For Every Mile Traveled

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“I don’t know… I don’t like it,” he said.

Leah paused while stuffing a shirt into the holdall and looked at him out of the corners of her eyes. Eric was lying spread-eagled on the bed, folded arms beneath his head. She ran her eyes over his perfect biceps and abdomen, and her train of thought led her to think of her own laziness lately. She really had to get back to exercising.

“I just don’t like it,” he repeated.

The conversation had been going on, on and off since last night, through mind-blowing sex and body-melting orgasms. A thrill passed through her body as Leah thought about last night. Various parts of her were still aching from what she had put them through. A small smile flirted with her mouth. The sex was just getting better and better. Just thinking about last night unfurled a hint of desire in the pit of her stomach.

“Why exactly do they have to get married on Valentine’s Day?” he asked for the umpteenth time.

“Because they’re targeting us of course! They know it’s the first after our wedding and you want to make it as romantic as possible for me, candlelight and roses and all… but they’re trying to spoil it for us.”

He didn’t smile.

“Awww c’mon Eric. Don’t be this way. I think you’re complaining about the bus ride more than the fact that we’re going.”

“Well, one whole night in a cramped bus doesn’t sound very good to me,” he replied.

“It won’t be that bad.” She tried to console him. “Or I could just make it good for you.” She stopped packing and ran a hand up his thigh, close to the little bulge in his underwear, but around it, trailing her fingers over his taut stomach instead. “You know, reward you for being a good boy and not complaining on the trip.”

“Woman! You’re insatiable!” Eric ground out.

“Nah. I just have a big heart,” she replied as she walked her fingers across his firm abdomen.

“Okay. So where’s this reward then?” he asked, eyeing her smug smile.

“Come and get it,” she threw back at him as she jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom. Looking back over her shoulder, Leah saw that he was following her.

He caught her just inside the door and locked a strong arm around her waist. His other hand fumbled under the thin t-shirt she wore and began stroking her stomach, just above her mound. “Oh, that I will,” he whispered.

“Giving it back?” she gasped out from between rapidly shortening breaths, pushing her panty-clad bottom back into him.

“Mm-hmm.” His warm breath tickled her ear.

Leah surrendered herself to the sensations, her body responding to his touch and opening, getting faintly wet. Closed eyes, head thrown back onto his shoulder, she arched her body and her hips sought his hand as he deliberately avoided touching her where she wanted him. Gripping his wrist, she tried to push his hand down, but he was too strong for her.

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry. Don’t make me beg!” The words tumbled out of her to an amused chuckle from him.

Eric maneuvered her towards the shower cubicle, his intent quite clear as he started stripping off his shorts. He was already semi-erect, Leah noted with satisfaction. It was amazing how they seemed to be hot for each other all the time.

As soon as he had disposed of his underwear, he came towards her and started to take her t-shirt off. Leah stopped him. “Can I have it on please? It’s thin enough… will get wet and transparent anyway. I want you to suck my nipples through it.”

Her request sharpened the look in his eyes.

Taking him by the hand, she led him into the cubicle and started fumbling with the controls. She liked the water just lukewarm. Too hot and it was distasteful, too cold was almost suicidal in winter. His hands roamed all over her body the few minutes it took her to get it the way she wanted it. Constantly touching, exploring, smoothing, depositing light touches, his fingers played with her senses and she was too aroused by the time she turned on the shower.

The water coursed down on them, slowly seeping between them and wetting their bodies. Leah turned to him and they shared a wet kiss as the silky warmth ran down, over and around them. She shivered against him as the water flowed down her body, the lazy, languorous kiss getting increasingly hungry. His hands wandered down her back and hovered on her ass, the fingers slipping inside her panties, squeezing and kneading her bottom.

Leah snaked one hand around his muscled neck and the other around his waist as she pulled him to her. The kiss seemed never-ending as they nibbled, sucked and gently bit each other. Leah’s hips started moving against Eric’s crotch in a slow rub. She could feel him begin to stir. Lukewarm water flowing down between them, his hands over her and his hard body against her softness… Leah savored the sensations every bit.

She was a sensual woman. Of all the women Eric had been with, Leah was the only one who could turn him on to this degree. Sometimes he wondered how she could give herself up single-mindedly to the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri passion and extract the maximum amount of pleasure from the sexual act. And in the process, she took him on quite a ride too. He looked at her now, writhing and grinding against his erection in slow, tantalizing movements.

“My breasts…” she whispered as she turned around and slipped her panties off in one fluid motion.

Eric’s hands moved to cup her softness over the soaked t-shirt. The recent weight she’d gained had filled her body out, and he loved that, for her breasts fitted his hands better now. Gathering her against his chest, he teased her nipples and fondled her breasts, and felt her hand moving down, between her legs. Eric pressed his hips against her ass, feeling her rounded softness press against his erection. He wanted her badly, but he was willing to let her set the pace.

Leah’s hand snaked down to her pussy. She touched her swollen lips, slipping one finger inside and touching herself carefully, slowly. Her lips opened in a sigh, she moved her finger around, feeling, caressing. Eric’s hands on her breasts registered; she bit her lip slightly as the small aches from last night reacquainted themselves with her breasts. She felt so tender. Each touch imprinted itself on her sensitive flesh through the soggy t-shirt, and as her hand played with her pussy, the many sensations built into a full body shudder that trembled through her frame.

Eric felt her tremble against him, turned her around. The view down the front of her body aroused him even further. The t-shirt was wet through and stuck to her. Her breasts, outlined by the wet, molded cloth held a different kind of allure. Transparent. Teasing. Her nipples, hard and pointy, snagged his attention. He bent his head down and swiped one with the tip of his tongue and was rewarded by a moan.

“Yes, baby… take it in your mouth. Suck on it,” she murmured, her voice weak with desire.

He slipped his tongue all around it instead, his hand squeezing and pinching the other nipple. Leah writhed in his arms and started making little mewling noises. Finally, slipping one hard nipple into his mouth, Eric guided his hand down over her gently rounded belly to her pussy.

Leah locked both hands around the back of his head and arched her body towards him, opening herself fully to his wandering fingers. She wanted him to touch her down there.

His fingers found her warm and wet with her own juices, quite separate from the wetness of the water flowing down their bodies. As his tongue laved over her nipple, his fingers found her center and started stroking, stoking, building up a rhythm that she matched with her hips, moving against his fingers.


He looked up at her, his hand not stopping its movement, his burning gaze feasting over the expressions chasing across her face. She was in pure ecstasy. “You want my fingers?”

“Nah. You,” she said urgently.

He moved his hand out from between her legs and backed her up against the wall. The first contact sent convulsions down her body as her flesh rose in goose pimples all over. Too cold. She clung to him for a minute as the shock distributed itself over the system, and then slowly moved back. This time she was prepared.

Settling herself, Leah pulled Eric towards her, kissing him. With one hand, she played with her hard nipple, pinching and rolling it between her fingers.

Eric bent, positioning himself between her open legs. With his hard cock in one hand, he rubbed it up and down over her pussy, soaking the head in her juices, opening her swollen pussy lips to him. The water beat down on his back as he fisted his cock a few times, kissing her deeply all the while.

When he entered her, she broke off the kiss and sighed, settling herself around him, moving to give him access. Her hands gripped his shoulders as she leaned back against the wall, her hips tilted forward.

Eric entered her slowly, deliberately keeping the pace unhurried. He wanted this to last.

She tightened her pussy around his hard cock as he moved in and out of her, gradually accelerating and building up the rhythm. The frequency of her breaths increased as she sucked in her stomach and matched his strokes.

As they rocked against each other, he watched her. Head thrown back, eyes closed, concentrating on every sensation that washed over her. Her face flushed, lips slightly open, her breasts rising and falling rapidly, the wet cloth tight against them. One hand rubbed a nipple absent-mindedly, fingers playing with the hardened nub as she moaned her pleasure out to him.

Leah bit her lip and scrunched her eyes closed tightly as the sensations imprinted themselves over her body, inside her. The tightening in her stomach grew, the desire winding into a downward spiral all the way to her pussy. Her breaths coming in sort gasps, Leah held out for the longest time she could, savoring every thrust until she felt the delicious release bearing down on güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her. She opened her eyes at that moment and looked at him, his face glistening and flushed, his hot gaze looking directly at her. That look sent her over the edge, and she came, her pussy clenching and unclenching in waves around his hard cock.

Eric caught her around the waist as the force of her orgasm rocked through her. He gathered her to him when her body went limp and her knees refused to hold her. She almost collapsed against him, her arms around his neck, head thrown down on his chest.

“Wow. I have tears in my eyes from that,” she gasped out when she felt she could talk. “That was too powerful.”

Eric allowed himself a smug smile.

“Now your turn,” she murmured with an impish smile as she kneeled before him.

Leah took his erect cock in her hands. The warmth of his erection felt good on her palms and she smiled as she kissed the tip. Slowly slipping it inside her mouth, she stroked light fingers down the inside of his thighs. She knew he loved that. One hand closed around the base of his cock while she took the rest of him into her mouth, sucking gently.

She started bobbing her mouth up and down on his cock, slowly at first, licking and savoring his saltiness, then faster as his hand cupped the back of her head, demanding more. Her fingers moved to his sac, applying slight pressure, caressing, moving over the bunched up skin.

His hips thrust his hardness into her mouth, and Leah took all of his length inside, her nose burying into him as all of his cock was driven down her throat, again and again as Eric’s pace built up. He was so hard already from the sex they’d had that it wasn’t long before he felt an orgasm building up.

Eric laid a hand against the wall as he came. His buttocks clenched, thighs quivered as he held the back of her head to him and spent his load deep inside her.

His warm, bitter cum slid down Leah’s throat as she felt his orgasm shudder through his body. She sucked all his juices out of him, exulting in his uneven breath and murmured endearments. Only when she felt him go soft in her mouth did she stop sucking, and with one last kiss, moved away.

They washed each other after that, Eric finally pulling the t-shirt off her and running his hands over her chest. It turned into gentle explorations with soap and a soft scrub. He kissed random parts of her body as he finished washing them, and then Leah cuddled in his embrace after bathing him, both of them just letting the water flow over their joined nakedness.

* * * * *

Leah fidgeted. It was uncomfortable; sleeping while sitting in the seats of the bus they were in. Given, they were angled, but still, she needed a soft bed and a warm body to cuddle against to sleep. The seats didn’t allow much cuddling, unless she…

She moved her legs up on the seat, tucking them under her and turned totally to face Eric, sleeping beside her. His mouth was a bit open; she moved a hand to close it and pulled him to her, leaning her head against his neck, settling on his shoulder. He stirred as she threw one leg over his thighs, but settled down again. Adjusting the blanket covering them, she wished that she could fall asleep as easily.

Everything was quiet. Well, relatively. The steady roar of the bus’s engine was more comforting than noise. She was used to it now. That and the motion of the bus was supposed to help her sleep, send her into some sort of hypnotic slumber Eric told her before he went into dreamland, but Leah believed the constant sound was another reason why she couldn’t sleep.

If only she could tire herself out, or maybe an orgasm… How she longed for the sweet, drugged feeling that coursed through her after peaking. An idea blossomed in her mind.

Could she…?

Leah considered. It was too late at night for people to be up, but Leah cast a surreptitious look around. The three pre-teens in the seats across the aisle were asleep, and she couldn’t see anyone else when she stuck her head up over the seats like a turtle and glanced around. And then she was under a thick enough blanket she reminded herself. It wasn’t as if she’d be masturbating in full view of anyone who walked by. She’d just have to be quiet, that’s all.

She shifted her position slightly, spreading her legs. The leg under her moved farther up on the seat and the one over Eric’s thighs moved towards his knees. She rested it against the side of the bus and moving her hands to her waist, undid the button of her slacks, then the zipper. It was a bit of a tight fit, but she wiggled her hand down into her panties and cupped herself, resting a finger against her slit.

The familiar feelings started coursing through her as she thought about it. This was somewhat thrilling, getting herself off between so many people. She felt like an exhibitionist, secretly touching herself. Yes, everybody was sleeping and she was under a blanket, but she still was in the middle of a bus full güvenilir bahis şirketleri of people.

Leah moved a hand to her breast, caressing, weighing it in her hand and brushing a thumb over the nipple that was already hard. It was so soft. She wasn’t wearing a bra and she just had to slip a hand under her shirt to touch her naked breast. She wondered if she should. No, she decided. Too much moving and she might wake up Eric. She’d just get herself off by stroking herself down there.

She slid a finger deeper between her pussy lips, separating them and laying a tip on her center, dipping a bit into herself before getting it back up to find her pleasure spot. Her thick juices accompanied her finger back to her clit, and she felt the slickness as she rubbed the finger back and forth, trying to find that one angle that worked.

Shifting her bottom around on the seat a bit, she opened her legs a bit wider, pushing her hips forward towards her hand. Lazy strokes up and down, around her clit and Leah closed her eyes to concentrate on the stirrings within her. The lassitude was already beginning to flow through her limbs and making her feel pleasantly drowsy, but she knew she needed a full-fledged orgasm to make it flood her senses and lull her into that sweet tiredness and into sleep.

Leah bit the inside of her lip and accelerated the lazy strokes, building them up and increasing the pressure slightly. She still hadn’t found her spot. She moved the pad of her finger around ever so slightly with every stroke, feeling her hard clit slip against her finger again and again, wanting just the right touch.

And there it was… Leah’s body quivered slightly as her finger found what she was looking for. Letting out her held up breath, she relaxed a bit before moving her finger back over the sensitive spot again. Yes, there was an answering tingle deep within her stomach.

Starting the strokes all over again, slowly, Leah relaxed her body, dead to the world, her mind concentrating and amplifying every touch and every feeling that zinged through her. Every time she passed her hand over her swollen clit, she felt herself shiver and climbed just a little higher on the arousal scale.

Her thighs tensed and breaths shortened as Leah built up the tempo, her finger flying over her engorged flesh faster and faster. Tiny shocks of electricity seemed to zing over parts of her body as her finger found her spot again and again. She struggled to contain the moans that rose up in her throat, as she reminded herself that there were people all around, sleeping. People unaware that she was touching herself in this most intimate way, rubbing her clit and exhilarating in the pure passion that ran though her.

She felt an orgasm coming and the moving finger intensified, almost mad with its frantic moving up and down over her wet clit. The peak, when it came, almost wrenched a cry out of her throat, so intense was it. Leah gasped and opened her mouth wordlessly, her eyelids scrunching shut to contain the wave after wave of pleasure that washed over her. Her head moved from side to side on the back of the seat as she arched, her finger stopping its mad rush and pressing… pressing down on her clit and milking it with each wave that passed through her.

The high lessened and left her slowly, leaving her feeling weak and comfortably wrung out. Leah withdrew her hand from between her legs and licked her finger off. She loved the saline taste of her juices. She licked her lips and ran her tongue around her dry mouth before opening her eyes.

Eric’s eyes were on her. He was gazing at her with a hunger that left no doubt as to what track his mind was on.

Leah felt her face getting warm. She had been masturbating in a public place and… she suddenly turned her head and looked around. If Eric was awake, maybe she had made some sound and other people were also…. But no. No one stirred. The bus was as peaceful and silent as it had been before. Leah turned her head back to her husband with a guilty smile.

“I needed to… I mean, I couldn’t fall asleep…” she started whispering her explanation to him but he brought one finger out and laid it on her lips, silencing her.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.”

With that, he dipped his head and kissed her lightly on the lips, moving away and coming back to deposit another light kiss, moving his lips over hers, rubbing them together gently. Very slowly, he took her lower lip in his mouth and sucked on it gently.

Leah sighed against his mouth. He felt so good.

“Feel sleepy now?” he whispered, trailing his lips along her jaw line, ending up close to her ear.

“Not sleepy, just pleasantly hazy,” she murmured.

Laying a hand at the back of her head, Eric settled her on his shoulder, tucking his other arm around her shoulders in a tender cuddle. Warm and soft, her body against his, a slight smile crossed his face as she nuzzled into his neck to rest her head more comfortably.

Leah wrapped one arm around his midriff, stroking its firmness with her palm, slipping it inside his shirt and coming to rest on his warm skin. Her thumb ran in lazy circles over his abdomen, caressing back and forth absentmindedly as she closed her eyes and sighed. The leg thrown over his thighs rode higher when she shifted closer, almost climbing into his lap.

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