For Myself, For You

Aralık 31, 2020 0 Yazar: admin

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A thousand things race through my mind as I drive home. A chance for me to leave early has given me a long weekend. What do I want to do? We could go to the cabin or go to the beach or go to the movies or just stay home with each other. I feel the week slip away as each mile passes under the tires. The CD player belts out another tune as the warm summer air fills the car. I start to get hyper as each tune plays and each mile passes. I can’t wait to get home and surprise you.

As I enter the house, I hear the stereo. I look around and wonder if you are in the pool. I go to the back and don’t see you, so I go to the room to change clothes to go take a swim myself.

As I get closer to the room, I hear moans coming from within. My heart races and my mind swims in a sudden flood of emotion. I slowly approach the door and am greeted by the sight of you sprawled across our bed. Your skin is flush and your breathing is labored. Your legs are bent upwards güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and out and your hand is squeezing your nipple as the other hand works your favorite toy in and out of your soaking pussy. I hear the sounds of your wetness with each stroke of the toy as it plunges to your depths and returns to the light. You moan louder with each stroke of the toy. The look on your face is so concentrated. You are so involved in your own pleasure.

My cock is so hard as I watch you please yourself. WOW! You are covered in a light sweat now. I step back from the door to the den and get undressed as quietly as I can. Your moans are turning to screams as I approach the door. You must be getting close now. I slowly push the door open so there are no sudden movements to alarm you and ruin your moment. I lean against the doorframe, slowly stroking my cock, as I watch you in amazement. You are lost in your own world as your orgasm güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri comes crashing over you. Your screams fill the room as each wave hits stronger than the last. You try to catch your breath and open your eyes and see me standing in the door. I smile at you and tell you to continue. A new look of lust comes across your face.

I walk to the bed and lay down with my head by your knees and watch the toy slide into your depths. You are so wet that your juices flow down your ass. I can only wonder about your fantasy that has carried you this far. The smell of your pussy is intoxicating. My cock is so hard now. I reach over and remove your hand from the toy and take it from you. I want to help with this one. You reach over to your side table and get some cherry flavored lube and fill your hand.

I reach up and get a pillow and put it under my head and lay back to watch you as I slowly work the toy in güvenilir bahis şirketleri and out of your pussy. Our body’s trembles at the others touch. I reach over and slowly start to rub your clit. This makes you gasp as you reach for a nipple. Your nipples are so hard. Your grip on my cock is stronger as the waves start to build over you. Your strokes are long and sure. I move the toy at the same pace as your strokes. A familiar burn returns to the pit of my stomach. My body begins to shake as yours does. Faster we stroke each other. I rub your clit harder and the toy slams into you deeply. Our moans are louder and our skin is deep red and sweaty.

A scream escapes us as we cum together. Your legs are rigid and shake as each wave hits with the force of a tidal wave. I shoot a stream of cum high into the air and it lands on your tits. Stream after stream hits you as your orgasm hits. This adds to your high. We feel so light.

Our orgasm subsides and we slowly stroke each other back down to earth. You scoop up my cum from your tits and bring it to your mouth to drink it down. Together we rub what is left into your skin. They say nothing is better for the skin than protein. I kiss you deeply and hold you close. This is our moment for each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32