Flying High

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It was another deployment to Iraq. I was one of five special ops pilots heading to Ballad for a six month deployment. We were hitching a ride on a C17 out of Langley AFB. At the time I was a Navy O-5 flying H-60 helicopters.

As I entered the loading ramp the first thing I noticed were two of the load masters. Both were blonde women that couldn’t have been older than 25. Both had on tight flight suits and they filled them out very nicely. Now anyone who has done time in any branch of the military knows that the Air Force has hot women. Most of the time none of the other branches can compare.

They both greeted me with a “Good morning Sir” and pointed to one of the troop seats for me to stow my gear.

I laid down after takeoff and fell asleep. When I woke up one of the females (Tiffany, as I came to find out later) was sitting across from me with her flight suit pulled down and her boots off. Her tits looked amazing in her tight t-shirt. As I was openly staring at her the other female (Delores, again as I came to find out later) came over and sat down and they started talking.

I was trying to hear what they were saying but it was hard to do with all of the noise in the back of the aircraft. I got up and acted like I was stretching so I could get closer to them. I am 6′ 1″ and weigh around 280. I competitively competed as power lifter for many years. I worked out everyday and had no problem getting women’s attention and I also knew they wouldn’t think anything about me getting closer to them because I was stretching.

As I pretended to stretch I kept getting closer and finally heard that they were talking about how they were going to be stuck in Ballad for the next week while routine maintenance was performed on their aircraft.

As we landed at our first stop I decided to strike up a conversation with Tiffany. I asked her about how she liked flying and talked to her about her aircraft. After a little while talking I asked her if she liked working out and complimented her on how fit she looked. She kind of blushed and said she tried to work bahis firmaları out as much as she could but it was hard with her vigorous flight schedule. I told her I understood because I had the same problem as well.

I told her if she wanted we could maybe hit the gym together at JBB. She said that would be a great idea and actually wanted some pointers on different exercises. So we decided to meet at the gym the day after we arrived.

Our second day at the base I arrived at the gym at 5am and Tiffany came in shortly after. I got an instant hard on when I saw her. She had on a pair of black yoga pants and an Air Force issue t-shirt that looked a little small on her. You could see she had a nice tan and her body was amazing. Her ass was perfect and just the right size. Her tits were bigger than I thought, around a 34D.

We started talking and doing different routines when she asked if I could spot her while she did some squats. I said sure and got in close behind her as she removed the bar from the rack. As she squatted I squatted and while she was doing this her ass was rubbing on the front of my thighs. I got hard as a rock. I knew she had to feel it. My cock isn’t huge but it is 6″s with some good girth to it.

After we were done lifting I told her it was time to clean up and get some chow. She said she hated showering at the female barracks because there was a time limit. Being the gentlemen I am I said she could use my shower and I would take one after her. She hesitated but finally accepted the invitation. I told her which room I was in and she said she was going to get her things and come over.

At this point I wasn’t expecting anything to happen but was looking forward to hopefully seeing her in a towel or possibly her panties and bra.

Tiffany arrived and went into the bathroom. Maybe 2 minutes later she called to me and asked me to come into the bathroom. I asked what was wrong and she said she couldn’t get any hot water. I knocked on the door and walked in. What I saw blew my mind. Tiffany was in the shower with the curtain pulled open completely kaçak iddaa nude. She was a goddess! I just stood there and stared at her.

Tiffany did not try to cover up but instead turned her body straight to me. She had a flat stomach that led down to a neatly shaved pussy with a tiny landing strip above her clit. Her tits were amazing sitting high on her chest with beautiful pink nipples that were pointing up. My cock got instantly hard.

Tiffany stepped out of the shower and walked towards me. As she got in front of me she dropped to her knees and started rubbing the front of my shorts. She looked up into my eyes and asked me if I wanted her to suck my cock. I couldn’t believe it. I pulled my cock out of my shorts and said hell yes.

Tiffany stuck out her tongue and started licking around the head and up and down the shaft. As she worked her way down to my balls she licked and sucked each one into her mouth. As she was licking my balls she was stroking my shaft and moaning like she was about to cum. I grabbed her hair and grabbed my shaft and started rubbing my cock all over her face. She opened her mouth and took me all the way down her throat. She stayed there for what seemed like hours but was only a couple of seconds and pulled off of my cock. She said she always wanted to suck an officers cock and knew when she first saw me she was going to try to do it with me.

Tiffany went back to licking and sucking my cock. She was drooling and saliva was coating my shaft as she would take me into her throat and back out. I just threw my head back and relishedr the amazing blow job she was giving me.

After about 10 minutes I told her to stand up and turn around and bend over. She replied “Yes Sir” and did as instructed. I knelt down behind her and ran my finger through her pussy lips. She was soaking wet. I licked through her pussy lips and stabbed my tongue into her several times. As I was doing this she was pinching her nipples and rubbing her clit. Her moans were unbelievable and my cock seemed to get harder. As I was licking her pussy she started to cum. kaçak bahis Her legs started trembling and she gripped the side of the sink. She reached back and pulled my head deeper into her wet pussy and let out a low growl and came hard,

I quickly stood up and slammed my cock as deep as I could into her pussy. She let out a loud yelp from the invasion. I couldn’t believe how tight her pussy was. I grabbed her hips and started pounding into her hard and deep, over and over. With each thrust I could hear her moan and it sounded like I was knocking the wind out of her.

I pulled out and turned her around and picked her up. As I did she wrapped her legs around me and I slid my cock into her again. As I said I am a pretty big guy and she weighed maybe 120 pounds so I grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted her up and dropped her repeatedly down on my cock. As I was doing this she started cumming again and raking her nails up and down my back. I could feel she was drawing blood as she scratched at my back. Her orgasm must have been good because she fell limp under me.

I carried her to my bed with her still impaled on my cock and laid her down. As I did I pushed her knees back to her head and started hammering into her. This went on for about 30 more minutes when I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer. Tiffany sensed this and told me she wanted me to cum in her mouth.

I pulled out of her and she got off the bed onto her knees and took me all the way into her throat. Just as I hit the back of her throat my first shot of cum flew out of my cock. It hit the back of her throat and she swallowed. I had never cum so hard in my life. I kept shooting shot after shot into her throat until I had nothing left. Tiffany swallowed it all.

As I was pulling my cock out of her mouth she was using her tongue to continue licking the shaft. Once my head was out she started licking my shaft and balls. I couldn’t believe how much she loved sucking my cock. She continued nursing on my cock for about 5 minutes. She kissed the head, stood up and said she really missed a good hard fucking.

Tiffany showered got dressed and left. That was only my second day at JBB and I knew she would be there for the next 3 days.

That is part 1. Next chapter I will tell you how I met Delores.

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