her purse. “Go sit down.”

I went to my office and sat down, trying to maintain my dignity as best as possible. She came in, holding a little case.

“Not there. Sit on your desk.” I complied, as she quickly sat in my chair in front of me. Opening her little case, Sam removed a sewing needle and some black thread. She took the proffered button from my hand after deftly threading the needle.

I held the front of my pants closed, attempting to keep myself covered as best as possible in this embarrassing situation, only to have my hands swatted away.

“Let go,” she said, “Let me do this,” as she undid my belt, allowing her to fully access the side of my suit pants with the missing button. Unfortunately, that also all but fully exposed my slowly growing bulge in my shorts.

I tried hard to not get aroused, but it was very difficult to do. Just the fact of having a pretty girl so close to my crotch was beginning to make me twitch. kadıköy escort I have never allowed myself to acknowledge the physical attributes of any of the female personnel, knowing full well that any interoffice indiscretions would be suicide, both personally as well as professionally.

But here, watching Samantha as her hands flicked back and forth, I took in her features. The soft, quiet beauty of her face. Her shoulder length honey blond hair. Although a few pounds more than recommended for her height, her body was shapely and well proportioned.

Also, from my vantage point in front of, and slightly above her, I had a pretty good view down the front of her blouse, witnessing the gentle, curvaceous swell of her cleavage.

This line of thinking was not helping. Nor was the constant brushing by the backs of her hands and fingers against me as she skillfully sewed the button back on. She seemed oblivious to the effect this was having on me.

“There, that should do it,” as she quickly knotted off the thread, then leaned in quickly to bite the thread free. I stifled a groan, trying to maintain my composure as her hair fell across my thighs.

Sam lifted up, and popped the needle and remaining thread back into her case. She reached up, straightening out that side of my slacks, admiring her handiwork with üsküdar escort a smile.

“Good as new.” She gave the button a nonchalant pat. Her eyes grew slightly, then took on a glint as she realized that under the button she had just patted and was now resting her hand on was my now fully hard cock. She peeled back the flap of my slacks and placed her hand directly on my cock, moving her hand up and down my length, feeling me through my shorts.

“This could be why your button popped in the first place,” she said as she gave me a firm squeeze. “We can’t go letting you go to your meeting like this.”

I watched, dumbfounded, unable to speak, as Samantha pulled my swollen cock and balls through the slit in the front of my shorts. The heat of her hands was intense, but not as much so as when she quickly leaned forward and slid me all the way into her hot mouth.

She sucked softly as she slid me slowly out, giving the tip a lick. Her tongue flowed up and down my length, licking as one would a lollypop. Swirling her tongue around and around the head, I could feel her hot breath. She sucked the head back into her mouth, her tongue probing my slit.

As she slid me back in, I reveled in the soft heat of her mouth. She hummed softly, as if to herself. Her head began bobbing up and down, pushing me all the way to the entrance of her throat. She grabbed onto my tuzla escort hips, her fingernails digging into my ass, as she lifter herself slightly, angling her head a bit downward, and drove me deep into her throat. I felt her throat contracting around my throbbing cock.

Instinctively I grabbed onto her head, holding her. She pulled tighter against me, trying to get more into her throat. She released her grip, and started bobbing franticly on me, driving me in and out of her tight mouth faster and faster. Her breasts bounced wildly under her in an attempt to break from the confines of her blouse.

As she continued to plunge me deep into her mouth, I felt my balls tighten as electricity began shooting up my spine. Looking down at her, I saw that she was franticly fingering herself under her skirt as she rapidly rammed me in and out of her mouth. I grabbed back onto her head, pulling her head down onto me as I drove back deep into her throat and exploded, sending pulse after pulse of hot cum into her.

As my spasms subsided, I noticed that she too was shaking, still quivering from her own orgasm.

She began sliding up and down my shaft, sucking deeply to get every drop, before letting me pop from her tender lips. She gave the head of my cock one last lick, and a soft kiss, before tucking me back into my shorts. She carefully zipped me up, redid the wayward button, and buckled my belt. She patted the softening bulge once more as she rose to her feet.

As she started to exit my office, Samantha turned back to me. “After your meeting, we’ll have to discuss how you can avoid that button problem in the future.”

She turned and walked out, licking the juices from her fingers.

And all I could think of, was… “What meeting?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32